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Technical, Science, & Engineering Museums

I have searched the Web for the most relevant engineering and technology museums and placed links to them here on RF Cafe for your convenience. As with real museums, you could spend days perusing the exhibits. Many museums include links to other museum or supplemental information websites resources.

Most of the foreign websites have an English page, but if not, you can always use the Google website translator.

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Duke University has managed to amass a huge number of magazine ads on their website in a feature called "Ad*Access." There are thousands of high quality scans of magazine ads on topics like beauty and hygiene radios, radio parts, and radio programs, miscellaneous electronic products, such as hearing aids, telephones, etc. See television advertisements, transportation from the first half of the twentieth century (airlines, rental cars, buses, trains and ships), aircraft, trains, ships and busses. Many ads from the WWII era are also available.

American Museum of Radio


360-738-3886 / Bellingham, WA

Where Discovery Sparks Imagination - Displays one of the finest, most complete collections of radios and early electrical scientific apparatus in the world. There are literally thousands of artifacts from the dawn of the electrical age (1600) through the invention of radio and the culmination of broadcasting's golden era (1950), all seamlessly displayed.

Antique Wireless Association


The Antique Wireless Association is an organization of some 4,000 members linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications. AWA members come from all walks of life and our ranks include teenagers, octogenarians, and beyond in both directions. See our Electronic Communication Museum. 

Atwater Kent Museum


Unfortunately, the Atwater Kent museum in Philadelphia, PA, does not have much in the way of his contributions, but is a philanthropic endeavor of his.

Better is Atwater Kent


Arthur Atwater Kent


Radio Attic's Archive


Atwater Kent Radio.


Auman Museum of Radio & TelevisionTM


330-364-1058 / Dover, OH

Over 300 different television sets! From 1930 "The Mechanical Era" to 1950 "The Golden Age". Hundreds of games, toys, comic books, and other related items pertaining to television memorabilia!

Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim


Situated on an area of over 30 km² indoors, and in open-air grounds comprising in excess of 50 km², we are offering you more than 3,000 exhibits. Among them the original Concorde of the AirFrance plus a Russian supersonic-jet Tupolev TU-144 and 300 vintage cars, 200 motorbikes, 40 race and sports cars, 50 airplanes, 27 locomotives, 150 tractors, steam engines and trucks.

Arizona Antique Radio Club


Mainly a forum.

Bakelite Museum


Thousands of quirky and rare items on show, including spy cameras, monstrous perming machines and the Bakelite coffin! 'Before Bakelite' - a fascinating display of Victorian plastics on show. Before plastics were ubiquitous, Bakelite did the heavy lifting.

Bakken Museum


612-926-3878 / Minneapolis, MN

Hosts an amazing collection of early gadgetry & wizardry. Working models of Franklin's Bells (lightning detector) Leyden Jars, Tesla Coils, all with simple explanations of the phenomena.

Baltimore Museum of Industry


410-727-4808 / Baltimore, MD

From food canning to broadcasting, visitors can interact with the technologies which forged the Industrial Revolution and brought us to the 2first century. Step into vividly-recreated workshops on machining, printing, garment-making and metalworking.

Buffalo Museum of Science


866-291-6660 / Buffalo, NY

Through collections, research, education and interpretation, provides opportunities for all people to develop a scientific understanding of the natural and cultural world with an emphasis on the Greater Niagara Region.

California Historical Radio Society


CHRS was formed in 1974 to promote the restoration and preservation of early radio and broadcasting. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and information on the history of radio, particularly in the West, with emphasis in collecting, literature, programs, and the restoration and display of early equipment.

Canada Science & Technology Museum


613-991-3044 / Canada

Encompasses a broad cross-section of Canadian scientific and technological heritage. National in scope, this unique collection consists of artifacts, photographs, technical drawings, trade literature, and rare books, all of which are complemented and supported by library holdings of monographs and serials.

Carolina Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association


Cathode Ray Tube Museum


Welcome to this site of old electronic glassware and related Physics Instruments. On these pages you will find a lot of interesting pictures from a part of my tube collection. Together with some other pictures and links to sites who share the same interest I try to give you a trip through time.

