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Amplifiers - Discretes
Manufacturers & Services

Amplifier manufacturers listed here supply discrete devices, which generally are defined as basic amplifiers without all of the bias circuitry, and not in connectorized packages. They will typically be mounted to a printed circuit board on into a connectorized page at a higher assembly level.

Please select one of these other packaging options if this page does not have what you are looking for.

| Discretes | Packaged & MMIC | Tube |

Aeroflex / Metelics | 408-737-8181 | Sunnyvale, CA InGaP HBT amplifiers, Schottky PIN tunnel, varactor, step recovery diodes (SRD), sampling phase detectors, surface mount products, MIS capacitors.

Aethercomm | 760-598-4340 | San Marcos, CA

High power RF amplifiers (DC-40 GHz), low noise RF amplifiers (DC-40 GHz), medium power amplifiers (DC-40 GHz), receivers & transmitters (DC-40 GHz).

Akon | 408-432-8039 | San Jose, CA

Microwave amplifiers 0.5 to 20.0 GHz, power dividers and gain (slope) equalizers 1.0 to 18.0 GHz, converter assemblies 2.0-20.0 GHz, filter banks and switch filter banks 2.0-18.0 GHz, discriminators.

Ampelon | +31 24 3552666 | The Netherlands

Discrete transistor amplifiers for mobile broadband infrastructure, radio & TV broadcasting, CO2 lasers & plasma, MRI, particle accelerators, radar & air-traffic control, non-cellular communications, RF cooking & defrosting, RF heating and plasma lighting.

AML Communications (now Microsemi-RFIS)

805-388-1345 | Camarillo, CA

Amplifiers and subsystems from sub 1 MHz to over 26 GHz, monopulse tracking products, receiving multicouplers.

Amplical | 201-919-2088 | Verona, NJ

Supplier of quality RF microwave components including amplifiers - high power, maximally flat, attenuators - relay, solid state, custom RF microwave assemblies.

Amplifonix (now API Technologies) | 888-553-7531 | Philadelphia, PA

Hybrid amplifiers to 2 GHz and VCOs to 20 GHz. 750 datasheets to choose from with customizations requested. Industry standard packages, aggressive lead times and great customer service, "Cascade" system simulator software - FREE.

Analog Devices | 800-262-5643 | Norwood, MA

Op amps, switches, A/D, D/A, S&H, AD8347 direct conversion RFIC (800 MHz to 2.7 GHz), ADIsimPLL synthesizer circuit simulation software.

AR Worldwide RF Microwave Instrumentation | 215-723-8181 | Souderton PA

300 kHz to 65 MHz modules for NMR, 10 MHz to 670 MHz for military, communications and EW, 20 to 1000 MHz amplifiers and amplifier modules for high energy physics, 900 MHz to 3 GHz; single frequency amplifiers for high energy physics. Power available in 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 W increments.

California Eastern Laboratories | 800-390-3232 | Santa Clara, CA

Small signal bipolars, GaAs FETs, power discrete devices, RFICs, optocouplers, solid state relays, CATV GaAs hybrids, fiber optic components, up/down converter IC's.

CAP Wireless | 805-499-1818 | Newbury Park, CA

Low noise amplifiers - (LNA), medium power, high dynamic range, tower top amplifiers, up/down-converters, multicouplers, combiners/dividers, subsystems – combinations of active & passive products, integrated into a single housing.

Central Semiconductor Corp | 631-435-1110 | Hauppauge, NY

Manufactures a wide range of discrete semiconductors in a broad range of surface mount (SMD) and Leaded (Thru-Hole) packages. Devices are also available in chip form in full wafers, waffle pack and chip tray packing.

Ciao Wireless | 805-389-3224 | Camarillo, CA

Broad selection of amplifiers for multi-octave, octave & ½-octave, broadband, LNAs, and RF limiting. Replacement amplifiers for anything previously or currently made by JCA Technology, Cougar (connectorized versions), Avantek, WJ, CTT, Celeritek, Amplica, among others, but at a much quicker delivery. Also manufacture radial combiners and space qualified filters. Environmental screening services available.

Cougar Components (now Teledyne Cougar) | 408-522-3838 | Sunnyvale, CA

RF and microwave cascadable amplifiers and subsystems in 100 kHz to 12 GHz range. Detectors, limiters, limiting amplifiers, attenuators, AGC amplifiers, oscillators w/MMIC amplifiers.

CTT | 408-541-0596 | Sunnyvale, CA

GaAs FET, low-noise & power amplifiers 100MHz thru 50GHz, 0.5-40 GHz subassemblies.

Endwave (now Microsemi) | 888-363-4283 | Sunnyvale, CA

Amplifiers, up/down converters, multipliers, oscillators, integrated transceivers, frequency synthesizers, outdoor units (ODUs).

Freescale Semiconductor | 800-521-6274

Designs and manufactures embedded semiconductors for wireless, networking, automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

Herotek | 408-941-8399 | San Jose, CA

GaAs FET amplifiers, low-noise, small signal & power 0.01 to 50 GHz, limiters, detectors, switches, harmonic generators.

