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Press Release & Product Announcement Archive: 2016 (#3)

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Triad RF Systems TA1025 1.7 to 2.5 GHz, 5 W SSPA

Triad RF Systems TA1025 1.7 to 2.5 GHz, 5 W SSPA - RF CafeTriad RF Systems has introduced a 1.7 to 2.5 GHz, 5 W Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA). The TA1025 produces over 1 W of linear COFDM power and 5W peak. The amplifier is protected from high, low, and reverse DC bias, thermal overload, and high output VSWR. The amplifier draws 0.8 A (100% duty cycle), and measures only 3.75" x 1.9" x 0.5" ...



X-COM Systems Joins GSA Advantage! Program

X-COM Systems Products Now Available Online at Government Services Agency GSA Advantage! - RF CafeX-COM Systems, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies, today announced that it has been awarded a Government Services Agency (GSA) contract that allows federal agencies to purchase X-COM Systems products online via GSA Advantage! in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, and with the least difficulty. GSA Advantage! is the agency's online shopping and ordering service designed to provide a streamlined and efficient purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire ...

CP Cloverleaf Omni Antenna by Southwest Antennas

Southwest Antennas Releases World's Smallest Circularly Polarized Cloverleaf Omni Antennas - RF CafeSouthwest Antennas is pleased to introduce their new small form factor "Turbo Cloverleaf" family of circularly polarized (CP) Omni antennas in 1.98 - 2.2 GHz and 2.3 - 2.5 GHz frequencies. These new and innovative antenna products deliver substantial increases in high data rate throughput and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in a very compact, rugged radome that measures two inches or less on each side. Each antenna ...




Keysight Webinar: Scope Measurements for 5G, WiGig...

Keysight Technologies Webinar: Scope Measurements for 5G, WiGig, and Automotive RADAR Using VSA - RF CafeWho Should Attend: Engineers who use wideband oscilloscopes to measure 5G, WiGig, and Automotive RADAR signals. With emerging communication standards (e.g. 5G, WiGig) becoming more prevalent today, R&D groups to manufacturing teams are looking for easy and accurate methods to measure these wideband signals. Keysight can show you how to unlock the potential of your oscilloscope for these demanding applications ...


Guerrilla RF's Gain Blocks Robust Linearity and Low Noise

Guerrilla RF's High Performance Gain Blocks Feature Robust Linearity and Low Noise - RF CafeGuerrilla RF, a leading provider of high performance MMICs, today introduces new additions to the company's family of high linearity gain blocks featuring a unique combination of simple-application schematic, flat gain and high compressed output power which operate from 50 MHz up to as high as 8 GHz. The GRF201X family of devices is offered in a 1.5 x 1.5 mm DFN-6 package and the GRF301X family is packaged in the popular SOT-89. Devices from both families provide strong linearity measured over a wide temperature range ...

Aemulus and Peregrine Semiconductor Collaborate to Advance High Frequency Testing

Aemulus and Peregrine Semiconductor Collaborate to Advance High Frequency Testing

Peregrine Semiconductor Introduces 100-Watt RF SOI Power Limiter

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - October 2016

Highland Technology Intros Model D200 Laser Diode Driver

Bittele Electronics Reduces Customer Costs with Free Passive Parts Service

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Skyworks Announces LNA FEM for GPS Applications

Cobham Intros First in a Range of High Power Spiral Antennas

Electro-Photonics Intros 800-2200 MHz Directional Coupler Series

Empower RF Systems Remote Live Demo at EMC 2016

Triad RF Systems 5.0 to 5.3 GHz, 10 Watt Bidirectional Amplifier

New Economical 4½ Digit Benchtop Multimeter from Saelig

Withwave Intros 3.5 mm Compact Calibration Kit

Rohde & Schwarz Presents Leading-Edge Microwave T&M Solutions at EuMW 2016

NuWaves Engineering Intros 15 Watt MMIC-Based C-Band RF Power Amplifier for Communications, Telemetry and Electronic Warfare Markets

