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Electrical Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle
September 25th, 2022

This custom made Electrical Engineering theme crossword puzzle for September 25th is provided compliments of RF Cafe. It's a big one with more than 240 words - good for a long flight. All RF Cafe crossword puzzles are custom made by me, Kirt Blattenberger, and have only words and clues related to RF, microwave, and mm-wave engineering, optics, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other technical subjects. As always, this crossword puzzle contains no names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort unless it/he/she is related to this puzzle's technology theme (e.g., Reginald Denny or the Tunguska event in Siberia). The technically inclined cruciverbalists amongst us will appreciate the effort. Enjoy!

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

acr. = acronym, abbr. = abbreviation, pl. = plural, wds. = words

Electrical Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle for September 25th, 2022 - RF Cafe

1. Connector vendor, now owned by FCI in St. Louis, Missouri
4. Describes a servo, accelerometer, solenoid, etc.
15. Military Auxiliary Radio System
18. File name extension for an ASCII file
20. Read-only (abbr.)
21. Unit of apparent power (abbr.)
22. Part of a FOR loop
23. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
24. One state of matter
25. Modulation type (abbr.)
26. Unit of admittance
28. Semiconductor On Insulator (abbr.)
30. CPS
31. Front edge of a wing (abbr.)
33. On-the-air meeting of hams at a set time, day and radio frequency
35. Heatsink feature
36. 3 MHz to 30 MHz
38. Unit of energy
39. Infrared (abbr.)
41. Unit of time (abbr.)
42. Numerical basis for decibels (abbr.)
44. Optical storage media
46. Elemental compound used for microwave frequency reference oscillators (abbr.)
48. The scalar component of velocity
51. Digital pattern coding type (abbr.)
53. Proportions of two numbers (pl.)
55. Peripheral Component Interface (abbr.)
56. Type of high-tech data gathering system (abbr.)
58. Stock symbol for Harris Communications
59. Chemically reacted to harden
61. The UK's largest defense electronics contractor (abbr.)
62. Abbreviation for minimum voltage
64. Person responsible for program spending (abbr.)
66. A type of average (pl.)
68. Polling line state
70. Common gateway interface (abbr.)
72. 10E1 numerical prefix
73. Chemical symbol for europium
74. 10E1 numerical prefix (pl.)
75. Chemical symbol for calcium
76. Related to FM by a differential
78. European equivalent to the U.L.
79. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)
81. Coordinated Universal Time (abbr.)
83. Filter type that blocks frequencies in a specified band (abbr.)
84. Number in a set of products
87. Radio navigation system (abbr.)
90. Subjects a circuit to extreme operation
93. Type of logic gate
94. Minutes of Use (abbr.)
95. Chemical symbol for lead
97. Measure of source / load mismatch (abbr.)
98. 1,000 seconds (abbr.)
99. Logic family
100. Filter type that blocks upper frequencies (abbr.)
102. Type of logic gate
104. American space agency (abbr.)
106. Substrate for mounting component (abbr., pl.)
108. Wireless local loop (abbr.)
110. Input winding of a transformer (pl.)
111. Centimeter (abbr.)
112. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
113. Duration to transfer data to a disk (2 wds.)
114. Temporary Engineering Change document (abbr.)
115. Waveform limit definition
119. Stock symbol for Dell Computer
122. Unit of weight
123. End of transmission (abbr.)
124. Digital transmission figure of merit (abbr.)
126. Intermodulation (abbr.)
127. Type of digital filter (abbr.)
129. Chemical symbol for manganese
130. FCC Part 15 rules apply in this band (abbr.)
132. Term used in soldering to achieve the condition that occurs when the metals being soldered are hot enough to melt the solder so it flows over the surface
134. Fundamental electrical component w/units of ohms
137. Added an impurity to a semiconductor
139. Reads from disk
143. Chemical symbol for rubidium
145. Government program to bring electricity to farms (abbr.)
146. Home state of Los Alamos lab (abbr.)
147. Logarithmic ratio (abbr.)
148. Chemical symbol for erbium
150. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors
151. Precision approach radar (abbr.)
152. Chemical symbol for selenium
153. Shorthand for oxygen
154. Opposite of USB
156. Apple's popular media playing device (pl.)
159. Describes an open fuse
161. Stock symbol for National Semiconductor
162. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr.)
163. Singulated piece of IC wafer
165. Emitted a flash during electrical discharge
167. One port of an amplifier
169. Joined a male and a female connector
171. Stock symbol for Advanced Micro Devices
174. Company that markets Teflon
176. Effective Radiated Power (abbr.)
177. Unwanted 60- or 120- Hz modulation due to poor power supply filtering (2 wds.)
179. World's largest yearly convention of gadget and device manufacturers (abbr.)
180. Color code for the number 3
181. U.K. equivalent of the IEEE
182. Switch position
183. Cyanide (abbr.)
184. Greek letter often used to represent an angle
185. Sound frequency in the human hearing range (abbr.)
186. Hub of the solar system
187. Ham's code for "Your net frequency is Low."
189. Filter type that blocks upper frequencies (abbr.)
191. Decimeter (abbr.)
192. Digital Signal Processor (abbr.)
194. Maximum Usable Frequency
196. 1E6 nanoseconds
