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Homepage Archive - January 2020 (page 5)
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Friday 31

Buy & Sell Ham Radio Operator Homes

Amateur Ham Radio Operator Homes - Buy & Sell, Kirt's Cogitations #318 - RF CafeA couple years ago a house two streets away had an estate sale after the elderly gentleman who owned it passed on. There was a lot of old amateur radio gear for sale, and most of it had been bought early in the morning, right after the beginning of the sale according to the man's daughter who was on-hand. The newspaper notice mentioned the Ham equipment. In the back yard was a nice 40-foot crank-up tower that was a bit weather-worn, but otherwise appeared to be in good condition. She said that was the first item sold. I didn't ask how much she got for it. The house was to be sold, and they were glad to have the tower gone before listing it on the market. I have wondered in the past when seeing a "For Sale" sign in the lawn of a house with one or more radio towers in the yard how much they would impact the sale price. Some Hams would plan to take...

Metamaterial Reflectors Enhance 5G Signal Propagation

Metamaterial Reflectors Enhance 5G Signal Propagation - RF Cafe"MIRAIT Corporation, a leading information & communication engineering solutions provider and Metawave Corporation, developer of data communication antenna and in-vehicle millimeter-wave radar, have conducted radio wave propagation experiments in the quasi-millimeter wave band (20 to 30 GHz) using metamaterial reflectors. They confirmed that the result reached the expected performance level. MIRAIT is working to accelerate the technological development of the next-generation 5G mobile communication system, and emerging enterprise local 5G, which will start in earnest in the spring of 2020. Metawave has state-of-the-art technology in this field. Since last December, MIRAIT has been evaluating to confirm the practicality of Metawave's metamaterial reflectors..."

The Enormous Electron

The Enormous Electron, April 1944 Radio-Craft - RF CafeAnyone who pays attention in a present-day high school physics class would read this article from 1944 and immediately appreciate the advances that have been made in atomic theory during the ensuing 75 years. With modern knowledge, it is hard to believe that even in 1944 someone would seriously suggest that theorized sub-electronic particles (building blocks of electrons) might be responsible for supporting the propagation of electromagnetic energy. We still consider the electron to be an elementary particle (although now not so the proton and neutron), but at this point we are aware of many elementary particles other than the electron (some of which make up protons and neutrons). There are six types of quarks, the gluon, the photon, three types of bosons, and five other types of leptons other than the electron - for a total of 17. The author's characterizing of the electron as having a "flitting and jerking" "enormous" positional presence...

Happy Brexit Day!

Brexit Day - RF CafeToday at 2300 hours GMT, Brexit is a done deal. Everyone reading this has by now heard of the British Exit from European Union governance. Many of you have opinions one way or the other. Because I love the history of Europe, which is the history of my ancestors, preserving independent countries and their unique cultures is, IMHO, a worthy endeavor. Uniting under agreements like NATO provides for the mutual safeguarding of sovereignty of individual nations without imposing the will of foreign rule on the citizens. Like all societies and governments, Europe has had and still has its flaws (as do we all), but in the process its peoples built the modern world without the need to be a homogenous, borderless entity. My hope is that the naysayers will be proven wrong and the the U.K. will serve as a model for other countries where the majority of citizens choose to regain independence. Regardless of the outcome, I wish my European ancestors and their progeny well.

Post Your Engineer & Technician Job Openings on RF Cafe for Free

Engineering Job Board - RF CafeRF Cafe's raison d'être is and always has been to provide useful, quality content for engineers, technicians, engineering managers, students, and hobbyists. Part of that mission is offering to post applicable job openings. HR department employees and/or managers of hiring companies are welcome to submit opportunities for posting at no charge (of course a gratuity will be graciously accepted). 3rd party recruiters and temp agencies are not included so as to assure a high quality of listings. Please read through the easy procedure to benefit from RF Cafe's high quality visitors...

