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Electronic Crosswords
July 1960 Electronics World

July 1960 Electronics World

July 1960 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This "Electronic Crossword" showed up in a 1960 issue of Electronics World magazine. Most of the words are directly related to the title's subject, but a few are everyday words to fill in where needed (as opposed to my RF Cafe crossword puzzles, which contain only applicable words). For instance the 22 Down clue of "Shoshonian Indian," while at first consideration might be deemed unrelated to a crossword puzzle with an electronics theme, it could be a reference to the Indians featured in many of the company advertisements back in the day, as Sangamo (and here, here, here) often did. Or, maybe the Indian chief in the old broadcast TV test pattern hailed from the tribe. Some of the clues include (colloq.) after them, which stands for colloquialism, or a shortcut / abbreviation often used to refer to the technical name. An example (not in this puzzle) would calling an attenuator a "pad."

Electronic Crosswords

How's your knowledge of electronic terminology and are you "up" on some of the little-known words to be found in any standard dictionary? Here is a chance for you to test yourself. If you get stuck, the answer is on page 120.

By Gordon B. Duncan

Electronic Crosswords, July 1960 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1. Resistor striped brown-black-green (colloq.).

2. Book of Bible (abbr.).

8. Word common to cps, rpm , and mph.

11. Feminine pronoun.

12. Animals who enjoy vegetables with their meat.

15. Source of power for home lighting in ancient Greece.

17. Unit in Morse Code.

18. Pitcher's dream (abbr.).

19. Old game revived for electronic brains.

20. Power ratio unit.

21. Wire size (slang).

22. Try to persuade.

24. Positive particles in atom.

26. Excessively.

26. Adjust meter readings (abbr.).

27. Main artery.

28. Prerequisite for some electronic jobs (abbr.).

31. Supplied with signal.

32. Past time.

33. "Either's" twin.

34. Scornful expression.

36. Raw metal.

37. Method of shipping (abbr.).

38. Obsolete sewing machine part.

40. Low audio frequency.

41. Compensation for signal variations (abbr.).

42. Wet soil.

43. Liable to cause misadjustment of ion trap.

44. Henrys times volts (abbr.).

45. American soldiers (slang).

46. Usually can't have built-in hi-fi.

49. Causing current to lag voltage.

52. Female deer.

53. Male progeny.

54. Time of orbital cycle.

55. Hobbyist who tunes in overseas broadcasts (abbr.).



1. Transconductance of 200 6A U6's parallel.

2. Fish equipped with 600-volt "batteries."

3. Foreigner in Mexico (esp. Yankee).

4. Rhythmic utterance.

5. The d.c. equivalent of a.c.

6. Closed position of s.p.s.t. switch.

7. AM portion of TV wave.

8. Resistor with variable tap (colloq.).

9. One side of Ohm's Law equation.

10. Most numerous components in any kit.

13. Electromotive force.

14. Basic source of energy (colloq.).

16. Compete.

20. An Army Ordnance Re-search Group (abbr.).

21. Swank suburban apartment (phone-book abbr.).

22. Shoshonian Indian.

23. X-ray units.

24. Speaker volume control.

25. Result of too much registration.

27. Type of capacitor.

31. Charge for professional services.

32. Plural of "am."

35. Voltage drop across wave-shaping network (symbol).

36. Not the latest.

37. Units of capacitance.

39. Condition of many dim picture tubes.

40. Taboo.

41. Storybook user of R/C cave opener (first name).

43. Taunt.

45. Core of CRT.

46. Government agency producing electric power.

47. At present.

48. Wired communication (abbr.).

50. Auxiliary verb.

51. Equal conductance (symbol).






Answer to Puzzle Appearing on page 93
(actually, at the bottom of this page)



Posted January 11, 2023

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Electronic Crosswords Solution, July 1960 Electronics World - RF Cafe

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