6/17/2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 RF switch, attenuator & bias-T manufacturer in Frederick, MD
8 ELI the ICE ___
9 3 GHz to 30 GHz
10 CW signal onto which information is modulated
15 Small representative graphic
17 Bottom leg of triangle
19 Increment in value
20 Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching
22 Chemical symbol for beryllium
23 Image file storage format
24 Ratio of circumference to diameter
25 Mechanical engineering group, abbr.
27 Logic gate
30 Network configuration
31 Government investigation agency that covers vehicular accidents
32 Shorthand for oxygen
34 Internet mail protocol, abbr.
35 Kindred to the EE, AE and CE
36 _____&Schwarz
39 RF component inputs & outputs
41 European spectrum allocation agency, abbr.
42 Family of digital ICs, abbr.
43 Type of mathematical transform
44 Capacitor manufacturer in Huntington Station, NY
46 Transformer interwinding connection
48 RF & microwave amplifier vendor in the UK

2 Electromagnetic
3 Communication method that makes use of electromagnetic waves
4 One port of an amplifier
5 Unix, Linux or Windows
6 Fly_____ energy storage device
7 Audio Frequency
10 Solid figure is generated by the straight lines which pass from a circle to a single point not in the same plane as the circle
11 Antenna, abbr.
12 One divided by a number
13 High voltage resistor manufacturer in Montreal, Quebec, abbr.
14 Increase voltage linearly
16 Number raised to the 1/3 power
18 Propeller hub streamliners
19 The star Alpha Geminorum
21 Determines the presence or absence of something
25 Chemical symbol for arsenic
26 1/000 of an amp
28 PC follower
29 Logarithmic ratio, abbr.
33 ISDN BRI channel
35 Internal corporate spy
37 Experiences a temperature rise
38 Electronics Industry Association
39 Polyvinylchloride
40 Largest moon of Saturn
44 Chemical symbol for arsenic
45 European equivalent to the U.L.
46 Part of a software "For" loop
47 Ratio of circumference to diameter

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