Webinar: Testing in the Automotive Radar Ecosystem

Webinar: Testing in the Automotive Radar Ecosystem - RF CafeOn February 11, Keysight Electronics will present a live webinar entitled, "Testing in the Automotive Radar Ecosystem," running from 9:00-11:00 am EST. Learn how to identify and solve advanced automotive radar design test challenges. Growing demand of advanced radar technologies, such as 79 GHz high frequency with 4 GHz wide modulation bandwidth and micro-Doppler to detect and protect pedestrians, has led to new design and test challenges. With the wide-scale adoption of radar, interference is now a very real issue to solve. Guest presenters from Michigan Technological University and Sekisui Chemical Group will contribute knowledge around mutual interference and radar absorbers. Join this live streaming presentation from Keysight's Automotive Customer Center in Novi, MI.

QuinStar Technology: mm-Wave Active & Passive Components

QuinStar Technology mm-Wave Products - RF CafeQuinStar Technology designs and manufactures mm-wave products for communication, scientific, and test applications along with providing microelectronic assembly, rapid prototyping, and mass customization. Amplifiers, Oscillators, Switches, Attenuators, Circulators, Isolators, Filters, Waveguide, Antennas, Phase Shifters, Transceivers, Mixers, Detectors. QuinStar specializes in cryogenic amplifiers, circulators, and isolators. Please visit QuinStar today to see how they can help your project.

Thursday 30

Amplifier Quiz - 1964 Popular Electronics

Amplifier Quiz (A) February 1964 Popular Electronics - RF CafeHere be another brain teaser from quizmaster Robert P. Balin. The "Amplifier Quiz" is one of sixty or so I have posted thus far from vintage issues of Popular Electronics magazine. Having been created in 1964, the circuit schematics use vacuum tubes, but don't let that inhibit you from taking the test. Enhancement mode field effect transistors (FETs) are an apt analogy to tubes for determining function, so I added symbols for FETs next to the vacuum tube symbols to help you visualize the equivalence. I usually do a respectable job on these quizzes, but have to admit to only getting 4 out of 6 this time (67%), and one of those was just a lucky, semi-educated guess. Shameful.

Breaking News! Qorvo Announces Acquisition of Decawave and Custom MMIC - RF CafeQorvo Acquires Decawave and Custom MMIC

Qorvo Announces Acquisition of Decawave and Custom MMIC - RF CafeBreaking News! Qorvo Announces Acquisition of Decawave and Custom MMIC- proving once again that if you work hard and create a good product and/or service, you just might be handsomely rewarded. Bob Bruggeworth, president and chief executive officer of Qorvo, said, "Qorvo delivered an exceptional December quarter. In Mobile Products, 5G design wins are accelerating, and in IDP we are enjoying robust design win momentum. We're also looking forward to welcoming two industry-leading teams, Decawave and Custom MMIC, to the Qorvo family, expanding our technology portfolio and product offerings." Fiscal 2020 3rd Quarter Financial Results Strategic Highlights: "Signed, following the quarter, definitive agreements to acquire Decawave, a pioneer in ultra-wideband (UWB) technology and provider of UWB solutions for mobile, automotive and IoT applications; and Custom MMIC, a leading supplier of high-performance GaAs and GaN MMICs for defense and aerospace applications..."

The Propagation of Short Waves

The Propagation of Short Waves, February March 1932 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeThis is the second of a two-part series discussing the propagation of shortwaves, the first part having appeared in the December 1931 / January 1932 edition of Short Wave Craft. Keep in mind that at the time of the writing, no instrumented sounding rockets had been sent into the upper atmosphere for empirical measurements, so the author's conjectures being inaccurate are forgivable. Mr. Meyer's supposition that there are "cosmically-located network of conductive lines" that influence seasonal propagation as the earth moves through them during its revolution around the sun is actually not an unreasonable theory for its era. It certainly is no more outlandish than a modern-day celebrated astrophysical genius proposing a series of vibrating 'strings' in an 11-dimensional universe...

ConductRF High Flex VNA Test Cables for 40, 50 & 70 GHz

ConductRF High Flex VNA Test Cables for 40, 50 & 70 GHz - RF CafeConductRF offers RF Engineers a large selection of Hi Flex cable for vector network analyzers (VNAs). We have standards for applications at 18-40 GHz, 50 GHz & 70 GHz. Our torque resistant connector heads and phase stable constructions ensure great performance for many tests to come. Other key features include: 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm & 1.85 mm connector options, low VSWR & insertion loss, low phase change with flexing, options available swept right angle connectors. ConductRF VNA series provides customers with reliable ruggedized solutions for Lab and Production Vector Network Analyzer testing. With options for 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, & , 40 GHz, 50 GHz, & 70 GHz, these cables offer cost leading alternatives to original OEM VNA cable solutions...

