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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2009

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


A High-Efficiency Transmission-Line GaN HEMT Class E Power Amplifier
Andrei Grebennikov

Microstrip Circuits with a Modified Ground Plane
Leo G. Maloratsky

A 128 MHz Pulse Amplifier Using the ARF475FL RF MOSFET
Richard Frey

Options for Continuing Your Engineering Education
Gary Breed

Quantifying Accuracy of Balanced Circuits


Accurate Measurement of On/Off Time for 802.11 b/g WLAN/ WiMAX LNAs
Ahmad H. Abdelmajid, RFMD

Multi-Rate Harmonic Provides a New Solution for Nonlinear Simulation
Ville Karanko and Taisto Tinttunen

Transmission Line and Lumped Element Quadrature Couplers
Gary Breed

Design and Characterization of a 1-Watt Driver Amplifier for Wireless Infrastructure
Chin-Leong Lim

The Amazing Mr. Maxwell


Precoding and Spatially Multiplexed MIMO in 3GPP Long-Term Evolution (p.18)
Randall T. Becker

A Summary of Connector Specifications for RF and Other Applications (p.34)
Gary Breed

Selecting High-Linearity Mixers for Wireless Base Stations (p.40)
Stephanie Overhoff

Applying Engineering Knowledge to Everyday Life (p.64)


Techniques for Low Voltage Power Amplifier Matching
Peter Topham and Mark Bolt

Practical Developments Using Today's Fractional Synthesizers
Jim Carlini

Five Things to Consider When Selecting Test Equipment
Gary Breed

Modifying the Load to Achieve Matching


Antenna Environment Impacts Efficiency and Radiation Pattern
Gerald R. DeJean and Sean Mercer

Taxonomical and Heuristic Studies on UWB Antenna Design Strategies
Anatoliy O. Boryssenko

Power Management Issues in High Frequency Circuits and Systems
Gary Breed

Lowpass-like Bandpass Filters
George Szentirmai


Adjustable Gain Cascode Low Noise Amplifier (p.18)
Chin-Leong Lim

Coupled Magnetic Probes Compare EMI Absorber Materials (p.28)
David Pacholok and Paul Rick

Integrated Receiver Simplifies the Analog Side of Digital Predistortion (p.34)
Todd Nelson

Compact Ultra-Wideband Microstrip Bandpass Filter Using SIR Approach (p.46)
Kamaljeet Singh and K. Nagachenchaiah

Fundamental OFDM: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (p.53)
Gary Breed

Understanding, Measuring, and Eliminating Jitter (p.64)


IP2 and IP3 Nonlinearity Specifications for 3G/WCDMA Receivers
Chris W. Liu and Morten Damgaard

Developments in Packaging: RFIC MMIC, LTCC, SiP, SoC

3-D EM Simulator is Integrated with ADS to Lower the Cost of Design
How-Siang Yap and Hee-Soo Lee

Linearity Improvement Techniques for Wireless Transmitters: Part 2
Andrei Grebennikov

Guidelines for Choosing RF/Microwave Coaxial Assemblies
Gary Breed


Linearity Improvement Techniques for Wireless Transmitters: Part 1
Andrei Grebennikov

Recent Developments in mm-Wave Technology and Applications

High-Power, High-Efficiency GaN HEMT Power Amplifiers for 4G Applications
Simon Wood, Ray Pengelly, Don Farrell, Carl Platis, and Jim Crescenzi

Compact Antennas with Reduced Mutual Coupling for Wireless Sensor Networks
Constantine G. Kakoyiannis, Penelope Gika, and Philip Constantinou

Behavioral Models Improve Accuracy in Simulation and Linearization
Gary Breed

Where Have the Spaces Gone?
Gary Breed


High Bit Rate Data Transmitting System for Remote Sensing Satellites
V. Sambasiva Rao and Surendra Pal

Broadband Active Filters Solve Signal Processing Accuracy and Matching Problems
James Wong

Defining Signal Integrity: The Characteristics of High Speed Digital Signals
Gary Breed


Multi-section Crystal Bandstop Filter Design
Mark Mell and William B. Lurie

Reflection/Transmission Measurements Using USB Power Detectors
Richard Hawkins

RF Testing During the Installation and Maintenance of Wireless Base Stations
Giovanni D'Amore

