4/17/2007 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. The product of this and 'L' yields voltage across an inductor
4. Quality measure of an amplifier, abbr.
6. Electronics Industry Association
7. Facsimile
9. ECM response
13. Substrate for mounting components, abbr., pl.
15. Cause of energy waste in a capacitor
18. Yard, abbr.
19. Chemical symbol for francium
20. Unit of current
22. U.S. Spectrum allocation agency
23. Greek letter
24. Trims a cable
25. A disk operation
28. Inductor
30. BASIC looping keyword
31. Mate to a bolt
33. Surface mount, abbr.
34. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
37. Speed needed to leave a planet's gravitational pull
40. Cable television, abbr.
41. Used logic gates
43. U.K. version of the IEEE
44. RĂ¡dio Nacional de Angola, abbr.
45. Miniature threaded RF connector
46. Rise/fall time limiting phenomenon of time domain signal
1. Singulated piece of IC wafer
2. 10^-1 numerical prefix
3. Coaxial cable manufacturer
4. Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, abbr.
5. Class of spread spectrum, abbr.
8. RF design tool vendor in Espoo, Finland
10. CDMA Development Group, abbr.
11. Used to send Morse Code
12. Type of digital filter, abbr.
14. Base Station Transceivers
16. Code Division Multiple Access
17. RF integrated circuit, abbr.
21. polonium
22. Foot, abbr.
26. Chemical symbol for erbium
27. Logarithmic unit of voltage, abbr.
28. Wireless phone region
29. One port of an amplifier
32. Home country of RF Cafe
33. Adjust a pot
35. Online service, abbr.
36. 3-phase transformer configuration
37. Official engineering change document, abbr., pl.
38. Wireless phone oversight group, abbr.
39. Isolator, oscillator vendor in Tampa, FL
42. Logarithmic unit of power, abbr.

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