Reconfigurable Electronics Offer Promise for Implantable Devices

Reconfigurable Electronics Offer Promise for Implantable Devices - RF Cafe"Medical implants of the future may feature reconfigurable electronic platforms that can morph in shape and size dynamically as bodies change or transform to relocate from one area to monitor another within our bodies. Researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and the University of California, Berkeley report a silicon honeycomb-serpentine reconfigurable electronic platform that can dynamically morph into three different shapes: quatrefoils (four lobes), stars, and irregular ones. 'Quatrefoils can be used for rectangular object-based operation, while stars are for more intricate architectures, and irregular-shaped ones are specifically for implanted bioelectronics..."

RF Back to Basics Seminar

RF Back to Basics Seminar Keysight Technologies - RF CafeOn February 5th at 12:30 pm ET, Keysight Technologies will present a live-streamed event entitled, "RF Back to Basics Seminar." You can attend the entire entire event or simply join for your topic of interest. "This seminar will improve your understanding of basic RF measurement, design and simulation techniques. Recent engineering graduates involved in RF and engineers or technicians transitioning to RF will benefit from this seminar. Attendees should have a good understanding of basic electrical engineering principles. Sessions include RF/microwave signal chain and network analysis, transmit and receive signal chains, key characteristics for design and measurement, network analysis, transmission line theory, S-parameters, Smith Chart, and impedance measurements / matching techniques..."

KR Electronics: RF & Microwave Filters

KR ElectronicsKR Electronics designs and manufactures high quality filters for both the commercial and military markets. KR Electronics' line of filters includes lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop and individually synthesized filters for special applications - both commercial and military. State of the art computer synthesis, analysis and test methods are used to meet the most challenging specifications. All common connector types and package form factors are available. Please visit their website today to see how they might be of assistance. Products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Wednesday 29

Report on the Soviet Earth Satellite

Report on the Soviet Earth Satellite, February 1958 Radio & TV News - RF CafeInterestingly, the February 1958 article in Radio & TV News magazine entitled "Report on the Soviet Earth Satellite" never mentions the craft's name - "Sputnik 1," or "Простейший Спутник-1," which in English is "Elementary Satellite 1." Sputnik 1 was, in case your history is a bit fuzzy, the world's first successful artificial communications satellite. Launched by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on October 4, 1957, Sputnik 1 remained operational for about three weeks in low Earth orbit (284 miles average), during which time radio receiving stations across the globe anxious tuned in hoping to hear the 20.005 MHz and 40.002 MHz pulses that alternately repeated continuously in an alternating manner - the first FSK (frequency-shift keying) from space. Ruskie engineers made the signal frequencies and periods as stable as possible in order to enable careful frequency and timing...

Anatech Electronics January 2020 Newsletter

Anatech Electronics January 2020 Newsletter - RF CafeSam Benzacar of Anatech Electronics, an RF and microwave filter company, has published his January newsletter that features his short op−ed entitled "Some Good News on IoT Wireless Protocol Incompatibility," which gives kudos to the many independent IoT device manufacturers who are making their products with in[ter]compatible - rather than incompatible - communications protocols. Was there no organized industry collaboration effort for this before a group called "Open Connectivity Foundation" introduced itself at CES 2020? Sam also mentions Amazon's new 900 MHz "Sidewalk" longer range, low datarate device protocol. Verizon believes that 5G can eventually replace Wi-Fi, reversing the trend for small Wi-Fi cells filling the bandwidth gap...

Many Thanks to ERZIA for Continued Support!

ERZIA Technologies - RF CafeRF Cafe's continued existence depends on companies like ERZIA providing support. ERZIA produces microwave and mm-wave modular amplifiers and integrated assemblies operating from low frequencies up to 100 GHz. Their catalogue of standard amplifier modules comprises more than 100 different models, having also a high capacity of customization for amplifiers and integrated assemblies. Some of products have space heritage and are used in aerospace, commercial, military and scientific systems, having a wide range of final applications.