Triad RF Systems Intros 14.4-15.5 GHz 4 W Ku Band SSPA

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Skyworks Announces Advanced SPDT Switch for WLAN Applications

Triad RF Systems Intros 6.4-8.5 GHz SSPA for Any Modulation

VidaRF Intros 1 to 12.4 GHz 90° Degree 3dB Hybrid Coupler

VidaRF's High Performance SMD Circulators & Isolators for 0.3-3.0 GHz

Saelig Intros High Performance 30/60 MHz DDS Signal Generators

Triad RF Systems Intros 4.4-5.0 GHz Bidirectional Amplifier

Cobham Antenna Systems: Countering the Unlawful Use of Drones

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Orbel: Wireless Technology Creating New Opportunities in EMI Shielding Industry

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - November 2016

VidaRF Offers Wide Selection of Isolators & Circulators

VidaRF Offers Wide Selection of Power Dividers/Combiners

Empower RF Systems Intros 10 kW COTS Flexible L BAND Radar Transmitter HPA

Triad RF Systems Bi-Directional SSPA for Dual MIMO Applications

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Fairview Now Delivers MMBX Connectors and Adapters for Circuit Board Connectivity Applications

Saelig Introduces New Mil-Spec High Reliability Crystal Oscillators

Skyworks Announces New Family of GPIO-controlled, High Performance RF Cellular Switches

IPP's New Smaller 90° Drop In Couplers for 100 - 520 MHz

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - September 2016

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Saelig Introduces 5½ Digit High Performance Bench/Portable Multimeters

Anatech Electronics Intros 2 Bandpass Filters & 1 Highpass Filter

Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with Exostiv Labs

Pasternack Introduces a Brand New Product Line of Coaxial Voltage Variable Attenuators (VVAs)

WindFreak Technologies / Saelig Company Cyber Week Sale

Antenova Announces Two New Flexible GNSS Antennas

Saelig Introduces Versatile Dual Channel 13.6 GHz Microwave Signal Generator

everything RF 2016 Antenna Search Tool Available

Skyworks Announces New MIPI® Antenna Aperture Tuners

VidaRF Single Junction Low Cost Drop-In Circulators & Isolators

TRAK Intros Ruggedized, Tactical GPS Time and Frequency System

Southwest Antennas Releases New S-Band 2.1 – 2.5 GHz Body Worn Antennas, Ideal for MIMO / MANET Applications

Triad RF Systems Intros 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, 40 Watt Bidirectional Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros 30 - 2500 MHz, 10 W Broadband SSPA

NI AWR Software Highlighted in Demos, Presentations and Workshops at EDI CON USA

Skyworks Introduces Front-End Module for Smart Energy and IoT Applications

VidaRF Intros 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN Series

Anatech Electronics Intros 2 New Filters & 1 Cable Assembly

VidaRF Intros New Website Design for 2017

Triad RF Systems Intros 20-1000 MHz, 20 W Bidirectional Amplifier

Guerrilla RF Announces New Failsafe SPDT Switch for Cellular Boosters, Cellular Infrastructure and L-Band Satellite Communications

Saelig Introduces New 4-Pin Mil-Spec High Reliability Crystal Oscillators

IPP Intros SMD 90° Coupler for 4000-6000 MHz

VidaRF Intros 4.3-10 and 4.1-9.5 Connector Adapters

Triad RF Systems Intros Bi-Directional SSPA for UAS Applications

VidaRF Intros 2 to 18 GHz, 32-Way Power Divider

Saelig's Aaronia Drone Detection System (ADDS) Discovers Unwanted UAV Incursions

Saelig Intros 5-in-1 PC-Hosted Test Scope with Signature Analysis

Peregrine Semiconductor Breaking High Frequency Barriers in RF SOI

Saelig Introduces High Efficiency and High Power Density 1500W Single-Channel Programmable DC Supplies with Multiple Features

