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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2006

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


InP Provides Improved Low Voltage Wireless PA Performance
Michael Gaynor

Achieving Connector Performance with Stacked Boards in Cell Phones
Ted Worroll

Simulation Results of Phase Noise of PLL Functional Blocks in 0.35 um SiGe Technology
M. Ain Rehman

Development of a JTRS / SINCGARS Ultra-Broadband Airborne Blade Antenna
Joseph R. Jahoda

Optical Technology: A Look into the (Near) Future
High Frequency Electronics Editorial Staff


'Macro' and 'Micro' Engineering are Growth Areas
Gary Breed

Radiated Power and Field Strength from UHF ISM Transmitters
Larry Burgess

Improving Test Times with Fast Frequency, Amplitude and Waveform Switching
Heather Lane

Designing Analog Circuits for Digital Signal Processing
Gary Breed

Techniques and Technologies for High-Frequency Interconnections
High Frequency Electronics Editorial Staff


Finding the Power to Run All Those Portable Electronics
Gary Breed Editorial

Minimization of DDS Spurious Content in Multi-Channel Systems
Ryan Groulx and Shawn Mason

Micromachining Concept on GaAs and a mm-Wave Oscillator Example
Kamaljeet Singh and Surendra Pal

Upconverting LTCC Mixer Targets Instrumentation Applications

Making the Build-or-Buy Decision—Balancing Cost, Time and Performance
Gary Breed


Adaptive Digital Baseband Predistortion for RF Power Amplifier Linearization
Rahul Gupta, Saad Ahmad, Reinhold Ludwig, and John McNeill

Optimize the Buffer Amplifier / ADC Connection
Joe Dipilato, Dan Terlep, and Tanja Hofner

Noise and Spurious in Digital Systems and Digitized Signals
Gary Breed

Everyone Needs to Understand High Speed Digital Design Techniques
High Frequency Staff


Systemizing the Design of Broadband Class-A RF Power Amplifiers
Firas Mohammed Ali

Experiments with Microwave Coherence Tomography: Part 2
Jiri Polivka

Field Installation of Cables and Connectors for MRI Systems
Kevin Moyher

Guidelines for Using Manufacture-Provided Reference Designs
Gary Breed


The Importance of Electromagnetic Compatibility
Gary Breed

2-22 GHz Continuously Variable Attenuator Has Low IMD and Flat Response
Alexander Chenakin and A.P.S. Khanna

Experiments with Microwave Coherence Tomography: Part 1
Jiri Polivka

Feedback Fundamentals: Basic Concepts and Circuit Topologies
Gary Breed

Low Frequency Applications Maintain High Interest
High Frequency Staff


Broadband Amplifier Gain Slope Equalization with a Single Passive Component
Alan Fejzuli, Ray Kaarsberg, and Nelson Roldan

A 1 to 2 GHz, 50 Watt Push-Pull Power Amplifier Using SiC MESFETS
Raymond Pengelly and Carl Janke

Fundamentals of Passive Component Behavior at High Frequencies
Gary Breed


High Efficiency, High Linearity GaN HEMT Amplifiers for WiMAX Applications
Simon Wood, Peter Smith, William Pribble, Ray Pengelly, and Jim Crescenzi

High Performance Active Mixer Overcomes RF Transmitter Design Challenges
James Wong

Microwave Coupler Feeds Outdoor Antenna Through Walls
Gunther Knapp

On-Wafer Testing Verifies IC Performance and Process Yield
Gary Breed

A Growing Number of Applications Boosts mm-Wave Technology
High Frequency Electronics Editorial Staff


The Yin-Yang of Matching: Part 2—Practical Matching Techniques
Randy Rhea

Procedures for High Power Swept Compression Measurements
Anthony J. Bichler

Understanding Mixers From a Switching Perspective
Gary Breed


The Yin-Yang of Matching: Part 1—Basic Matching Concepts
Randy Rhea

Open RFIC Design Platform Integrates Highly-Capable Design Tools
Thomas Quan

Guidelines for Improving the RF Immunity of Audio Amplifiers
Kymberly Schmidt

Proprietary Systems are Viable Options for Short-Range Wireless


Generating Frequency Agile and Custom Waveforms
Roger Jungerman

High-Efficiency Linearized LDMOS Amplifiers Utilize the RFAL Architecture
Ray Gutierrez

