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Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook
- Abbreviations & Acronyms -

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a Acceleration or atto (10-18 multiplier) AFIPS Automated Financial Information
A Ampere, Area, Altitude, Angstrom (Å), Processing System
Antenna Aperture, or Aerial (U.K.) AFOTEC Air Force Operational T&E Center
A-799 No evidence of failure report A/G Air-to-Ground
A/A, A-A, AA Air-to-Air or Anti-Aircraft AGB Autonomous Guided Bomb
AA-() Air-to-Air missile number () AGC Automatic Gain Control
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery AGI Auxiliary General Intelligence AAAA
Army Aviation Association of America (Intelligence-gathering Ship) AAED
Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy AGL Above Ground Level
AAM Air-to-Air Missile AGM Air-to-Ground Missile
AARGM Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided AGS Angle Gate Stealer
Missile (concept) AHWS Advanced Helicopter Weapons System AAW
Anti-Air Warfare AI Artificial Intelligence, Air Intercept, or A-BIT
Automatic Built-in-Test Airborne Interceptor
ABM Air Breathing Missile or AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and
Anti-ballistic Missile Astronautics
A/C Aircraft (also acft.) AIC Air Intercept Control
AC Alternating Current AIM Air Intercept Missile
ACA Associate Contractor Agreement or AIRLANT Commander, U.S. Naval Air Forces,
Airspace Coordination Area Atlantic Fleet
ACAT Acquisition Category AIRPAC Commander, U.S. Naval Air Forces,
ACCB Aircraft Configuration Control Board Pacific Fleet
Acft Aircraft (also A/C) AJ Anti-jamming or Anti-Jam
ACLS Aircraft Carrier Landing System A-Kit Aircraft wiring kit for a system
ACM Advanced Cruise Missile or Air (includes cabling, racks, etc. excluding
Combat Maneuvering WRAs)
ACQ Acquisition AM Amplitude Modulation
ACS Antenna Coupler Set AMD Aircraft Maintenance Department
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology AMES Advanced Multiple Environment
Demonstration Simulator
A/D Analog to Digital AMLV Advanced Memory Loader/Verifier
Ada Not an acronym.  Ada is the DoD Amp Amplifier
standard programming language. AMRAAM Advanced, Medium-Range, Air-to-Air
ADM Advanced Development Model Missile
ADP Automatic Data Processing or ANSI American National Standards Institute
Advanced Development Program ANT Antenna
ADVCAP Advanced Capability A0 Operational Availability
AEC Aviation Electronic Combat (Army) AO Acousto-Optical
AEGIS Automatic Electronic Guided Intercept AOA Angle of Arrival, Angle of Attack, or
System Analysis of Alternatives (similar to
AEL Accessible Emission Limit COEA)
AEW Airborne Early Warning AOC Association of Old Crows (Professional
AF Antenna Factor, Air Force, or Audio EW Society) or Award of Contract
Frequency AOT Angle Only Track, Angle Off Tail, or
AFB Air Force Base or Airframe Bulletin Acquisition-on-Target
AFC Automatic Frequency Control or APC Amphenol Precision Connector or
Airframe Change Armored Personnel Carrier
APN Aircraft Procurement, Navy Avg Average
APO Armed Forces (or Army or Air) Post AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
Office, Acquisition Program Office AZ Azimuth (also Az)
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
AR Anti-reflection or Aspect Ratio
ARM Anti-radiation Missile B Bandwidth (also BW) or Magnetic
ARO After Receipt of Order inductance
A/S, A-S, AS Air-to-Surface BAFO Best and Final Offer
ASCM Anti-ship Cruise Missile BATBULL Bat Bulletin - former VX-9 tactics
ASE  Aircraft Survivability (or Survival)  newsletter now called "On Target" Equipment,
Allowable Steering Error, BAU Bus Adapter Unit
or Automatic Support Equipment BC Bus Controller
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit BDA Battle Damage Assessment
ASK Amplitude Shift Keying BDI Battle Damage Indication
ASM Air-to-Surface Missile BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
ASO Aviation Supply Office BI Background Investigation
A-Spec System Specification BIFF Battlefield Identification, Friend, or Foe
ASPJ Airborne Self-Protection Jammer BIT Built-in-Test, Binary Digit  or
ASPO Avionics Support (also Systems) Battlefield Information Technology
Project Office (also Officer) BITE Built-in-Test Equipment
ASR Advanced Special Receiver or BIU Bus Interface Unit
Airport/Airborne Surveillance Radar B-Kit Avionics "Black Box" WRAs
ASRAAM Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air B/N Bombardier/Navigator
Missile BNC Bayonet Navy Connector
ASTE Advanced Strategic and Tactical BOA Basic Ordering Agreement
Expendables BOL Swedish chaff dispenser in a launcher
ASW Anti-submarine Warfare BPF Band Pass Filter


