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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2007

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


Power Combiners, Impedance Transformers, and Directional Couplers
Andrei Grebennikov

An Update on 4G Wireless: Identifying the Capabilities Required in a 4G Handset

Quartz Crystal Basics: From Raw Materials to Oscillators
Ken Hennessy


UHF RFID Antennas for Printer-Encoders - Part 3: Mobile Equipment
Boris Y. Tsirline

New Design Techniques Enable Low Cost RF Power Amplifiers
Bob Todd and Bobby McDonald

A Broadband High-Isolation Electronic Switch Covers 30 kHz to 20 GHz
Alexander Chenakin

RF Signal Conditioning for Analog-to-Digital Conversion
Gary Breed


Practical Design Comparison Between High Power GaAs MESFET and GaN HEMT
Ivan Boshnakov

UHF RFID Antennas for Printer-Encoders - Part 2: Antenna Types
Boris Y. Tsirline

Fields & Waves - Visualizing Important Electromagnetic Concepts
Gary Breed

Designing a Cost Effective In-Situ Digital Power Measurement System
Dave Distler


Effective Use of Ceramic Capacitor Tuning Sticks for Impedance Matching
Saroj K. Patro, Yatin Buch, and Ravi B. Kishore

UHF RFID Antennas for Printer-Encoders - Part 1: System Requirements
Boris Y. Tsirline

Microwave Transistor Modeling for Time Domain Simulation
Firas Mohammed Ali

Classic Designs for Lumped Element and Transmission Line 90-Degree Couplers
Gary Breed

Notes on Cable Equalizers


Load Transient Response of a DC/DC Converter in GSM/EDGE Handset Applications
Chris W. Liu

Active Multplier Realization Using Harmonic Loading at Ku-Band
K. Singh, R. Ramsubramanian, S. Pal, and D. Bhatnager

Bringing New Power and Precision to Gated Spectrum Measurements
Tom Wright, Joe Gorin, and Ben Zarlingo

Things to Consider in the Transition to Chip-Level Design
Gary Breed

"Get it Right the First Time" When Specifying Filters
Sam Benzacar and Joseph Pillari


Software Definded Radio Architecture for NASA's Space Communications
Maximilian C. Scardelletti, Richard C. Reinhart, Monty Andro, Dale J. Mortensen, Thomas Kacpura, Carl Smith, John Liebetreu, and Allen Farrington

Characterizing Intermodulation Distortion of High-Power Devices
M. Ibrahim Khalil

Advanced Characterization of Non-Uniform Passive Devices
Hatem Akel

Some Design Guidelines for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Gary Breed


High Efficiency, High Linearity, GaN HEMT Amplifiers for WiMAX Applications
U. H. Andre, R. S. Pengelly, A. R. Prejs, S. M. Wood, and E. J. Crescenzi

Circuit Extraction Techniques Provide Faster Interconnect Modeling & Analysis
Michael Heimlich

Modern Coaxial Cables Emphasize Precision and High Reliability
Gary Breed


RF SiP Design Verification Flow With Quadruple LO Downconverter SiP
HeeSoo Lee and Dean Nicholson

CAD Analysis of Microstrip Lines Using Micromachining Techniques
Kamaljeet Singh and Surendra Pal

Simulating and Designing an RF Transmitter for Small Satellites
Mohamed Kameche and Samir Kameche

A Tutorial Introduction to Optical Modulation Techniques
Gary Breed

Understanding Base Biasing Influence on Large Signal Behavior in HBTs
Byoungyong Lee and Larry Dunleavy


Microstrip Design in a Silicon Technology Using Closed Form Analytical Expressions
Ain Rehman

An Overview of Microwave Sensor Technology
Jiri Polivka

Miniature Direction-Finding Antenna Array
Joseph R. Jahoda

Using Today's Test Equipment: Suggestions for New Engineers
Gary Breed


Spacially Selective Antenna for Very Close Proximity HF RFID Applications - Part 2
Boris Y. Tsirline

Material Science Paves the Way to Smaller High Frequency Inductors
Taiyo Yuden

Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Basic Concepts
Gary Breed

Designing Resistive Unequal Power Dividers
Greg Adams


Spatially Selective Antenna for Very Close Proximity HF RFID Applications—Part 1
Boris Y. Tsirline

WiFi Networks Gain Ground While WiMAX Gets Ready
Gary Breed

Base Station Receiver Design Using a Direct-Conversion I/Q Demodulator
James Wong, Min Zou, Doug Stuetzle, and Sunny Hsiao

Basic Principles of Electrically Small Antennas
Gary Breed

A Design Tool for Improving the Input Match of Low Noise Amplifiers
Dale D. Henkes


Statistical Analysis of Microwave Circuits Predicts Real World Performance
Anurag Bhargava

Inverse Modeling Estimation Algorithm for Multi-Carrier High Power Amplifiers
Mohamed K. Nezami, Ph.D.