Doodle Labs Intros NTIA Compliant 4.4 GHz NATO Broadband Transceivers

New NI AWR Software Application Note Discusses Synthesizing UHF RFID Antennas

Saelig Debuts Economical 9 GHz Microwave/Gigabit Passive Test Probes

Saelig Introduces TEA6000-95 0.1 to 6 GHz Digital Attenuator

Highland Technology Intros P620 Resistance Simulator

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - December 2016

Triad RF Systems TTRM1081 1.3-1.4 GHz 30 W BDA

WindFreak Technologies Releases Innovative Low-Cost RF Signal Generator

Berkeley Nucleonics 27 GHz Wideband Receiver Provides Real-Time Signal Analysis

Saelig Introduces Versatile 1-Ch & 2-Ch 25/50 MHz True Pulse Generators

Peregrine Semiconductor's RF Switches Reach Market Acceptance in the Cable Industry

Anatech Electronics Intros 1 Bandpass Filters & 2 Duplexers

New Videos Featuring NI AWR Software Now Available on AWR.TV YouTube Channel

New R&S FSVA Midrange Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

New R&S FSVA Midrange Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Offers Enhanced RF Performance at an Excellent Value - RF CafeRohde & Schwarz has expanded its portfolio of midrange signal and spectrum analyzers. The new R&S FSVA offers a 160 MHz analysis bandwidth over its entire frequency range, making it the only analyzer in its class to do so at frequencies between 26.5 GHz and 40 GHz. With its enhanced phase noise performance, the instrument offers users very high accuracy in spectral measurements on narrowband modulated signals and in phase noise measurements. The advanced features of the R&S FSVA include more than the improved phase noise of typ. -117 dBc ...

Triad RF Systems 6.4-7.1 GHz COFDM RF Power Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros a 6.4 to 7.1 GHz COFDM RF Power Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems today introduced the TA1029 PA, designed for broadcast applications requiring linear power for COFDM digital video transmission. It utilizes GaN devices for high efficiency while maintaining 30 dB ACPR with a COFDM video signal. The unit can be operated from a 9-36 VDC supply voltage range. This class AB GaN module is designed for both military and commercial applications. It is capable of supporting any signal type and modulation format, including but not limited to 3-4G ...

Antenova Couplers for TransferJet Close Proximity Wireless

Antenova M2M Shipping Embedded Couplers for New TransferJet Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology - RF CafeAntenova, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M, is shipping its first orders for the TransferJet coupler, Zoma, which the company announced in September 2015, and is collaborating with partner Icoteq to build TransferJet designs for customers worldwide. Antenova provides evaluation boards for customers to test the Zoma coupler with their designs. TransferJet is a close proximity wireless transfer technology that radiates very low power radio waves ...

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Cavity Bandpass Filters

Anatech Electronics Product Update for May 24, 2016 - RF CafeAnatech Electronics offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. Anatech has introduced 3 new cavity bandpass filter designs: a 910-920 MHz cavity bandpass filter with "N" connectors, a 890.5-915.5 MHz cavity bandpass filter with SMA connectors, and a 902-928 MHz cavity bandpass filter with "N" connectors for outdoor use ...

Copper Mountain Tech Intros VNA Models at IMS 2016

Copper Mountain Technologies Intros VNA Models at IMS 2016 - RF CafeCopper Mountain Technologies plans to shake things up at IMS by announcing several new models that will push the limits of current vector network analyzer technology at the 2016 International Microwave Symposium in San Francisco this week. New models include a patented one-port R60 vector reflectometer, two new two-port two-path compact models S5065 and S5085, and finally CobaltFx, an entirely new approach to mmWave frequency extension up to 110 GHz created in collaboration with Farran Technology, Ltd ...