The Fundamentals of Patch Antenna Design and Performance
Gary Breed

Pyroelectric Thermometer as a mm-Wave Detector
Jiri Polivka


Noise Parameter Measurement Verification by Means of Benchmark Transistors
Cesar A. Morales-Silva, Lawrence Dunleavy, and Rick Connick

The Nuts and Bolts of Tuning Varactors
Rick Cory

Design Issues with High Speed Digital Interconnections
Gary Breed


Is the 5th Harmonic Still Useful for Predicting Data Signal Bandwidth?
Mark Johnson

An Introduction to Broadband Impedance Transformation for RF Power Amplifiers
Anthony J. Bichler

An Improved Design Method for Stepped Line Microwave Filters with Broad Stop Bands
Piotr Dyderski


Microwave Journal


Techniques to Demonstrate MRI Safety of Medical Implants
Michael Oberle

Cryogenic Technology Applied to Microwave Engineering
Juan L. Cano and Eduardo Artal

Miniaturized Branch-line Coupler Employing Periodically Arrayed Grounded-Strip Structure
Young Yun, Young-Bae Park, Suk-Youb Kang, In-Ho Kang and Ji-Won Jung


Dividers: Design Method of An N-way Power Divider with Dual-frequency
Y.Y. Yang, X.W. Shi, X.H. Wang, X.Q. Chen and D.Z. Che

Ultra-Broadband mmWave Wilkinson Power Divider
A.M. Peláez-Pérez, J.I. Alonso, P. Almorox-González, and J. González-Martín

Design of a Dual-Band Wilkinson Power Divider with Bandwidth Enhancement
X. Li, L. Yang, S.X. Gong, Y.J. Yang, T. Hong and X. Che

Filters:  Metamaterial-based Compact Multilayer Filter with Skew-symmetric Feeds
Yongzhong Zhu, Dan Li, Yongjun Xie and Rui Yang

Dual Ring Balun-BPF with Improved Balanced Port Characteristics
Seong-Jun Kangand Hee-Yong Hwang

Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Slotted Hexagonal Resonators and Capacitive Loading
Wenming Li and Haiwen Liu

Design of a UWB Bandpass Filter with a Notched Band and Wide Stopband
L. Chen, Y. Shang, Y.L. Zhang, and F. Wei


RF Design of Avionics L-band Integrated Systems
Leo G. Maloratsky

Practical Considerations on Wideband Switchmode High Power Solid-State Power Amplifiers
Francisco Javier Ortega-González and Jose Manuel Pardo-Martín

Digital Feed-Forward Linearization
Boris Aleiner

Phase Noise Reduction in Microwave Oscillators
Alexander Chenakin


A Highly Miniaturized Active 90° Power Combiner MMIC Employing CE and CC Circuits
Young-Bae Park, Young Yun, Suk-Youb Kang, In-Ho Kang, Ji-Won Jung, Kyu-Ho Park, and Kwang-Ho Anh

S-band Low-loss Wide-bandwidth Microwave Surface Acoustic Wave Filter
Na-Fu Wang, Yu-Zen Tsai, Tseng Tang, and Mau-Phon Houng

A Needle in a Haystack: Optimizing Mixer Selection Using Progressive New Tools
Joel Dunsmore, Ted Heil and Harvey Kaylie

Nonlinear Extensions for VNAs: Quid Pro Quo
Guillaume Pailloncy, Frans Verbeyst and Marc Vanden Bossche


Mil SatCom Capacity Crunch: The BUC Stops Here
Pat Hindle

UltraCMOS RFICs Ease the Complexity of Satellite Designs
Dale Robinette

Multi-beam Scanning Lens Antenna for Satellite Communications to Trains
John Thornton, Andy White and Graham Long

MM-waves in the Living Room: The Future of Wireless High Definition Multimedia
Jonathan Wells


Enhancement of Microstrip Stepped-impedance Low-pass Filters Using Fractal-shapes
Wen-Ling Chen, Guang-Ming Wang, Guo-Dong Chen, Guang-Feng Yao, Ying-Chen Han and Chun-Wang Xiang

A Modified Low Insertion Loss Dual-mode Filter Using Meander Spur-lines
Haiwen Liu and Xiaohua Li