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M) Company Ad

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M) Company Ad, March 1958 Radio News - RF CafeAdvertisements for this Scotch 200 magnetic tape product appeared many time in electronics magazines during the big stereo era that ran from the 1950s through to the 1980s. High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) was a big deal as major improvements in receivers, tape decks, phonographs, amplifiers, and speakers were being made. I decided to highlight this one in particular for a couple reasons. First is that when I was in the USAF stationed at Robins AFB, GA (1979-1982), one of the roommates I had in the barracks had a father whom, at least per his claim, invented reflective tape for 3M. The guy was a true Lennon fanatic, and even wore faux Lennon glasses when off duty. He didn't look the part. When Mark David Chapman shot and killed Lennon on December 8, 1980, his entire raison d'être came to an end. I'm surprised he didn't go for psychiatric counseling. Second, did you know (or care) that "3M" stands for...

Nano Antennas for High-Speed Data Transfer

Nano Antennas for High-Speed Data Transfer - RF CafeThat's a mighty familiar-looking Yagi antenna configuration with reflector and director elements - implemented with gold deposited on a glass substrate. "Physicists from the University of Würzburg have developed a low-footprint optical nano antenna that measures only 800 nanometres in size. The physicists used the antenna to convert electrical signals into photons and radiated them in specific directions. Directional antennas convert electrical signals to radio waves and emit them in a particular direction, allowing increased performance and reduced interference. This principle, which is useful in radio wave technology, could also be interesting for miniaturized light sources. After all, almost all internet-based communication utilizes optical light communication..."

Waveguide Makes a Comeback in 5G - for Antennas

Waveguide Makes a Comeback in 5G for Antennas - RF CafeMark Miller, of Pasternack, has an article on the Electronic Design website entitled, "Waveguide Makes a Comeback in 5G - for Antennas." Says Mr. Miller: "Waveguide is taking on a new role in the next generation of wireless systems in small form factors considered inconceivable before. For most design engineers, study of waveguide technology ended when they got their last degree. The only time waveguide comes up is to use it as a last resort in applications such as mmWave measurements, where coaxial cable is too lossy, expensive, and fragile. That's not to say waveguide isn't used anymore, but it's not considered 'modern' technology and of little use in applications such as wireless. However, that perception is beginning to change, and the needs for waveguide's benefits at mmWave frequencies for 5G are driving substantial amounts of research..."

Windfreak Technologies: USB-Powered RF Synthesizers, Mixers

Windfreak TechnologiesWindfreak Technologies designs, manufactures, tests and sells high value USB powered and controlled radio frequency products such as RF signal generators, RF synthesizers, RF power detectors, mixers, up / downconverters. Since the conception of WFT, we have introduced products that have been purchased by a wide range of customers, from hobbyists to education facilities to government agencies. Worldwide customers include Europe, Australia, and Asia. Please contact Windfreak today to learn how they might help you with your current project.

Tuesday 28

Airborne Digital Computer

Airborne Digital Computer, February 1958 Radio & TV News - RF CafeEach month Radio & TV News magazine contained a section entitled, "What's New in Radio," which reported on some of the latest happenings in the fields of commercial, military, space, transportation, broadcast, and all other forms of wireless communications. This 1958 issue show the world's first volume production airborne digital computer, designed by Hughes Aircraft Company, installed in the nose of a U.S. Air Force F-102A Delta Dagger fighter jet (built by Convair). The 456th Fighter Interceptor Squadron website has a lot of information about the Hughes MA-1 Digitair computer and its integration with airborne radar to create a flight control system that could guide aircraft to a target for ordinance (bombs, missiles) deployment. Other topics included a wideband oscilloscope from Electronic Industries (EIC) that handled a whopping 5 MHz...

How to Select a Fuse

How to Select a Fuse - RF CafePaul Rako has a useful article over at Electronic Design entitled, "How to Select a Fuse." Not all fuses are created equal however, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. "Fuses for Electronics" and "Selecting the Proper Fuse"" are a couple articles I've posted on the topic from vintage magazines. Paul begins, "It's easy to trivialize the need for a fuse and how to select one. We have all been annoyed or exasperated by a blown fuse. Sometimes we wish there was no such component needed for our circuits. With the advent of electrical distribution in the 1800s, fuses became an essential device in preventing fires. Electrical systems need them for the same reason. Electronic systems have the same fire concerns and they need fuses as well..."

