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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2017

RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive 2017 - RF CafeIf you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

Electronic Design | High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

Electronic Design


Build Your Own IR Windshield Rain Sensor

Jorge Martinez

Making the Jump to Wide Bandgap Power

Murray Slovick

Make Your Audio System Sound Better with Smart Amp Technology

Paul Pickering

Build RS-422/RS-485 Transceivers with Configurable Mixed-Signal ICs

Alberto I. Leibovich and Pablo E. Leibovich

4 Things You Should Know About Magnets for Electric Vehicles

Maria Guerra

Beyond the Op Amp - Designing With IC Comparators

Lou Frenzel

11 Myths About Bluetooth 5

Casey O'Grady


The Front End: Tell Me What Happened AND When It Happened

Kendall Castor-Perry

Mount a Photodiode to Maximize Speed

Dr. Sam Green

11 Myths About Software Tracing

Dr. Johan Kraft

What's the Difference Between 2- and 4-Layer PCBs?

Yi Tang

What's All This LM334 Stuff, Anyhow?

Paul Rako

Assessing the Ada Language for Audio Applications

Gustavo Hoffmann and Raphaël Amiard

Inertial Sensing Solutions to Better Automation

Bob Scannell

What's the Difference Between Passive and Active Noise Cancellation?

Derek Phillips


Microcontroller Efficiently Converts Sensor Voltage to Current

Ricardo Jimenez, Jorge L. Aguirre, and Thomas F. Murrieta

What Do Clocks, Carriers, Local Oscillators, and FM Have in Common?

Lou Frenzel

WPA2 KRACK: Why Security in Depth Matters

William Wong

“Why Didn't I Think of That?” - Seeing Inside Embedded Systems

Jean Labrosse

Mid-Range FPGAs Help Conquer Complex Communications Challenges

Ted Marena

11 Myths About Wireless Power

Hatem Zeine

Mild Hybrid EVs Accelerating the Development of Automotive-Graded DC/DC Converters

Maria Guerra

Simple Transient-Response Measurement Determines Power-Supply Bandwidth

Bob Sheehan


Changing LED into Gold: SEPIC Converters Tame Automotive Battery Fluctuations

Paul Pickering

What are the Toughest Challenges in ADAS Design?

Tony Armstrong

5G: How Do You Test for a Standard that Doesn't Even Exist?

Patrick Mannion

A Fundamental Approach to Mobile-Device Battery Selection

Danny Rockett

Eradicate Capacitive Current Spikes in LLC-Based Power-Supply Designs

Caprio Moon

12 Things You Need to Know About Preventing Overloads with Safety Capacitors

Brian Ward

11 Myths About ALS/Proximity Sensors

Satya Dixit

VM, Containers, and Serverless Programming for Embedded Developers

William Wong

Turning the Spotlight on Ambient Light Sensors

Maria Guerra


Minimizing Temperature Drift in Your Current Measurement

Dan Harmon

Freezing Plus Phase Change May Yield Safer, Flexible Lithium Batteries

Bill Schweber

Immaculate Reception, Part 2: What's Noise Have to Do With It?

Lou Frenzel

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Trigger Performance Characteristics

Colin Mattson

What's the Difference Between Device Hardening and Security Appliances?

Alan Grau


Immaculate Reception

Lou Frenzel

Meshing with Bluetooth

William Wong

What's the Difference Between IEEE 802.11ah and 802.11af in the IoT?

Lou Frenzel

How to Take Advantage of Embedded FPGAs

Geoff Tate

An Oscilloscope Trigger System in the Frequency Domain?

Justin Mamaradlo

How to Choose a Cooling Fan in Five Easy Steps

Jeff Smoot

Inject More Voltage, Power into AC Motor Drives for Industrial Robots

Lou Frenzel


6 Effective Ways to Cut PCB Assembly Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

Dora Yang

What's the Difference Between TMR and GMR Sensors?

Yoji Tsukakoshi

Measuring Cell Capacity

Bob Zollo

What's All This Switch Stuff, Anyhow?