ATA Advanced Tactical Aircraft BPS Bits Per Second
ATARS Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance BUMED Bureau of Medicine (Navy)
System BUNO Bureau Number (aircraft)
ATC Air Traffic Control BUR Bottom Up Review
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration BVR Beyond Visual Range
ATE Automatic Test Equipment BW Beamwidth (referring to an antenna) or
ATEDS Advanced Technology Expendables sometimes Bandwidth
and Dispenser Systems BWA Backward Wave Amplifier
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter BWO Backward Wave Oscillator
ATIMS Airborne Turret Infrared Measurement
System or Airborne Tactical
Information Management System
ATIRCM Advanced Threat Infrared c Speed of Light = 3x108 meters/sec =
Countermeasures 1.8x1012 furlongs per fortnight or 1.8
ATP Acceptance Test Procedure terafurlongs per fortnight, or centi
ATR Autonomous Target Recognition, (10-2) multiplier
Airborne Transportable Rack C Electron Charge, Coulomb,
ATRJ Advanced Threat Radar Jammer Capacitance, Celsius, Centigrade,
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network Confidential, Roman numeral for 100,
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network (now DSN) or a programming language (also C+
AUX Auxiliary and C++)
avdp. Avoirdupois (system of measures) C2 Command and Control
C3 Command, Control, and CIA Central Intelligence Agency
Communications CIC Combat Information Center (now called
C3CM C3-Countermeasures CDC)
C3I Command, Control, Communications, CID Combat Identification or Charge and Intelligence
Injection Device
CAD Computer-Aided Design CILOP Conversion in Lieu of Procurement
CAE Computer-Aided Engineering CINC Commander in Chief
CAG Carrier Air Group CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CAGE Commercial and Government Entry (11 of 15 former Soviet Union
CAIV Cost as an Independent Variable territories except Estonia, Georgia,
CAL Calibration Latvia, and Lithuania)
CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing or CIWS Close-In Weapon System
Constant Addressable Memory CJ Coherent Jamming
CAO Competency Aligned Organization or CLC Command Launch Computer
Contract Administrative Officer cm Centimeter
CAP Combat Air Patrol CM Countermeasures or Configuration
CAS Close Air Support or Calibrated Management
Airspeed CMC Command Mission Computer or
CASS Consolidated Automated Support Commandant Marine Corps
System CMDS Countermeasure Dispensing System
CAT Catapult or Cockpit Automation CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide
Technology Semiconductor
CB Citizens Band (also see Seabee) CMP Configuration Management Plan
CBD Commerce Business Daily CMWS Common Missile Warning System
CBIT Continuous Built-in-Test CNAL Commander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic
CBO Congressional Budget Office (COMNAVAIRLANT)
CCA Circuit Card Assembly CNAP Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific
CCB Configuration Control Board (COMNAVAIRPAC)
CCD Charge Coupled Device CNI Communications, Navigation, and
CCM Counter-Countermeasures Identification
CCN Contract Change Number or CO Commanding Officer, Contracting
Configuration Change Notice Officer, Change Order, or Carbon
CCU Cockpit Control Unit Monoxide
cd Candela (SI unit of luminous intensity) COB Close of Business
CD Compact Disk or Control and Display COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness
CDC Combat Direction Center Analysis
CDR Critical Design Review COG Center of Gravity or Cognizant
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List COMM Communications
CE Conducted Emission COMSEC Communications Security
CECOM Communications and Electronics CONSCAN Conical Scanning Radar
Command (Army) CONUS Continental United States


CEP Circular Error Probability CO-OP Cooperative (countermeasures)
CFA Cognizant Field Activity Cos Cosine
CFAR Constant False Alarm Rate COSRO Conical-Scan on Receive Only
CFE Contractor Furnished Equipment COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CG Center of Gravity, Commanding (hardware/software)
General, Command Guidance, or CP Circularly Polarized (antenna), Central
Cruiser Processor, or Command Post
CI Configuration Item CPS Computer or Control Power Supply
CPU Central Processing Unit DBOF Defense Business Operations Fund
CRC Originally Chemical Rubber Company, dBsm Decibel value of radar cross section
now published reference books by CRC referenced to a square meter
Press dBW Decibel referenced to the power of one
CRFM Coherent RF Memory watt
CRISD Computer Resources Integrated DC Direct Current, Discrete Circuit, or
Support Document District of Columbia
CRLCMP Computer Resources Life Cycle DCE Data Communication Equipment
Management Plan DDI Digital Display Indicator
CRO Countermeasures Response DDS Direct Digital Synthesizers
Optimization DECM Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
CRT Cathode Ray Tube or Combat Rated (also Defensive ECM) Thrust (afterburner)
deg Degree
Crypto Cryptographic DEMVAL Demonstration Validation (also
CS Conducted Susceptibility DEM/VAL)
CSC Commodity Software Change DET Detachment
CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item DF Direction Finding
C-Spec Product Specification DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
CSS Contractor Support Services DI Data Item
CV Aircraft Carrier DIA Defense Intelligence Agency or
CVA Older designation for Attack Carrier Diameter
CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier DID Data Item Description
CVR Crystal Video Receiver DIRCM Directed Infrared Countermeasures
CW Continuous Wave or Chemical Warfare DJ Deceptive Jamming
CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure D-Level Depot Level Maintenance
CWI Continuous Wave Illuminator DM Data Management (also manager)
CY Calendar Year DMA Direct Memory Address or Defense
Mapping Agency
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
d Distance, Diameter, or deci (10-1 DNA Defense Nuclear Agency, Does Not
multiplier) Apply, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid
D Distance, Diameter, Electron DOA Direction of Arrival
displacement, Detectivity, Doppler, DOD or DoD Department of Defense
Density, or Roman numeral for 500 DoDISS DoD Index of Specifications and
da deca (100 multiplier) Standards
D/A Digital-to-Analog DOM Depth of Modulation
DAB Defense Acquisition Board DON Department of the Navy
DAC Digital to Analog Converter or Dept of DOS Disk Operating System
Army Civilian DPRO Defense Plant Representative Office
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation DRB Defense Review Board
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects DRFM Digital RF Memory
Agency DSARC Defense Systems Acquisition (and)
DB Database Review Council
dB Decibel DSN Defense Switching Network
dBc dB referenced to the Carrier Signal DSO Dielectrically Stabilized Oscillator
dBi Decibel antenna gain referenced to an DSP Digital Signal Processor
isotropic antenna D-Spec Process Specification
dBm Decibel referenced to the power of one DT (&E) Development or Developmental Test
milliwatt (and Evaluation)
DTC Design to Cost EMCAB EMC Advisory Board
DTE Data Terminal Equipment EMCON Emission Control
DTO Digitally Tuned Oscillator or Defense EMD Engineering and Manufacturing
Technology Objectives Development
EME Electromagnetic Environment
e Electron charge or base of natural EMI Electromagnetic Interference
logarithms (2.71828...) EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
E Electric Field Intensity or Strength, EMR Electromagnetic Radiation
Energy, East, or Exa (1018 multiplier) EMS Electromagnetic Susceptibility
E3 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects EMV Electromagnetic Vulnerability
EA Electronic Attack EO Electro-Optic, Electro-Optical, or
(similar to older term of ECM) Engineering Order
EC Electronic Combat EOB Electronic Order of Battle or Expense
ECAC Electromagnetic Compatibility Operating Budget
Analysis Center (DOD), now Joint EOCM Electro-Optic Countermeasures
Spectrum Center