Many Thanks to Custom MMIC for Their Continued Support

Custom MMIC- RF CafeCustom MMIC is a fabless RF and microwave MMIC designer entrusted by government and defense industry OEMs. Custom and off-the-shelf products include switches, phase shifters, attenuators, mixers and multipliers, and low noise, low phase noise, and distributed amplifiers. From next-generation long range military radar systems, to advanced aerospace and space-qualified satellite communications, microwave signal chains are being pushed to new limits - and no one understands this more than Custom MMIC. Please contact Custom MMIC today to see how they use their modern engineering, testing and packaging facility to help your project. 

ThinkRF Launches Continuous RF Surveillance Solution

ThinkRF Launches Continuous RF Surveillance Solution - RF CafeThinkRF Corporation, the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced the launch of the ThinkRF™ Surveillance System for in place monitoring and bug detection to secure facilities or to understand channel utilization for dynamic signal allocation. The complete surveillance system allows government agencies and enterprises to locate unauthorized RF signals more quickly and cost-effectively, even in difficult indoor environments, such as large corporate office buildings, government facilities, and other secure locations. The system is comprised of a ThinkRF R5x50 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, combined with the Kestrel Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Software, as well as omni-directional or optional directional antennae, and all other required equipment in an easily transportable case. The fully integrated, networkable system can be deployed...

Bell Telephone Laboratories Ad - Coaxial Electron Tube

Bell Telephone Laboratories Ad, Coaxial Electron Tube June 1954 Radio & Television News - RF CafeFor a given semiconductor compound, the maximum operational speed of a transistor is governed pretty much by its gate thickness. Capacitance and impurities along with lithography precision and accuracy are the culprits. Shrinking gate sizes and growing crystals with greater purity has driven operational speeds upward significantly over the years. An equivalent set of issues plagued vacuum tube development a century ago. The physical spacing of grid elements wrt each other as well as to the cathode and plate placed an upper limit on amplification bandwidth. As always, judicious study of the underlying causes led to the development of new designs that, along with improved manufacturing techniques, overcame existing barriers and, also as always, exposed yet a new set of limiting criteria for conquering...

Objects in Space Fall at Rate to Within 2E-12 of Each Other

Objects in Space Fall at Rate to Within 2E-12 Each Other - RF Cafe"A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in France and one in the U.S. has found that objects of different mass dropped in space fall at a rate within 2E-12% of each other. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the group describes their satellite-based physics study and what they learned from it. Most everyone has heard the story of Galileo dropping two different sized cannon balls from the Tower of Pisa in the 17th century to demonstrate his theory that in the absence of air resistance, two objects will fall at the same rate. Einstein later refined the theory and added it to his Theory of General Relativity. Since that time, many people have tested the theory, and it has always been confirmed. Still, some physicists believe that there are bound to be exceptions to the theory because of the disconnect between general relativity and quantum mechanics..."

Bittele Electronics: PCB Fabrication & Assembly

Bittele Electronics PCB Fabrication - RF CafeSince 2003, Bittele Electronics has consistently provided low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) and turnkey PCB assembly services. It specializes in board level turnkey PCB assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype multi-layer printed circuit boards. Free Passive Components: Bittele Electronics is taking one further step in its commitment of offering the best service to clients of its PCB assembly business. Bittele is now offering common passive components to its clients FREE of Charge.

Monday 27

Bell Telephone Laboratories: New Twist in Memory Devices

Bell Telephone Laboratories: New Twist in Memory Devices, February 1958 Radio & TV News - RF CafeUpon seeing this advertisement by Bell Laboratories for their "Twistor" form of magnetic memory data storage in a 1958 issue of Radio News magazine, my thought was that it was just another flash in the pan, so to speak, in the history of breakthrough, paradigm-changing inventions. It was a variation of the non-volatile magnetic core memory that used sections of ferromagnetic wire twisted around copper wire in such a way that electrical currents directed to particular intersections in an x-y grid would cause a magnetic orientation to be set (store a bit) and a set or read and sense wires permitted detection of the stored magnetic field to be determined (read a bit). The Twistor was hailed as a much more manufacturable form of the magnetic core memory, which required production workers with small hands and finger to manually thread...