Paul Rako

Defeat Serial-Interface Attenuation/Distortion with Equalization and Repeaters

Lou Frenzel

Build a Flyback-Based Geiger Counter with LabVIEW Interface

Michele Marino, Lorenzo Massari

External Load Diagnostics for Automotive Class-D Amplifiers

Lou Frenzel

Ultra-Small BGA SSDs Help PCs to Evolve

Anders Graham


GaN Technology: A Lean, Green (Power) Machine

Texas Instruments

Gauging the High-Accuracy 60-V Gas Gauge

Christopher Gobok

MEMS-Based Gyroscope Leverages Brillouin Laser Wavefronts

Bill Schweber

11 Myths about µC/OS

Jean Labrosse

Energy Harvesting Brings Abundant Free Energy to Automotive Systems

Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Thermal-Designing Your Way to a Cooler High-Performance Tablet

Dr. John Parry

Reap the Benefits of Economizers for Solenoid/Relay Drivers

James Lockridge

What's All This Common-Base Stuff, Anyway?

Paul Rako

Sleep, Sense, Connect: Low-Power IoT Design

Alan Hendrickson

Take a Flier on the Flyback for Your High-Voltage Circuit Design

Michele Marino, Lorenzo Massari

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Advanced Trigger Features

Colin Mattson

Hardware Emulation for Software Validation (Part 2): Hybrid Emulation and Trace-Based Debug

Lauro Rizzatti 1

Testing for IoT Power Concerns

Ken Johnson, David Maliniak


How to Boost Performance in Synchronous Buck Converter Designs

Paul Pickering

What's the Difference Between Machine Learning Techniques?

William Wong

Temperature Matters… Even When Using DC Sources

Bob Zollo 1

Static Analysis? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Static Analysis

William Wong

Rethink Power Density with GaN

Masoud Beheshti

New Hope for Biocomputers: Parallel Network-Based Computation

Maria Guerra

What's the Difference between PNP and NPN?

Maria Guerra

MCUs Bring Smart Cost/Performance Solutions to Intelligent Systems

Evan Wakefield

GaN FETs Redefine Power-Circuit Designs

Lou Frenzel

Turn Real-Time Trace Data into Something Useful

William Wong

What's the Difference Between Signal Analyzers and Oscilloscopes for Frequency Analysis?

Patrick Mannion

5G Exposed!

Lou Frenzel

11 Myths About Digital Power

Fionn Sheerin, Keith Curtis, Tom Spohrer, and Terry Cleveland

Protection Techniques for Small to Medium-Sized Battery Packs

Paul Pickering

What's the Difference Between Signal Analyzers and Oscilloscopes for Frequency Analysis?

Patrick Mannion


Designing Low-Power, MCU-Based Sensor Modules is Easier than Ever

Lou Frenzel

Meet Powerline Emissions and Immunity Standards or Else: A Guide to Verifying Test Systems

Mathieu van den Bergh

Frog Legs Probably Won't Charge Your Phone—the Discovery of Voltage

Daniel Bogdanoff

Microcontroller Battery Monitor Circuit Needs Only One Pin

Tommaso Angelino

Picking Perfect Power Parcels

Paul Pickering

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Trigger Sequencing and Software Search Triggers

Colin Mattson

What's All This LTZ1000 Stuff, Anyway?

Paul Rako

High-Speed RF Sampling ADC Boosts Bandwidth, Dynamic Range

Lou Frenzel


Emulation Hardware Meets Transistor Demand

William Wong

Compute Low-Frequency Parameters of Resistive Attenuators with Three DC-Resistance Measurements

Jacques Audet

Generate Positive and Negative Voltage by Combining Two DC Sources

Bob Zollo

Take a Practical Path Toward High-Performance Power Conversion

Tom Ribarich

What's the Difference Between NRZ, NRZI, and Manchester Encoding?

William Wong

Interactive Graphical Interface Enhances Micro-Programmed Sequential Machine Design

Tom Ribarich

What's the Difference Between Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, Audit Trails, and Databases?

