Electromaze Puzzle
February 1966 Popular Electronics

February 1966 Popular Electronics

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Robert Radford's (not to be confused with Robert Redford) "Electromaze" is a unique - and weird - sort of word puzzle that first appeared in this February 1966 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. Some people have been confused about the strategy, believing that all the white spaces needed to be filled in. They do not. Just because a letter might have an empty square adjacent to it does not imply that another letter must fill it. Also, read the instruction carefully, especially the part about the last letter of one word being the first letter of another word. You will probably want to print out the maze grid and find an old guy who should still have a pencil stowed away somewhere you can borrow to use for filling in the boxes.

Here are the February 1966, April 1966, and June 1966 Electromaze Puzzles.

Electromaze Puzzle

Electromaze Puzzle, February 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeBy Robert C. Radford

Here's a new kind of crossword puzzle designed to test your knowledge of electronic terminology. Refer to the clues given and fill in the word called for by the first clue. Start at the arrow. Thereafter, fill in each new word called for by the following clues perpendicular to each preceding word. The last letter in each preceding word will be common to the first or lost letter of each new word, and all words will read vertically downward or from left to right. The tenth word will have a letter in common with the word at the first exit. Nine more correct entries will take you to the word at the second exit, which will also share a letter with the last of these nine words. In each case, the first or last letter of the exit word will be the first or last letter of the next word. An additional nine correct entries will put you at the final exit for a perfect score. The Editors invite your comments on this type of puzzle.

Electromaze Puzzle, February 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeClues:

1 A component that introduces inductance in on a.c. circuit.

2 Single unit of a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

3 A luminous glow formed by the difference of potential between two electrodes.

4 Conductors used for transmitting and receiving r. f. energy.

5 Antennas specifically arranged or grouped together so as to produce a desired directivity pattern.

6 High-gain VHF antenna array whose directors are made progressively shorter toward the front of the array.

7 The video information reproduced by a television receiver.

8 Conductor used to establish electrical contact with a non-metallic part of a circuit.

9 Lines produced by a TV receiver flyback pulse.

10 Slang term for ham radio equipment.

Exit 1. The adjustable iron core of a coil.

11 A circuit operating as a switch. The presence or absence of a control voltage can apply or eliminate a signal.

12 Abbreviation for the force that causes current to flow in a circuit.

13 Narrow metallic strips used to produce clutter on enemy radar screen to obscure targets.

14 A The paper diaphragm of a loudspeaker.

15 Waveform of a modulated carrier.

16 Two-element electron tube.

17 The unit used to express power ratio.

18 Path of a completed circuit, especially in servo systems.

19 Maximum amplitude of a sine wave.

Exit 2. A hand-operated switch used in radio telegraphy.

20 System of interconnected electrical circuits.

21 Flow of electrons in a vacuum tube.

22 A three-element electron tube.

23 Group of three phosphor dots on a color television picture tube.

24 Slang word for a parabolic reflector.

25 In solid-state technology, empty space in the valence bond of on impurity atom.

26 Preparation of a computer routine in machine language.

27 To remove gases from on electron tube envelope.

28 A secondary emission electrode in a multiplier-type photo-tube.


See answer below.

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Electromaze Solution, February 1966 Popular ElectronicsElectromaze Solution

1 Coil

2 Cell

3 Arc

4 Antenna

5 Array

6 Yagi

7 Image

8 Electrode

9 Retrace

10 Rig

Exit 1. Slug

11 Gate

12 EMF

13 Chaff

14 Cone

15 Envelope

16 Diode

17 Decibel

18 Loop

19 Peak

Exit 2. Key

20 Network

21 Emission

22 Triode

23 Triad

24 Dish

25 Hole

26 Encode

27 Evacuate

28 Dynode



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