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Hi-Fi Anagram
July 1958 Radio & Television News

July 1958 Radio & TV News
July 1958 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

From about the middle of the 1950s through the 1990s, stereo systems were a pretty big deal amongst music listeners. A lot of the interest was driven by rapid improvements in technology in sound recording and reproduction equipment. An economical boom in the post Korean War years combined with a process developed by Emory Cook to cut dual channels of stereophonic sound onto vinyl records enabled a fad fueled by teenagers of building the best home sound systems possible with available funds. Audiophiliac adults, of course, were also prime motivators of the technology since they had deeper pockets and could afford higher-end equipment and larger collections of records. Magnetic tape was also a bit part of the craze, but the big money was in vinyl. If you peruse the vintage electronics magazines like this Radio & TV News, Popular Electronics, Electronics World, et al, you will notice the pages were filled with technical articles on and advertisements for stereo music reproduction gear. This is all not to say there are still not plenty of stereo aficionados out there, it's just that probably not as large a portion of music-listening public feels the need to own much more than a quality pair of headphones or earbuds and a smartphone to obtain a nearly concert hall quality of listening experience. That's good news for parents not having to badger their kids to "turn down that d*$% music," or apartment dwellers not needing to pound on the wall or ceiling when a neighbor has his stereo blasting. I'm guessing people age 40 and older might do the best job completing this "anagram," which is a misnomer for what is actually a crossword puzzle.

Hi-Fi Anagram

By John A. Comstock

If you know the true meaning of the term "hi-fi," how familiar are you with the many expressions used in this growing branch of radio-TV-electronics? If you have an average lay knowledge of the subject, you should be able to whiz through this puzzle with no difficulty.

Hi-Fi Anagram, July 1958 Radio & Television News - RF Cafe


1. Speaker board.

4. Treble speaker.

8. Three-dimensional sound effect.

9. Network which separates bass and treble frequencies and transmits them to different speakers.

11. Recorder utilizing an iron oxide-coated ribbon, for storage of intelligence.

13. Unit of weight for phono stylus pressure.

15. Electrical network de-signed to accept, reject, or reduce certain frequencies.

16. The general character of reproduced sound as it affects the ear.

17. Bass speaker.

20. Record playing device.

21. Pertaining to hearable frequencies.

22.Dual-channel sound system utilizing two signal sources, amplifiers, and a dual headphone system.

24.Electro-acoustical unit that converts current variations into sound waves.


1. Speaker enclosure which employs phase inversion and speaker loading for maximum bass reproduction.

2. Ability to reproduce faithfully.

3. Control which permits balancing sound according to room acoustics and individual taste.

4. A hi-fi program source.

5. Type of phono cartridge which permits playing of both standard and micro-groove recordings.

6. What a cathode-follower introduces.

7. Term meaning capable of being perceived by the organs of hearing.

10. A sound ratio.

12. Abbreviation for network.

14. Tape recorder designed exclusively for single-channel recording and reproduction.

18. Type of speaker.

19 .Low-frequency sound.

23. Abbreviation for audible frequencies.


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Answer to Puzzle

Hi-Fi Anagram Solution, July 1958 Radio & Television News - RF Cafe



Posted July 8, 2020

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