William Wong

Designing Low-Power Displays for the Battery-Powered IoT

Scott Soong

"Come on Feel the Noise" — Measuring LDO Performance

Paul Pickering

The Essentials of AC Power Safety

Jerry Twomey

BLE v4.2: Creating Faster, More Secure, Power-Efficient Designs—Part 5

Sachin Gupta and Rohit Kumar

Practical Approaches to IoT Test Challenges

Wilson Lee


Take the Easy Test Road (Sometimes)

Daniel Bogdanoff

The All-Seeing Eye Takes to the Road: Vision Systems for ADAS

Paul Pickering

Unlock Data-Center Power Capacity with "Software Defined Power"

Mark Adams

Understanding an Instrument Amplifier's Linear Operating Range

Lou Frenzel

What's All This 555 Timer Stuff, Anyway?

Paul Rako

The Power of Low Noise in IoT Smart Sensors

Mark Looney

Prioritize Circuit Protection for USB Type-C Interfaces

Paul Pickering

Are You (Really) Ready for Your Next Node?

Michael White

High Frequency Electronics


Performance and Consistency Advantage of Ion Beam over Chemical Etching

Jim Barrett and Tom Perkins

RF and Microwave Filters: Simple and Essential

Mark Blackwood

Fixed, Level Setting, Direct Reading, and Programmable Attenuators

SAGE Millimeter


Substrate Selection Can Simplify Thermal Management

John Ranieri

Concepts of RF Power Amplification

Boris Aleiner


Transmission-Line Load Network Design Technique for Class-E Power Amplifiers

Denis Makarov, Yulia Rassokhina, Vladimir Krizhanovski, and Andrei Grebennikov


Using High Accuracy Models to Achieve First Pass Design Success - A Transmitter Case Study: Part 2, Power Amplifier Design

Ted Longshore and Larry Dunleavy


Using Component Models to Achieve First Pass Success - A Transmitter Case Study: Part 1, Harmonic Filter Design

Ted Longshore and Larry Dunleavy

An Introduction to Test Cables

Fairview Microwave


Design and Development of an On-Board System in Satellite-Based Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

Roopa Narayan Naik and Dr. V Sambasiva Rao

RF/Microwave Amplifier Design Using Harmonic Balance Simulation with Only S-parameter Data



Accurate RF/Microwave Testing at Minimum Cost

Orwill Hawkins

Design Software Aids High-Performing Mixer Design



High Quality Signal Switching in the 60 GHz ISM Band

Dr. Kecheng Xiao

A Re-Engineered Approach to Standard Transponders for Space Applications

Dr. Kamaljeet Singh


Breaking the Monopoly on Base-Fed Short Monopoles: Meet the CMMA

Hans Van Bruggen

Simulation Software Enhances Design Automation for Designers of High-Frequency ICs, RF PCBs and MCMs

David Vye


Class-F RF Power Amplifier with a New Load Network Configuration

Firas M. Ali Al-Raie


GaN, GaAs, and LDMOS: A Secure Place for All

Tim Galla

Bond Wire and its Characterization at RF Frequencies

Kamaljeet Singh


Website Disruption, Hacking, and Preventive Measures

Tom Perkins

Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Step-Impedance Resonator (SIR)

Shirish Karveer

Microwave Journal


5G: Is it Ready for Take Off?

James Kimery

Pre-5G and 5G: Will The mmWave Link Work?

Andreas Roessler

Ready to Test 5G Data Throughput?

Rena Raj

Simulation Speeds NB-IoT Product Development

Takao Inoue and David Vye


Coexistence of LTE and Radar Systems

Darren McCarthy and Steffen Heuel

Digitizer-Based Measurement Trade-Offs for Electronic Attack Systems

Brad Frieden

Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Wide Stopband and Sharp Roll-Off

Shiva Khani and Mohsen Hayati

3D Additive Manufacturing Meets the Microwave Industry

Tom McWalters

Novel Wideband Frequency Selective Surface Filters with Fractal Elements

Ed Liang and T. K. Wu


Antenna-Less Wireless: A Marriage Between Antenna and Microwave Engineering

J. Anguera, A. Andújar and C. Puente

5G Is Coming: How T&M Manufacturers Can Prepare For and Benefit From 5G

Randy Oltman

Noise Analysis, Then and Today

Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde

Measurement-Based Optimization of Aperture Tunable Antennas

Jussi Rahola, Jaakko Juntunen, A. Zamanifekri and Roberto Gaddi

Modeling 3-Port Center-Tapped Spiral Inductors for K-Band VCO

Xuanyu Chen, Qi Su, Ting Chen, Linlin Cai, Jiang Luo, Hao Wang, Sheng Chang, Qijun Huang and Jin He