Design of a Dual-band Planar Dipole Antenna for WLAN Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Shih-Hung Cheng


The New Power Brokers: High Voltage RF Devices
David Vye, Leonard Pelletier, Steven Theeuwen, Dave Aichele, Ray Crampton, Ray Pengelly, Brian Battaglia

Backfire Disk-on-Rod Antenna for Long-Range Point-to-Point Communications
Georgi S. Kirov, Hristo D. Hristov, and Rodolfo Feick

PIN Diode Performance Tradeoffs Across Package and Process Types
Kevin Harrington and Scott Vasquez

Theory and Proposed Method for Determining Large-signal Return Loss or "Hot S22" for Power Amplifiers
Patrick Naraine and Chandra Mohan, Skyworks Solutions Inc

Ka-Band Bandpass Filter Using a CPW Structure Technology with Copper on an Al2O3 Substrate
Chia-Song Wu, Hsing-Chung Liu, Hsien-Chin Chiu and Yi-Feng Lin

Design of Source Degenerated Cascode Dual Functionality LNA/PA for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee)
Ali M.T. Abuelma'atti, Ian Thayne, and Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti


Frequency Generation and Synthesis: Cost-effective and Power-Efficient Solutions
Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

Development Report of Power FETs for Solid-state Power Amplifiers from GaAs to GaN Devices
Homayoun Ghani

A Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna with Frequency and Polarization Diversities
Junying Liu, Dongjin Wang, Shengzhao Xiang, Weidong Wang and Sheng Zhang


The III-V vs. Silicon Battle
Darcy Poulin

A Custom III-V Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Model
Sonja R. Nedeljkovic, John R. McMacken, Paul J. Partyka and Joseph M. Gering

Managing Crystal Oscillator Acceleration Sensitivity in Mobile Applications
Steven Fry

LDMOS Ruggedness Reliability
S.J.C.H. Theeuwen, J.A.M. de Boet, V.J. Bloem and W.J.A.M. Sneijers


RFID: The Next Generation Auto-ID Technology
Amit Rawal

Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer Applications
Loren Betts

Developing Strategies for MIMO Testing
Ron Rausch and Mark Buffo

Ensure RFID Success with Pre-Compliance Testing
Darren McCarthy


Relationships Between Common Emitter, Common Base and Common Collector HBTs
Xiuping Li, Jianjun Gao, Georg Boeck

An Analog Linearizer Based on Amplitude Modulation with Even Harmonic Signals
Young Kim, Ki-Kyung Jeon, Ell-Kou Kim and Byung-Chul Kim

Understanding Noise Parameter Measurement
Lawrence P. Dunleavy


Developing Highly Ruggedized Silicon MOSFETs for RF Amplifier Applications
Brian Battaglia, Dave Rice, Phuong Le and Mike Purchine

The Virtual Outer Conductor for Linear Antennas Jeremy K. Raines

Integrated Power Dividing Antenna Receivers
W. Ismail, S.A.Z. Murad, T.J. Jiat, J.S. Mandeep, and P. Gardner


Microwaves & RF


Class F Amplifier Boasts High Efficiency
Sami Bousnina, Vincent Ngo

Triband Cellular Antenna Tackles E-Field Testing
Dimitris Kolokotronis, Dr. John Korinthios, Dr. Yorgos E. Stratakos

Microwave Materials Lay Foundation For PAs
John Coonrod

Examine Antenna Tunability in Implanted Systems
Mark Lanciault, Jean Daniel Richerd


Simulating RF Tuned Stages
Steven M. Sandler

Examine Balanced Twisted Bifilar Lines
Antonio Alves Ferreira, Jr., Wilton Ney Do Amaral Pereira, Jose Antonio Justino Ribeiro

Analyze BER Performance Of Wireless FSK Systems
Hamood Shehab Hamid, Dr. Widad Ismail, Ekhlas Kadhum, Dr. J.S. Mandeep

Configuring Software For WiMAX Testing
Robin Irwin


Analyzing WiMAX Modulation Quality
Bill Wu

Form GaAs/InGaAs Lasers On Virtual Ge
J. Bai, M. Carroll, W. Chan, Z. Y. Cheng, J. G. Fiorenza, J. M. Hydrick, J. Z. Li, J. Li, A. Lochtefeld, J. S. Park, and Z. Shellenbarger

