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Acoustics Anagram
October 1961 Electronics World

October 1961 Electronics World

October 1961 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Isn't an anagram a word game where letters of one word are rearranged to spell another word or series of words? For instance, an anagram for "microwave" is "warm voice,'" one for ''resistance" is "ancestries," and for "vector" is "covert." If so, then this puzzle is misnamed; it is really a crossword puzzle. Maybe back in 1961 the word anagram included this type of puzzle which appeared in the October issue of Electronics World magazine.. Regardless of the naming error, I did learn a new word: "inertance," which means "the effect of inertia in an acoustic system, an impeding of the transmission of sound through the system."

Acoustics Anagram

By John Comstock

Acoustics Anagram, October 1961 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1.  Audio.

4.  Sound energy dissipated without accomplishing any work.

6.  Part of familiar term for full-range reproduction.

8.  A regularly occurring pulsation of amplitude resulting from the combining of two sounds or tones.

9.  Opposite of treble sound frequencies.

12. Device used in a sound system to attenuate a signal or couple two impedances.

13. Term often applied to a coaxially constructed speaker.

14. Electro-acoustic unit of power ratio based on the Napierian base of logarithms.

15. Coil found in speakers (abbr.).

16. Class of audio amplification.

18. Satisfactory in quality.

19. Transducer that picks up sound and converts it into electrical currents (fam.).

20. River in Italy.

22. Unit of loudness.

23. Material removed from surface of phonograph recording disc by the cutting stylus.

22. Undesirable noise in an audio system.

24. Opposite of a "dead" or highly damped room.

27. High frequencies.

29. Unit of stylus pressure.

30. Equipment used to address large gatherings (abbr.).

31. Essential component in a hi-fi system (abbr.).

33.   Recording companies' trade association (abbr.).

38. Frequencies above 20,000 cps.


1.  Unit of sound absorption.

2.  Electro-acoustic unit of relative power, voltage, or current (abbr.).

3.  The amount that an audio amplifier can increase the amplitude of a signal.

5.  Sound in its "third dimension."

7.  In acoustics, inertance is the equivalent of _____________

10. Transducer used in every audio system.

11. One circuit of audio amplification.

17. The _____________ of audio frequencies extends from 15-20,000 cps,

19. The part of a speaker that receives power from the electrical circuit and converts it into mechanical energy.

21. Pertaining to the ear or sense of hearing.

26. The "receiving" circuit of an audio amplifier.

27. Ordinarily, sound is composed of a number of ___________

28. Organ used for the perception of sound.

29. That portion of a magnetic circuit in which there is no ferromagnetic material.

32. Loud, undesirable sound.

34. Medium through which sound waves travel.

35. Sound ratio.

36. Meter watched by recording en­gineer (abbr.).

37. "Twin" of "hi."

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Acoustics Anagram Solution, October 1961 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted January 23, 2023
(updated from original post on 5/21/2015)

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