EOF Electro-Optical Frequency
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (300 to 3 x 107 GHz)
(similar to newer term of EP) EP Electronic Protection (similar to older
ECL Emitter Coupled Logic terms of DECM or ECCM)
ECM Electronic Countermeasures EPA Environmental Protection Agency
(similar to newer term of EA) EPROM Electrically Programmable Read-only
ECN Engineering Change Notice Memory
ECO Engineering Change Order ERAM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECP Engineering Change Proposal or Egress (also Protection) Requirements and
Control Point Assessment Manual
ECR Electronic Combat Range (China Lake) ERP Effective Radiated Power
or Electronic Combat & ES Electronic Surveillance (similar to older
Reconnaissance term of ESM)
ECS Environmental Control System ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ECSEL Electronic Combat Simulation and ESM Electronic Support Measures (similar to
Evaluation Laboratory (NAWCWPNS) newer term of ES)
ECU Electronic Control Unit ESSM Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
EDM Engineering Development Model ET Electronics Technician
EED Electro-Explosive Device ETI Elapsed Time Indicator
EEPROM Electrically Erasable/Programmable ETR Estimated Time to Repair
Read-only Memory EW Electronic Warfare or Early Warning
EHF Extremely High Frequency EWAT Electronic Warfare Advanced
(30 to 300 GHz) Technology
EIA Electronic Industries Associates EWIR Electronic Warfare Integrated
EID Emitter Identification Data Reprogramming (USAF database)
EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated power EWMP Electronic Warfare Master Plan
EL Elevation (also El) EWO Electronic Warfare Officer
ELF Extremely Low Frequency EWOPFAC Electronic Warfare Operational
(3 Hz to 3 kHz) Reprogramming Facility
ELINT Electronics Intelligence EWRL Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable
ELNOT Emitter Library Notation Library (USN)
EM Electromagnetic EWSI EW Systems Integration
E-Mail Electronic Mail EWSSA EW Software Support Activity
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility EXP Expendable Countermeasure
f femto (10-15 multiplier), Frequency FSED Full Scale Engineering Development
(also F), or lens f number FSK Frequency Shift Keying
F Frequency (also f), Force, Farad, FSU Former Soviet Union
Faraday Constant, Female, Fahrenheit, ft Feet or Foot
Noise Figure, Noise Factor or FTC Fast Time Constant
"Friendly" on RWR display FTD Foreign Technology Division (USAF)
F/A Fighter/Attack FWD Forward
FAA Federal Aviation Administration FY Fiscal Year
FAC Forward Air Controller
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations or
False Alarm Rate g Gravity (also G)
FAX Facsimile G Universal Gravitational Constant (also
fc Footcandle (unit of illuminance) K), Giga (109 multiplier), Conductance,
FCA Functional Configuration Audit or Gain
FCR Fire Control Radar G&A General and Administrative (expense)
FDR Frequency Domain Reflectometry GaAs Gallium Arsenide
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area GACIAC Guidance and Control Information
FET Field-Effect Transistor Analysis Center (DoD)
FEWSG Fleet Electronic Warfare Support gal Gallon
Group GAO General Accounting Office
FFT Fast Fourier Transform GBU Guided Bomb Unit
FIFO First In / First Out GCA Ground Controlled Approach
FIPR Federal Information Processing GCI Ground Control Intercept
Resources GENSER General Service
fl fluid GEN-X Generic Expendable
FLAK AAA Shrapnel, from the German GFE Government Furnished Equipment
"Flieger Abwher Kanone" (AAA gun GHz GigaHertz
that fires fast and furiously) GI Government Issue
FLIR Forward Looking Infrared GIDEP Government Industry Data Exchange
FLPS Flightline Payload Simulator Program
FLT Flight GIGO Garbage In / Garbage Out
FM Frequency Modulation or Failure Mode GOCO Government Owned Contract Operated
FME Foreign Material Exploitation GP General Purpose
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis GPI Ground Plane Interference
FMS Foreign Military Sale(s) GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus
FOC Full Operational Capability GPS Global Positioning System
FOD Foreign Object Damage GSE Ground Support Equipment
FORCECAP Force Combat Air Patrol
FOT&E Follow-On Test and Evaluation
FOTD Fiber Optic Towed Device
FOUO For Official Use Only h hours, hecto (102 multiplier), Plank's
FOV Field of View constant, or height (also H)
FPA Focal Plane Array H Height (also h), Henry (Inductance), or
fps feet per second Irradiance
FRACAS Failure, Reporting, Analysis, and HARM High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
Corrective Actions System HAWK Homing All the Way Killer
FRB Failure Review Board HDBK Handbook
FRD Functional Requirements Document HDF High Duty Factor
FSD Full Scale Development HE High Explosive
HEF High Energy Frequency IDECM Integrated Defensive Electronic
(3x107 to 3x1014 GHz) Countermeasures
HEL High Energy Laser IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic
HELO Helicopter Engineers
HERF Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation IF Intermediate Frequency
to Fuel IFF Identification Friend-or-Foe
HERO Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation IFM Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
to Ordnance IFR Instrument Flight Rules
HERP Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation IG Inspector General
to Personnel IIR Imaging Infrared
HF High Frequency (3 - 30 MHz) I-Level Intermediate Level of Repair (also "I"
HIL Hardware-in-the-Loop Level)
HOJ Home-On-Jam ILS Integrated Logistic Support, Instrument
HOL Higher Order Language Landing System, or Inertial Locator
HP-IB Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus System
HP-IL Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop


ILSMT Integrated Logistic Support
HPM High Powered Microwave Management Team
HPRF High Pulse Repetition Frequency IM Intermodulation or Item Manager
hr hour IMA Intermediate Maintenance Activity
HSDB High Speed Data Bus in Inch
HUD Heads-Up Display INEWS Integrated Electronic Warfare System
HV High Voltage INS Inertial Navigation System
H/W Hardware INT Intensity
HWIL Hardware-in-the-loop I/O Input/Output
Hz Hertz (Cycles per second) IOC Initial Operational (also Operating)
IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IPO International Projects (Program) Office
i current (also I) IPR In-Progress/Process Review
I Current (also i), Intensity, Irradiance, IPT Integrated Product (also Program)
Intermediate, or Roman Numeral for Team
One IR Infrared
IADS Integrated Air Defense System IR&D Independent Research and
I&Q In-Phase and Quadrature Development
IAS Indicated Airspeed IRCM Infrared Countermeasures
IAW In Accordance With IRDS Infrared Detecting System
IBIT Initiated Built-in-Test IREXP IR Expendables
IBU Interference Blanker Unit IRIG-B Inter-range Instrumentation Group B
IC Integrated Circuit IRLS Infrared Line Scanner
ICD Interface Control Document IRS Interface Requirements Specification,
ICMD Improved Countermeasure Dispenser IR Suppression or Internal Revenue
ICNIA Integrated Communication, Navigation, Service
Identification Avionics IRST Infrared Search and Track
ICS Inverse Conical Scan or ISAR Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
Intercommunications System (aircraft) ISO Derived from the Greek "isos" meaning
ICW In Compliance With "equal", the official title is International
ID Identification Organization for Standardization
IDA Institute For Defense Analysis ISP Integrated Support Plan
IDAP Integrated Defensive Avionics Program ISR Interference to Signal Ratio (also I/S)
ITU International Telecommunications k kilo (103 multiplier) or Boltzmann
Union Constant
IV&V Independent Validation and K Kelvin, Cathode, Universal
Verification gravitational constant (also G), or
IW Information Warfare Luminous efficacy
KCAS Knots Calibrated Airspeed
J Jamming, Radiance, Current Density, kg kilogram
or Joules kHz KiloHertz
JAAS Joint Architecture for Aircraft KIA Killed in Action
Survivability KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed
JAFF Jammer (illuminating) Chaff km Kilometer
JAG Judge Advocate General KSLOC Thousand Source Lines of Code
JAMS Jamming Analysis Measurement (software)
System kt Knot (nautical miles per hour)
JASSM Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile kW Kilowatt
JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology
JATO Jet Assisted Takeoff or Jammer
Technique Optimization l length (also L) or liter
JC2WC Joint Command and Control Warfare L Length (also l), Loss, inductance,
Center Luminance, or Roman Numeral for fifty
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff or Joint Spectrum LADAR Laser Detection and Ranging (i.e., laser
Center (formerly ECAC) radar)
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition LAN Local Area Network
JED Journal of Electronic Defense LANTIRN Low Altitude Navigation & Targeting
(Published by the Association of Old Infrared for Night
Crows) LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated
JEM Jet Engine Modulation Emission of Radiation
JETS Joint Emitter Targeting System LAT Latitude (0-90E N or S from equator)
JEWC Joint EW Conference or Joint EW lbs pounds
Center (now JC2WC) LCC Life Cycle Cost(s)
JMR Jammer LCD Liquid Crystal Display or Lowest
JOVIAL Julius' Own Version of International Common Denominator
Algorithmic Language (Air Force LCP Left-hand Circular Polarization
computer programming language) LDF Low Duty Factor
JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System LDS Laser Detecting Set
J/S Jamming to Signal Ratio LED Light-Emitting Diode
JSF Joint Strike Fighter LEX Leading Edge Extension
JSGCC Joint Services Guidance and Control LGB Laser Guided Bomb
Committee LF Low Frequency (30 - 300 kHz)
JSIR Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution LIC Low Intensity Combat or Laser
(signal interference portion of MIJI) Intercept Capability
JSOW Joint Stand-Off Weapon (AGM-154A) LISP List Processing (A programming
JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar language used in artificial intelligence)
System LLL Low Light Level (as in LLL TV)
JTCG/AS Joint Technical Coordinating Group for lm lumen (SI unit of luminous flux)
Aircraft Survivability ln Natural Logarithm
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution LO Local Oscillator or Low Observable
System LOA Letter of Agreement (or Acceptance)
JV or J/V Joint Venture LOB Line of Bearing (see also AOA)
LOG Logarithm to the base 10 (also log) or MAX Maximum or Maximum aircraft power
Logistician (afterburner)