Extract Petroleum With Microwaves
Dr. A. Kumar

Digital RF Processor Serves Plethora Of Cellular Systems
Louis Fan Fei, Chih Ming Hun, and R. Bogdan Staszewski


Modify MOSFET Models For Nonlinear Quantification
Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti, Ali Abuelmaatti, and Iain Thayne

DGS-Based Resonators Form Lowpass Filters
Xiao Qun Chen, Xiao Qun Chen, Xiao Wei Shi, and Lin Xia Wang

Spherical Phased Array Links Remote Sensors
S. Pal and  V. Sambasiva Rao

Gauge The Effects Of Coplanar Ground Planes
Mark Kolber


LDMOS FETs Power Efficient Doherty Amps
Eric Toulouse

Bandpass Filter Integrates Notch
Lei Chen, Changjia Gao, Feng Wei, and Yongxia Yang

Rectangular DR Antenna Resonates at 3 GHz
Dr. J.S. Mandeep

Designing Effective Baseband Circuits
Doug Stuetzle


TD-SCDMA Receiver Captures Multiple Channels
Wei Hong, Zhengbo Jiang, Jin Liu, and Ling Tian

Applying Practical TM Mode Propagation, Part 3
Glenn Elmore

TWTs Still Drive High-Power Systems
Meppalli Shandas

Miniature Filter Screens VHF Band
Deepankar Roy


Tracking Trends in Military IFMs and DFDs
Kevin Burns

SiGe PLL Synthesizer Suits Space Applications
Martin Thornber

Launching TM Mode Onto a Single Conductor, Part 2
Glenn Elmore

Use a VSA to Analyze Quad Demod Noise Figure
Eric Newman and Rakesh Soni

Targeting Measurements for Mobile Radio Systems
Stan Pierson

Finding Ways to Reduce Filter Size
Jack Browne


System Simplifies Multiport S-Parameter Measurements
Howard Salvesen

Sending Surface Waves Along Coaxial Cables, Part 1
Glenn Elmore

Tunable IF Aids Bluetooth Flexibility
Jim Wight

Hit Minimum SAR With EM Software
Weidong Hao, Chenggang Xie, York Xiong, and Ying Yao

Translinear Circuits Tackle RF Signals
Louis Fan Fei

Build LPFs With Dot-Terminations
Tom H. Roberts

Printed Dipole Delivers High Gain For WLANs
Bau-Yi-Lee , Wen-Shan Chen, and Ching-Hung Chen

Miniature Frequency Synthesizer Operates To 12.5 GHz
Nancy Friedrich


UNB Modulation Salvages Spectrum
Shikai Zhang 

Evaluating Impedance Transformers With A VNA
Antonio Alves Ferreira, Jr., Wilton Ney Do Amaral Pereira, Jose Antonio Justino Ribeiro 

Analyzing A 5.5-GHz DRO For WLANs
R.A. Abd-Alhameed, Z. Zainal Abidin, M.M. Abusitta, R.W. Clarke, A. Ghorbani, F. Hu, C.H. See, and D. Zhou 

Analyze Bearing Accuracy Of A Monopulse System (Part 2)
Leo G. Maloratsky


Analyze Bearing Accuracy of a Monopulse System
Leo G. Maloratsky

Recalling Early GaAs MMIC Developments
Ray Pengelly

Analyze Requirements for WEDGE Receivers
Louis Fan Fei

SIR Approach Yields UWB Microstrip Filter
K. Nagachenchaiah, Kamaljeet Singh


Tracking Advances in High-Power GaN HEMTs
Don Farrell, Jim Milligan, Brad Million, Ray Pengelly, Carl Platis, Bill Pribble, Peter Smith, and Simon Wood

Making Manufacturing Choices for X-Band BPFS
William Cuviello and Phil Fabis

Gauge Phase Noise Impact on WiMAX APs
Aaron Netsell

Form Bandpass Filters on Glass Substrates D. Balasubramanyam, K. Nagachenchaiah, Kamaljeet Singh

Pulsed Test Systems Characterize Power FETs
Tony Gasseling, Zacharia Ouardirhi, Cristos Tsironis


