Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0 Software Introduced

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Tool to View, Generate, Edit and Convert Antenna Patterns

New Features in Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0:

  • Ability to view antenna patterns in both polar and Cartesian coordinate systems.
  • Added many file formats that were not supported before: EDX (*.pat), AntPat (*.ana), CelPlan (*.txt), RadioSoft ComStudy (*.pt2), V-Soft (*.pat, *.vep).
  •  Support for antenna files in full 3D format (ETS, Satimo, etc.).
  • Advanced functions for creating and editing antenna patterns in tabular form, with copy-paste capabilities from spreadsheets and text files.
  • Ability to copy antenna patterns from standard FM query and TV query results directly from the FCC website.
  • Expanded antenna pattern transformation features.
  •  Added the ability to obtain the envelope of the antenna pattern from a set of individual antenna patterns.
  • Support for antenna pattern files with any number of points (not only 360, as in the previous version). View 2D antenna patterns in linear and logarithmic scales. 

Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0 Software Introduced - RF CafeNovosibirsk, Russia - June 29, 2022 - Center of Telecommunication Technologies (CTT) is proud to announce immediate availability of version 2.0 of their popular Antenna Pattern Editor. Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0 is a universal tool to view, create, edit and convert antenna patterns. See the New Features in Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0 list at the left.

The main idea embedded in the program is to provide the user with the opportunity to quickly create an antenna pattern file using various methods. Antenna pattern file is a simple text or xml file that describes the main characteristics of the antennas - radiation patterns, gain, frequency range, name, manufacturer and other data. These files are used in various radio planning tools including our RadioPlanner, Indoor Radio Planner, and MLinkPlanner. There are a large number of antenna pattern file formats, but it often happens that there is no file in the required format. In this case, using the Antenna Pattern Editor 2.0, you can easily convert the file to the format you need. Sometimes the antenna information is just a picture of the antenna pattern. In such cases, using the Antenna Pattern Editor, you can prepare the necessary file in just a few minutes.

Thanks to the simple graphical interface, as well as the applied cubic spline interpolation algorithm, you can get the desired file by pointing only a few characteristic points on the downloaded image. You can use images of any raster format - png, jpg, bmp, tiff.

A fully functional 7-day trial download of Radio Pattern Editor 2.0 is available, and an unlimited version is available for purchase at a mere $79.


About Center of Telecommunication Technologies

Center of Telecommunication Technologies, LLC (CTT, LLC) Novosibirsk, Russia is the developer of the MLinkPlanner and RadioPlanner software.

The company has been on market for more than 15 years, and all this time we have been actively working in two directions - the design of radio communication networks and the development of software for design. During our work, our specialists carried out projects on more than 1000 microwave hops, more than 800 base stations of mobile communication, more than 100 television and broadcasting transmitters. The customers - are mobile operators Mobile TeleSystems PJSC, Megafon, Vimpelcom, Tele 2, oil and gas production, processing and transportation companies, as well as broadcasting companies.

Until recently, we offered software only in the Russian market. Many design organizations, system integrators, telecom operators, TV and radio broadcasters, and government agencies have been the licensed users of our software products.


Contact Info

Center of Telecommunication Technologies, LLC (CTT, LLC)
Ordzhonikidze str., 40 - 5707
Novosibirsk, Russia, 630099

Phone: +7 (383) 325-00-25




Posted June 29, 2022