LONG Longitude (0-180E E or W from MBFN Multiple Beam Forming Network
Greenwich, U.K.) MC Mission Computer
LOR Level of Repair MCP Micro-Channel Plate
LORA Level of Repair Analysis MDF Mission Data File
LORAN Long Range Navigation MDI Multiple Display Indicator or Miss
LORO Lobe on Receive Only Distance Indicator
LOS Line-of-Sight MDG Mission Data Generator
LPAR Large Phased-Array Radar MDS Minimum Discernible Signal or
LPD Low Probability of Detection Minimum Detectable Signal
LPI or LPOI Low Probability of Intercept MDU Multipurpose Display Unit
LPRF Low Pulse Repetition Frequency MF Medium Frequency
LR Lethal Range (300 kHz to 3 MHz)
LRA Line Replaceable Assembly MFD Multifunction (video) Display
LRF Laser Rangefinder MG Missile Guidance
LRIP Low Rate Initial Production MHz MegaHertz (106 Hz)
LRU Line Replaceable Unit MIA Missing in Action
LSA Logistic Support Analysis MIC Microwave Integrated Circuit or
LSAR Logistic Support Analysis Record Management Information Center
LSB Least Significant Bit MICRON 10-6 meter
LSI Large Scale Integration MiG Mikoyan-Gurevich (Soviet aircraft
LSO Landing Signal Officer manufacturer)
LSSO Laser System Safety Officer MIGCAP MiG Combat Air Patrol
LTBB Look Through Blanking Bus MIJI Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, &
LWIR Long Wave Infrared Interference (also see JSIR)
LWR Laser Warning Receiver mil One-thousandth of an inch
lx Lux (SI unit of illuminance) MIL Military power (100%, no afterburner)
LZ Landing Zone or Military
MILCON Military Construction
MILSPEC Military Specification
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and
m milli (10-3 multiplier), meter, or Issue Procedure(s)
electron mass MIMIC Microwave Monolithic Integrated
M Mega (106 multiplier), Male, Mach Circuit (also MMIC)
number, or Roman numeral for 1,000 MIN Minimum
MA Missile Alert or Missile Active MIPPLE RWR display switching between
MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detection (also ambiguous emitters
Detector) MIPS Millions of (Mega) Instructions Per
MADD Microwave Acoustic Delay Device Second
MAF Maintenance Action Form ML Missile Launch
MAG Marine Aircraft Group or Magnetic MLC Main Lobe Clutter
MANPADS Man-portable Air Defense System MLV Memory Loader Verifier
M&S Modeling and Simulation MLVS Memory Loader Verifier Set
MASER Microwave Amplification by Simulated mm Millimeter
Emission of Radiation MM Man Month
MATE Modular Automatic Test Equipment MMIC Microwave Monolithic Integrated
MAW Missile Approach Warning system Circuit (also MIMIC)
(also MAWS) or Marine Aircraft Wing
MMW Millimeter Wave (40 GHz or higher per n nano (10-9 multiplier) or number of
IEEE, but commonly used down to 30 elements
GHz) N Noise, Newton (force), Radiance,
MOA Memorandum of Agreement North, or No
MOAT Missile on Aircraft Test (Phoenix test n/a Not Applicable (also N/A)
on F-14) NA Numerical Aperture
MOE Measure of Effectiveness NAC Naval Avionics Center (now part of
MOM Methods of Moments (also MoM) or NAWCAD)
Metal-Oxide-Metal NADC Naval Air Development Center (now
MOP Modulation on Pulse or Measure of part of NAWCAD)
Performance NADEP Naval Aviation Depot
MOPS Million Operations Per Second NASA National Aeronautics and Space
MOS Minimum Operational Sensitivity, Administration
Military Occupational Specialty, Metal- NATC Naval Air Test Center (now part of
Oxide Semiconductor, or Measure of NAWCAD)
Suitability NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
MOSAIC Modeling System for Advanced NATOPS Naval Air Training and Operating
Investigation of Countermeasures Procedures Standardization
MOU Memorandum of Understanding NAV Navigation
MPD Multi-Purpose Display or Microwave NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command (also
MPE Maximum Permissible Exposure NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command (also
mph Miles per Hour NAVSEASYSCOM)
MPLC Multi-Platform Launch Controller NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft
MPM Microwave Power Module Division (formerly Trenton, NADC,
MPPS Million Pulses Per Second NAC, and NATC)
MPRF Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency NAWCWPNS Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons
mr or mrad Milliradian Division (formerly PMTC, NWC,
MRC Maintenance Requirement Card or NWEF, and NOMTS)
Medium Range CAP NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
MRE's Meals Ready to Eat NCTR Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
ms Milliseconds NDI Non-Developmental Item or Non
MSB Most Significant Bit Destructive Inspection
MSI Multi-Sensor (also Source) Integration, NEI Noise Equivalent Power
Management Support Issues, or NEMP Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse
Medium Scale Integration NEOF No Evidence of Failure
MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center