Program Calibrates VNAs for Lumped-Element Testing
Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy and Daniel Sosa Martin

Classify Digital RF Signals in the Field
Tom Elliot

Build Lowpass Filters with Elliptic DGS
Xiao Qun Chen, Xiao Wei Shi, and Lin Xia Wang

Assemble a Ku-Band Frequency Synthesizer
H. Ameri and M. Moghavvemi


Microwave Product Digest


Advances in Analog and Digital Technologies Evolve Modern Analyzers
Ben Zarling

Dual-band PA Applications in CDMA and WCDMA Devices
Chen Bem Choi, Eric Garloff, Mahendra Singh & Bruce Webber

Intelligent Integration of the CDMA RF Front End
Allen Chien, Saul Espino, and Won Kyu Kim

Strategies for Quality System Deployment
Daniel J. Le Saux, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The Drive to Miniaturize - 0201 Flip Chip Silicon Schottky Diodes
Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


New System Simulator Includes Spectral Domain Analysis
Dale D. Henkes, ACS

The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing RF EDA Tools
How-Siang Yap

Importance of Mismatch Tolerance for Amplifiers Used in Susceptibility Testing
Jason Smith and Pat Malloy


HELP™ Technology – A Revolution in Power Amplifiers
Mahendra Singh

Mass-Market Designed-for-Cellular MMICs Can be Gainfully Adapted for Use in Niche Applications on Different Frequencies
Chin-Leong Lim

Radar Love
Bishnu Gogoi, BJ Lyman, Mike Purchine, and Dave Rice

Time Gated Measurements and Low-Signal-Level Triggering of Pulsed Signals
Richard Hawkins

A Spectrum of Radar Solutions
Dr. Douglas Carlson

System Phase Noise Calculation and Measurement Techniques
Joseph D. DiBona


6 Tips for Making More Accurate Measurements with Your High-Performance Oscilloscope
Robert Lashlee

RF and Microwave Amplifier Output Voltage, Current, Power, and Impedance Relationship of RF & Microwave Amplifier
Jason Smith and Pat Malloy

802.16e Mobile WiMAX Testing Tools
Sandeep Natekar and Herbert Petrat

Hittite Launches New 10 MHz to 20 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator; Compact and Versatile with Excellent Phase Noise
Neil Craig and Jon Firth

Bomb and Weapon Detection by Millimeter Wave Imaging
John McNicol


LDMOS FETs Set Benchmark for RF Power Transistors in Commercial Aerospace Systems
Barry Manz

FETs Optimized to Enhance Performance in GSM Base Station Transceivers
Barry Manz

GaN-based Amplifiers, Compact Power Supplies Combine for Defense Applications
Vincent LaRose, BC Systems

Development of a High Power, Multipaction Resistant Space Connector Joe Foreman

Crystal Oscillators: History, Parameters, and Types
John Esterline


UC Boulder Students Design Real-World MMICs
Barry Manz

New Technologies for Millimeter Waves
John McNicol

Solid State RF/Microwave Switch Technology: Part 2
Rick Cory and Dave Fryklund, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Non-linear Modeling Speeds HBT Power Amplifier Design
Nidhi Vashisht and John Bellantoni

Long Live the Tube!
Joseph Hajduk


Repeatable Characterization of Distortion Caused by Nonlinearities in Wideband Communication Systems
Steve Pettis and Pete Thysell

Improving Signal to Noise Ratios in Defense Electronics
Chris Reynolds

Single SONET VCO Can Replace Multiple SAW VCOs
Ramon Cerda

Design Considerations for a 28 GBit Error Ratio Receiver
D. Jain

Commercial Practices Shatter Defense Manufacturing Paradigm
Dr. Douglas J. Carlson

The Sky's the Limit: Silicon-on-Sapphire Processing Takes Flight in Defense and Space Systems
Dale Robinette

RF/Microwave Solid State Switches
Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


