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Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. Photofact Service Manuals
April 1948 Radio News

April 1948 Radio News

April 1948 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

According to this promotion in a 1948 issue of Radio News magazine, the Howard W. Sams company had published more than 5,500 Photofact service data packs since beginning in 1938 - that's averaging 550 per year. There would have been many more if not for the cessation of domestic radio production during the war years from 1942 through the middle of 1945. Once televisions were being cranked out in huge numbers in the early 1950's, the number of data packets quickly grew into the tens of thousands (including also phonographs, tape recorders, and other electronics wonders for the home. In fact, by September of 1949 the magazine's title was changed to Radio & Television News in order to reflect the importance of servicing the burgeoning TV industry.

Here are a few PhotoFact ads from vintage electronics magazine: Sams PhotoFact 5/56,  Sams PhotoFact 11/62,  Sams PhotoFact 4/48,  Sams PhotoFact 3/58,  Sams PhotoFact May '48,  Sams PhotoFact 8/46

Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. Photofact Service Manuals

Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. Photofact Service Manuals, April 1948 Radio News - RF CafeHoward W. Sams Wins "Oscar" for Aid to Radio Service Industry!

Photofact Publications Cited as Outstanding Effort in Behalf of Servicemen

"For Outstanding Efforts in Behalf of the Radio Service Industry" - reads the citation of the first annual award bestowed on Howard W. Sams by the Federation of Radio Servicemens' Associations of Pennsylvania. The "Oscar" was presented before a group of over 600 persons, including many radio industry leaders, at a banquet held on January 12, 1948, at Philadelphia's Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. The surprise ceremony was arranged as a demonstration of appreciation for the significant, practical aid made available to Radio Servicemen in Photofact Publications, and for the efforts of the Sams' organization in behalf of the Radio Service Industry. This spontaneous demonstration marks a milestone in the Radio Service field. It is a healthy sign of growing recognition of the Serviceman's importance to the Radio Industry.

The handsome plaque awarded to Howard W. Sams carries the inscription: "The Federation of Radio Servicemen's Associations of Pennsylvania Award to Howard W. Sams in Recognition of His Outstanding Efforts in Behalf of the Radio Service Industry, 1947." The award is a tribute to the practical usefulness of Photofact Publications - the world's finest radio service data - indispensable to the Radio Serviceman.

These Are the Award-Winning Service Aids that Earn More Money for You!

Own Photofact Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - world's most complete, accurate, practical radio service data manuals. Here is everything you need for faster, easier, more profitable servicing - bound in easy-to-use volumes. Exclusive Standard Notation Schematics; photo views keyed to complete replacement parts lists; exhaustive electrical and mechanical analysis of every set covered. Brings you right up to January 1948! Have the exclusive advantages that are now earning bigger profits for thousands of servicemen!

Vol. 1. All post-war models up to Jan. 1, 1947.

Vol. 2. Models from Jan. 1, 1947 to July1, 1947.

Vol. 3. Models from July 1, 1947 to Jan. 1, 1948.

Your Price, Each Volume, in Easy-to-Use Deluxe Binder ... $18.39

Radio Receiver Tube Placement Guide

Shows you exactly where to replace each tube in 5500 radio models, covering 1938 to 1947 receivers. Each tube layout is illustrated by a clear, accurate diagram. Saves time - eliminates risky hit-and-miss methods. You'll use this handy pocket-sized book every single day. 192 pages, completely indexed. Order several copies. Only ... $1.25

Dial Cord Stringing Guide

The book that shows you the one right way to string a dial cord. Here, for the first time, in one handy pocket-sized book, are all available dial cord diagrams covering over 2300 receivers, 1938 through 1946. Makes dial cord restringing jobs quick and simple. A "must" for every service bench and tool kit.

Order your copies now. Only ... 75¢

1947 Automatic Record Changer Manual

Nothing like it! Complete, accurate data on over 40 post-war models. Exclusive exploded views, photos from all angles. Gives full change cycle data, information on adjustments, service hints and kinks, complete parts lists. Plus - for the first time - complete data on leading wire, ribbon, tape and paper disc recorders! 400 pages; hard cover; opens flat. Order now! Only ... $4.95

Boost Your Earning Power

Mail This Order Form

to Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

2924 E. Washington St., Indianapolis 6, Indiana.

My (check) (money order) for $ _______________ enclosed.

_ Send _____ Sams' Tube Placement Guide (s) at $1.25 per copy.

_ Send Photofact Volume 3 (including Sets Nos. 21 through 30) in DeLuxe Binder, $18.39.

_ Send Volume 2.

_ Send Volume 1 ($18.39 each).

_ Send _____ Sams' 1947 Automatic Record Changer Manual (s) at $4.95 each.

_ Send _____ Sams' Dial Cord Stringing Guide (s) at $0.75 per copy.

Name _____________________

Address ______________________________________________

City _________________________________ State ________________________



Posted July 4, 2022

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