The Method of Moments: A Numerical Technique for Wire Antenna Design
W.D. Rawle


Zigbee System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
Khanh Tuan Le

Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and Applications—Part 2
Chris Trask

Optimize Thermal Contact for RF Transistors
John C. Pritiskutch and Richard R. Hildenbrandt

Tutorial: Electroformed Cables Deliver Performance in Highly Demanding Applications
Bob Thiele


Microwave Journal


Interference Detection and Measurements for Microwave Radio Link Planning
Luca Stroppolo

Microwave Noise Modeling for AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs PHEMTs
Xiuping Li, Jianjun Gao, and Georg Boeck

Design of Microstrip Dual Behavior Resonator Filters: A Practical Guide
E. Rius, C. Quendo, A. Manchec, Y. Clavet, C. Person, J.F. Favennec, O. Bosch, J.C. Cayrou, P. Moroni and J.L. Cazaux


A Helical Resonator-based Filter with Improved Skirt Selectivity
Alex D. Lapidus

Power Amplifier Linearization Using an Indirect-learning-based Inverse TDNN Model
Hoon Hwangbo, Sung-Chan Jung, Youngoo Yang, Cheon-Seok Park, Byung-Sung Kim and Wansoo Nah

Intermodulation Distortion in Medium-power Drop-in Ferrite Isolators and Circulators
Tony Edridge

Novel Microstrip Band-stop Filters Based on Complementary Split Ring Resonators
Sheng Zhang, Jian-Kang Xiao and Ying Li

A Novel Wideband Transition Between a Conductor-backed Finite Ground CPW and a Microstrip Line
Kamaljeet Singh and Surendra Pal

New Design Methodologies for High Performance RF CMOS
David Vye, Sean Kim, Soung Ho Myoung, Jason Yun and Charlie Jeung


Network-centric Operations and Information Superiority: Current Trends of Key Enabling Technologies
Heinrich Daembkes

Frequency Converters: Understanding the Benefits of Simple and Complex Architectures
Roland Hassun

Design of Bias Tees for a Pulsed-bias, Pulsed-RF Test System Using Accurate Component Models
Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, and William Clausen

A Practical Design of a Low Phase Noise Airborne X-band Frequency Synthesizer
Vsevolod Tanygin

A Broadband Double Dipole Antenna with Triangle and Rhombus Shapes and Stable End-fire Radiation Patterns for Phased-array Antenna Systems
Abdelnasser A. Eldek

Measuring the Capacitance Coefficients of Coaxial Open-circuits with Traceability to National Standards
Martin J. Salter and Nick M. Ridler

Eliminating FFT Artifacts in Vector Signal Analyzer Spectra
Michael D. McKinley, Kate A. Remley, Maciej Myslinski, and  J. Stevenson Kenney


The Current State of Technology and Future Trends in Wireless Communications and Applications
Alastair Upton and Victor Steel

Accurate Simulation of an X-band Frequency Synthesizer
Mohamed Kameche

Low Voltage Operation of GaAs Power Amplifiers
Joe Madden

Novel Low Pass Filters Using a Defected Microstrip Structure
Sheng Zhang, Jian-Kang Xiao, Zi-Hua Wang and Ying Li

RF Power Detection: Measuring WiMAX Signals
Carlos Calvo and Matthew Pilotte

Distortion Inherent to VNA Test Port Cable Assemblies
Paul Pino

Coupled Line Noise in High Sensitivity RF Receiver Circuits
Oleksandr Gorbachov


Rigorous Analytical Expressions for the Electromagnetic Parameters of Rectangular Coaxial Couplers with Circular and Square Inner Conductors
N. Benahmed and S. Seghier

A Dual-band Branch-line Coupler Using Quasi-composite Right/Left-handed Transmission Lines
He-Kai Jhuang,Ching-Her Lee, Po-Min Hu and Chung-I G. Hsu