Design of X-Band High Power Cascade Amplifier
Yeap Yean Wei, Tan Soon Hie and Goh Cher Hiang

Visions for 4G: Many Ways to Achieve Integrated Wireless Connectivity
Gary Breed


Microwave Journal


Remote Sensing Technology for Automotive Safety
Alan Jenkins, Tyco Electronics, M/A-COM Products

Frequency Control in Transportation Applications
Don Krause

Design Enablement for RF and Microwave IC Design: Part I
Juan Cordovez, James Victory, Samir Chaudhry, Volker Blaschke, Zhixin Yan, Robert Milkovits, Ivan Ban, Grady Lyda and Marco Racanelli

Printed Circuit Board Materials for Microwave Designs in Automotive Applications
John Hendricks

Strategy for RFID Validation and Verification Using Software-defined Instrumentation
Sean Thompson

Computation of Fields and SAR for MRI with Finite-difference, Time-domain Software
Christopher Penny


Circuit Modeling of Spurline and Its Applications to Microstrip Bandstop Filters
Hai-wen Liu, Zhiguo Shi, R.H. Knoechel, and K.F. Schuenemann

A Power Amplifier MMIC Using CPW Structure Technology
Chia-Song Wu and Hsien-Chin Chiu

A CPW-fed Rhombic Antenna with Band-reject Characteristics for UWB Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Yen-Hao Yu

A Miniaturized GaAs MMIC Bandpass Filter for the 5 GHz Band
In Ho Kang, Shi Wei Shan, Xu Guang Wang, Young Yun, Ji Hoon Kim and Chul Soon Park

Filtering Capacitors Embedded in LTCC Substrates for RF and Microwave Applications
Jean-Pierre Bertinet, Eddie Leleux, Jean-Pierre Cazenave, Jean-Pierre Ganne, Michel Paté, Richard Lebourgeois, Edda Mueller, and Franz Bechtold

A Simplified Method to Reduce Dimensions of Planar Passive Circuits Using Defected Ground and Defected Microstrip Structures
J.A. Tirado-Méndez, H. Jardón-Aguilar, E.A. Andrade-González, and M. Reyes-Ayala


A Radar-based Concealed Threat Detector
Jerry Hausner

Error Compensation for Digital Predistortion Linearizers
Jinaing Zhao, Jianyi Zhou, Xiao Liang, and Jianfeng Zhai

Fast Switching Signal Generator
Ravinder Gill

Microstrip Bandpass Filter at S-band Using Capacitive Coupled Resonator
JS Mandeep

A Compact Wide Stop-band Koch-shaped Electromagnetic Bandgap Microstrip Low Pass Filter
Wen-Ling Chen, Guang-Ming Wang and Yi-Na Qi

A Broadband Meander Line Monopole Antenna with Vertical Lines
Jinwoo Jung, Yeongseog Lim, and Hyeonjin Lee

A Highly Efficient 7 to 14 GHz Monolithic Class-E Power Amplifier
R. Tayrani

Applications and Antenna Selection in the 4.9 GHz Band
Andy Singer, President, Radio Waves

A Sub-harmonic Quadrature Mixer Using APDPs for UWB Systems
Goo-Young Jung and Tae-Yeoul Yun

Improvements in Band Rejection Characteristics of a Wideband Antenna Using Resonant Slots
Soo Deok Moon and Hee Yong Hwang

An Improved Thermal Design for III-N HEMTs on Silicon Substrates
A. Edwards, C. Park, S. Singhal, Q. Martin, K.J. Linthicum and I.C. Kizilyalli

Novel Design of a Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Yu-Chen Chang

Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Ridged-horn Antennas for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
Francesco Soldovieri, Giancarlo Prisco, Raffaele Persico, and Harald Lentz

A Direct-conversion Receiver for 5 GHz Wireless LAN with Sub-harmonic Down-conversion
Mi-Young Lee, Chan-Young Jeong, Jae-Woo Park, Changsik Yoo, and Jin-Soo Park


Nonlinear Analysis of Power Amplifiers
Gayle Collins and David W. Runton

Noise Minimization Techniques for RF and MW Signal Sources
U.L. Rohde and A.K. Poddar