Planar Four-Way Power Divider with Stopband Rejection and Good Output Isolation

Kaijun Song, Yu Zhu, Shunyong Hu, Fan Zhang, Maoyu Fan and Yong Fan


From MIMO to Massive MIMO

Paul Harris, Mark Beach,Simon Armour, and Ian Mings

Antenna Arrays for 5G Improve SNR and Capacity

Honglei Chen and Rick Gentile

A Wideband High Efficiency Doherty Power Amplifier Based on Coupled Line Architecture

Guangping Xie, Zongxi Tang, Biao Zhang and Xin Cao


mmWaves Hit the Highway

Amarpal (Paul) Khanna

Microwave Material Measurements Without Cables

John W. Schultz

Compact, Wideband Bandstop Filter with Extended Upper Passband

Yang Xiao, Lin Li, Gang Liu and Guan-Xing Guo

Phase-Locked Loops Enable Phase Alignment and Control

Ian Collins and Kazim Peker

Clocking the RF ADC with Phase Noise Instead of Jitterow

Thomas Neu


Predicting EVM in the RFIC Design Flow

Haim Spiegel,and Solon J. Spiegel

A Modified Three-Level Doherty Amplifier for Next-Generation Communication Systems

Mike Roberts


RFSoC Integrates RF Sampling Data Converters for 5G New Radio

Anthony Collins, Harpinder Matharu and Ehab Mohsen

Redefining High-End RF and Microwave Signal Generation

Rohde & Schwarz

Network Synthesis and Power Amplifiers: So Much More than Impedance Matching

Gayle Collins

Ultra-Wideband Doherty Amplifier for Digital TV Transmitters

Bill Goumas and Peter Forth

Dual-Band Bandpass Filter with Multiple Controllable Transmission Zeroes and Wide Stopband

Daotong Li, Yonghong Zhang, Jing Ai, Kaijun Song and Y. Fan


The Infamous Pearl Harbor Radar

Patrick Hindle, Richard Mumford and Gary Lerude

Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzer

Holzworth Instrumentation

Design of a State-of-the-Art Modularized Radar Test System

Shivansh Chaudhary and Lennart Berlin

Controlling Single Microwave Photons: A New Frontier in Microwave Engineering

Tobias Lindström, Russell Lake, Yuri A. Pashkin, and Antti Manninen

Broadband High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design Using Continuous Class F Mode

Ziyang Zhao, Zongxi Tang, Yunqiu Wu and Biao Zhang

Security in Automotive Radar and Vehicular Networks

Enoch R. Yeh, Chandra R. Bhat, Robert W. Heath, Jr., Junil Choi, and Nuria G. Prelcic

Wideband Millimeter Wave Test Bed for 60 GHz Power Amplifier Digital Predistortion

Stephen J. Kovacic, Foad Arfaei Malekzadeh, Hassan Sarbishaei, Mike Millhaem, Michel Gagne, Greg Jue, Jin-Biao Xu, and Jean-Marc Moreau


Frequency Synthesis: Current Status and Future Projections

Alexander Chenakin

28 GHz Active Array Antenna Enables Rapid 5G Prototyping

Anokiwave Inc.

An Alternative to Using MMICs for T/R Module Manufacture

John Walker, William Veitschegger, and Richard Keshishian

MEMS Oscillators Enable Resilient Outdoor Small Cells

Jim Holbrook

Low Complexity, High Performance RF Self-Interference Cancellation for Full-Duplex Radios

Binqi Yang, Zhiqiang Yu, Jianyi Zhou and Yunyang Dong

Mixed-Signal Instrumentation for Design and Test of 5G Systems

M. Jordão, P.M. Cruz, D. Ribeiro, A. Prata, N.B. Carvalho, Marc Vanden Bossche, and David Vye


Innovations in Test and Measurement to Meet Today's Challenges

Walter Strickler, Greg Jue, David A. Hall, Reiner Stuhlfauth, and Corbett Rowell

Miniaturized Bandpass Filter Using Quarter SIW Resonator With Elliptic Defected Structure