NEP Noise Equivalent Power
MSL Mean Sea Level (altitude) or Missile NF Noise Figure or Noise Factor (also F)
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures NFO Naval Flight Officer
MTI Moving Target Indicator (or Indication) NIPO Navy International Program Office
MTTR Mean Time To Repair NIR Near Infrared
MUXBUS Multiplex Bus NISC Naval Intelligence Support Center


MVS Minimum Visible Signal nm nanometer or Nautical Mile (also NM
mw Microwave or NMI)
mW Milliwatt NM or NMI Nautical Mile (also nm)
MWIR Mid Wave Infrared NOHD Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance
MWS Missile Warning Set NOMTS Naval Ordnance Missile Test Station,
MY Man Year White Sands, NM (now part of
NORAD North American Air Defense Command OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act
NPG or NPGS Naval Post Graduate School OSIP Operational Safety Improvement
NRE Non-Recurring Engineering Program
NRL Naval Research Laboratory OSM Operating System Memory or SMA NRZ
Non Return to Zero connector made by Omni-Spectra NSA
National Security Agency OT (&E) Operational Test (and Evaluation)
nsec or ns Nanosecond OTD Operational Test Director
NSN National Stock Number OTH Over the Horizon
NSWC Naval Surface Weapons Center OTH-B Over-the-Horizon Backscatter
nt Nit (SI unit of luminance) OTH-R Over-the-Horizon Radar
NVG Night Vision Goggles OTH-T Over-the-Horizon Targeting
NWC Naval Weapons Center (China Lake) OTRR Operational Test Readiness Review
now part of NAWCWPNS OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of
NWEF Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility, Defense
Albuquerque, NM (now part of oz ounce
NWIP Naval Warfare Information Publication
NWP Naval Warfare Publication
p pico (10-12 multiplier) or page
P Power, Pressure, or Peta (1015
O Optical multiplier)
OADR Originating Agency's Determination P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement
Required Pa Pascal (pressure)
OAG Operational Advisory Group PA Public Address or Program Analyst
O&MN Operations and Maintenance, Navy PBIT Periodic Built-in-Test
(also O&M,N) PC Pulse Compression, Personal
OBE Overtaken (Overcome) By Events Computer, or Photoconductive
OCA Offensive Counter Air PCA Physical Configuration Audit
OEWTPS Organizational Electronic Warfare Test PCM Pulse Code Modulation
Program Set Pd Probability of Detection
OFP Operational Flight Program PD Pulse Doppler
OJT On-the-Job Training PDI PD Illuminator or Post Detection
O-Level Organizational Level of Repair (also Integration
"O" Level) PDP Plasma Display Panel
OMA Organizational Maintenance Activity PDQ Pretty Darn (sic) Quick
OMB Office of Management and Budget PDR Preliminary Design Review
OMEGA Optimized Method for Estimating PDW Pulse Descriptor Word
Guidance Accuracy (VLF Navigation PEL Personnel Exposure Limits
System) PEM Photoelectromagnetic
ONR Office of Naval Research PEO Program Executive Officer
OOK On-Off Keying pf Power Factor or Pico Farads
OPEVAL Operational Evaluation PFA Probability of False Alarm
OPM Office of Personnel Management PGM Precision Guided Munition
OPSEC Operational Security ph Phot (unit of illuminance)
OPTEVFOR Operational Test and Evaluation Force Ph Probability of Hit
OR Operational Requirement or pi Greek letter π
Operationally Ready Pi Probability of Intercept (also POI)
ORD Operational Requirements Document PID Positive Identification
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense PIN Personal Identification Number
PIP Product Improvement Plan or Predicted QC Quality Control
Intercept Point QED Quod Erat Demonstradum (end of
Pixel Picture Element proof)(Satirically "quite easily done")
Pk Probability of Kill or Peak QML Qualified Manufacturer Listing
PLSS Precision Location Strike System QPL Qualified Parts List
PM Phase Modulation or Program Manager QRC Quick-Reaction Capability
PMA Program (also Project) Manager, Air QRD Quick Reaction Demonstration
PMAWS Passive Missile Approach Warning QRT Quick-Reaction test
PMT Photomultiplier Tube
PMTC Pacific Missile Test Center
(PACMISTESTCEN) - now part of r or R Radius or Range or Roentgen
NAWCWPNS R Resistance or Reliability
P-N Positive to Negative Junction (also p-n) rad Radian
PN or P/N Part Number R&D Research and Development
POC Point of Contact RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
POET Primed Oscillator Expendable RADHAZ Radiation Hazard
Transponder RAM Random Access Memory, Radar
POI Probability of Intercept (also PI) Absorbing Material, Rolling Airframe
POL Polarization Missile, or Reliability, Availability, and
POM Program Objective Memorandum Maintainability
POP Pulse-on-Pulse or Product Optimization R&M Reliability and Maintainability
Program R&R Rest and Recuperation (Relaxation)
POST Passive Optical Seeker Technology RAT Ram Air Turbine
(Stinger missile) RBOC Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff
PPI Plan Position Indicator RCP Right-hand Circular Polarization
PPS Pulses Per Second RCS Radar Cross Section
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency RCVR Receiver
PRI Priority or Pulse Repetition Interval RDT&E Research, Development, Test, &
PROM Programmable Read-only Memory Evaluation
PRR Production Readiness Review or Pulse RDY Ready
Repetition Rate RE Radiated Emissions
PRT Pulse Repetition Time REC Receive
Ps Probability of Survival RET Return
P's & Q's Pints and Quarts (small details) RF Radio Frequency
PSK Phase-shift Keying RFEXP RF Expendables
PUPS Portable Universal Programming RFI Radio Frequency Interference, Ready-
System For-Issue, or Request for Information
PV Photovoltaic RFP Request for Proposal pw or
PW Pulse Width RFQ Request for Quotation
PWB Printed Wiring Board RFSS Radio Frequency Simulation System
RGPO Range Gate Pull Off
RGS Range Gate Stealer
q electron charge RGWO Range Gate Walk Off (see RGPO)
Q Quantity Factor (figure of merit), RHAW Radar Homing and Warning Receiver
Quadrature, or Charge (coulomb), or or Radar Homing All the Way
aerodynamic pressure RHAWS Radar Homing and Warning System
QA Quality Assurance RINT Radiation Intelligence
RIO Radar Intercept Officer SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar, Special
RM Radar Mile Access Required, Semi-Active Radar,
rms or RMS Root Mean Square Search and Rescue, or Specific
RNG Range Absorption Rate
ROC Required Operational Capability SATO Scheduled Airline Traffic Office
ROE Rules of Engagement SATS Semi-Active Test System
ROI Return on Investment SAW Surface Acoustic Wave
ROM Read-only Memory or Rough Order of SBIR Small Business Innovative Research
Magnitude SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
ROR Range Only Radar or Rate of Return SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information
(financial) Facility
ROT Rate of Turn SCN Specification Change Notice
ROWG Response Optimization Working SCRB Software Configuration Review Board
Group SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing
RPG Receiver Processor Group Apparatus
RPM Revolutions per Minute SCUD Soviet short-range surface-to-surface
RPT Repeat missile
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle SE Support Equipment
RRT Rapid Reprogramming Terminal (a SDLM Standard Depot Level Maintenance
type of MLVS) SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
RS Radiated Susceptibility or Remote Seabee Someone in the Navy Construction
Station Battalion ("CB")
RSDS Radar Signal Detecting Set SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
RSO Range Safety Officer or Receiver, Set- (pronounced "seed" or "C add")
on SEAL Sea-Air-Land (Navy special forces)
RST Receiver Shadow Time sec seconds (also S or s)
RT Remote Terminal, Termination SECDEF Secretary of Defense
Resistance, or Receiver/Transmitter SEI Specific Emitter Identification
(also R/T) SEMA Special Electronic Mission Aircraft