Measuring Performance in Pulsed Signal Devices: A Multi-faceted Challenge
Frank-Werner Thümmler and Thilo Bednorz

Oscillator Phase Noise: Theory and Prediction
K.V. Puglia


The Next Wireless Wave is a Millimeter Wave
J. Laskar, S. Pinel, D. Dawn, S. Sarkar, B. Perumana and P. Sen

Testing Satellite Frequency Converters
Joel P. Dunsmore

RF-A/MS IC Functional Verification: Requirements and Methodology
William Dunham

Metallic Plating of WR-10 Stainless-steel Waveguide
B.D. Shank, J.A. Heilman and A.J. Dahm


How Much GaAs Do You Own?
Richard G. Ranson

SMA Connectors with Extended Frequency Range
Rudy Fuks

Low Cost Signal Sources for Multi-band, Multi-mode Wireless Communication Systems
U.L. Rohde and A.K. Poddar

Current Switch-off Solution to Protect RF Power Transistors During Measurements
M. Ibrahim Khalil, Armin Liero, Andreas von Müller and Thomas Hoffmann

Intelligent Power Management: A Method to Improve 2G/3G Handset Talk Time
Steve Egolf

Multiplexers for Multi-band Wireless Handset Applications
Allen Chien


An Extremely Miniaturized Microstrip Bandpass Filter
In-ho Kang and Haiyan Xu

High Q Ceramic-Loaded Tunable RF Cavity Filters
Jim D'Ostilio

A Printed Heart Monopole Antenna with Band-rejected Characteristics for IEEE 802.16a and UWB Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Sheng-Che Wu

An Adaptive WiMAX Antenna for Indoor Use
T. Korosec, P. Ritosa, B. Batagelj and M. Vidmar

100 W GaN HEMT Modeling
Yusuke Tajima

An Adaptive Baseband Digital Predistortion System for an RF Power Amplifier
J. Zhou, S. Ming, J. Zhao, C. Ming and L. Zhang

Efficiency Comparison of a Digitally Predistorted and a Feed-forward Linearized Doherty Amplifier with Crest Factor Reduction
Wan-Jong Kim, Kyoung-Joon Cho and Shawn P. Stapleton, and Jong-Heon Kim


An Extremely Miniaturized Microstrip Bandpass Filter
In-ho Kang and Haiyan Xu

High Q Ceramic-loaded Tunable RF Cavity Filters
Jim D'Ostilio

A Printed Heart Monopole Antenna with Band-rejected Characteristics for IEEE 802.16a and UWB Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Sheng-Che Wu

An Adaptive WiMAX Antenna for Indoor Use
T. Korosec, P. Ritosa, B. Batagelj and M. Vidmar

100 W GaN HEMT Modeling
Yusuke Tajima

An Adaptive Baseband Digital Predistortion System for an RF Power Amplifier
J. Zhou, S. Ming, J. Zhao, C. Ming and L. Zhang

Efficiency Comparison of a Digitally Predistorted and a Feed-forward Linearized Doherty Amplifier with Crest Factor Reduction
Wan-Jong Kim, Kyoung-Joon Cho, Shawn P. Stapleton, and Jong-Heon Kim


The Design of a Band-rejected Cross Semi-elliptic Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Mao-Kai Hsu

A Varactor-tunable Filter with Constant Bandwidth and Loss Compensation
B. Kapilevich

A Feed-forward Amplifier Using an Equal Group-delay Signal Cancellation Technique
Chul-Dong Kim, Yong-Chae Jeong, Dal Ahn and Ik-Soo Chang

Designing Modules for Concurrency in Multimedia Co-design
Michael Heimlich

An Enhanced Doherty Amplifier Design Based on the Derivative Superposition Method
K.J. Cho, W.J. Kim and S.P. Stapleton, J.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim, B. Lee, J.J. Choi and J.C. Lee

CMOS Oscillator Design Considerations
Louis Fan Fei, Garmin International

A Practical Method for Determination of HBT Thermal
Sami Bousnina

Design of Three-line Multi-layer Microstrip Directional Couplers at HF for High Power Applications
Abdullah Eroglu


RF, Analog and Digital Systems Converge for Next Generation Electronics
Zoltan J. Cendes

The LXI Standard: Past, Present and Future
Richard Mumford

Redefining Dynamic Range for Today's Digital RF World
Marcus Dasliva

Analysis and Design of a One-twelfth Wavelength Three-section Directional Coupler
K. Singh, V. Vinayakarohit,
R. Ramasubramanian and S. Pal


