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Company Slogans

Creating company slogans is big business. Fortunes have been made merely through the success of a great slogan. Sometimes slogans are born of a great line in an advertisement that happens to catch the public's fancy. Remember the Wendy's, "Where's the Beef?" instance from the 1980s? More recently, Verizon Wireless', "Can you hear me now? Good." can be heard in hallways everywhere as people joke about phone reception.

Here is a pretty good list that I have accumulated. Please send me any others you would like to have added to the list. Thanks.

Technology Company Name Etymology & Acronyms

Tech Company Slogans

Not including words such as "the" and "and," these are the 20 most frequently used words in slogans (percentages represent the number of lines using that word out of the total number of ad lines)
  • you,   11.15%
  • your,   7.94%
  • we,   6.03%
  • world,   4.18%
  • best,   2.67%
  • more,   2.54%
  • good,   2.43%
  • better,   2.12%
  • new,   1.90%
  • taste,   1.85%
  • people,   1.54%
  • our,   1.49%
  • first,   1.42%
  • like,   1.41%
  • don't,   1.36%
  • most,   1.19%
  • only,   1.16%
  • quality,   1.15%
  • great,   1.13%
  • choice,   1.08%
Source: ADSlogans Unlimited Database

Other Company Slogans

  • 3PARdata Inc.: "Serving Information. Simply."
  • 7-Eleven: "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven"
  • A.T. Kearney: ''Ideas That Last''
  • ACCBank: ''Its All About''
  • ACE Aviation Holdings: ''At Air Canada We Are Not Happy Until You Are Happy.''
  • ACN Inc.: "One world. One Vision.
  • AIMCO: "America Comes Home to AIMCO"
  • AMC Theatres: "Experience the Difference"
  • Abbott Laboratories: "A Promise for Life"
  • Accenture: ''High Performance. Delivered.''
  • Acorn Computers: ''No slogan''
  • Adelphia: "Get. Watch. Do What You Want."
  • Affiliated Computer Services: "People Making Technology Work"
  • Albertsons: "Helping Make Your Life Easier"
  • Allegheny Technologies:  "Specialty Materials That Make Our World"
  • Allstate Corporation: "You're in Good Hands"
  • Altec Lansing: "Just listen to this!"
  • Aluria Software: "Security Made Simple"
  • American Express: "Do More"
  • American Medical Response: "Patient Focused, Customer Centered, Caregiver Inspired"
  • Ameritech: "In a World of Technology, People Make the Difference."
  • Apache Corporation: "Sense of Urgency"
  • Apollo Group: "You Can Do This"
  • Arcelor: "Steel Solutions for a Better World"
  • Archer Daniels Midland: "Resourcful By Nature"
  • Astaro: "Network Assurance"
  • Avon Products, Inc.: "The Company for Women"
  • BI-LO: "Why Pay More?"
  • BMW: "The Ultimate Driving Machine"
  • BP (British Petroleum): "Beyond Petroleum"
  • Bayer USA: "Science for a Better Life"
  • Best Buy: "Thousands of Possibilities. Get Yours."
  • Bob Evans Restaurants: "Down on the Farm"
  • Booz Allen Hamilton: "Delivering Results That Endure"
  • Borland: "Excellence Endures"
  • Burger King: "Have It Your Way"
  • Buy.com: "The Internet Superstore"
  • CDW: "The Right Technology, Right Away"
  • CHC Helicopter: :CHC Moves the Industry That Moves the World"
  • CVS/pharmacy: "Expect Something Extra"
  • Capital One: "What's in your wallet?"
  • Century 21: "Real Estate for Your World"
  • Circuit City: "Just what you needed"
  • Citigroup: "Live Richly"
  • CityJet: "Travel Without Frontiers"
  • Claris: "Simply, Powerful Software"
  • CompUSA: "We got it. We get it."
  • ConAgra Foods, Inc.: "The Right Kind of Food Company"
  • Cracker Barrel: "Homestyle Cooking Done Right."
  • Credit Suisse First Boston: "Empowering Change"
  • D-Link: "Building Networks for People"
  • John Deere: "Nothing Runs Like a Deere"
  • Dow Corning: "We Help You Invent the Future"
  • Dun & Bradstreet: "Decide with Confidence"
  • eBay: "The World's Online Marketplace"
  • E.F. Hutton: "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen"
  • Emerson Electric Company: "Consider It Solved"
  • ExxonMobil: "Taking on the world's toughest energy challenges"
  • FedEx: "Relax, It's FedEx"
  • GEICO: "15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or More on Car Insurance"
  • General Mills: "The Company of Champions"
  • Global Jet Airlines: "Light is Faster, but We are Safer"
  • Globe Telecom: "Making great things possible"
  • Goldman Sachs: "Our Client's Interests Always Come First"