RUG Radar Upgrade SERD Support Equipment Recommendation
RWR Radar Warning Receiver Data
Rx Receive SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers
Europe (NATO military command)
SHF Super High Frequency (3 to 30 GHz)
SI Special Intelligence or System
International (Units)
SIF Selective Identification Feature
s, S, or sec seconds SIGINT Signals Intelligence
S Signal Power, Surface Area, Secret, SIJ Stand-In Jamming (also S/J)
Electrical conductance (siemens), SIM Simulation
South, Scattering (as in S-parameters), sin Sine
or Seconds SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Airborne
SA Situational Awareness, Semi-Active, Radio System
Spectrum Analyzer, or Surface-to-Air SIRFC Suite of Integrated RF
(also S/A or S-A) Countermeasures (includes ATRJ and
SA-() Surface-to-Air missile number () ATIRCM)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers SJ Support Jamming
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile S/J Stand-In Jamming or Signal to
SA-N-() Naval Surface-to-Air missile number () Jamming Ratio
SL Side lobe or Sea Level (also S.L.) SSBN Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine
SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile SSGN Nuclear Guided Missile Submarine
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar SSI Small Scale Integration
SLC Side Lobe Clutter SSJ Self Screening Jamming
SLOC Source Lines of Code or Sea Lines of SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile
Communication SSN Nuclear Attack Submarine
SM Statute Mile (also sm) or Standard SSRO Sector Scan Receive Only
Missile SSW Swept Square Wave
SMA Scheduled Maintenance Action or Sub- S&T Science and Technology
Miniature A connector STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO)
SMC Sub-Miniature C connector STAR System Threat Assessment Report
SML Support Material List stat Statute
SMS Stores Management Set or Status STBY Standby
Monitoring (sub-) System STC Sensitivity Time Control or Short Time
S/N or SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constant or SHAPE Technical Center


SNORT Supersonic Naval Ordnance Research STD Software Test Description, Standard, or
Track Sexually Transmitted Disease
SNTK Special Need to Know STOVL Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing
SOF Safety of Flight STP Software Test Plan, or Standard
SOJ Stand-off Jammer Temperature and Pressure (0EC at 1
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging atmosphere)
SOO Statement of Objectives (replacing STR Software (also System) Trouble Report
SOW) STT Single Target Track
SOP Standard Operating Procedures STU Secure Telephone Unit
SORO Scan-on-Receive Only SUBSAM Subsurface-to-Air Missile
SOS "Save Our Ship" (distress call with easy SUT System Under Test
Morse code, i.e. C C C • • • C C C ) S/W Software (also SW)
SOW Statement of Work (being replaced by SWC Scan With Compensation
SOO) SWM Swept Wave Modulation
SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems SYSCOM Systems Command
SPEC Specification
SPIRITS Spectral Infrared Imaging of Targets
and Scenes t Time (also T)
SPO System Program Office T Time (also t), tera (1012 multiplier),
SPY Radar on an AEGIS ship Temperature, or Telsa
sq Square TA Target Acquisition or Terrain
sr Steradian Avoidance
SRA Shop Replaceable Assembly TAAF Teat, Analyze, and Fix
SRAM Static Random Access Memory TAC Tactical Air Command (Air Force)
SRB Software Review Board TACAIR Tactical Aircraft
SRBOC Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff TACAMO Take Charge and Move Out (airborne
SRD Systems Requirements Document strategic VLF communications relay
SRS Software Requirements Specification system)
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
SSA Software (also Special or System) TACDS Threat Adaptive Countermeasures
Support Activity, Source Selection Dispensing System
Activity, or Solid State Amplifier TACTS Tactical Aircrew Combat Training
SSB Single Side Band System
TAD Threat Adaptive Dispensing, TPWG Test Plan Working Group
Temporary Additional (also Active) TQM Total Quality Management
Duty, or Tactical Air Direction T/R Transmit / Receive
T&E Test & Evaluation TRB Technical Review Board
TALD Tactical Air Launched Decoy TRD Test Requirements Document
TAMPS Tactical Automated (formerly Aircraft) TREE Transient Radiation Effects on
Mission Planning System Electronics
TAR Target Acquisition Radar or Training TRF Tuned Radio Frequency
Administrative Reserve TRR Test Readiness Review
TARPS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod TS Top Secret
System (used on F-14) TSS Tangential Sensitivity
TAS True Airspeed TSSAM Tri-Service Standoff Attack Weapon
TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center (Air Force) TT Target Track
TBA To Be Announced TTI Time To Impact/Intercept
TBD To Be Determined TTG Time-to-Go
TBMD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TD Technical Directive (also Director) TTR Target Tracking Radar
TDD Target Detection Device TV Television
TDM Time Division Multiplexing TVC Thrust Vector Control
TE Transverse Electric TWS Track While Scan or Tail Warning
TEA Technology Exchange Agreement System
TEAMS Tactical EA-6B Mission Support TWSRO Track While Scan on Receive Only
TECHEVAL Technical Evaluation TWT Travelling Wave Tube
TEL Transporter Erector Launcher TWTA Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier
TEM Transverse Electromagnetic Tx Transmit
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan TYCOM Type Commander
TEMPEST Not an acronym.  Certification of
reduced electromagnetic radiation for
security considerations u micron / micro (10-6 multiplier)
TERPES Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance U Unclassified, Unit, or Unknown (on
Processing and Evaluation System RWR display)
TGT Target UAV Unmanned (also uninhabited) Air (or
TIM Technical Interchange Meeting Aerial) Vehicle
TM Telemetry, Transverse Magnetic, or UCAV Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (new
Technical Manual USAF term for UAV)
TMD Theater Missile Defense UDF User Data File
TNC Threaded Navy Connector UDFG User Data File Generator
TOA Time of Arrival UDM User Data Module
TOJ Track on Jam UHF Ultra High Frequency
TOO Target of Opportunity (HARM (300 MHz to 3 GHz)
operating mode) ULF Ultra Low Frequency (3 to 30 Hz)
TOR Tentative (also Tactical) Operational Fm Micrometer
Requirement or Time of Receipt UN United Nations
TOS Time on Station UNK Unknown (also U)
TOT Time on Target UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
TOW Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, us or Fs Microseconds
Wire-guided U.S. United States
TPI Test Program Instruction USA United States of America or United
TPS Test Program Set or Test Pilot School