Characterization of Ultra-wideband Bow-tie Antennas for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
Francesco Soldovieri, Giancarlo Prisco, and Giovanni Leone

Applications of CE Alloys in Defense, Aerospace, Telecom and Other Electronic Markets
David M. Jacobson, Andrew J.W. Ogilvy and Alan G. Leatham


Techniques of RFID Systems: Architectures and Applications
F. Mohd-Yasin, M.K. Khaw, and M.B.I. Reaz

Periodically Loaded SSS Coupled-line Filter for Second Harmonic Suppression
D. Packiaraj, M. Ramesh and A.T. Kalghatgi

A Dual-passband Waveguide Filter with a Canonical Structure for Ka-band Satellite Applications
Man Seok Uhm, In Bok Yom, Juseop Lee, and Jeong Phill Kim

Matrix Switches: Blocking versus Non-blocking
Brett Chermansky

In Search of Maxwell
James Rautio


The Road from RFIC to SoC
J.P. Lanteri and D.J. Carlson

Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Transponder Circuit Design
F. Mohd-Yasin, M.K. Khaw and M.B.I. Reaz

UHF RFID and Tag Antenna Scattering, Part II: Theory
Daniel M. Dobkin

A 2.4 GHz CMOS Transceiver Single-chip RF Front-end for ISM-band Wireless Communications
Wei-Ting Lee and Huey-Ru Chuang, and Chun-Lin Lu

Power Amplifiers for Microwaves and RF Applications with LDMOS Transistors
Giuseppe Vacca


The Impact of MEMS on Cellular Phone Architectures
Mark Chapman

Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Reader and Antenna Circuit Design
F. Mohd-Yasin, M.K. Khaw and M.B.I. Reaz

Synthesis of a Planar, Coupled-line Marchand Balun with Emphasis on Balance
Jong-Hwan Lee and Kyung-Whan Yeom

Design of a Dual-band Ring Printed Antenna Array
M. Abri, N. Boukli-Hacene, F.T. Bendimerad, E. Cambiaggio, and Sophia Antipolis

Understanding the Operation and Test of a Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Radio
Helen Mills

High Harmonic-rejection Matching Filters for Quad-band Power Amplifiers
Rajanish, P. Onno, N. Jain, C. Weigand, P. McIntosh, B. Rizzi, and K. Izzac

The Design of a Finite Ground Plane Cross Semi-elliptic Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
Wen-Shan Chen, Mao-Kai Hsu, Tainan Hsien

UHF RFID and Tag Antenna Scattering, Part I: Experimental Results
Daniel M. Dobkin and Steven M. Weigand


Microwave Oscillators:The State of the Technology
A.P.S. (Paul) Khanna

A Low Profile, Top-loaded Monopole Antenna with Four Small Posts
Yong-Woong Jang, Hyun-Chul Go, Sang-Woo Lee

Design of a Wideband Adaptive Linear Amplifier with a DSB Pilot and Complex Coherent Detection Method
Jianyi Zhou, Lei Zhang, Wei Hong, Jianing Zhao and Xiaowei Zhu

A 2 GHz, 0.25 µm MOS Complementary VCO with Differentially Tuned MOS Varactors for Wireless Applications
H.T. Lin, Y.K. Chu and H.R. Chuang

Design of an Amplifier Using a Harmonic Termination Matching Tuner and Harmonic Blocking Bias Line
Jin-Kuk Lee, Su-Taw Kim, Yong-Chae Jeong, Jong-Sik Lim, Chul-Dong Kim

Design and Temperature Compensation of a Ku-band Channel Amplifier with ALC for a Satellite Transponder
S.C. Bera, R.V. Singh and V.K. Garg


Synthetic Instruments: A New Horizon
David P. Menzer

A Multi-octave, Open-boundary, Quad-ridge Horn Antenna for Use in the S- to Ku-bands
Vicente Rodríguez

Real-time Spectrum Analysis Streamlines Radar Pulse Testing and Diagnostics
Matthew J. Maxwell

An Efficient, Interactive Optimization Solution for Analog and RF Design
James Spoto


A Specialized Low Loss 8 dB Coupler
Cecil W. Deisch

Microstrip Line with a Novel Broadband PBG Structure
Fei Zhang, Lina Shi and Chengfang Li