Center for History of Physics


301-209-3100 / College Park,

Preserves and makes known the history of modern physics and allied fields, from The American Institute of Physics.

Chris Gillings' Cardboard Slide Rule Collection


If you are at all nostalgic and also are a nerd, then you will drool over this collection by Chris Gillings. Andrew Antenna and Propagation Computer, Andrew Parabolic Antenna System Computer (1957), Andrew Parabolic Antenna System Computer (1964), Andrew Transmission Line Computer, BioMate, Blackwell Calculator, Althouse Chemical Co., Marconi Signal Source Calculator, Motorcraft Gasculator, National Standard Company Strip Calculator, Proportion Wheel, Radiac, No.1, Raytheon Radar Performance Calculator, Readymix Concrete Calculator, and many more. They're all here!

City Park Radio


(03) 6334 7429 / Australia

Consists of over 50 Radios, dating back from the early 30's, including : Astor's - Mickey Astor's - Strom Burg Carlson - Chrysler - Phillips - AWA - HMV - Hot Point ... and many more.

Cobbaton Combat Collection


01769 540740 / UK

This military museum covers mostly World War Two, but with exhibits from the Boer War up to the Gulf War. This collection ranges from military surplus tanks, guns, helmets, artillery, grenades, and bombs, to Home Front ration books, gas masks, ARP and Home Guard uniforms, and blackout lamps. In 1981 Preston Isaac's runaway hobby was opened to the public, and just keeps growing.

Computer History Museum


650-810-1010 / Mountain View, CA

The world's largest and most significant history museum for preserving and presenting the computing revolution and its impact on the human experience. It allows you to discover how computing became the amplifier for our minds and changed the way we work, live and play.

Dave McClellans' Antique Radios


Around 220 sets, dating from 1921 to as late as the 1950's. Most of them are currently restored and working. The collection does not really have a particular "focus", but the majority of the sets are 1920's battery sets and early AC sets. The manufacturers with the most representation are Philco and RCA.

David Sarnoff Library


609-734-2636 / Princeton NJ

Documents David Sarnoff's life; the history of radio, television, electronics, and communications; and the history of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

Deutsches Museum Bonn


0228 - 302 255 / Deutschland

Forschung und Technik in Deutschland nach 1945 ist das Thema des Deutschen Museums Bonn.

Deutsches Museum


++49 / (0)89 / 2179-1 / München, Germany

Das Deutsche Museum verfolgt den Zweck, die historische Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaft, der Technik und der Industrie zu erforschen, deren Wechselwirkung und kulturelle Bedeutung zu zeigen und ihre wichtigsten Stufen durch belehrende und anregende Darstellungen, insbesondere aber durch hervorragende und typische Meisterwerke, zu veranschaulichen und zu dokumentieren.

Early Office Museum


Engages in research on the history and evolution of offices, antique office machines and equipment, and business technology based on original documents and artifacts.

European Virtual Computer Museum


DDevelopment of Computer Science & Technologies in Ukraine.



415-EXP-LORE / San Francisco, CA

The museum of science, art and human perception at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Florida Antique Wireless Group (FAWG)


Formed in 1991 by Paul Currie and myself, and now has hundreds of members in Florida, North America and worldwide. Paul has retired to the board of advisors, and my new co-chair is Kris Rhodes, a long-time behind-the-scenes helper anyway. Kris' area of interest is vacuum tube audio equipment.

Franklin Institute Online


215-448-1200  Philadelphia, PA

Features an exhibit on the life of Ben Franklin, a walk-through heart, historic aircraft, an Imax theater, and planetarium.

Georgetown Energy Museum


303-569-3557 / Georgetown, CO

The museum includes exhibits and photographs and also household / consumer appliances relating the the early use of electricity.

German Museum of Technology Berlin (GMTB)


49 30 / 90 254-0 / Berlin, Germany

14 departments currently exhibit just one quarter of their treasures on 20,000 square metres: oldtimers, locomotives and planes, new Nautical Collection, looms, suitcase- and jewellery production and machine tools, computers, radios and cameras, Diesel engines, steam engines, scientific instruments, paper machines, printing presses and much more. Our new Aeronautic and Space Collection opened in spring 2005.

