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Electronic Crosswords
December 1965 Electronics World

December 1965 Electronics World

December 1965 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Unlike many of the crossword puzzles found in many magazines, the majority of the words and clues in this 1965 Electronics World "Electronic Crosswords" puzzle pertain to electronics, physics, mathematics, and other technical topics. Only a couple pertain to items not used in modern electronics assemblies, but you probably know what they are, anyway. I took the liberty of inserting alternate clues for the non-technical words, thus effectively rendering the entire crossword puzzle as totally compliant as my weekly RF Cafe Crossword Puzzles. You're welcome.

Electronic Crosswords

By James R. Kimsey

Electronic Crosswords, December 1965 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1. In television, the light-sensitive surface of an iconoscope or other TV camera tube.

5. A mechanical device that converts some form of intelligence into a corresponding electrical signal.

8. A switch position.

9. Consumed.

11. A device for converting a.f. current into sound waves.

15. To move a television camera to keep it on the subject.

16. That property of a coil or other radio part which tends to prevent any change in current flow.

18. Chemical abbreviation for sulfur oxide.
       As shown or described.

19. The absolute c.g.s. unit of energy and work.

21. The unit of luminous flux.

23. A device which produces amplification, oscillation, rectification, or other useful results by controlling the flow of electrons in a circuit.

24. Type of logic gate.

25. A unit of current equal to one-thousandth of an ampere (abbr.).

26. Jargon.

28. A type of variable frequency oscillator noted for its very low drift characteristics.

30. Period of time.

31. Long-handled tool with teeth at one end.

33. Electronic antenna switch (abbr.).

34. Chemical suffix indicating that the compound includes alcohol.

35. A bow of flame formed between two electrodes.

38. A network of three impedances.

39. Use a between-series connector.
      To make suitable, especially by changing.

41. Any segment of a whole.

43. A storage tube.

44. Apple's i-___ music device.
      Covering for 5 down.


1. A resistor used in series with a voltage to increase the range of the meter.

2. A vibration which may be heard by human ears.

3. Type of logic gate.

4. A metal ______ placed on top of some vacuum tubes and connected to one of the electrodes.

5. ___nut tube - a miniature vacuum tube.
    Green vegetable.

6. A hint.

7. A device for converting mechanical vibrations into sound waves.

10. A device which converts hand-writing into electrical impulses at the transmitting position, and back to handwriting at the receiving position.

12. The electrode in a cathode-ray tube that is maintained at a constant positive potential and is used to accelerate the beam (2 words).

13. The back e.m.f. produced in a coil when the current flow through it is stopped and the magnetic field collapses.

14. Schematic symbol for the plate resistance of a tube.

17. Put into service.

20. To play in a boisterous, lively way.

22. A circuit operating at micro-wave frequencies, in which radiation from atoms is stimulated.

27. Signal source for frequency conversion (abbr.).

29. Jump.

32. Voice range.

33. Bind.

36. Knock.

37. Test instrument (abbr.).

38. Type of angle modulation (abbr.).

39. Chemical abbreviation.

40. Type of current (abbr.).

42. RS-232 signal sending line name (abbr.).
       Football score (slang).

Solution at bottom of page.



Posted December 2, 2022

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