Microwave Filter Company Intros C-Band Interference Elimination Filter

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Model 13961W

Microwave Filter Company Intros C-Band Interference Elimination Filter - RF CafeJanuary 22, 2018 - Microwave Filter Company announces a new C-band filter that is ideal for eliminating interference from WiMAX, RADAR and virtually any other potential source of out-of-band interference. The model 13961W combines innovative design techniques with solid performance. Utilizing a durable and true one piece body/flange construction, the 13961W is shipped with hardware & gasketing and is ready to install between the feedhorn and the LNB/LNA. Passband variations available at no additional cost.

No other manufacturer's C-band interference elimination filter offers all of these features:

Microwave Filter Company Intros 13961W Filter Specifications - RF Cafe

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About Microwave Filter Company

Microwave Filter Company, Inc. (MFC) has been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality filter products since 1967. MFC offers products covering the frequency range from 5 Hz to 50 GHz for customers around the world Custom designs include waveguide, stripline/microstrip, lumped element, dielectric resonator and cavity/coaxial topologies. Filter types and accessories include bandpass, bandstop, combiners, couplers, diplexers, highpass, lowpass and adapters.


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Posted January 23, 2018