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December 1949 Radio & Television News

December 1949 Radio & TV News
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Schlitz Beer Advertisement - RF CafeA lot of tech news websites have 3rd-party ads running that currently show an ad from a vintage magazine with a shocking title about how companies used to get away with printing images and text in advertisements that would never be tolerated today. I have seen many such ads in vintage electronics and science magazines as I scan them for useful material, and have posted a few of them on RF Cafe. Another example is this one run by the Sangamo Electric Company in a 1949 issue of Radio and Television News. As with the football team that goes by the same name, no offense was intended by the name; in fact, it was a positive portrayal of the group's attributes that was the inspiration.

Here are a few more examples of Samgamo advertisements in the September and December 1949, May 1950, April 1954, and June 1956 issues of Radio & Television News.

Sangamo Electric Company Advertisement

Sangamo Electric Company Advertisement, December 1949 Radio & Television News - RF CafeThe Redskins are Here!

Sangamo's New Molded Paper Tubulars

Sangamo presents the Redskin ... a new molded paper tubular capacitor that gives long life under severe operating conditions. The Redskin is an 85° C tubular that is easy to work with, on production line or bench, because the flexible leads resist breakage and can't pull out! It offers greater mechanical strength because of its plastic construction. It is molded under low pressure, assuring elements undamaged in fabrication, greater depend-ability, and the absence of "hot spots."

A trial of these new molded tubulars will convince you! See your jobber - if he can't supply you, write us.

Big Chief Sangamo Says:

Plenty Proud of New Papooses! Redskins Heap Tough ... Stand Tests That Make Other Braves Flinch. Redskins Live Long Time ... Work Hard ... Help You Make Wampum Too!

Immersion and Humidity Resistance

Test Result:

Far surpasses normal specification requirements ... Insulation resistance practically unchanged under severe conditions of immersion or humidity.

85° C Performance

Test Result: Excellent!

Long life operation under high temperature conditions make it a "natural" for applications where high temperatures cause trouble.

Mechanical Strength

Test Result: Excellent! Especially designed flexible leads resist breaking or pulling out even when handling is extremely rough.

Sangamo Electric Company

Springfield, Illinois

In Canada: Sangamo Electric Company Limited, Leaside, Ont.

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