A Day in the Life of a Mobile WiMAX™ Handset
Michael Lawton

Heisenberg Uncertainty and RF Measurements
Dr. Don Metzger

WiMAX Broadband Switches Why PIN Diodes?
Tim Boles and James Brogle


Understanding the Impact of Channel Effects on MIMO System Performance
Wilkie Yu

Fabrication and Electrical Performance of Z-Axis Interconnections: An Application of Nano-Micro-Filled Conducting Adhesives
Voya R. Markovich, Rabindra N. Das, Michael Rowlands and John Lauffer

Series-Shunt SPST PIN Diode Element with Thermal Terminal
Kevin Harrington, Roger Hubert, Jim Brogle and Tim Boles

Networked Acquisition Controller Reduces Antenna Test System Overhead
Marion Baggett and Derek Skousen

New Developments in High Frequency Printed Circuit Board Materials
John Coonrod


Choosing the Right Power Amplifier Helps Minimize Harmonics in 2.4 GHz Range Extension Circuits
John Allan

Measuring Ruggedness in High Power RF Amplifier Designs
Brian Battaglia, Dave Rice and Phuong Le

Schottky Diodes
Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Radar Measurement Comparison: Swept and FFT-Based Signal Analyzers
John Barfuss

Ka-Band Target Tracking Radar Sensor
Liang Han, PhD.

High Power UltraCMOS Switches and Mixers Satisfy Demanding Military Design Challenges
Dale Robinette and Mark Schrepferman

Next-Generation, GaN-based Power Amplifiers for Radar Applications
David Aichele and Matthew Poulton, RFMDʼs Aerospace & Defense Business Unit


Test & Measurement World


Develop Software for Test Instruments
Brian McLean

Test Ideas: Controller Keeps Circuits Cool
Chien-Hung Chen, Mao-Chiao Weng, and Tai-Shan Liao

PXI Switching Capabilities Continue to Advance
Walter Strickler

PXI's Hidden Role in Communications-Standards Testing
Richard A. Quinnell


Controller Keeps Circuits Cool
Chien-Hung Chen, Mao-Chiao Weng, and Tai-Shan Liao

Develop Software for Test Instruments
Brian McLean


Testing the Tester Components
Rick Nelson

Test Ideas: DMM Handles Logic Nanosecond-Pulse-Width Waveforms
Marián Štofka

Characterizing Noise in Voltage-Reference ICs
Jim Williams

Divide and Conquer Signal Anomalies
Art Pini


Test Ideas: Pulse Generator Aids IC Testing
Kevin Frick

Test System Upgrades can Expose Problems
Mike Rutledge

Light Sensors Pack in Greener Features
Margery Conner

Verify Ethernet Networks
Martin Rowe


Test Ideas: Dropout Alarm Frees Engineers' Time
John Lo Giudice

Serial Data Streams Pose EMI Issues
Martin Rowe

Military Standard Gets a Revision
Martin Rowe

How to Measure Display Jitter
Martin Rowe


Test Ideas: Emulate SPI Signals With a Digital I/O Card
Andy Street

Small-Delay-Defect Testing
Roberto Mattiuzzo, Davide Appello, and Chris Allsup

Machine Vision Aids Solar-Cell Inspection
Ann R. Thryft


Finding Firefighters Through Heavy Smoke
Martin Rowe

Test Ideas: Program Resistance in a Bridge Circuit
Alexander Bell

Power Meters Gear up for Smart Grid Service
Margery Conner

Signal Generator, Power Sensor Test DME
Rick Nelson


Test Ideas: Serial Port Tests Digital Circuits
Yury Magda

Thermal Imaging Finds Faults Quickly
Ann R. Thryft

Power Over Camera Link Enables Smaller Systems
Ann R. Thryft


Test Ideas: Bias Current Modulation Eliminates Wiring Errors
W. Stephen Woodward

Motion Sensor Tester Runs from a Browser
Sean O'Leary and Jed Marti

Testing WiMedia UWB
Mike Carr

Facing Legacy Issues in PXI Systems
Richard A. Quinnell 


Moving Beyond IEEE 1149.1
Steve Scheiber

IEEE 1588 Moves Into New Fields
Martin Rowe

Channel Emulation Supports Mobile MIMO
Rick Nelson

Resampling Line-Scan Camera Data
Ann R. Thryft

Amorphous Silicon X-ray Detectors Find PCB Flaws
Ann R. Thryft  

Machine Vision, Data Acquisition Converge
Ann R. Thryft

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