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Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

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Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

Word Charades and Riddles
1956 The Old Farmer's Almanac

Word Charades and Riddles, 1956 Old Farmer's Almanac - RF Cafe
1956 Old Farmer's Almanac
1956 Old Farmer's Almanac - RF Cafe[Index]

Reproduced here are various Mathematical Puzzles from The Old Farmer's Almanac, published continuously since 1792. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This set of "Word Charades and Riddles" was presented in the 1956 issue of The Old Farmer's Almanac. The Charades puzzle solutions are each a single word formed from the combination of two or more other possibly unrelated words inferred in the clues. They are not portmanteaus, as in "coplay" for costume player, or "smog" for smoke and fog. Instead, they are akin to "port," as in the left side of a boat, plus "age," as in years since birth, combined as portage, being the act of carrying something. The Riddles solution takes a more classic approach. Batman could figure out all of them.

Word Charades and Riddles



My first we do with funds we have to spare,

My next is one I cherish with much care;

My last will shut us in or set us free.

Just as we use it, as you soon will see.

My whole all men of science love to do,

And find it ever will repay them to.



My first obstructs the rivers rapid course,

And harnesses for man its mighty force;

My next steals o'er each mortal day by day,

And fast his useful moments glide away.

From failure of my first my whole ensues,

Sweeps desolation o'er the distant views.



From toils of life and from the noonday heat

My first and second yield a calm retreat

Inviting watch to stillness and to sleep.

At once the brows to cool, the sense to steep.

But he would combine the two in haste,

Venturing the sweets of both at once to taste,

May rest so long as never more to rise,

May sleep till death forever close his eyes.



In my first we sometimes ride,

In my second oft confide;

And in mv whole we take a pride,

if it is a beauty.

In my first we move with speed

Or in my second get indeed;

But keep my whole from dust well freed, For it is a duty.



I wanton in the gale of or playful rise

In many an airy fold to sunny skies,

Lighter than the breeze on which I soar,

And many far-off realms of space explore.

Though chiefly bred in towns, I yet am found

Where rural peace and happiness abound.

In warlike strife I hover round, a light

And calm spectator of the bloody fight.



I paint without colors, I fly without wings,

I people the air with the most fanciful things;

I hear sweetest music where no sound is heard

And eloquence moves me nor utters a word.

The past and the present together I bring.

The distant and near gather under my wing;

Far swifter than lightning my wonderful light,

Through the sunshine of day and the darkness of night;

And those who would find me must find me indeed.

As this picture they scan and this poesy read.



Wealth and immense power I give,

No feeling have and yet I live;

Before mankind the earth had trod,

I held possession of the sod.

Now in the tomb of ages sought,

Again to earths fair surface brought

Enlivening all man's checkered lot,

I cheer the palace and the cot,

And raise for mortals every hour

A spirit of tremendous power.

Though short my life, yet, I supply

A thousand blessings ere I die.



A mask on every side I wear,

Or hide my face within my hood;

And when I speak my greatest care

Is to be quite misunderstood.

I am a plaything and a toy

Made first to vex and then amuse.

And still the more that I annoy

The greater pastime I produce,

I am intended to mislead

A trap that wit may fall into;

A riddle which the clearest head

Will often miss of seeing through.




1) Investigate.

2) Damage.

3) Night-shade.

4) Carpet.


1) Smoke.

2) Imagination.

3) Coal.

4) A charade.



Posted September 20, 2023

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs
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