$5.00 for Best "YL" Photos

$5.00 for Best "YL" Photos, May 1935 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeNews headlines are filled with stories about how certain segments of the society are routinely excluded from participation in activities which have been historically 'dominated' by adult white males. Not only have 'outsiders' been prevented from engagement, but, you would likely conclude based on the invective words that drip from the pens and/or mouths of those reporting, tireless campaigns have been mounted to see to it that exclusiveness continues. I will agree that there have been instances of preferential treatment by some groups and people, but I also know many attempts have been made over the decades to attract other than white males into all kinds of activities normally associated with white males. In fact, it is not a stretch to say many specialty groups go out of their way to make a big deal out of non-typical persons interested in joining. Here is one of many examples that appeared in a 1935 (yes, 1935) edition of Short Wave Craft where the editor, Hugo Gernsback, encouraged women and girls to get involved in amateur radio...

Promote Your Company on RF Cafe for as Little as $45/mo.

Sponsor RF Cafe for as Little as $45 per Month - RF CafeRF Cafe typically receives 8,000-15,000 website visits each weekday and about half that on weekends. RF Cafe is a favorite of engineers, technicians, hobbyists, and students all over the world. With more than 8,000 pages in the Google search index, RF Cafe returns in favorable positions on many types of key searches, both for text and images. New content is added on a daily basis, which keeps the major search engines interested enough to spider it multiple times each day. Items added on the homepage often can be found in a Google search within a few hours of being posted. I also re-broadcast homepage items on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you need your company news to be seen, RF Cafe is the place to be. Advertising begins at $45/month.

Wave Physics an Analog Recurrent Neural Network

Wave Physics an Analog Recurrent Neural Network - RF Cafe"Analog machine learning hardware offers a promising alternative to digital counterparts as a more energy efficient and faster platform. Wave physics based on acoustics and optics is a natural candidate to build analog processors for time-varying signals. In a new report on Science Advances, Tyler W. Hughes and a research team in the departments of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, California, identified mapping between the dynamics of wave physics and computation in recurrent neural networks. The map indicated the possibility of training physical wave systems to learn complex features in temporal data using standard training techniques used for neural networks. As proof of principle, they demonstrated an inverse-designed..."

Thanks Again for Windfreak Technologies' Continued Support!

Windfreak TechnologiesWindfreak Technologies designs, manufactures, tests and sells high value USB powered and controlled radio frequency products such as RF signal generators, RF synthesizers, RF power detectors, mixers, up / downconverters. Since the conception of WFT, we have introduced products that have been purchased by a wide range of customers, from hobbyists to education facilities to government agencies. Worldwide customers include Europe, Australia, and Asia. Please contact Windfreak today to learn how they might help you with your current project.

Time Domain Reflectometry Measurements with a VNA

Copper Mountain Technologies Video: Time Domain Reflectometry Measurements with a Vector Network Analyzer - RF CafeCopper Mountain Technologies (CMT) has produced a series of videos to help users of its diverse line of VNAs get the most out of their extensive capabilities. Proprietary features in both hardware and software supplies VNAs designed by CMT with capabilities far beyond similar equipment by other companies. This video entitled, "Time Domain Reflectometry Measurements with a Vector Network Analyzer," is one of a series of videos that can be found on the Copper Mountain Technologies website. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) has traditionally been performed using a fast oscilloscope and a very sharp impulse or step type excitation. Reflections from the excitation are measured at the source and distance and the magnitude...

Innovative Power Products: RF & Microwave Passive Components

Innovative Power ProductsInnovative Power Products (IPP) has over 30 years of experience designing & manufacturing RF & microwave passive components. Their high power, broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, baluns, terminations and attenuators are fabricated using the latest materials and design tools available, resulting in unrivaled product performance. Applications in military, medical, industrial and commercial markets. Take a couple minutes to visit their website and see how IPP can help you today.

Sunday 26

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle January 26th

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle January 26, 2020 - RF CafeAs with my hundreds of previous engineering and science-themed crossword puzzles, this one for January 26, 2020, contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc., which I have built up over nearly two decades. Many new words and company names have been added that had not even been created when I started in the year 2002. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter the name of a movie star like Hedy Lamarr or a geographical location like Tunguska, Russia, for reasons which, if you don't already know, might surprise you...

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