Concept and Method of High Efficiency in a Precision Ka-band Subminiature Coaxial Connector
Jae-Ho Yoon, Won-Yong Cho, Ah-Rah Koh, Seung-Jun Lee, Bhanu Shrestha, Gary P. Kennedy and Nam-Young Kim

EM Enables Classic Filter Technique
Randy Rhea

A 40 to 900 MHz CMOS Broadband Differential LNA for a DTV RF Tuner
D.R. Huang, Y.K. Chu and C.L. Lu

A Compact Microstrip Stepped-impedance Resonator and Filter
Jian-kang Xiao, Shi-wei Ma, and Ying Li

Design of a Novel Quad-band Microstrip BPF Using Quarter-wavelength Stepped-impedance Resonators
Chung-I G. Hsu, Ching-Her Lee and He-Kai Jhuang

A CMOS Frequency Synthesizer with Self-biasing Current Source for a 5 GHz Wireless LAN Receiver
C. Quemada, H. Solar and G. Bistué


The Use of Broadband Military Antenna Technology in Modern Communications Systems
Microwave Journal

A 60 GHz Millimeter-wave CMOS RFIC-on-chip Dipole Antenna
H.R. Chuang, S.W. Kuo, C.C. Lin and L.C. Kuo

A Triple-band Polygonal Slot Antenna for WiMAX Applications
Wen-Shan Chen and Bao-Hung Kao

The Requirements and Procedures for Testing WiMAX Equipment
Jan E. Prochnow

Broadband Design of a Small Non-symmetric Ground λ/4 Open Slot Antenna
Wen-Shan Chen and Kuang-Yuan Ku

Dual-band Assembly of Integrated Short Backfire Antennas
H.D. Hristov, R. Feick, R.J. Urumov and G.S. Kirov

Memory Effect Minimization and Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth Operation of a Base Station Power Amplifier
Jeonghyeon Cha, Ildu Kim, Sungchul Hong, Bumman Kim, Jong Sung Lee and Han Seok Kim

A Low Profile Multi-band U-shaped Aperture-coupled Microstrip Antenna with a Coil
Yong-Woong Jang and Hyun-Chul Go


Test & Measurement World


Optical Power Measurements Ensure Quality Bits
Martin Rowe

FPGAs Improve Vision Processing
Kumara Ratnayake

Engineering Microscopes Zoom in on Defects
Alex Mendelsohn

Demystifying Production Test of UWB Devices
Adam Smith


Simulations and Measurements Show Consistency
Martin Rowe

Evolving IC Technology Influences Impedance Measurements
Rick Nelson


Get to Know RF Switch Specifications
Martin Rowe

IPC Standard Helps Reduce Component Defects
Tom Adams

Phase Steps Overcome Slim Testing Margins
Stefan Walther and Guido Schulze

Lead-free? Not so Fast
Brad Thompson

Lighting and Software Improve AOI Results
Steve Scheiber


Keeping the Navy Calibrated
Martin Rowe

The Backstory on Backdriving
Anthony Suto

Measured Bars of Light
Martin Rowe

Making the Connection Between VXI and LXI
Tom Sarfi

Avoid Switching Mistakes
Martin Rowe

Webcast Sheds Light on Switching Systems
Rick Nelson


Bridges to the Brain
Lawrence D. Maloney

Powerful Demo of PHY Devices
Martin Rowe

Validating Silicon in Embedded Designs
Brian Davis

Optimizing Printed-Circuit-Board Test Coverage
Rick Nelson


An Exclusive Interview With a Test Engineer
Martin Rowe


Boundary Scan Stars in HD Conferencing
Rick Nelson

So Many Combinations: Testing a Switch-matrix Board
Martin Rowe

Spectrum Analyzers Respond to Digital Modulation
Paul G. Schreier

Numerical Models Predict EMC Performance
Martin Rowe

Launch-Off-Shift at-Speed Test
Noam Benayahu, Arik Chechik, and Ron Press

Understanding Synthetic Instruments
Martin Rowe

Examining x-ray testing for aerospace
Greg Reed

Quality of Experience and Triple-play Test Equipment
Olga Yashkova


Probe-mark Inspection
Rajiv Roy

Wire Ends Yield failure Clues
Stan Silvus

Optics on Silicon Lose Polarization Dependence
Martin Rowe

Time-to-market Pressure Drives Parallel Parametric Test
Rick Nelson


Turn the Light on: How to Test High-Power LEDs
Martin Rowe

Calculate the Costs of Adding Inspection to a Test Strategy
Steve Scheiber

Specifying a Vision System
John Titus

Testing IEEE 802.11n
Fanny Mlinarsky

Bird Cage + Paddle Board = Kludge
Brad Thompson

Infrared Inspection Benefits From Image Subtraction
Steve Scheiber


Optimizing Compression in Scan-based ATPG DFT Implementations
Chris Allsup

Offensive Channels: Overcoming Obstacles in Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) Traces, Vias, IC Pins, and Cables
Martin Rowe

