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Wards Airline Model 74BR-1055A Schematic & Parts List
August 1947 Radio News

August 1947 Radio News

August 1947 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Wards Airline Model 74BR-1055A chassis - RF Cafe

Wards Airline Model 74BR-1055A interior - RF CafeWards Airline Model 74BR-1055A placards - RF Cafe

Wards Airline Model 74BR-1055A

The schematic and parts list for the Wards Airline model 74BR−1055A portable radio appeared in the August 1947 issue of Radio News magazine. Electronics trade magazines often published this information for the benefit of hobbyists and even professional service shops who could not afford to buy official versions from the manufacturers or places like Sams Photofacts. Companies like RCA, Motorola, Airline, Delco, Westinghouse, General Electric, Admiral, etc., typically only provided service documentation to licensed sales and service establishments. Airline was the brand of radios and TVs sold by Montgomery Ward, just as Silvertone was the brand name of radios sold by Sears, Roebuck, & Co. Since there are still instances of these old radios around, as evidenced by this Airline model 74BR−1055A now listed on eBay, making schematics and parts lists - and sometimes even alignment and troubleshooting data - is useful to someone. Note the unusual mounting of the electronics chassis upside-down at the top of the case. I wonder if that configuration caused heat dissipation issues since the hot air from the vacuum tubes would tend to convect upwards.

Wards Model 74BR-1055A

Wards Model 74BR-1055A Schematic, August 1947 Radio News - RF Cafe  Wards Model 74BR-1055A Parts List, August 1947 Radio News - RF Cafe

Wards Model 74BR-1055A Schematic & Parts List



Posted June 19, 2023
(updated from original post on 9/29/2014)

Radio Service Data Sheets

These schematics, tuning instructions, and other data are reproduced from my collection of vintage radio and electronics magazines. As back in the era, similar schematic and service info was available for purchase from sources such as SAMS Photofacts, but these printings were a no-cost bonus for readers. There are 227 Radio Service Data Sheets as of December 28, 2020.

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe

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