Hagley Museum and Library


302-658-2400 / Wilmington, DE

Collects, preserves, and interprets the unfolding history of American enterprise.

Hammond Museum of Radio


The new Museum is now home to hundreds of receivers and transmitters dating from the spark era up to and including National's first solid state HRO500. Over the years the Museum has evolved to become one of North America's premiere wireless museums. Fred Hammond VE3HC.

Heartland Antique Radio Association


To promote the preservation of the history, technology, and equipment of the early days of radio broadcasting and communications. This is achieved through member interaction, dissemination of information, and by providing a medium for the collection, renovation, restoration, and display of vintage radio equipment. Antique radio and test equipment is collected, restored and displayed by club members at monthly meetings and swap meets.

Heathkit Virtual Museum


A tribute to the Heathkit era—a time when building electronic kits was a favorite pastime for many electronics hobbyists. This commemorative virtual showcase takes you back to the Heathkit age which began in the late 1940's and lasted through the early 1990's. Revisit your favorite kits and experience once again that excitement of building your first kit—and the hope that the equipment would work the first time you turned on the power.

Heinz Nixdorf Museum


++49+5251-3066-00 / Paderborn, Germany

Largest computer museum in the world, and an important conference center. You can learn about the history of information processing from cuneiform script to the Internet.

Henry Dreyfuss Museum


Henry is responsible for many of the most commonly recognized items in the American household, from the Bell rotary dial phone

(see info on Zebryk Engineering website)


to the round Honeywell wall thermostat. He was the first to propose a design for the single lanes reflex (SLR) camera and the John Deere power tractor.

Henry Ford Museum


313-982-6001 / Dearborn, MI

With a rich and diverse offering of exhibits, demonstrations, programs and reenactments, The Henry Ford celebrates yesterday's traditions as well as today's innovations.

Historic Speedwell


973-540-0211 / Morristown, NJ

This national historic site preserves part of the estate of Stephen Vail, owner of the Speedwell Iron Works.

Heathkit Virtual Museum


This commemorative virtual showcase takes you back to the Heathkit age which began in the late 1940's and lasted through the early 1990's. Revisit your favorite kits and experience once again that excitement of building your first kit -- and the hope that the equipment would work the first time you turned on the power.

Houston Vintage Radio Association


Founded in Houston, Texas in November 1978 when twenty-two men met in the basement of the Museum of Science and Natural History to organize a club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique radios. Today, the HVRA has hundreds of members, not only in Texas; but throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. The membership includes not only collectors and restorers of antique radios, but those who collect antique phonographs, telephones, telegraphs, records, ham equipment, and television equipment as well.

HP Test Equipment Museum


This web site is devoted to the history of test equipment produced by the Hewlett-Packard Company which is now known as Agilent Technologies. Ken owns a huge collection of vintage Hewlett-Packard test equipment, catalogs, equipment manuals, and Hewlett-Packard Journals. The HP200A, HP200B, HP200C, HP200D, HP200H, HP201B, HP202D, HP410A, HP500A, and many more are part of over 450 pieces.

IEEE Virtual Museum


History of electricity, microelectronics, telephones, TV, music recording, the Internet, and much more. Here you'll explore the history of these technologies, find out how they work, and learn about some of the people who invented them.

Indiana Historical Radio Society (IHRS)


Documented, preserved and displayed by radio collectors and historians   Pulled together by the Indiana Historical Radio Society, 250 antique radio enthusiasts, primarily from Indiana and surrounding states, enjoy an avocation of seeking out, documenting, and restoring vintage radios. The  is visible through the following endeavors:

InfoAge Museum


732-280-3000 / Wall, NJ

An emerging science/history learning center and museum.

Intel Museum


408-765-0503 / Santa Clara, CA

showcases Intel's history and operations through unique exhibits and presentations designed to let you explore Intel® technology first hand.

International Microwave Symposium (IMS) Museum

This display was set up at the IMS 2009 show in Boston, MA. According to the IMS 2009 website, the items are "memorabilia from the first IMS held in Boston 50 years ago."