FPGA Design for Portable T&M Gear
Charlie Jenkins

Do we Have a Failure to Communicate? The Future of Ultra-wideband (UWB) Technology
Rick Nelson

What does GT/s Mean, Anyway?
Martin Rowe


The Analog in Software Radio: Testing SDRs
Martin Rowe

IEEE 1641 Supports Test and Design
Matt Cornish

AOI Systems Simulate Human Brain
Pamela R. Lipson

Oscilloscopes Track Intermittent Signals
Rick Nelson

Networking Equipment May Need More Test
Martin Rowe


Microwaves & RF


Optimizing MMICs For Encapsulated Packages
Matthew R. Coutant, Charles F. Campbell

Simulating WiMAX System Performance
Kostas Stefanou, Dr. Yorgos E. Stratakos, Dr. Rodoula Makri, Professor Nicolaos Uzunoglu

Estimate Microstrip Substrate Relative Dielectric Constant
Firas Mohammed Ali


Designing MMIC Distributed Amplifiers
John E. Penn

Power Modules Provide Solutions For L/S-Band
Jerry Chang

Developing Designs For CMOS Power Amplifiers
Louis Fan Fei

Analyzing A Resonator For MRI Applications
Nadia Benabdallah, Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Dr. Boumediene Benyoucef


Digital VGAs Simplify And Shrink Wireless Transceivers
Richard Houlihan

Wireless Laboratory Aids Students And Research
Huseyin Arslan

Planar Filter Provide High Image Rejection
Deepankar Roy and R. Ramasubramanian

Amplitude Equalizer Flattens Gain From 50 MHz To 7 GHz
Martin Thornber

Checking Communications Systems Interoperability
Warren K. Gruber

Design A Dual-Frequency Rectangular Patch Antenna
Q. Lu, V. Nimbark, and E. Korolkiewicz


Block Upconverter Drops Phase Noise At Ka-Band
John Odell and Craig Rogers

Tracking Advances in Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements
Loren Betts

Reviewing The Basics Of Intermodulation Distortion
Martin R. Johnson

Evaluate Test System Impedance Matching And Switch Quality
Jeremy Meier and Jaideep Jhangiani

Design Cross-Coupled Absorptive Filters
Han Shihu, Wang Xiliang, Yang Ziqiang, and Fan Yong

Enhance CMOS Charge Pumps And Phase-Frequency Detectors
Louis Fan Fei


Technique Trims VCXO Phase Noise
Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay Kumar Poddar

Boost PA Efficiency With Digital Predistortion
Marcus Dasilva, Steve Stanton

CMOS Clock Approach Breaks Quartz Tradition
Tunc Cenger

Predict Resonances Of Shielded PCBs
Avinash Sharma

BeO Takes The Heat In RF Transistor Packages
John E. Scheatzle

Perfecting Pulsed RF Radar Measurements
John Barfuss


Understanding P2D Nonlinear Models
Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy and Dr. Jiang Liu

Matching An ADC To A Transformer
Rob Reeder

Predict Resonances Of Shielded PCBs
Avinash Sharma

Sliced Coaxial Cables Form Compact Couplers
Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Nadia Benabdallah, Rachid Bouhmidi, and Salima Seghier


Optimized Transceiver Aids Broadband Wireless Access
Wei Kang, Wei Hong, and Jianing Zhao

Small Synthesizers Arm Practical EW Trainers
Dennis Gable

Checking Capacity For MIMO Configurations
Jesper Thaysen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

PLL Synthesizer Tunes DCS1800 Band
Mohamed Kameche, Mohammed Feham, and Samir Kameche


Multiple Antennas Arm Effective MIMO Systems
Jesper Thaysen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

Protocol Dictates Requirements For RFID ICs
Dr. Lawrence Williams, Z.Y. Daniel Wu, and Minhong Mi, Ph.D.

