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Heathkit Test Equipment - VOM's
Christmas 1982 Catalog

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Cover - RF Cafe Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Cover

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Table of Contents - RF Cafe

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog Table of Contents 

Page 8: SS-9000 Deluxe Synthesized HF Transceiver

Page 32: Electronics Training Courses - DC, AC, Semiconductors

Page 51: Test Equipment - VOM's

Page 66: Heath/Zenith Z−100 Series Computer

Page 93: System 3, 19" Color Television Kit

Page 95: Satellite Earth Station

Heathkit IM−17 Utility Solid−State Voltmeter - RF CafeWhen preparing this webpage from the 1982 Heathkit Christmas catalog, I decided it was a good excuse to clean and re-calibrate my personal IM−17 Utility Solid−State Voltmeter (left). It is still in good-as-new condition. The accuracy and precision is very good, with consistent meter readings when changing scales. By the time this catalog came out, the IM−17 had been redesignated the IM−5217 and included a transistor and diode testing function (but still no ammeter function). The 8.4 V mercury battery used in the IM−17 was replaced with a 9 V transistor radio battery (two of them, actually), and retained the one C-cell. The $39.95 price in 1982 is the equivalent of $106.39 in 2020 (per the BLS Inflation Calculator). That was a lot of money to spend in the day, especially since my earnings as an electronics technician freshly out of the USAF was around $16k/year. Below are a couple of the voltmeter products available from Heathkit in 1982.

Heathkit Christmas 1982 Catalog

Heathkit Test Instruments

Heathkit 1982 Christmas Catalog, p51

Portable, Versatile VOM

Single test probe makes all measurements quickly:

The extremely versatile Heathkit IM-521S VTVM features seven DC voltage, rms and peak-to-peak AC voltage and resistance ranges. Ideal for use with solid-state and digital equipment.

You can measure: 0-1500 volts DC and rms volts AC, 0.4 to 4000 peak-to-peak volts AC and 1 ohm to 100 megohms of resistance. Offers ±3% DC accuracy and ±5% AC accuracy; precision network resistors (with 1% accuracy) for reliable, precise resistance measurements.

Wide 25 Hz 10 1 MHz, ± 1 dB frequency response! Allows you to conduct a wide variety of AC measurements. A large, 4.5" color-coded 200 μA meter movement and scale makes delicate readings a snap.

In addition 10 its practicality, you save by building it yourself the easy Heathkit way! The step-by-step manual shows you how. Uses 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power and one 1.5 VDC "C" cell (not included). Measures 7 3/8" x 4 11/16 W x 4 1/4" D (18.75 x 11.91 x 10.8 cm).

Kit 1M-5218, Shpg. wt. 5lbs 77.95

IM-5218 Specifications: Meter Scales: DC and AC (rms) Voltage: 0-1.5, 15, 50, 150, 500, 1500 V full scale. AC (p-p) Voltage: 0.4, 14, 40, 140, 1400, 4000 V full scale. Resistance: 10 ohm center scale x1, x10. x100, x1000, x10k, x1 Meg. Input Resistance: 11 megohms. 1 megohm in probe.

Bench-Type VTVM for the Shop or the Lab

Always ready for service: The IM-5228 is a professional looking, bench-type version of the popular IM-5218 VTVM. In addition to features found on the IM-5218, the IM-5228 also ensures ease of use with all calibration controls centrally located on the front panel. You can measure 0-1500 rms VAC/VDC and 0.1 ohm to 1000 megohms. ±3% DC voltage accuracy, ±5% AC voltage accuracy. Requires one 1.5 VDC "C" cell, not supplied. Operates on 120/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Rugged, handsome cabinet measures a compact 5" H x 12 11/16" W x 4 3/4" D (12.7 x 33.23 x 12.07 cm).

Kit 1M-5228, Shpg. wt. 6lbs 77.95

PKW-4, Wired Replacement Probe for IM-5218 or IM-5228 VTVMs, Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 14.95

IM-5228 Specifications: DC Voltage: Input Resistance: 11 Megohms (1 Megohm in probe) on all ranges. Circuit: Balanced bridge (push-pull) using twin triodes. AC Voltage: Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 1 MHz, ± dB (800 ohm source, referred to 60 Hz). Input Resistance and Capacitance: 1 megohm shunted by 40 pF, measured at input terminals 1200 pF at probe tip).