IFI | 800-467-7705 | Ronkonkoma, NY

Amplifiers, antennas, TEM cells, components, sensors, probes, field monitoring systems.

LCF Enterprises | 208-415-4300 | Post Falls, ID

RF power amplifiers, 1 MHz - 2 GHz | 1 W - 1 kW.

M/A-COM (now Cobham) | 800-366-2266 | Lowell, Massachusetts

Manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies.

Microphase | 203-866-8000 | Norwalk, CT

Filters, diplexers, multiplexers, detectors, DLVAs, SDLVAs, microwave amplifiers, integrated assemblies.

Microwave Resources | 909-627-4125 | Chino, CA

Amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, isolators, frequency multipliers, waveguide couplers, mixers, detectors, filters, pin switches, adapters.

Microwave Solutions | 800-967-4267 | National City, CA

Microwave amplifiers 10 MHz to 26 GHz for military and commercial industries.

MicroWave Technology | 510-651-6700 | Fremont, CA

Gain, temperature compensation and voltage regulation modules, GaAs FETs, GaAs MESFET chips, amplifiers - high linearity driver, low noise receiver, broad band general purpose.

MimiX Broadband (now M/A-COM Technology Solutions) | 281-988-4600 | Houston, TX

17 - 44+ GHz

MMIC amplifiers, receivers, transmitters, surface mount package devices.


718-934-4500 | Brooklyn, NY

Attenuators, baluns, bias tee, cables (test quality), chokes, DC blocks, mixers, amplifiers, filters, line stretchers, modulators, oscillators, power combiners / couplers / splitters, switches, terminations, transformers. Surface mount, connectorized. Application (app) notes.

Miteq | 631-436-7400 | Hauppauge, NY

Amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, passive power components, solid-state switches, attenuators, power dividers, RF & IF signal processing components, oscillators, frequency synthesizers, integrated multifunction assemblies, fiber optic products, up/downconverters, test translators, IF/video equalizers, redundancy switchover units, video modulators and modems.

Nextec Microwave & RF | 408-727-1189 | Santa Clara, CA

Broadband power, low noise amplifiers, frequency multipliers and OC-192 modulator driver amplifiers for RF, microwave, mm-wave, commercial, military & fiber optic applications.

OPHIR RF | 310-306-5556 | Los Angeles, CA

Amplifiers, RF & microwave, broadband high power, communication band high power, solid state amplifiers

Planar Mononlithics | 301-631-1579 | Frederick, MD

Designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and markets hybrid RF/microwave and monolithic integrated circuits (MIC/MMIC) and components hybrid MIC/MMIC supercomponents and subsystems.

Polyfet RF Devices | 805-484-4210 | Camarillo, CA

Manufacturer of power RF Mosfet Transistors.

Q-Bit (now API Technologies) | 888-553-7531 | Palm Bay, FL

Amplifiers, mixers and VCOs. 750 datasheets to choose from with customizations requested. Industry standard packages, aggressive lead times and great customer service.

RFHIC Corporation USA | 919-342-7099 | Cary, NC

CATV hybrid line amplifiers, broadcasting amplifiers, FTTH amplifiers, digital TV application, MMIC (GaN, GaAs), high power transistors (GaN), low noise, wideband, & radar pallet amplifiers, PLLs, mixers, directional couplers.

Rohm | 800-883-5226 | San Diego, CA

AC/DC converters, ultra high-speed diodes, multimedia image processors for cell phones, 64-tone harmony ICs.

Satellink | 972-487-1434 | Garland, TX

Low noise amplifiers, redundant microwave low noise amplifier subsystems, thermoelectric cooled low noise amplifiers, frequency converters.

Sonoma Instrument Co | 707-542-8569


Sophia Wireless (now CVG-Avtec Systems, now RT Logic) | 703-961-9573 | Chantilly, VA

Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).

Spectrum Microwave (now API Technologies) | 321-727-1838 | Palm Bay, FL

Filter & antenna products, integrated microwave systems, frequency control components.

Teledyne Cougar | 408-522-3838 | Sunnyvale, CA

RF and microwave cascadable amplifiers and subsystems in 100 kHz to 12 GHz range. Detectors, limiters, limiting amplifiers, attenuators, AGC amplifiers, oscillators w/MMIC amplifiers.

T/MAC | 732-247-0022 | New Brunswick, NJ

Design, development, and manufacture of custom RF and microwave power amplifiers and related components.

TriQuint Semiconductor | 503-615-9000 | Hillsboro, OR

Wireless, telecom and millimeter amplifiers, GaAs integrated circuits and transistors. SAW filters.

Wessex Electronics (now Amplifier Technology Ltd, now Vislink) | 0117 957 1404 | UK

RF & Microwave amplifiers, microcircuits, phase shifters, 26-40 GHz LNAs & downconverters, microwave synthesizers, test & measurement.

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