Achieve First-Pass LTCC Design Success With DFM
Heesoo Lee, Koon Shee, and Gustavo Leizerovich

Evaluating Trimmer Capacitor Choices
Scott Newman

Analyze Matching Networks For Low-Noise Amplifiers
Vladimir Aparin

Technique Sets Standard For Balanced VNA Tests
Yassen Mikhailov

Mobile WiMAX Promises Portable Broadband Wireless
Joshua Raha, and Mark W. Andrews


Spiral SIRs Form Dual-Band Filter
Chung-I G. Hsu, Ching-Her Lee, He-Kai Jhuang

Developing Designs For RFID Transponder Using DTMOS
Y.K. Teh, M.B.I. Reaz, A. Kordesch

Monitor And Control Base-Station Power Amps
Liam Riordan

Controlling LO Leakage In Passive FET Modulators
Ron Gatzke, Kathiravan Krishnamurthi, Stephen P. Jurgiel


Multilayer Baluns Break Size Barrier
Niels Kirkeby

Design Coupled Microstrip Resonators For MRI
Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Rachid Bouhmidi, Nadia Benabdallah, and Dr. M'hamed Khelif

PCTF Approach Saves MW/RF Component/Module Costs
Nahum Rapoport

Designing Wideband RF Impedance Transformers
Antonio Alves Ferreira, Jr., Jose Antonio Justino Ribeiro, and Wilton Ney Do Amaral Pereira


Tackle Wideband RF Switching With PIN Diodes
Chin-Leong Lim

Reviewing RoHS Compliance For Harsh Environments
Richard A. Anderson

Bluetooth Bolsters UWB Performance
Tom Siep


Avoid Large Amplitude Errors In Spectrum Analysis
Joe Gorin

Evaluate Accuracy Of Portable VNAs
Nick Ridler and Nils Nazoa

Sigma-Delta Synthesizer Steps Across Multiple Standards
Tom Riley, Seste Dell'Aera, and Norm Filiol


Microwave Product Digest


First Pass Accuracy with Momentum GX for WiMAX Design
William Clausen and Mounir Adada

Data-intensive Designs Require Signal Generators with Higher Speed
Leonard Dickstein

RF Coverage Study for Indoor WiMAX Applications: BVS Forecaster Software
Sandeep Natekar and Jin Yu

RFMD® Low Noise Amplifiers Provide Broadband Performance for Multi-Market Applications
BJ Lyman, Frank Nicosia and Phil Garber

Handset Front-End Design Increases in Complexity with Move to Multi-Band, Multi-Featured Cellphones
Brian Daly, Skyworks Solutions

Corrective Actions to Meet Extreme Tolerance Requirements for Thin Films: How to make peace with your deposition tools
Robert Aigner and Gernot Fattinger


Design Software Integrates Synthesis, Simulation and Optimization for Complete Design Automation
Dale D. Henkes, ACS

Overcome the Challenges of Fast Changing Wireless Appliance Design Using Agilent EEsof AMDS
Erwin De Baetselier and Davy Pissoort

AWR Delivers Faster Interconnect Modeling and Analysis with Innovative ACE Circuit Extraction Technology
Dr. Michael Heimlich, Applied Wave Research, Inc.

Importance of Mismatch Tolerance for Amplifiers Used in Susceptibility Testing
Pat Malloy and Jason Smith


Bridging the Gap from the CMOS DSP to the Antenna in OFDM Systems
Henrik Morkner, Gary Carr, Alan Rixon

The Changing Shape of Antennas in Modern Systems
European Antennas Ltd.

Microwave Absorber: Finally, Some Respect?
Dick Herman

New Plug-and-Play Power Solution Modules for L- and S-Band Pulsed Radar Applications
Jerry Chang

Applications and Antenna Selection in the 4.9 GHz Band
Andy Singer, President, Radio Waves

A 1kW S-Band Pulsed Power Amplifier Using a Pallet Solution
Eric Hokenson, Carlos Guerrero, Keith Barkley


New Digital Demodulation Option Enhances Aeroflex's High Performance Spectrum Analyzers
Bryan Harber

Wireless Technologies Demand Advanced Measurement Solutions
Taka Hando

Calculating Signal Operating Levels of Internal Subsystems in Communication Links
Howard Hausman

Free WiFi Expands... But Not For All
Karen Hoppe

Test and Measurement Digitization of the Microwave Domain
Justin Stallings


Wireless Short Range Devices and Narrowband Communications
Conor O'Mahony

Industry's First 1.8 Volt 2.4GHz Power Amplifier IC Doesn't Compromise on Power or Performance
Joe Grimm

