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Circuit Designer's Name Quiz
July 1968 Popular Electronics

July 1968 Popular Electronics

July 1968 Popular Electronics Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Electronics, published October 1954 - April 1985. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

This "Circuit Designer's Name Quiz" appeared in the July 1968 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. As were most of the quizzes, it was created by Robert Balin. Here is some background on the inventors and their circuits that might make matching them a bit easier.

The Clapp oscillator designed by J.K. Clapp is a series-tuned variant of the Colpitts oscillator. The Clapp circuit is noted for its low-drift characteristics.

The Cockroft-Walton high voltage circuit was developed by J.D. Cockcroft and E.T. Walton. It is used in nuclear particle accelerators.

A direct-coupled transistor pair is called a Darlington amplifier. The designer was Sidney Darlington. This circuit increases the input impedance and offers a current gain approximately equal to the product of the separate transistor current gains.

The Eccles-Jordan multivibrator is a bistable circuit designed by William H. Eccles and F.W. Jordan. The circuit is used to subdivide the frequency of incoming pulses by a factor of two.

To convert frequency-modulated r.f. carriers into an amplitude-modulated audio signal, D.F. Foster and Stuart W. Seeley developed the Foster-Seeley FM discriminator.

The Heising modulation circuit designed by Raymond A. Heising is a constant-current form of plate modulation in transmitters.

Lord Kelvin (William Thompson) developed the Kelvin bridge to measure small values of resistance.

The Pierce oscillator designed by George W. Pierce is a crystal-controlled version of the Colpitts oscillator circuit.

The Schmitt trigger was designed by Otto H. Schmitt as a cathode-coupled bistable multivibrator. It is used in squaring circuits.

Originally, the Wien bridge designed by Max Wien was used to measure capacitance in terms of a standard capacitor, or inductance in terms of a standard inductor. Recently, the Wien bridge is seen pore frequently in audio oscillators.

Vector-Circuit Matching Quiz

By Robert P. Balin

Many common electronic circuits bear the name of their inventors. To test your knowledge of these men and their inventions, match the diagrams (A - J) to the names (1 - 10).

Circuit A - RF Cafe

Circuit B - RF Cafe

Circuit C - RF Cafe

Circuit D - RF Cafe

1 Clapp ________

2 Cockcroft-Walton ________

3 Darlington ________

4 Eccles-Jordan ________

5 Foster-Seeley ________

6 Heising ________

7 Kelvin ________

8 Pierce ________

9 Schmitt ________

10 Wein ________


Circuit E - RF Cafe

Circuit F - RF Cafe

Circuit G - RF Cafe

Circuit H - RF Cafe

Circuit I - RF Cafe

Circuit J - RF Cafe



See answers below.

Quizzes from vintage electronics magazines such as Popular Electronics, Electronics-World, QST, and Radio News were published over the years - some really simple and others not so simple. Robert P. Balin created most of the quizzes for Popular Electronics. This is a listing of all I have posted thus far.

RF Cafe Quizzes

Vintage Electronics Magazine Quizzes

Vintage Electronics Magazine Quizzes












Circuit Designer's Name Quiz Answers

1 - B

2 - D

3 - G

4 - C

5 - H

6 - J

7 - I

8- F 

9 -E

10 - A




Posted January 10, 2022

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