Bliley Introduces the World's Lowest Power OCXO

Bliley Introduces the World's Lowest Power OCXO - RF CafeBliley Technologies, leader in high performance frequency control devices, today announced the world's lowest power ovenized oscillator, the LP102 OCXO. Offering exceptional stability and phase noise performance in a product that consumes only 135mW, the LP102 represents a major innovation in the frequency control industry. "The goal with our LP102 product line was to offer the highest performance that is expected from a Bliley part, but with a power budget that is a fraction of standard OCXOs," stated ...

everything RF Providing IMS 2016 Event Coverage

everything RF, which provides the only online searchable product database specifically for the RF & Microwave Industry, is providing in-depth coverage this week (May 22-27) of the 2016 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) show in San Francisco, California. The IMS 2016 event offers technical sessions, interactive forums, plenary and panel sessions, workshops, short courses, industrial exhibits, application seminars, historical exhibits, and a wide variety of other technical and social activities including a guest program. everything RF ...

"Explore RF" Online Training FREE Through 2017

Wolfspeed & Explore RF Join Forces to Bring You "Conquer Radio Frequency" - RF CafeWolfspeed, true patrons of RF and Microwave Engineering education, are sponsoring FREE access to Dr Fornetti's masterpiece, Conquer Radio Frequency: A Multimedia Conceptual Guide to RF & Microwave Engineering, Based on AWR Microwave Office Video Tutorials. The material takes an original approach to explaining the fundamental principles behind the design of passive and active RF & Microwave circuits. It illustrates how to design, test and characterise practical circuits using NI AWR Microwave Office. The simulator allows Dr Fornetti to dig deeper into the phenomena ...

P1dB Equal Phase Attenuators for Signal Balancing

P1dB Releases Equal Phase Attenuators for Signal Balancing - RF CafeP1dB, an RF and Microwave component supplier, announces a line of RF Signal Balancing Attenuators with equal group delays. The P1AT-SAMF-6G2W series attenuators are a cost effective solution for amplitude balancing parallel signals while maintaining the same group delay. P1dB's SMA attenuators can also be used to introduce an amplitude taper on a phased array antenna without affecting phase. The SMA attenuators operate to 6 GHz and are available from 0 to 10 dB in 1 dB steps ...

Switchable Matching Circuit Optimization in Optenni Lab 3.3

Optimization of Switchable Matching Circuits in Optenni Lab 3.3 - RF CafeOptenni Ltd announces a new version of the Optenni Lab™ matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software featuring a new workflow for the optimization of switchable matching circuits. After seven years of intense development, Optenni Lab has become the leading professional matching circuit optimization software on the market, with many unique innovative features that are not found in any other software. With Optenni Lab 3.3, we have added new features and usability improvements to speed up ...

Pasternack Offers 60 GHz Development System'

Pasternack's 60 GHz Development System Offers a Fast, Out-of-the-Box Experience - RF CafePasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, introduces the new PEM009-KIT 60 GHz development system which offers designers the ability to perform product development and experimentation of single and multi-carrier high bandwidth modulation covering 57 to 64 GHz in the globally unlicensed ISM frequency spectrum. Applications include baseband development up to 7 Gbps data rates using WiGig/WiFi 802.11ad and 802.11aj IEEE standards, GigE wireless LAN, FMCW Radar, uncompressed HD video, RFID, radiometry ...

Raytheon's Tom Sikina to Keynote at EDI CON USA

Raytheon Company's Tom Sikina to Keynote at EDI CON USA Plenary Session - RF CafeEDI CON USA 2016, a conference that brings together engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs, is pleased to announce Tom Sikina, Principal Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Co. as a keynote speaker in the EDI CON USA Plenary Session that will be held on Tuesday, September 22 at 4:30 PM. As a renowned expert with more than 35 years of experience in a wide range of antenna design and development, Tom Sikina will take the EDI CON USA stage to discuss, "Innovation in Phased Arrays: Past, Present, and Future." Sikina will trace ..."

Triad RF 2.2-2.5 GHz Bidirectional Amplifier w/Bypass

Triad RF Systems 2.2 to 2.5 GHz Bidirectional Amplifier w/Bypass Feature - RF CafeTriad RF Systems, founded in 2010, designs and manufactures high-performance, high-power RF and microwave amplifiers operating at frequencies from 10 MHz to 20 GHz. The TTRM1104 is a bi-directional amplifier designed for UAV video, data link, and C2 applications. It has a selectable gain control to vary the amp output based on link distance, and can also be placed in bypass mode when the BDA is not required. An analog RSSI output is also included.