International Spy Museum


866-SPY-MUSEUM / Washington, DC

The first and only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage and the only one in the world to provide a global perspective on this all-but-invisible profession. It features the largest collection of international spy-related artifacts ever placed on public display. The stories of individual spies, told through film, interactives, and state-of-the-art exhibits, provide a dynamic context to foster an understanding of espionage and its impact on current and historic events.

Institute and Museum of the History of Science


+39 055 265 311 / Florence, Italy

The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza [IMSS] is one of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science, combining a noted museum of scientific instruments and an institute dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of the history of science in the broadest senses.

Jacksonville Antique Radio Society


Serving the needs of the Antique Radio Enthusiast, the Jacksonville Antique Radio Society was established in 2001 here in Jacksonville, Florida for the purpose of furthering the interest in and enjoyment of those collecting, restoring, trading and learning about Radios-all radios, especially those of the past.

Lamps et Tubes Museum



My collection has more than 1,600 lamps and vacuum tubes. Wide area, in addition to lighting, radio tubes and cathode ray tubes, well known, also includes, among others: arc lamps, light sources used in the laboratory, emission tubes, cameras, lamps flash, microwave tubes, photocells, photomultiplier tubes, radiation detectors, rectifiers tubes, relays, thyratrons, vacuum gauges, X-ray sources.

Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation


202-633-3450 / Washington, DC

Records the past, by preserving and increasing access to records and artifacts, broadens our understanding of history, through research, discussion, and dissemination of ideas, looks towards the future, by engaging young people in the study and exploration of invention and innovation.

Library of Congress American Memory


Provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience.

Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology


800-662-1545 / Kansas City, MO

Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive science, engineering, and technology collections, reliable library services, and finest educational programs and exhibits.

Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club

A hobby club for those dedicated to collecting, restoring, and preserving vintage radio and television equipment.   Collecting antique radio equipment is a fun and interesting past time that appeals to a variety of folks from the pure collectors who are looking for their next great find, to the technicians and tinkerers who like to restore the electronics or refinish cabinets, to the historians and preservationists interested in the history of the technology, to those who are into it as a small business.

MIT Museum


617-253-4422 / Cambridge, MA

Home to renowned collections in science and technology, holography, architecture and design, nautical engineering and history, the Museum features changing and ongoing exhibitions, unique hands-on activities, and engaging public programs. The in-depth learning opportunities the Museum offers showcase the fascinating world of MIT and inspire creativity and provoke inquiry.

Museu Virtual da Informática



Este site tem como objectivo principal, tentar dar uma explicação do porquê das implicações das Tecnologias de Informação na vida das organizações e do Homem, fornecendo um acompanhamento cronológico da evolução tecnológica até aos nossos dias. Assim, torna-se uma boa fonte de estudo para todos os interessados.

Museum of American Heritage


650-321-1004 / Palo Alto, CA

WWe combine elements of history, technology and design to illustrate the evolution of technology, how and why it has influenced society from inception to the current time, and a glimpse of future expectations.

Museum of Radio and Technology


304-525-8890 / Huntington, WV

Vintage radios, test equipment and parts, vintage books & magazines to browse and view schematics, tube-type audio equipment & related components on display, amplifiers, tuners, receivers, turntables, tape recorders, etc, variety of military radio and communication gear such as a generator set, a WW II Japanese transceiver, a "Gibson Girl" emergency radio.

Museum of Reontgen X-Ray Tubes



Professor Grzegorz Jezierskiat, Opole University of Technology, has been doing industrial radiology for 30 years. He is the author of many scientific publications about radiology, including "Radiography in Industry"

(Metody Radiologiczne)


Warsaw 1993. Dr. Jezierskiat Roentgen has been

collecting vintage tubes


(made of the glass) and the ceramic, modern one (for industrial radiography, dental/medical, diffraction type, fluorescence type, microfocus x-ray tube, miniature x-ray tube). Donations are appreciated.

Museum of Science


617-723-2500 / Boston, MA

The mission of the Museum of Science, Boston is to stimulate interest in and further understanding of science and technology and their importance for individuals and for society.

Museum of the History of Science


(+44) [0]1865 277280 / UK

Houses an unrivalled collection of historic scientific instruments in the world's oldest surviving purpose-built museum building, the Old Ashmolean on Broad Street, Oxford.