Ku-band MMIC Power Amplifiers Developed Using MSAG MESFET Technology
Inder J. Bahl

Design of a UWB Low Insertion Loss Bandpass Filter with Spurious Response Suppression
Chu-Yu Chen and Cheng-Ying Hsu

Building a 3.3 to 3.8 GHz 802.16a WiMAX LNA on FR4 Material
Xiao Lu


A Printed UWB Triangular Monopole Antenna
H.R. Chuang, C.C. Lin and Y.C. Kan

Performance Comparisons Between Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Printed Microstrip Patch Antennas at X-band
R. Chair, A.A. Kishk, K.F. Lee and D. Kajfez

Experimental Analysis of a Multi-band and High Gain Open Slot Antenna with Dual Reflector
Hyun-Chul Go and Yong-Woong Jang

A Novel Broadband Design of a Printed Rectangular Slot Antenna for Wireless Applications
Wen-Shan Chen

A Design of Double T-type Microstrip Antennas for Broadband and Control of Resonance
Hyeonjin Lee and Yeongseog Lim

Phased Arrays and Radars - Past, Present and Future
Eli Brookner


Test & Measurement World


Unwrapping Wireless Signals
Joan Mercadé

Extracting Value From Outsourcing
Marc A. Mangrum

Model-based Design Aids Test and Verification
Greg Reed


Keep the Power on: Testing Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)
Martin Rowe

Color Enhances Inspection Results
Jon Titus

To Mux or Not to Mux?
Alan Albee and Anthony Suto

Disposal of Test Data
Martin Rowe

Automation: Its Name is Software
Steve Scheiber


Silicon Debug
Bart Vermeulen, Yu-Chin Hsu and Robert Ruiz

Test Compression
Ron Press and Jay Jahangiri

DFM, DFY get EDA Industry Emphasis
Rick Nelson


LXI Triggering
Bob Rennard

Early Testing Avoids Compliance Woes
Martin Rowe

Stretching Immunity Test to 6 GHz
Richard A. Quinnell

External PCI Express Reaches 30 m
Martin Rowe


PCI Express: Beyond Minimum Compliance
Mike Li and Rich Vignes

All the Right Switches
Martin Rowe

Boundary Scan Accelerates VoIP test
Karla May

Optical Switch Testing Spans the Ocean
Martin Rowe

Detective Work Finds Board Failures
Thomas Paquette

Scan for ESD-induced Errors
Martin Rowe


Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Part CXVII
Brad Thompson

Audio: Not What it Used to be
Martin Rowe


Patent Common Sense
Rick Nelson

Test's Role on the Path to Zero-defect Devices
Mick Tegethoff and Vivek Chickermani

The Network is the Test Bed
Martin Rowe

Limits of Test Time Reduction
Chris Allsup

Post-test Inspection Boosts Die Yields
Jon Titus

IEEE Approves Testing Standard for Nanotubes


EMI Standard Planned for Replaceable Modules
Martin Rowe

Ethernet vs. Camera Link
John Egri

Deriving Thevenin Equivalents
Rick Nelson

IPTV: Video's Latest Test Frontier
Martin Rowe


Today's Testing, Tomorrow's Engineers
Martin Rowe

The Big Picture: Large-format Lenses
Andrea Tollison

Improving Strain Measurements
Bob Magee

Cut Noise From High-resistance Measurements
Dale Cigoy

Keep Your Eye on RF Risks
Richard A. Quinnell


Lead Makes an Electronic Exit
Martin Rowe

Probing Flip-chip Interfaces
Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler

DSL Tests Focus on Copper
Richard A. Quinnell


Many Tests, Many Setups
Martin Rowe

The Challenge of Multisite Test
Greg Smith

HSDPA Testing
Dr. Salim Manji

Optimize Resolution, Sampling Rate, and Memory
Rick Nelson

Charge Injection Creates Measurement Errors
Martin Rowe


Microwaves & RF


Beware Of Spectrum Analyzer Power Averaging Techniques
Steve Murray

Design A Simple, Low-Cost UWB Source
Yeap Yean Wei


Site Speeds Search For RF/Microwave Components
Jack Browne

RF Video Amplifiers Enable FTTP's Last Mile
Charles Armour, Glenn Eswein, Michael Raneri, and Brian Ribeiro