NI AWR Load-Pull App Note for Designing Base Station PAs

Application Note Describes the Use of Advanced Load-Pull Features in NI AWR Software for Designing Base Station PAs - RF Cafe"Designing with Enhanced Load Pull Measurements for Base Station Power Amplifiers" is a new application note that describes how to use the advanced load-pull features in NI AWR Design Environment™ to design matching networks and associated circuitry directly from measured load-pull data. Load pull has been used for decades in RF circuit design flows, especially for high-power applications such as base station PAs. Recent advances in data file formats by load-pull measurement system vendors have significantly expanded the usefulness ...

Anatech Electronics Newsletter for May 2016

Anatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its May 2016 newsletter. As always, it includes both company news and some tidbits about relevant industry happenings. This month, Sam Benzacar discusses the increasing challenge that interference is to military systems, how a new record has been set for spectral efficiency using a 256-QAM system, IoT being a prime target for hackers, and more. Anatech's business is to make certain that system and circuit designers have ...

X-Microwave Adds Peregrine's RF Products to Simulator

X-Microwave Adds Peregrine Semiconductor's RF Products to Online Simulation and Prototype System - RF CafeX-Microwave, the innovative leader in modular system design, and Peregrine Semiconductor, founder of RF SOI and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, announce their collaboration and the addition of Peregrine's RF products to X-Microwave's online simulation tool and hardware prototyping system. X-Microwave's building-block system simplifies the modular design process and enables RF engineers to easily simulate and prototype RF and microwave circuits. To kick off this relationship, 16 Peregrine products are being added to the X-Microwave system as drop-in X-MWblock™ components ...

Empower RF Systems Live Demo at IMS 2016

Empower RF Systems Live Demo at IMS 2016 - RF CafeEmpower RF Systems is once again conducting live demonstrations of broadband, high power amplifiers with compelling performance, industry leading small size, IOT interface, and user selectable functionality that dares to challenge legacy products offered in the market. Next appearing at IMS 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, we will be showcasing a variety of RF modules along with our 1 to 3 GHz, 1 kW HPA in a 5U chassis. This is an extraordinary design which includes an integrated (internal) dual directional coupler and instrument ...

EDI CON USA Announces 2016 Gold Sponsors

EDI CON USA Announces 2016 Gold Sponsors for Event in Boston, MA - RF CafeEDI CON USA today announced the Gold Sponsors for its next event taking place September 20-22 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass. These sponsors will be highlighted throughout the EDI CON USA 2016 conference and exhibition, which is specifically organized for engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs. This year's Gold Sponsors for EDI CON USA include Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) and Mini-Circuits. They join Host Sponsor Keysight Technologies, Diamond Sponsor R&S, and Corporate Sponsor NI/AWR as leading ...

R&S Validates World's 1st LTE-Advanced UL CA & UL 64QAM

R&S Validates World's 1st LTE-Advanced UL CA & UL 64QAM - RF Cafe"The R&S TS8980 RF conformance test system from Rohde & Schwarz has achieved the world's first validation for both LTE-Advanced uplink carrier aggregation (UL CA) and LTE-Advanced Pro uplink 64QAM (UL 64QAM). RF conformance is a critical part of device certification as specified by the Global Certification Forum GCF. Mobile manufacturers that use the most advanced chipset solutions will now be able to certify their devices in line with GCF requirements for UL CA and UL 64QAM. With the validation of LTE-Advanced Pro uplink 64QAM ..."