Museum of Yo-Yo History


Resource for yo-yo collectors across the globe, including history, stories, patents, and articles.

Museum voor het Radiozendamateurisme Jan Corver


0495-430342 / The Netherlands

Wat de stichting beoogt is aangegeven in de stichtingsakte: het opzetten van een museum waarin de ontwikkeling van het Nederlandse radio-zendamateurisme wordt getoond, van 1945 tot heden. De beperking tot de periode na 1945 is uit de louter praktische overweging dat van amateurzendapparatuur van voor de oorlog bijna niets meer is te vinden.

Music City Vintage Radio Club


Nashville, TN

National Atomic Museum


The National Atomic Museum has a large collection of aircraft and rockets that were designed to carry and employ nuclear weapons. The collection is not available for public viewing currently. When the museum moves to its new facility, The National Museum for Nuclear Science and History, these as well as other nuclear carriers will be on display.

National Electronics Museum


410-765-0230 / Linthicum, MD

Offers a wide variety of both static and interactive displays, as well as a research and lending library that is open to the general public, with holdings that focus on all aspects of electronics history. we also have a complete amateur radio station, W3HEM/W3GR, fully equipped with vintage and modern communications systems.

National Institute of Standards & Technology Museum


Gaithersburg, MD

Information on chemistry, electronics & electricity, information technology, building & fire research,  physics and more.

National Media Museum


0870 7010200 / West Yorkshire, UK

The National Media Museum is part of the NMSI Museums Group (National Museum of Science and Industry) which also includes the Science Museum (based in London and at Wroughton in Wiltshire), the National Railway Museum (based in York and at Shildon in County Durham).

We exist to “Engage, inspire and educate by promoting an understanding and appreciation of photography, film, television, radio and the web; using our collection and knowledge to deliver a cultural programme accessibly and authoritatively.

National Museum of American History


202-633-1000 / Washington, D.C.

The Museum takes care of more than three million objects that preserve the memories and experiences of the American people. We constantly enrich the collections with new acquisitions and research, and provide the public with a strong sense of the American identity through exhibitions and programs that look at the major themes of our national experience.

New England Antique Radio Club


Dedicated to the preservation, collection, restoration, and enjoyment of antique and collectable radios, TV's, and related equipment.

New England Wireless and Steam Museum


401-885-0545 / East Greenwich, RI

An electrical and mechanical engineering museum emphasizing the beginnings of radio and steam power. The museum honors engineers who achieved greatness and served the public good by analyzing and solving tough engineering problems.

New Jersey Antique Radio Club


Dedicated to the preservation of radio history.

Obsolete Computer Museum


Williamsburg, VA

Online exhibit of obsolete computers.

Owls Head Transportation Museum


207-594-4418 / Owls Head, ME

Aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, horse-drawn, nautical, and rail exhibits.

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting


952-926-8198 / St. Louis Park, MN

Houses one of the world's finest collections of antique radio, television, and broadcast equipment.

Philbrick Archive


A repository of materials from GAP/R George A. Philbrick Researches, the company that launched the commercial use of the Operational Amplifier in 1952. Dedicated to the many engineers that gave the Analog industry its great start with their state-of-the-art Philbrick products, and by setting new professional standards, and creating new ways to solve engineering problems with the application of analog elements.

Philco Radio Museum


Comprehensive history and photo gallery sections showing all prewar and some postwar Philco models, this is THE premier site for Philco history and reference.

Planes of Fame Museum


909-597-3722 / Chino, CA

Dedicated to preserving aviation history for the benefit of future generations. The Air Museum displays aircraft spanning the history of manned flight, from a replica of the Chanute Hang Glider of 1896, through modern space flight, and includes numerous milestone achieving test and research flight vehicles.

Puget Sound Antique Radio Association


We are a diverse group of radio collectors, tinkerers, buyers and sellers, and restorers of vintage radios, televisions, and associated equipment. Our members range from teen-agers who are new to the hobby, to "old-timers" who were there in the early days of the industry.