Sheng Zhang, Hai-Ting Wang, Yi-Kang Zhang, Hai Liu, and Fa-Lin Liu

Radar Technology Advancements and New Applications


Solving Millimeter Wave Test Challenges

Tom Brinkoetter


GaN Powers Microwave Point-to-Point Radios

Kristoffer Andersson, David Gustafsson and Jonas Hansryd

Millimeter Wave Active Bandpass Filters

Saurabh Chaturvedi, Mladen Božanic and Saurabh Sinha

60 GHz CMOS Circular Patch Antenna-on-Chip

Adel Barakat, Ahmed Allam, Adel B. Abdel-Rahman, Ramesh K. Pokharel, Aimeric Bisognin, and Cyril Luxey

Envelope Tracking in Handsets Solves a Network Problem

Joe Madden

Antenna Design Methodology for Smartwatch Applications

Phil Lindsey and C. J. Reddy


Tile Arrays Accelerate the Evolution to Next-Generation Radar

Doug Carlson

V-Band Transceiver Chip for Point-to-Point Backhaul

Sivers IMA AB

Digital Beamforming Accelerates the Evolution to Next-Generation Radar

Peter Delos

The Challenges of SSRFE Design: Residential and Industrial Cooking Applications

Klaus Werner

Opportunities for High Frequency Materials in 5G and the IoT

Art Aguayo

Millimeter Wave Passive Bandpass Filters

Saurabh Chaturvedi, Mladen Božanic and Saurabh Sinha

Test & Measurement World


Design a DSP Lock-In Amplifier, Part 1: Background

Steve Hageman

Design a DSP Lock-In Amplifier, Part 2: Design Methodology

Steve Hageman

Inverted Dual-Slope ADC Boosts Dynamic Range

Stephen Woodward

Three 5G Test Challenges to Overcome

Adnan Khan


Bluetooth 5: More Speeds, More Range, New RF Tests

Allen Henley

The Twisted Future of Optical Signal Modulation

Ransom Stephens


PAM4, Error Correction Bring 400GbE Test Challenges

Thananya Baldwin and Jerry Pepper

New Optical Interface Standard Aims at 5G

Larry Desjardin


RF Devices: Reliability is Critical

Martin Rowe

5G Front Haul, Backhaul Architectures Present Wireline Test Challenges

Daniel Gonzalez

Five Technologies for Building 5G

Kalyan Sundhar


Modified Clock Filters Improve At-Speed Test

Basanagouda Patil , Avinash Sekar, and Peeyush Pranay

Test is a Key Challenge for 5G

James Kimery

OTA Testing to Gain Importance with 5G

Christoph Pointner

Build Your Own Oscilloscope Probes for Power Measurements (Part 2)

Martin Brown

Build Your Own Oscilloscope Probes for Power Measurements (Part 1)