States Army
USAF United States Air Force wb Weber (magnetic flux)
USMC United States Marine Corps WBS Work Breakdown Structure
USN United States Navy WC Waveguide, circular
UTA Uninhabited Tactical Aircraft WGIRB Working Group on Infrared
UUT Unit Under Test Background
UV Ultraviolet WIA Wounded in Action
WORM Write Once Read Many (times) (Refers
to optical disks)
v Volts (also V), Velocity (also V or vt) WOW Weight on/off Wheels (also WonW or
V Volts (also v), Velocity (also v or vt), WoffW)
Volume, or Roman Numeral for five WPAFB Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
VA Veterans Administration, Volt- WPN Weapons Procurement, Navy or
Amperes, or prefix for a Navy attack Weapon
squadron WR Waveguide, rectangular
VAQ Prefix for Navy (or Marine) tactical WRA Weapon Replaceable Assembly
EW squadron WRD Waveguide, rectangular double ridged
V&V Validation and Verification WSSA Weapons System Support Activity
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator WVR Within Visual Range
Vdc or VDC Volts Direct Current
VDT Video Display Terminal
VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal x Multiplication symbol
VF Prefix for Navy fighter squadron X Reactance, Experimental,
VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator Extraordinary, Roman Numeral for ten,
VFR Visual Flight Rules or X axis
VGPO Velocity Gate Pull Off X-EYE Cross Eye
VGS Velocity Gate Stealer XO Executive officer
VGWO Velocity Gate Walk Off X-POL Cross Polarization
VHF Very High Frequency (30 - 300 MHz) XMIT Transmit
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VID Visual Identification
VLF Very Low Frequency (3 to 30 kHz) Y Yes or Y-Axis
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration YAG Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet
VLSIC Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit yd Yard
VP Prefix for Navy patrol squadron YIG Yttrium-Iron Garnet
VQ Prefix for Navy special mission
(usually reconnaissance) squadron
VRAM Video Random Access Memory Z Impedance, Zenith, or Z-Axis
VS or vs Velocity Search or Versus (also vs.)
V/STOL Vertical/Short Take-off and Landing
(also VSTOL) 1xLR, 2xLR One (or two or three etc.) Times Lethal
vt Velocity (also V or v) Range
VTOL Vertical Takeoff and Landing 1v1 or 1-v-1 One versus One (Aerial engagement)
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VVA Voltage Variable Attenuator
2D Two Dimension
W Watts, Weight, or West 3D Three Dimension
W&T Warning & Targeting 3M Navy Maintenance and Material
WARM Wartime Reserve Mode Management System

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Online Scientific and Technical Information Services

Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook

Table of Contents for Electronics Warfare and Radar Engineering Handbook

Introduction | Abbreviations | Decibel | Duty Cycle | Doppler Shift | Radar Horizon / Line of Sight | Propagation Time / Resolution | Modulation | Transforms / Wavelets | Antenna Introduction / Basics | Polarization | Radiation Patterns | Frequency / Phase Effects of Antennas | Antenna Near Field | Radiation Hazards | Power Density | One-Way Radar Equation / RF Propagation | Two-Way Radar Equation (Monostatic) | Alternate Two-Way Radar Equation | Two-Way Radar Equation (Bistatic) | Jamming to Signal (J/S) Ratio - Constant Power [Saturated] Jamming | Support Jamming | Radar Cross Section (RCS) | Emission Control (EMCON) | RF Atmospheric Absorption / Ducting | Receiver Sensitivity / Noise | Receiver Types and Characteristics | General Radar Display Types | IFF - Identification - Friend or Foe | Receiver Tests | Signal Sorting Methods and Direction Finding | Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) / Reflection Coefficient / Return Loss / Mismatch Loss | Microwave Coaxial Connectors | Power Dividers/Combiner and Directional Couplers | Attenuators / Filters / DC Blocks | Terminations / Dummy Loads | Circulators and Diplexers | Mixers and Frequency Discriminators | Detectors | Microwave Measurements | Microwave Waveguides and Coaxial Cable | Electro-Optics | Laser Safety | Mach Number and Airspeed vs. Altitude Mach Number | EMP/  Aircraft Dimensions | Data Busses | RS-232 Interface | RS-422 Balanced Voltage Interface | RS-485 Interface | IEEE-488 Interface Bus (HP-IB/GP-IB) | MIL-STD-1553 & 1773 Data Bus |

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