Design An MMIC LNA With GaAs PHEMTs
John E. Penn

Parametric Simulation Helps Optimize Antenna Performance
Paul Duxbury

ACM Controls Cost Of Increased Spectral Efficiency
Ran Soffer


Signal Generator Melds Speed With Low Phase Noise
John Regazzi and Ravinder Gill

Practical Approach Yields Class C PA
Firas Mohammed Ali

Simplify The Calculation Of Microstrip Dimensions
Alberto Bagnasco

Traffic Management Performs Testing For Triple-Play Services
Charlie Jenkins

Develop Advanced Designs For RFID Transponders
Faisal Mohd-Yasin, Y.K. Teh, M.B.I. Reaz

Design Directional Couplers For High-Power Applications
Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Naima Benmostefa

Improve The Accuracy Of Amplifier ACLR And ACPR Measurements
Paul Schmitz


Developing Designs For RFID Transponders
Faisal Mohd-Yasin, Y.K. Teh, and M.B.I. Reaz

Understand Requirements For WiMAX Testing
Huseyin Arslan, Daljeet Singh

Directional Couplers Aid Antenna Power Monitoring
Andrzej Sawicki

Monopole Arrays Are Electronically Steerable
Dr. A. Kumar

RFID Is Not Just For Wal-Mart
Jack Browne

White Paper: Achieve Improved Spectrum Analyzer Amplitude Accuracy
Pablo Estrada


Signal Cancellation Improves DDS SFDR
Roger Huntley, Ken Gentile

Understanding Mismatch Effects In Power Combining Circuits
Howard Hausman

Building A Receiver For WiMAX Testing
Huseyin Arslan, Daljeet Singh

Optical Switches Link Multiple Receivers To Remote Antennas
Bruce Mead


Establish Test Procedures For WiMAX Transceivers
Huseyin Arslan and Daljeet Singh

Topology And Technology Drive E-PHEMT Amplifiers
Kevin W. Kobayashi

System Monitors Satellite Carriers
Jack Browne

Stripline Crossover Board Facilitates Planar High-Frequency Microwave Subassemblies
Raymond Kaarsberg and Thomas M. O'Leary.

Advanced Oscillator Technology Conquers Reference Degradation Due To Dynamic Environments
Olie Mancini

Microwave Synthesizers Aid Aircraft Tracking
Ken Positeri

SMD Port Discontinuities Are Conquered
James B. Rautio

Quick ACPR Analysis Performs Necessary PA Simulations
Andy Howard

Connectors Raise Density And Reduce Footprint
Paul A. Czikora

Making The Case For Well-Rounded Devices
John McCaffrey

White Paper: RF Power Devices Meet Wireless Challenges Head On
Pierre Piel, John McCaffrey, Keith Tilley, and Mark Williams


S-Band Power Amp Incorporates Bare Die
Pierre Bertram and Ph. Eudeline

Properly Understanding Noise In Test Applications
Peter Matthews

MEMS Motion Sensors Boost Handset Reliability
Harvey Weinberg

RF MEMS Integrates CMOS Controller
Refugio L. Jones and Michael C. Hopkins


Diode Quad Is Foundation For PIN Diode Attenuator
Lim Chin Leong, Lim Yeam Ch'ng, and Goh Swee Chye

Extending Phase-Noise Measurement Capability
Chris Desalvo

Stabilize Transistors In Low-Noise Amplifiers
Ulrich Delpy

Low-Power Approach Provides QPSK Modulation
Cecil Deisch

When Switching Speed Is Important
Uri Yaniv

RF Antenna Switches Simplify Telematics Radios
Brian Arnold

Measure Frequency With Time-Stamping Counters
Staffan Johansson

Emerging Applications Fuel Antenna Development
Nancy Friedrich


Cost-Effective VCOs Replace Power-Hungry YIGs
Ulrich L. Rohde, K. Juergen Schoepf, Ajay Kumar Poddar

