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Electronic Crosswords
April 1963 Electronics World

April 1963 Electronics World

April 1963 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

People old and young enjoy waxing nostalgic about and learning some of the history of early electronics. Electronics World was published from May 1959 through December 1971. See all Electronics World articles.

Research has shown over and over again that engaging in mental exercise is a good way to stave off senility in old age. Playing musical instruments, writing software, working crossword puzzles, and other types of activities that require logic, physical dexterity, and memory recall are often cited as examples. There is no guarantee these things will prevent or even delay cerebral atrophy, but why take a chance? Work this crossword just to make sure. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am not prescribing this challenge as a remedy for potential future imbecility, daftness, tendency to dodder, mental infirmness, or senescent gray matter accumulation, nor do I suggest that starting now will reverse any of these symptoms you might already exhibit. If you really like crossword puzzles and crave more, please see my (usually) weekly RF Cafe crossword puzzles.

Electronic Crosswords

By Donald W. Moffat

Electronic Crossword Puzzle, April 1963 Electronics World - RF Cafe

(solution at bottom)


1.   Person who usually wins.

6.   Do this to raise crystal frequency.

11.  Straight-line function.

13.  Slotted cover.

14.  Placed on.

15.  The lowest female voice range.

16.  Appendage on airplane.

18.  Produced by a loudspeaker.

19.  Action taken to check for microphonics.

21.  Adjust to correct position.

23.  Said when leaving (familiar).

24.  Type of current necessary for a squirrel cage motor.

25.   Before the second detector (abbr.).

28.  Commonly alloyed with copper (chern.).

29.  General ham call.

30.  Unaffected.

33.  Red on the color code.

36.  1/16 ounce (abbr.).

37.  Man's nickname.

38.  Used in national pastime.

41.  Atmosphere.

42.  Power formula.

43.  Small destroyer (abbr.).

44.  Cut-off voltage (abbr.).

45.  Beseech.

46.  British jail.

47.  Writing tool.

48.  Best.

49.  Waveforms are seen on this (abbr.) .

50.  Farthest from center.

52.  With no one else.

53.  Yields chicken.

54.  Large weight.


1.   Alligator __________

2.   Informal "hello."

3.   Part of tube.

4.   Homo sapiens.

5.   Soft, friendly hits.

6.   Expensive element often used for .plating.

7.   Worn path.

8.   Elephant tusk.

9.   Forty-five degrees (abbr.).

10.  Reduction in voltage.

12.  Exponent of 1/2.

13.  Between grooves of phonograph record.

17.  Generates signal (abbr.).

20.  Government department re­sponsible for controlling the atom.

22.  Component of solder.

23.  Ten decibels.

26.  Loss of signal strength.

27.  Unit of audio strength.

28.  Large bundle.

31.  Tube which has high plate-grid capacity.

32.  Emanating perpendicular to axis.

33.  Having intermediate connections.

34.  Connected with wires.

35.  Third band on a 12K resistor.

38.  Transmitter for locating.

39.  Small r.f. tube.

40.  Indian succeeded by Aztec.

51.  Grid voltage (abbr.).

52.  Part of superhet (abbr.).

Answer to Electronic Crosswords



















Electronic Crossword Puzzle Solution, April 1963 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted  March 12, 2015 

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