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Vintage Radio Shack TV Commercials

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Vintage Radio Shack TV Commercials - RF CafeThere are still plenty of us around who remember seeing Radio Shack commercials on TV back in the days when all television sets had at least one vacuum tube in them - the CRT (cathode ray tube). All my TVs were of the CRT variety up until 2008 when I bought a 26" Sharp LCD set with a built-in DVD player. It is still my only TV as of this writing. As evidenced by the huge number of vintage Radio Shack commercials posted on YouTube, and the amount of views for them, there is still a desire by people to take a nostalgic trip back in time to see the content they remember. Of course at the time we usually considered all commercials an imposition on our TV program watching. One of the annoyances of modern TV programming is that even though you have to pay for the service, you still have to sit through even more commercial time per show than was imposed when reception was free (over the air). I have to be honest and admit that I don't recall ever seeing any of the Radio Shack commercials in this collection of videos, but they definitely have the "look" of the ones I do remember from the days of yore. I used to visit the Radio Shack stores quite often, and always took a stroll through the ones in the malls where we lived. As with so many other familiar stores, it's sad to have them gone now. Enjoy.

Radio Shack - Life in America

1976 Radio Shack TV Commercial - Archer Bike Radios

1978 Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer Commercial 

1970s Radio Shack 8-Track Tape Commercial

1978 Radio Shack CB Radio Commercial

Radio Shack Theme Song

Radio Shack -The Fall of an Empire

1978 Radio Shack CB Radio Commercial

1987 Tour of Two Radio Shack Stores

1995 The Jetsons Radio Shack Commercial

1970-2011 Radio Shack Retro Commercials

1991 Radio Shack Tandy Computer Advertisement



Posted August 18, 2022

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