197. Unit of atmospheric pressure (abbr.)
198. Network department (abbr.)
199. Unix, Linux or Windows (abbr.)
201. 1e3 uV
202. "Calling any amateur radio station"
204. 1/000 of an inch
206. Adds solder to the tip of a soldering iron
207. Part of a directive antenna that derives energy from mutual coupling with the driven element (2 wds., pl.)
208. Slang for transmitter and/or receiver (pl.)
1. CB slang for police station (2 wds., pl.)
2. Chemical symbol for radium
3. Global System for Mobile Communications (abbr.)
5. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
6. Electrical overstress (abbr.)
7. Television Interference (abbr.)
8. Chemical symbol for radium
9. 1E6 cycle per second
10. Curly-Q type light bulb (abbr.)
11. PC follower
12. Negation prefix
13. Type of computer display (abbr.)
14. Chemical symbol for gold
15. ELI the ICE ___
16. Chemical symbol for arsenic
17. Power-up with gradual application of current and/or voltage (2 wds.)
19. Alcohol, epoxy or gasoline, for example
24. Packet of 10^9 digital "0" or "1" symbols (pl.)
27. Type of logic gate (pl.)
29. _______ noise matching
30. Stock symbol for Harris Communications
32. Last statement in a BASIC program
34. Hide data within a message
35. BASIC looping keyword
37. Ham's code for "Shall I decrease power?"
40. BER, 8 bits at a time
43. Type of chart
45. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)
46. Ham-ese for Young Lady
47. Exponent that returns the original number
49. Personal Handy Phone System (abbr.)
50. Resistive component of a capacitor's lumped element model (abbr.)
51. Manufacturer of project boxes
52. Morse Code for "from"
54. Chemical symbol for tantalum
56. Electromagnetic (abbr.)
57. Transformer interwinding connection
59. Software engineering tool (abbr.)
60. Type of current
63. Greek letter (micro)
65. Material testing organization (abbr.)
67. Nordic Mobile Telephone
69. Engineering Change Notice (abbr.)
71. Sudden, brief increase in wind speed
72. Logarithmic ratio (abbr.)
74. Instrument for measuring hardness
75. Intel 8086 or Motorola 6800 (abbr.)
77. Organization requiring 25 years of amateur service for membership, abbr.
80. Amateur Radio Association (abbr.)
82. Ubiquitous antenna structure along interstate highways (2 wds.)
84. CRT or LCD, for example
85. Adds or removes charged particles such as electrons from an atom or molecule
86. Governmental agency that monitors pollution (abbr.)
88. Chemical symbol for arsenic
89. Chemical symbol for argon
90. Half of DSB
91. Occlusion of one heavenly body by another
92. Continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points (pl.)
96. Filter type that blocks frequencies in a specified band (abbr.)
98. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)
101. Compressed image file format
103. Radio Amateurs of Canada (abbr.)
104. Stock symbol for National Semiconductor
105. Abbreviation for acknowledge (also a common word used by Bill the Cat)
106. Attenuator
107. Shortwave listener (abbr.)
108. Term used in soldering to achieve the condition that occurs when the metals being soldered are hot enough to melt the solder so it flows over the surface
109. Adjust a pot
116. Powers pneumatic devices
117. Type of component package (abbr.)
118. Halves of DIP's
120. Electromagnetic (abbr.)
121. Low Noise Amplifier (abbr.)
124. Steady-state voltage reference
125. Stock symbol for Raytheon
127. Satellite of Jupiter discovered by Galileo
128. One component of a complex number (abbr.)
130. Current-voltage phase mnemonic
131. Million samples per second
133. Transmit a signal
135. Its chemical symbol is Se
136. Greek letter
137. Decibels above or below a dipole antenna (abbr.)
138. Keyboard key
140. Adjusts the design to accommodate tolerances
141. Its chemical symbol is Sm
142. Reduces in amplitude
144. Armored cable type
147. U.S. military organization (abbr.)
149. Type of memory
152. Chemical symbol for silicon
155. Stock symbol for Boeing
157. Peak envelope power (abbr.)
158. System On Chip
159. Unit of heat
160. Ham abbreviation indicating contacts with all major land masses
161. Chemical symbol for neodymium
163. Printer resolution abbreviation
164. Galilean moon
166. One component of a complex number (abbr.)
168. 300 MHz to 3 GHz
170. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
172. 1/000 of an amp (abbr.)
173. The system than converts common website names to IP addresses (abbr.)
175. Base of the decimal number system
177. Circuit that reduces interference (abbr.)
178. Wire diameter unit (abbr.)
180. Unit of resistance
186. Official Space Shuttle designation (abbr.)
187. Ham's code for "What is the correct time?"
188. Line of Sight (abbr.)
190. Computer monitor resolution measure (abbr.)
191. Singulated piece of IC wafer
192. Digital voltmeter (abbr.)
193. The cell band above DCN
195. Type of digital filter (abbr.)
197. Army-Navy specification prefix
198. ________ _____ - Degrees of separation between two lines meeting at a common vertex (2 wds., abbr.)
200. Chemical symbol for silicon
201. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.
203. Unit of liquid measure (abbr.)
205. Chemical symbol for lithium 

See solution below


2022 Crosswords Archive

Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a well-deserved break and try your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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Electrical Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle Solution for September 25th, 2022 - RF Cafe

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