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Electronics Crossword Puzzle
July 1961 Electronics World

July 1961 Electronics World

July 1961 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Margaret LeFevre created a handful electronics-themed crossword puzzles for Electronics World magazine. Crosswords have been around for at least two centuries and come in many formats from having both x- and y-axis symmetry to symmetry about only one axis or even no symmetry at all. They can be square, rectangular, or have special shapes. This particular one has partial symmetry about the y-axis. Note that it is composed of two isolated regions with no open path between the regions. If you enjoy working crossword puzzles, there are plenty more which I have posted from electronics magazines, plus I have created hundreds of RF Cafe Crosswords.

Electronics Crossword Puzzle

By Margaret LeFevre

Electronic Crossword Puzzle, July 1961 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1.   Message sending device of a ham station.

12. Pig-like.

14. Component of a speaker.

15. Device for controlling transmitting frequency.

19. Department (abbr.).

20. Prefix meaning "one."

21. Chemical symbol for silver.

22. Temporary connector.

26. Glass shell of a vacuum tube.

30. Old measure of capacity (abbr.) .

31. West Africa (abbr.).

32. One of two equal parts.

33. A small island.

34. Engineering degree (abbr.).

35. The President's name contains these double letters.

36. Chemical symbol for rhenium.

38. Frequencies on either side of the carrier frequency.

45. Canadian province (abbr.).

46. Each (abbr.).

47. To cover a TV picture bit by bit.

48. Flat-bottomed boat.

49. Latin digraph retained in some scientific terms.

50. Schematic designation for a crystal rectifier.

51. Electrified particle.

53. Eggs.

54. A 45-rpm record (abbr.).

55. Chemical symbol for tin.

56. Code sending device.

58. Prefix meaning "formerly."

59. The Fifty (abbr.).

61. Indicated horsepower (abbr.).

63. Means of locomotion.

64. Suffix meaning "pertaining to."

65. Practical unit of potential.

67. One end of a magnet.

68.  Man's name (var.).

70. Record of a station's activity.

73. This is used in tuning up a transmitter.

74. Gathers.

75. Diplomat (abbr.).

76. Attenuation network.


1.   Circuit used to eliminate interference.

2.   Amplifier-input resistor (abbr.) .

3.   River in eastern France.

4.   Compass point.

5.   Receiver.

13. Greek letter used to designate "ohms."

16. It comes after "Blue Monday."

17. Conductor to radiate radio waves.

18. FCC permit to operate a ham station.

19. Bird.

22. Supporting metal base on which parts are mounted.

23. Sixth note in the scale.

24. He (Fr.).

25. Unit of capacitance (abbr.).

26. Prefix meaning "two."

27. Objective case of "we."

28. In the place cited (abbr.).

29. Insulating wax with fairly low dielectric loss.

36. Device for converting radio waves back into their original form.

37. "Personal" listening device.

39. Religious pictures.

40. Man's nickname.

41. Printer's measure.

42. While.

43. A master sergeant is one (abbr.) .

44.Birds of "Peace."

52. Ocean.

56. 1000 cycles.

57. Unit of time (abbr.).

59. Leaderless.

60. Wise men.

62. Entreaty.

64. Very small quantity.

66. Coil connection.

67. Vim and vigor.

69. A contributory insurance program for employees (abbr.).

70. Chemical symbol for lanthanum.

71. A ham operator.

72. The British Isles (abbr.).

73. Unit of inductance (abbr.).

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Electronic Crossword Solution, July 1961 Electronics World - RF Cafe


Posted September 17, 2015

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