Cables And Connectors Link A Wireless World
Nancy Friedrich

Seeking Higher-Power Solid-State Devices
Toshiaki Nakamura

Digitizer Provides Direct Sampling Of RF Signals
Uros Mavric

Microstrip Filters Provide High Harmonic Suppression
Kamaljeet Singh, Deepankar Roy, R. Ramsubramanian


Preparation Is Key For The Future Of Circuit Design
Jim McGillvary

ICs Have Steady Influence On Microwave Market
Russell Shaller

WiMAX Muddies The Wireless Waters
Pierre Piel

Filtering Compromises From Co-Located Systems
Ganesh Krishnan and André Doll

Simulation Spices RFID Read Rates
Tudor Breahna and David Johns

Microwave Connector Choices Determine System Performance
Steve Thomas

Analyzing EM Parameters For Shielded Bandline
Nasreddine Ben Ahmed and Mohammed Feham


Verification Tools Help PHS Transceiver Take Silicon Form
Jon Gordon, Venkata Atluri, David Schwan, and Nathaniel King

Generate Digital Chirp Signals With DDS
Bar-Giora Goldberg

Estimating RKE System Performance
Larry Burgess


Test Handset PA Phase And Amplitude Vs. Time
Marc Brodeur

Amplifying PA Theory For Efficient ISM Transmitters
Andy Zocher

Darlington Gain Blocks Eliminate Bias Resistor
Kevin W. Kobayashi, Tim Gittemeier


Microwave Product Digest


Semiconductor Innovation and Integration Drives Next-Generation Handsets
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

RF Interconnections Evolve to Meet Industry Needs
Tyco Electronics

The Increasing Importance of Signal Integrity in Next-Generation Communications Designs By Applied Wave Research, Inc.

Say What? My Cross-talk Problem is at the Component Level? A Filter, You Say?
Anatech Electronics, Inc.

Bluetooth v2 Class 1 PA with 50% Power Added Efficiency By TriQuint Semiconductor

Signal Analyzer for Next-Generation Communications Technology
Anritsu Company

MMIC Amplifiers Deliver Up to 2 W at 18 GHz
iTerra Communications

Generate Bode Plots Easily In Non-50-Ohm Environments
Freescale Semiconductor

CMOS Switches Trim Footprint for RF Front Ends By Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

Signal Analyzer Moves Measurements Beyond Traditional Spectrum Analysis
Agilent Technologies


A 20 Watt, Power Amplifier 20 MHz - 2500 MHz in a Single Module Design

Design for Manufacturing Saves Time and Money
Jack Sifri

Integrating S-parameter Models in Circuit Simulation: A Review of “Ports” and “Nodes”
Devin Crawford and David Vye

Scalable Power Amplifiers
Jason Smith

Six New Wideband, Power and Driver Amplifier Modules Cover 10 MHz to 35 GHz
Hittite Microwave

Getting the Most from General Purpose MMIC Amplifiers
Mimix Broadband


Antenna Integration for Multimode Handsets

Power Frequency Conversion Considerations
Falcon Electric, Inc.

Digital vs Analog Techniques for Simulating a Fading Channel
Hollis Electronics Company LLC

Validating Inter-RAT Handover and Cell Transitions using Two Base Station Emulators
Agilent Technologies UK Ltd.

WiMAX Mixer Provides High IP3 Upconverter Mixer Makes Most of LTCC for WiMAX Applications

Innovative Technologies Enable Higher Levels of Integration for Radar Applications
Endwave Defense Systems, Inc.