Wide-range Heathkit Portable FM Deviation Meter $149.95

• Check operation of FM transmitters and signal generators

• Two front panel jacks for easy oscilloscope hook-up

• Uses battery or At power

Easy-to use: All controls and jacks on the Heathkit IM-4180 are located right on the front panel for easy access. You can select from four deviation modulation ranges just by pressing a pushbutton. Ranges available for use are from 2 to 75 Hz. Lock in UHF FM signals with the convenient coarse and fine tuning controls. Measures peak FM deviation between 25 and 1000 MHz. An 8 ohm jack allows you to connect a speaker or a pair of headphones. Controls are provided to allow you to select the appropriate de-emphasis for audio signals. Easy to read meter. 5" H x 10.31" W x 7.19" D. Requires ten 1.5 VDC "AA" cells (carbon-zinc, alkaline or nickel-cadmium - not included) or the optional IMA-4180-1 Battery Charger-Eliminator below.

Kit 1M-4180, Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. 149.95

Kit IMA-4180-1, Battery Charger-Eliminator for IM-4180, Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 29.95

Swiveling Telescopic Antenna. Monitor transmitter/generator performance without physical connection to the IM-4180.

SMA-2400-1, Assembled, Shpg. wt. 1 lb 9.95

Alaska, Hawaii and Michigan Residents: call 616-982-3411

Portable IM-5217 VOM for Use Anywhere

Perfect for in-field use by car buffs. campers, boaters, others: Four voltage and resistance ranges make the Heathkit IM-5217 Portable VOM ideal for making all common measurements. It's easy to build and easy to use. Measures 0-500 Volts AC or DC (function switch allows measurement of AC and DC without changing test lead connections) and 1 ohm-1 megohm. High input impedance avoids circuit loading. Wide frequency response for audio measurements. Checking semiconductors is a breeze with a special 1.5 Volt ohmmeter. Requires two 9 VDC cells and one 1.5 VDC "C" cell (not included). Attractive, durable carry-along cabinet measures 5 3/8" H x 9 3/8" W x 9" D (13.67 x 23.83 x 22.86 cm).

Kit IM-5217, Shpg. wt. 41bs. 39.95

Hand-Held Digital Capacitance Meter

Hand-held Digital Capacitance Meter features auto-ranging, leakage detection

• Measures up to 199.9 mF with +0.2"10 basic accuracy, automatically selects proper measuring range $157.95

• Built-in polarized "Kelvin" test sockets for more accurate capacitance measurements

• Detects leaky capacitors with special circuitry

• Large 3 1/2-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

• Hand-held meter uses standard 9 VDC battery

The compact IT-2250 measures capacitance from 0 pF to 199.9 mF. Measuring all types of capacitors (mica, glass, paper, polystyrene, mylar, electrolytic, air-gap, ceramic and others), an auto-ranging feature automatically selects the correct range of measurement from a choice of ten ranges. The capacitance measurement is then shown on its 3 1/2-digit LCD. Four LEOs indicate unit of measurement (pF, nF, μF or mf).

"Kelvin" terminal design permits measurement directly at the capacitor leads to minimize error. And a special zero control allows for the elimination of stray capacitance in the instrument.

For measuring electrolytic and other capacitors with a low operating voltage, the IT-2250 supplies a low test voltage (superimposed on a low bias voltage). A remote cable lets you test capacitors that can't be connected directly.

Another key feature of the IT-2250 is its ability to detect a leaky capacitor. A nomogram is provided so you can translate the readings you obtain, using the two separate leakage switches, into approximate values of shunt or internal capacitor leakage resistance.

Protection from excessive current is provided by clamp diodes and a 1/4 Amp fuse when the IT-2250 is turned on, and by a 2.2 ohm, 2 Watt resistor across the input jacks when the instrument is turned off.

Uses 9 VDC battery, or 120 VAC line current with optional PS-2350 (below).

Kit IT-225O, Shpg. wt. 3lbs 157.95

IMA-2215-1, Leather Carrying Case for IT-2250, Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 14.95

PS-2350, 120 VAC Battery Eliminator, Shpg. wt. 1 lb 7.95

IT-2250 Specifications: IMAGE HERE



Posted August 26, 2020

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