Anritsu ME7873NR Facilitates 5G mmWave UE Rollout

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CATR Anechoic Chamber 2 for New Radio RF Conformance Test System Now Supports 2 AoA RRM Tests

Anritsu ME7873NR Facilitates 5G mmWave UE Rollout - RF Cafe

ME7873NR CATR Anechoic Chamber 2 for New Radio RF Conformance Test System Now Supports 2 AoA RRM Tests

Allen, TX – December 16, 2022 – Anritsu Company has developed the new Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Anechoic Chamber 2 MA8172B configuration for its New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR to support 5G millimetre wave (mmWave) 2 Angle of Arrival (2 AoA) Radio Resource Management (RRM) tests. Anritsu's MA8172B solution is unique in industry as it is based on hybrid of IFF (Indirect Far Field) and DFF (Direct Far Field) test methodologies and this really helps customer save real estate space. A solution based on all DFF or IFF will be bulky and expensive. Anritsu helps in providing value to customer by making this new solution lower cost, smaller footprint, upgradable, and serve multiple test areas.

Evaluating UE communications quality and connection stability during handovers between base stations is a difficult technical challenge for mmWave mobile communications. Consequently, Anritsu has developed its MA8172B upgrade model for the Over-the-Air (OTA) CATR based on its earlier CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A. The new MA8172B reproduces the radio-wave propagation characteristics at communications between the UE and two base stations in compliance with 3GPP. Moreover, MA8172B allows user to configure any angle of arrivals from the two base stations, facilitating a wide range of applications, including conformance tests and R&D.

Rollout of 5G mmWave Frequency Range 2 (FR2) services is going to increase, especially in North America and Japan, which is expected to promote future mmWave UE R&D and conformance testing. In particular, expanding service areas in the North American market will drive demand for performance tests of mmWave UE using FR2 RRM conformance tests, including 2 AoA. Currently, mmWave UE must obtain FR2 RRM conformance test certification and the ME7873NR acquired Global Certification Forum (GCF) FR2 RRM certification.

Anritsu is playing a key role in the future commercial rollout of 5G services for a world enjoying the benefits of 5G. ME7873NR Product Outline The ME7873NR is an automated system for 3GPP TS 38.521/TS 38.533 5G NR RF and RRM tests. In addition to 3GPP FR1 (Sub-6 GHz band), combination with either the CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A or MA8172B supports tests for all 5G frequency bands, including mmWave FR2.


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Posted December 30, 2022