New Spectrum Analyzer Family from Aeroflex Combines High Performance with Low Cost
Bryan Harber

Understanding Noise and its Effect on Oscilloscope Measurements: Part I: Evaluating Oscilloscope Vertical Noise Characteristics
Johnnie Hancock

Understanding Noise and its Effect on Oscilloscope Measurements Part II: Making Measurements in the Presence of Noise
Johnnie Hancock

Updates on the New Release of IEC 61000-4-3 Edition 3
Jason Smith

Microwave Test Cable Care and Handling
John C. Lewis


Part II: Military Satellites: Politics, Picosats, and Payloads
Deutsche Bank Securities

New Active x2 Multipliers Extend Output Frequency Coverage to 46 GHz for Microwave Radio Applications
Mark Fallica

Enabling Multi-Radio Co-Existence with a 2.4 GHz WLAN Front-End Module
William Vaillancourt, Chun-Wen Paul Huang, Andrew Parolin, Chris Zelley, and Zeji Gu


High-Performance Passive Circuit Design
Keefe Bohannan, and Jeff Dekosky

Capacitors in Coupling, DC Blocking, and Bypass Applications
Richard Fiore

Taiyo Yuden Introduces Industry's First 100nH-rated and High-Q Multilayer Chip Inductors in 0201 Case Size
Taiyo Yuden

The Future of RF SAW Filtering in Mobile Handset Design
Danny King


Military Satellites: Politics, Picosats, and Payloads
Theresa Hitchens

Sources of Phase Noise and Jitter in Oscillators
Ramon Cerda

A Design Challenge: Tight Stability and Low Power Demand In a Compact Oscillator
Phil Myers

Engineering, Manufacturing Prowess Stands Tall
Tim Dolan

Noise Sources Cover Broad Applications
Ed Garcia

Chip-Sized Trimmer Caps Offer Wide Tuning Ranges
Nicholas Perrella


AD8368: A Broadband RF/IF VGA with 34 dB Linear-in-dB Gain Control Range
Phillip Sher

RF Coverage Validation and Prediction with GPS Technology
Jin Yu

A New 60W LDMOS RF Plastic Transistor Dedicated to 1.8 and 2.0 GHz Base Station Applications Associated to its Model
Guillaume Bigny, Nelsy Monsauret

Sarantel's SkyTune™ SDARS Antenna Brings Live Satellite Radio to Very Small Portable Radios
Brad Hurte


Amplifier Design Made Simple
Anurag Bhargava

Disruptive Resonator Technology from Dielectric Laboratories Inc. Brings Low Cost to Low Phase Noise Oscillators
Mesut Gokten and David Bates

Recent Design Innovations in Rubidium and BVA Based Time and Frequency Standards

Environment Applications


Low VSWR and Insertion Loss Over a Wide Bandwidth
Jim Kerekes

The Advantages of High Power Waveguide Subsystems and Components
Phil Walker

Polar Modulation and Bipolar RF Power Devices
Earl McCune


Testing Wireless Military Radios
John Stratton

Mimix 3-Chip Solution for 13/15 GHz
Paul Beasly

Improving WLAN Access Point (AP) Performance
By Conrad L. Young


RF Design


Fuel Cell Technology Enhances Military Robotics
Murali Arikara

Simulation Enables Accurate Military Receiver Documentation
Paul P. Wollam

All-digital Transceiver Bridges the Gap for Software-Defined Radio
Wes Littlefield


ESD-Protected RF Filter with On-chip Passive and Active Elements
H. Böhm, H. Kebinger, R. Losehand, and H. Heiss

Upconverting WiMAX Mixer Provides High IP3
Radhakrishna Setty

Digital Phosphor Technology Boosts RF Signal Discovery and Analysis
Kathy Engholm

Delivering Cost and Performance Advantages for Reliable UWB System Designs
Roberto Aiello


Improved InGaP/GaAs HBT Technology Facilitates High Linearity PAs
Nan-Lei Larry Wang

Addressing the New Challenges of MIMO Wireless LAN Manufacturing Test
Ewan Shepherd

Measuring RF Parameters in GSM/EDGE Power Amplifiers
Antonio Eguizabal

Mobile Application Reference Design Accelerates Development
Ron Stieger and David Brooke


How to Best Marry Time-Domain System-Level Verification with Frequency-Domain RF Circuit Simulations
Ashok Bindra

Reducing the Design Complexity of Next-Generation Handsets
Jennifer Chou

Mitigating Interference to Maximize Spectral Efficiency in 3G/4G Networks
John Thomas

Design and Performance of Precision Miniature TCXOs
Steve Fry

Optimizing Mobile Handset Performance
Greg Mendolia


Harnessing the Potential of Powerline Communications Using the HomePlug AV Standard
Srinivas Katar, Manjunath Krishnam, Richard Newman and Haniph Latchman