P1dB Releases Phase Stable Test Cable Series

P1dB Releases Phase Stable Test Cable Series - RF CafeP1dB, an RF and microwave component supplier, releases a new series of test cables that are phase stable under continuous flexure. These new test cables are built using P1dB's new 195TM coaxial cable, which has been designed and tested to be phase stable under 50,000 flexures. The P1dB test cables are also constructed using specialized stainless steel connectors that are designed for high retention and stability under more than 5,000 mating cycles. The new RF test cables are further enhanced using ...

IPP Intros SMD 90° Coupler for 690-6000 MHz

Innovative Power Products Intros SMD 90° Coupler for 690-6000 MHz - RF CafeInnovative Power Products introduces their latest 90 degree coupler that operates over the full 690 – 6000 MHz. band. The new Model IPP-7118, handles 50 watts CW and comes in a small SMD style package which is only 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.162 inches. The IPP-7118 will combine two signals up to 50 watts CW of total output power. This coupler has very good amplitude balance across the whole band and insertion loss of < 0.80 dB. The VSWR is less than 1.40:1 and the coupler has greater than 15 dB of isolation ...

NuWaves Engineering Offers Quick-Turn Filters

NuWaves Engineering, an international Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave solutions provider, revealed its latest product offering, custom quick-turn RF filters to meet the filtering demands for Military and Commercial applications. NuWaves Engineering provides a large selection of options for customized quick-turn filters including: frequency range of HF to 20 GHz, 3 dB bandwidths from 0.1% to 28%, and up to 50 W power handling. Available filter shapes include bandpass, lowpass, highpass, and bandstop in order to provide one-of-a-kind solutions for ...

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Ceramic Duplexers

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Ceramic Duplexers - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, Inc. offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. Anatech has introduced 3 new ceramic duplexer designs: a 1880 MHz / 1960 MHz ceramic duplexer , a 770.5 MHz / 715.5 MHz connectorized ceramic duplexer , and a 2535 MHz / 2655 MHz ceramic duplexer. Custom design are available ...


Triad RF Systems 700-6,000 MHz GaN SSPA Produces 20W

Triad RF  Systems TA1164 GaN SSPA - RF CafeTriad RF Systems introduced the TA1164, a broadband GaN SSPA designed for general purpose RF test and military jamming applications. Internal DC conversion allows for a 12 to 36 Vin supply voltage. CW output power is 10 W min, 20 W typical across the 700-6000 MHz band ...



RFMW Offers Skyworks' LNAs for Set Top Boxes

RFMW Offers Skyworks' LNAs for Set Top Boxes - RF CafeRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for two Skyworks Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for Set Top Box (STB) applications. The SKY65450-92LF and SKY65452-92LF both provide high linearity (28.4 dBm OIP3) and excellent gain (15 dB) over a wide bandwidth of 40 to 1000 MHz. Characterized for 75 ohm environments, both devices are applicable to cable modems, home gateways, PVRs, DVRs, and terrestrial/cable set top boxes. With noise figure of 2.9 dB, the SKY65450-92LF and SKY65452-92LF boast best-in-class NF, gain flatness, linearity and low ...

EDI CON USA Announces Technical Advisory Committee

EDI CON USA Announces Members of Technical Advisory Committee - RF CafeEDI CON USA 2016, a conference that brings together engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs, taking place September 20-22 in Boston, Mass. at the Hynes Convention Center, has announced the participants in this year's Technical Advisory Committee. The EDI CON USA 2016 Technical Advisory Committee is made up of leading experts in RF/microwave and high-speed digital design who are committed to the educational mission of EDI CON. They volunteer their time to review and evaluate submitted abstracts ...

Pasternack Waveguide Twists for 18 to 110 GHz

Pasternack Unveils New Portfolio of Waveguide Twists Operating from 18 to 110 GHz Across 7 Bands - RF CafePasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, introduces a brand new family of precision waveguide twists operating from 18 to 110 GHz across seven frequency bands. Ideal for systems requiring a gradual turn in the polarization and waveform, these twists are designed and constructed to prevent unwanted distortion in the signal's transmission. Pasternack's new waveguide twists are useful components when building a waveguide system, as they allow the waveguide to be turned at a precise angle ...

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