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POPULAR ELEComics - Comics with an Electronics Theme
January 1968 Popular Electronics

January 1968 Popular Electronics

January 1968 Popular Electronics Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Electronics, published October 1954 - April 1985. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Always a good way to end a busy week, here is a collection of electronics-themed comics that appeared in a 1967 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. A few of the artists you will recognize if you are a regular reader. Some drawing styles are immediately identifiable, such as those by Dave Harbaugh (of "Hobnobbing with Harbaugh" fame). Others, at least to me, are not quite so familiar. Frank Tabor, George White, Stan Fine, and JAS (I'm sure I know those initials, but can't place them) are amongst the others. I have to admit to not really knowing what the gag is in the comic with the guy in his pajamas. The party guy is cutting a wire to his ear buds, but the wire appears to go into the other guy's pocket. What up wit dat? (see update below)

A huge list of other electronics-themed comics is at the bottom of the page.

Comics with an Electronics Theme

POPULAR ELEComics (Dave Harbaugh) - RF Cafe

"Sorry, Mac ... that machine's on the blink"

January 1968 Popular Electronics Comic (p52)

POPULAR ELEComics (George White) - RF Cafe

"Horace! ... I told you to stay away from that CB crowd."

January 1968 Popular Electronics Comic (p52)

POPULAR ELEComics (Frank Tabor) - RF Cafe

January 1968 Popular Electronics Comic (p52)


POPULAR ELEComics (Harbaugh) - RF Cafe

January 1968 Popular Electronics Comic (p52)

POPULAR ELEComics (Stan Fine) - RF Cafe

January 1968 Popular Electronics Comic (p52)

Beltone Hearing Aid Ad - RF CafeUpdate: I was enlightened by RF Cafe visitor Marek K. to know that the wire being cut is likely going to the electronics package for the man's hearing aid; i.e., he won't be able to hear the noise from the party without it. Early hearing aids, unlike todays self-contained, in-ear devices, had a separate battery / amplifier unit that was carried in a shirt pocket. I knew about that, but misinterpreted the scalloped line at the waistline of the party-giver as being the wire from the other guy's ear buds. My bad.



Posted August 23, 2019

These Technically-Themed Comics Appeared in Vintage Electronics Magazines. I personally scanned and posted every one from copies I own (and even colorized some). 235 pages as of 6/28/2024

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