Calibration and Temperature-Compensation Techniques Using an RMS-Responding RF Detector
Carlos Calvo

Designing and Simulating THz Wire Waveguides Using FEM Modeling
Jason A. Deibel and Daniel M. Mittleman

Creating a Synthetic Instrument with Virtual Instrumentation Technology
Eric Starkloff

Measuring High-Speed Signals with an Active Differential Probe
Ashok Bindra


Impact of Ultralow Phase Noise Oscillators on System Performance
Ramon M. Cerda

Providing Reliable Sensing and Control Using ZigBee Wireless Networks
Peter Wotton

Highly Integrated Transceiver Enables High-Volume Production of GSM/EDGE Handsets
Patrick Morgan

RF CMOS Switches Address Multiband Requirements of Next-Generation Handsets
Rodd Novak

Low Power, Giga Speed Programmable Divider in 0.18 m CMOS
Girish N. Jadhav


High-Power Gallium Nitride Transistors Inch Forward
Ashok Bindra

The Challenges and Importance of Testing Mesh Networks Prior to Deployment
Fanny Mlinarsky

Flexible, Multi-Application Probing Solution in
150-mm Wafer Environments
Terry Burcham and Diana Laboy-Rush

IQ Modulators Advance Reconfigurable Radio
Eamon Nash

Power Amplifier Design for Open Loop EDGE Large Signal Polar Modulation Systems
Jackie Johnson

Reducing Current Consumption and Cost with 902-928 MHz Spread Spectrum ASK Modulation
Staale Pettersen


RF PA Linearity in GSM Transmitters
Oleksandr Gorbachov

Evaluating Distortion in ADC Driver Amplifiers
Eamon Nash

Standard Plastic Packages Handle Frequencies up to 45 GHz
Amer Droubi and Paul Beasly

Designing Digital Downconverters May 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Brian Ogilvie and Paul Pacheco

Multigigabit wireless connectivity at 70, 80 and 90 GHz
Jonathan Wells

Simulating PLL Reference Spurs
Steve Williams and Tony Caviglia


In the Face of Competition, GaAs Continues to Grow
Ashok Bindra

CMOS RF Transceiver Chip Tackles Multiband 3.5G Radio System
Kiran Konanur

Evaluating and Optimizing RFID and NFC Systems Using Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
Darren McCarthy

Using High-Directivity Couplers in Cell Phone PA Control
Leonid Talalaevsky

High-Speed ADC Combines with FPGA to Enable Single-Slot SDR Solutions
Angsuman Rudra and Alexis Bose

Accurately Measuring Phase and Delay Error in Direct I/Q Modulators
Peter Stroet


Artificial Neural Networking Improves PA Design
Jarno Kyhälä

Accurate high-frequency noise modeling in SiGe HBTs
Mohamed A. Selim

Choosing RF CMOS or SiGe BiCMOS in Mixed-Signal Design
Adam H. Pawlikiewicz and David Hess

System considerations for building a high-performance digital satellite TV receiver front-end
Bart DeCanne


Architectures for Mobile RF Convergence and Future RF Transparency
Pieter Hooijmans

Power Management Alternatives for RF Portable Devices
Pedro Pachuca and Laurent Gauthier

IEEE 802.11n Delivers Maximum Video Performance in Wireless Entertainment Applications
Gil Epshtein

Over-The-Air Performance Testing of Wireless Devices with Multiple Antennas
Michael D. Foegelle


Next-Generation Wireless Propels GaN Power Transistors, CMOS RFICs and Passives
Ashok Bindra Mark Valentine, and Keith Vick

3G GMSK/EDGE Power Control With Enhanced Switching Transient Performance
Ulrik Riis Madsen

New SDR Architecture Enables Ubiquitous Data Connectivity
John A. Kilpatrick,Russell J. Cyr, Erik L. Org and Geoffrey Dawe

A Direct-Conversion Transmitter for WiMAX and WiBro Applications
Cecile Masse

Achieving Quality Audio Testing for Mobile Phones
Joey Tun

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