Martin Brown

Dead Meters Expose Battery Terminal Design Issues

Paul Rako


DIY DCV Calibrator & Reference Has Under 70µV Error

Jordan Dimitrov

Machine Learning Improves Production Test

Rohit Mittal


Improve RFID by Killing Noise

Rex Niven

Accurately Measure Ceramic Capacitors by Extending VNA Range

Steve Sandler

Clocking High-Throughput Satellites

Rajan Bedi


DIY DCV Calibrator & Reference Has Under 70µV Error

Jordan Dimitrov

Fake ICs: Another Weapon in Their Detection

Martin Rowe

Designing Fast, Isolated Microamp Current Sources: Part 1

Yong Liao and Xi Cheng

The Confidence Interval: How It Relates to Serial Data Links

David Banas

Power Driver Design Handles Difficult Loads, Helps Characterize PSUs

Mladen Veselic

Analyze Noise with Time, Frequency, and Statistics

Arthur Pini


Guard Techniques for High-Z Test-Point Muxes

Liao Yong

Transcendental Resistors Simplify Precision Design

Rick Chapman


Product Engineering: The Bridge Between Design and Manufacturing

Martin Rowe

Calibrate Voltage Drops and Interrupts Before Testing

Mike Hertz, Loren Dunn, Mark Maciejka and Dan Steinken

High-Speed Signals Jump Over PCB Traces

Martin Rowe

Color Sensor Achieves High Dynamic Range With Auto Exposure

Massimo Gottardi


Vector Signal Analysis in an Oscilloscope

Arthur Pini and Patrick Connally

Multi-Decade Current Monitor the Epitome of Simplicity

Nick Cornford


Properly Ground Your Circuits

Lee Ritchey and Kella Knack

Microwaves & RF


Need More Bandwidth for the Ka-Band? Here Are Three Options

Brad Hall

Algorithms to Antenna: Beamforming to Improve Signal-to-Noise Levels and Achieve Higher Channel Capacity with MIMO Systems

Rick Gentile


Inside the VCXO: Performance and Application Guide

Tommy Reed

Choosing Circuit Materials for Low-PIM PCB Antennas

John Coonrod


5 Key Elements of a TCXO - and How Temperature Affects It

Tommy Reed

Introduction to 802.11ax High-Efficiency Wireless

National Instruments

Doherty Amplifier Combines High Power and Efficiency

James Wong, Naoki Watanabe, and A. Grebennikov


Opting for Single-Layer or Multilayer Capacitors

Jack Browne


Meet the Challenge of Designing Electrically Small Antennas

Sameer Kumar Sharma and Deepak Singh Nagarkoti

The OCXO: Key Performance Capabilities

Tommy Reed


Carrier Modifications Make Ultranarrowband Modulation

Harold R. Walker

Trying to Keep the Noise Down

Jack Browne


Balance Microwave LPF Responses with CSRRs

Becharef Kada, Nouri Keltouma, Bouazza Boubakar Seddik, and Damou Mehdi

Simulate Installed Antenna and RF Co-Site Issues with EM Tools

Manny Raju, Shawn Carpenter, Matthew Commens

Amplifier Powers an Octave with 80% Average Efficiency

Lamin Zhan, Zhong Xi, Yanghua Li, and Wenguang Li


Design High-Frequency Filters with Cross DGS Circuit Elements

Ahmed Boutejdar, and Saad Dosse Bennani

Design of a Dual-Band PA for Millimeter-Wave 5G Applications

Stuart Glynn, Liam Devlin

Efficient GaN Doherty Amplifier Peaks at 1 kW from 2.11 to 2.17 GHz

James Wong, Naoki Watanabe


Miniature Filter Takes Aim at EMI

Chris DeMartino

Digital Approach Generates AM-VSB and 8VSB Signals

Henry Douglas Rodrigues, Jose de Souza Lima, and Mauricio Silveira

Compare Phase-Locking Methods of RF Sources

Dr. Richard Jenkins

CVD Diamond Manages Device Heat Effectively

Thomas Obeloer and Daniel Twitchen

Study the Loss of Microstrip on Silicon

Kamaljeet Singh, A.V. Nirmal, and S.V. Sharma

Forming Low-Impedance MEMS Bandpass Filters

Dr. Yin Liu and Dr. Zhi-fan Zhang


The Differences Between Transmitter Types, Part 2

Chris DeMartino

Satisfy Today's Spectrum Emissions Demands

Chris DeMartino

Ensure Success When Making Connections

Chris DeMartino

VNAs Prove to be Essential Tools for 5G Communications

Walt Strickler

Create Robust UHF RFID Tag Antennas on Dielectric Substrates

Derek S. Linden and Jennifer Rayno

Device-to-Device Communication Aids Public Safety

Graham Freeland and Marc Barberis

Managing Modulation and Demodulation

Jack Browne

Designing a Step-Recovery-Diode-Based Comb Generator

Kimberly Renee Alvarez

The Differences Between Transmitter Types, Part 1

Chris DeMartino

Metamaterials Sculpt UWB Bandpass Filter

Mahmoud A. Abdalla and Ahmed A. Ibrahim


Low-Noise Amplifier Spans DC to 17 GHz

Mark Scott Logue

GaN Enters 5G Territory

Chris DeMartino

For Tuning Antennas and Switching Signals, RF MEMS Make Their Mark

James Morra

Probing Those Tiny Millimeter-Wave ICs

Jack Browne


Analyze Transient Delays in GaAs MMIC Switches

Mouqun Dong

Receiver ICs Blend Mixers, Synthesizers, and IF Amps

Marc Goldfarb, Ben Walker, Russell Martin, Tom Bosia, Ed Balboni, and Dragoslav Culum