  • Hilton Hotels: "Take Me To The Hilton"
  • Honda: "Power of Dreams"
  • Hudson's Bay Company: "We are Canada's Merchants"
  • IBM: "On Demand Business"
  • IRobot: "Business Mechanisms to Accelerate Change"
  • InFocus: "The Big Picture"
  • Infosys: "Powered by Intellect Driven by Values"
  • J.C. Penney: "It's all Inside"
  • JVC: "The Perfect Experience:
  • Johnson & Johnson: "The Family Company"
  • Kohl's: "Expect Great Things"
  • Konica Minolta: "The Essentials of Imaging"
  • Kroger: "Right Store, Right Price"
  • Lehman Brothers: "Where Vision Gets Built"
  • LevelVision LLC: "Engaging People"
  • L'Oreal: "Because I'm Worth It"
  • Lowe's: "Improving Home Improvement"
  • Marshall Aerospace: "World Class Aerospace Solutions"
  • Martha Stewart Living: "Sharing The Good Things Everyday"
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial: "Panasonic Ideas for Life"
  • Mazda: "Zoom Zoom"
  • McDonald's: "I'm Lovin' It"
  • Meijer: "Higher Standards. Lower Prices."
  • Merck & Co.: "Committed to Bringing Out the Best in Medicine"
  • Merrill Lynch: "We See Your Financial Life in Total"
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company: "Have You Met Life Today?"
  • Mitsubishi: "Better Built, Better Backed"
  • Morgan Stanley: "One Client at a Time"
  • MySQL: "To Make Superior Data Management Available and Affordable for All"
  • NVIDIA: "The way it's meant to be played"
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company: "Nationwide is on Your Side"
  • Nestlé: "Good Food. Good Life"
  • Nike: "Just Do It"
  • Nintendo: "Born to play"
  • Nissan Motors: "SHIFT_"
  • Novell: "Software for the Open Enterprise"
  • Officeworks: "The Works"
  • Olympus Corporation: "Your Vision, Our Future"
  • One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: "Always On Time... Or You Don't Pay A Dime"
  • Optus: "Yes"
  • Oracle: "Information Driven:
  • Palo Alto Auto & Body: “May We Have the Next Dents, Please?”
  • Panera Bread: "A Loaf of Bread in Every Arm'"
  • Pentax: "For Your Precious Moments"
  • Pepsi: "It's the Cola"
  • Peregrine Systems: "Evolve Wisely"
  • PerkinElmer: "Precisely"
  • Pier 1 Imports: "Life More Interesting"
  • Pioneer Rocketplane: "Permitting Travel to Space, Travel in Space, and Travel Through Space"
  • Plantronics: "Sound Innovation"
  • Porsche: "There Is No Substitute"
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: "Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership"
  • Principal Financial Group: "We'll Give You an Edge"
  • Procter & Gamble: "Touching Lives, Improving Life"
  • Prudential Financial: "Growing and Protecting Your Wealth"
  • Qwest: "Spirit of Service"
  • Renault: "Créateur d'Automobiles"
  • Rite Aid: "With Us, It's Personal:
  • Rolls-Royce: "Trusted to Deliver Excellence"
  • Sherwin-Williams: "Cover the Earth"
  • Silicon Graphics: "The Source of Innovation and Discovery"
  • Spencer Gifts: "Life's A Party! We're Makin' It Fun."
  • Sprint Nextel Corporation: "Yes you can"
  • Staples: "That Was Easy"
  • Symbol Technologies: "The Enterprise Mobility Company"
  • Target Corporation: "Expect More. Pay Less."
  • The Home Depot: "You Can Do It. We Can Help."
  • The Spaceship Factory: "Custom Fabrication for Interplanetary Living"
  • Time Warner Cable: "The Power of You"
  • Toshiba: "Committed to People, Committed to the Future."
  • Toyota: "Oh What a Feeling"
  • TÜV Product Service – Choose Certainty. Add Value
  • United Parcel Service: "What Can Brown Do for You?"
  • United States Postal Service: "Fly Like An Eagle"
  • USO: "Until Every One Comes Home..."
  • VeriSign: "Where It All Comes Together"
  • Verizon" Make Progress Every Day"
  • Veterans Way Bicycles: "Veterans Way Bicycles, Making It Happen"
  • Village Cinemas1: "Where Movies Live"
  • Vodafone: "Make the Most of Now"
  • Volkswagen: "Aus Liebe zum Automobil," which being translated, is, "Out of love to automobiles." (thx to Kirtland S.)
  • VWB Rent-to-Own: "Genius, is Rent-to-Own"
  • Wachovia: "Uncommon Wisdom"
  • Wave Physical Training, LLC: "FIT FOR GOoD"
  • Wegmans Food Markets: "Every Day You Get Our Best!"
  • Weight Watchers: "Watch Yourself Change"
  • Wendy's : "Do What Tastes Right"
  • Wyse: "Global Leader in Thin Computing"
  • Xerox: "The Document Company"
   1: Australian company
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