Introduction to Passive Optical Networks
John Salvey

A Monolithic High Power, High Linearity, Multi-Octave PIN Diode T/R Switch
T. Boles, J. Brogle and R. Hubert


New Filter Synthesis Software Designs Space Efficient Interdigital Filters
Dale D. Henkes

Use of AVX Thin-Film RF Capacitors as Band Reject Filters
Michael Dakhiya and Avital Yaish

Determining the Proper Oscillator for Wireless Applications
LeRoy Sutter

Cost and Performance Benefits of Cascading Single Junction Circulators for Duplex Applications
Dr. Anuj Srivastava

Benefits of RFMD® Power Flattening Circuit
Bobby L. Johnson

Innovative RF Filter Technologies: Guardrails for the Wireless Data Highway
Robert Aigner


Modern Tools for Today's Radio
John Barfuss

Rugged Military Amps Match Power to Power Supply
BC Systems

Continuous Data Storage and Replay Unit
Dr. Suman Ganguly, Mr. Slavisa Zigic, and
Mr. Brijesh Sirpatil

Powering Homeland Security Technologies
Michael A. Stout

Intelligent Representation of Semi-Anechoic Chamber Wall Cuts Electromagnetic Simulation Time 95%
Gwenaël Dun and Paul Duxbury

Recent Advances in Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillators
John Odell

High Frequency + High Reliability = Thoughtful Component Consideration
Jerry Seams

Radiating Cable Antenna Systems
Tom Goodwin and Ray Schwartz, M/A-COM

10 GHz Noise Source Opens Eyes
Ed Garcia, President, NoiseWave Corp

Technique Determines True Differential Device Performance
Yassen Mikhailov

Interconnect Technologies for Ultra Low Loss L-Band Transmission Lines
Luis Torres and Stan Hardin

New Active Dual-band Antennas for Satellite Communication
Arsen Melconian

Waveshaping for High Power Class “C” RF Amplifiers
Peter Petropoulos


Making Monte Carlo Simulations Viable within an RFIC Design Flow
Andy Howard, Thomas Miller, and Richard Lazansky

Wideband A/D Converter Front-End Design Considerations: Amplifier or Transformer Drive for the ADC?
Rob Reeder and Jim Caserta

Using LINC2 with Sonnet® EM Software Enhances Simulation Accuracy
Dale D. Henkes

BVS BumbleBee Tablet Simplifies Radio Frequency Power Measurements
Sandeep Natekar

Synthesized Signal Generator Combines High Performance, Low Cost
dBm, LLC

Simplify Data Acquisition with an Ultra Wideband High Linearity Track-and-Hold Amplifier
Michael Hoskins


Practical Techniques for Measuring Interference in Next-Generation Handsets
Wayne Smith and Tim Masson

Evolving Oscillator Technology Answers Microwave Application Needs
Roger Burns

Wideband VCOs Combine Low Phase Noise and High Output Power in Rugged, RoHS Compliant Modules
Mark Fallica

Broadband EM Field Measurement Takes a Leap Ahead
Bob Johnson

New High Frequency (80 to 135MHz) Low Noise OCXO Improves System Performance
Ken Hennessy

Low Skew, 250 MHz 1.2V-2.5V Clock Buffers for Reference Clock Distribution in Low Power Networking Applications
Kay Annamalai


Modeling 3G/WCDMA/HSDPA Handset Transmit System
Chris W. Liu

High Quality Portable Audio without Wires
Børge Strand

Basic Theory of Composite Filters
RLC Electronics, Inc

Models Help Designers Specify New High-Power Devices
Beatrice Branger, Jean-Marc Coupat, Sandra Gendraud, and Nelsy Monsauret

Integration of Waveguide and Coaxial Components
Brent Waddoups

RF Safety: New Tools Provide Peace of Mind
Robert Johnson


High Input Analog Bandwidth Track and Hold Amplifiers for Digital Sampling and Radar Applications
Loi Nguyen

Highest Performance DSM PLL for Space and Military Applications
Gary Wu

RFMD® GaN Technology Meets Future Wireless Market Demands - Today
David Aichele and Jay Martin

Latest Advancements Lend Active Mixers to New, Broader Applications
Wes Boyd


RF Design


Complex Antenna System Simulation Uses EM Software
Steve Rousselle, Michael Miller and Arien Sligar