Radio History Society (RHS)


On-profit corporation dedicated to the operation of the Radio & Television Museum. The Washington-Baltimore metro area is home to a large number of people enthusiastic about preserving this segment of our nation's history. The Radio History Society (RHS) is dedicated to the preservation of radio and television history.

Rahmi M Koç Museum


+90 (0)212 369 66 00-01-02 / Istanbul Turkey

Dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications.

Samuel F. B. Morse Papers Museum


Library of Congress archive that comprises about 6,500 items, or approximately 50,000 images, that document Morse's invention of the electromagnetic telegraph, his participation in the development of telegraph systems in the United States and abroad, his career as a painter, his family life, his travels, and his interest in early photography, religion, and the nativist movement.

Science Museum


+44 (0)870 870 4868 / UK

History of telecommunications, weather, time measurement, mathematics, marine engineering, computing, heat & temperature, optics, geophysics, oceanography, and more.

Slide Rule Guy


Another good collection of slide rules.

Slide Rule Museum



This has got to be one of the largest slide rule collections on the planet.

Slide Rule Museum

by RF Cafe

This is my very modest collection of slide rules.



202-633-1000 / Washington, D.C.

Committed to enlarging our shared understanding of the mosaic that is our national identity by providing authoritative experiences that connect us to our history and our heritage as Americans and to promoting innovation, research and discovery in science.

Southern Appalachian Radio Museum


828-298-1847 / Ashville, NC

Museum exhibits range from Atwater Kent, Philco, Silvertone, Edison phonographs, Crosley, Hammarlund, Harvey Wells, test instruments, spark gap transmitters, keys, ancient QSL cards and more! Our staff are volunteers with an interest in radio history and electronics - the museum provides a wonderful opportunity to interest young folks in radio. The museum is sponsored by QCWA Chapter 145.

Southern California Antique Radio Society


The 25th year of the existence of SCARS, so it seemed appropriate to honor the occasion by writing a short history of the club. The following is excerpted from one page penned by Alan Smith that was found by Bette Smith last year when going through Alan's things. In Alan Smith's own words: "Not much knowing what I was doing, I started collecting radios in the mid 1970's. I bought a couple of battery sets, some 201-A tubes and a horn speaker at an auction of a bankrupt radio store in San Diego."

Spark Museum


John Jenkins' collection of electrical apparati including spark machines, electroscopes, Leyden Jars, loudspeakers, and much more.



617-926-2298 / Watertown, MA

Includes instruments from collections all over the world.

Texas Antique Radio Club (TARC)


TARC's goals are to serve the antique radio collecting interests of members located in the Austin-San Antonio region, as well as greater south and west Texas.

The Tech Museum of Innovation


408-294-TECH / San Jose, CA

The Tech is a cosmopolitan museum singularly focused on technology—how it works and the way that it is changing every aspect of the way we work, live, play and learn. Its people-and-technology focus and the integration of advanced technologies into visitor experiences and infrastructure, distinguishes it from other science centers.

Transistor Museum


"Dedicated to preserving the history of the greatest invention of the 20th Century.

Tube Collectors Association


EEstablished to support and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods. The TCA provides a forum for sharing information on the development, manufacturing, trends in design, specifications, and historical relevance of electron tubes.

Virtual Valve Museum


07625 364020 / UK

Online presentation of the personal collection of Jeremy M. Harmer. There are currently 1815 valves in the collection, 1588 on the website.

VisiCalc DOS Spreadsheet


This is the original spreadsheet program for DOS, provided by its original developers, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston. Includes the complete history.



Largest private museum in Europe (opened 1991) - a major tourist attractions in Germany. Over 16 km² indoors, and in open air grounds comprising in excess of 150 km², we are offering you more than 3,000 exhibits. 70 airplanes and helicopters, 50 vintage cars, 40 fire engines, 20 locomotives and more.

World of Wireless Radio Museum


Our database contains 150 free downloadable Philips diagrams. Collecting radios and old books about this subject is one of our hobbies.

The Weather Museum


Houston, TX

The Weather Museum is being developed to stimulate interest in the scientific fields of meteorology and oceanography, to provide a facility for people of all ages to learn about the weather, obtain weather safety information, and to look into the past at how weather was observed.

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