How Bending Affects a Flexible UWB Antenna

Sherif R. Zahran, Mahmoud A. Abdalla, and A. Gaafar

UWB Printed Antenna Blocks Satellite and WLAN Signals

Junding Zhao and Hao Zhang

Microwave Product Digest


VNA Considerations when Making E-Band Measurements

Anritsu Company

The Impact of the IoT Demystified

Cees Links


Design and Matching of a 60 GHz Printed Antenna using NI AWR Software and AWR Connected for Optenni

Jaakko Juntunen

Advanced Microwave Amplifier Models for Advanced Design System Simulations

Larry Dunleavy, Kevin Kellogg and Eric O'Dell

Overcoming C-band Satellite Interference

Douglas Chun


Over the Air Testing for Antenna Arrays: Challenges and Solutions

Reiner Stuhlfauth and Dr. Corbett Rowell

An Overview of Antenna Systems in Millimeter-Wave Radar Applications


Transmit LO Leakage (LOL) - an Issue of Zero - If that Isn't Making People Laugh Out Loud

Dave Frizelle


Nothing Average About Power-Sensor Averaging: What You Need to Know

Orwill Hawkins, LadyBug Technologies LLC

Non-Cellular IoT Device Growth Changing WLAN Test Requirements

Brian Davis


Understanding The Limitations Of Modern Military Radio Testbeds

JFW Industries, Inc.

COFDM GaN PAs Provide a Platform for Next-Generation UAV Data Links


Reach New Levels of Linearity in Passive Mixers with GaN Technology

Charles Trantanella


BUC and SSPA SWaP Considerations for Communications on the Move

Daniel Lopez

Overview of RF Filters and Their Respective Applications

Mark Blackwood, Fairview Microwave

Preparing for 5G New Radio Networks and Devices

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Microwave Circulators Evolve to Meet True Surface Mount Requirements of Advanced Systems

Smiths Interconnect

X- and Ku- Band Small Form Factor Radio Design

Brad Hall and Wyatt Taylor


Radio Frequency and Microwave Test and Measurement Equipment Market Trends

Jessy Cavazos

Advances in Integration and Parameterization of EM Simulation within a High-Frequency Circuit Design Flow

John Dunn, Ph.D.

The Evolution of GaN: from Defense Applications to 5G

Scott Vasquez

Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Applications

S. Keyrouz, D. Caratelli and D. Favreau

X- and Ku- Band Small Form Factor Radio Design – Part One

Brad Hall and Wyatt Taylor

How 5G Requirements Impact RF/Microwave Device and Component Testing and Development



New Antennas Meet the Expanding Needs of the WISP Market

KP Performance Antennas

Microwave Material Measurements without Cables

John W. Schultz, PhD

MIL-DTL-38999: Connecting the Past to the Future of Military Aviation

Scott Miller

Design of a 10 GHz Low-Noise Amplifier

National Instruments


High-Capacitance Supercapacitors Suit Extensive Application Fields

Yusuke Tanaka and Yoshiyuki Tabata

Your Guide to Waveguide Plumbing: How Do Waveguides Bend, Twist, and Flex?

Mark Blackwood

Adapting Non-Sealed Surface Mount Parts for Hi-Rel Customer Assembly Processes

Jonid Xhakollari

A Brief Tutorial on Power Loss in WBG Semiconductor Devices

Alan Wadsworth

Pigtail-Free DC to 22 GHz Photodiode Modules For Scalable Avionic Platforms

Shubhashish Datta, Abhay Joshi, Roy Howard, Nilesh Soni, and Matthew D'Angiolillo


LTE Multi-Band Front-End Modules for the Internet of Things

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Innovative Power Products Couplers
Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe

Crane Aerospace Electronics Microwave Solutions: Space Qualified Passive Products

TotalTemp Technologies (Thermal Platforms) - RF Cafe