FPGA Signal Processing for Radar/Sonar Applications
Ryan Kenny

Addressing the Physical Security of Encryption Keys
Swati Joshi


Creating Perfect Simulation for Wireless Receiver Test
David A. Hall

Fully Integrated CMOS Transmitter Design Considerations
Louis Fan Fei

Extracting True PA Input Impedance for High-power RF Signals
Zhijian Xie

Addressing New Challenges in High-Performance Switching
John McKillop


SPDT switch MMIC enables high-performance Ka-band Tx/Rx module
Edward Brown, David Snodgrass and Mark Hebeisen

Spectrum analyzers speed analysis of pulsed signals
Kay-Uwe Sander

Interconnect solutions for aircraft Ethernet data networks
James Yoshitake


EMXOs Boost Oscillator Performance With Lower Power Consumption and Reduced Size
Dave Bail

Direct Synthesis of WiMedia UWB Signals
Iqbal Bawa, K. A. Muralidharan and Joan Mercade

Standardizing Smart Antenna API for SDR Networks
Seungheon Hyun, June Kim, Seungwon Choi, Lee Pucker, and Bruce Fette

Automated Circuit Extraction Dramatically Speeds Complex Interconnect Modeling
Michael Heimlich


Extending Wireless Technologies to the Disabled
Ashok Bindra

Designing Energy-smart 3G Base Stations
Tim Haynes

Principles of Spread-spectrum Communications
Jun Lee

Use Coplanar Waveguide Probes for Accuracy and Repeatability of RF Measurements
Jerry Schappacher

Effectively Testing MIMO-enabled Wireless Devices
Graham Celine


Built-in Handset Antennas Enable FM Transceivers in Mobile Phones
Peter Lindberg and Andrei Kaikkonen

Direct Digital Synthesis Enables Digital PLLs
Paul Kern

Adopting an RFIC Application-programming Interface
Nick Jungels and Vivek Bhan

Overcoming the RF Challenges of Multiband Mobile Handset Design
Rodd Novak

Alternative to SMT for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Systems
Javed Siddiqui, Dan Sundberg and Dominick Suarez


Implantable Ultralow-power Radio Chip Facilitates In-body Communications
Peter D. Bradley

MIMO WLAN Test Methodologies for Manufacturing
Dick Walvis and Sireesha Mallipeddi

How to Determine an Effective Damping Factor for a Third-order PLL
Ken Gentile

Highly Efficient Amplifier Shows the Promise of Doherty Architecture
Christopher Burns


Tackling Complex Signal-Processing Tasks for 3G LTE
Ashok Bindra

Low Additive Noise Frequency Tripler
Bogdan Sadowski

Reducing RF Design Cycles Through Improved Design Methodologies
Per Viklund

Miniaturized HF Direction-Finding Antenna System is Portable
Joseph R. Jahoda

Selecting the Right Signal Analyzer
Mark Elo


Using MCPAs as Active Combiners for Optimizing the 3G Transition
Christopher Zappala and Jeffrey Strahler

Speeding up Manufacturing Test of WiMAX Equipment
Christian Olgaard

Selecting the Right Signal Combiner
Tony Ramsden

Converter Performance Approaches Software-Defined Radio Requirements Apr 1, 2007 12:00 PM, By Brad Brannon

Locating SSC Errors Using Modulation Profiles
Mike Hertz


Adopting Multi-antenna Signal Processing in Wireless Networks
Steven Glapa

Benefits of CSS Technology in European DBS Systems
Bill Windsor and Peter Wong

CAD Implementation of DR-based Oscillator Using Non-linear Analysis
Kamaljeet Singh and Surendra Pal

Characterization of Non-uniform Devices Using Back-to-back Measurements
Hatem Akel


Meeting Mobile WiMAX Performance Requirements
David Patterson and Lars Johnsson

Designing Broadband WiMAX PA Using GaN Power Transistors

Removing the Interstage Transmit SAW in WCDMA
Tajinder Manku

Arrival-Time Detection Reduces PLL Jitter
Wen Lin

RF Wireless Burst Analysis Using Oscilloscopes
Mike Hertz


GaN power transistors poised for growth, LDMOS promises to maintain lead
Ashok Bindra and Mark Valentine

Log Amps and Directional Couplers Enable VSWR Detection
Anil Rachakonda and Larry Hawkins

Advanced SDR Platform Eases Multiprotocol Radio Development
Louis Belanger

Multimode RF Transceiver Advances WEDGE Radio System
James A. Crawford

Meeting the Testing Challenges of Wi-Fi-Enabled Devices
Charles Wright and Jeff Abramowitz

Splitting the Grid for Optimal Dynamic Range and Signal Integrity
Mike Hertz

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