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Emerging Applications of AI and Deep Learning in Short-Range Radar Explored in Exciting New Book

Deep Learning Applications of Short-Range Radars - RF Cafe

Deep Learning Applications of Short-Range Radars

By Avik Santra and Souvik Hazra

Artech House 2020

Print ISBN: 9781630817466

Retail Price: $179

New Release Price: $134

September 30, 2020 -- Norwood, MA -- Artech House today announced the release of Deep Learning Applications of Short-Range Radars by Avik Santra and Souvik Hazra. This exciting new resource presents emerging applications of artificial intelligence and deep learning in short-range radar. The book covers applications ranging from industrial, consumer space to emerging automotive applications. The book presents several human-machine interface (HMI) applications, such as gesture recognition and sensing, human activity classification, air-writing, material classification, vital sensing, people sensing, people counting, people localization and in-cabin automotive occupancy and smart trunk opening.

The underpinnings of deep learning are explored, outlining the history of neural networks and the optimization algorithms to train them. Modern deep convolutional neural network (DCNN), popular DCNN architectures for computer vision and their features are also introduced. The book presents other deep learning architectures, such as long-short term memory (LSTM), auto-encoders, variational auto-encoders (VAE), and generative adversarial networks (GAN). The application of human activity recognition as well as the application of air-writing using a network of short-range radars are outlined. This book demonstrates and highlights how deep learning is enabling several advanced industrial, consumer and in-cabin applications of short-range radars, which weren't otherwise possible. It illustrates various advanced applications, their respective challenges, and how they are been addressed using different deep learning architectures and algorithms.

Deep Learning Applications of Short-Range Radars is available now from Artech House, a leading publisher of books for professionals in high-technology industries.

Designing Wireless Sensor Network Solutions for Tactical ISR is available now from Artech House, a leading publisher of books for professionals in high-technology industries.

Deep Learning Applications of Short-Range Radars is also available on Amazon.



Artech House Order Department

685 Canton Street

Norwood, MA 02062

Phone: (781) 769-9750, ext. 4030

FAX: (781) 769-6334

E-Mail: artech@artechhouse.com

Internet: us.artechhouse.com



Posted October 6, 2020

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