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2/13/2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

[miscellany/crosswords/z-crosswords-2004-common.htm]common.htm" -->

 Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 Flash of light from an ionizing particle striking a fluorescent screen
10 Min-to-max voltage of a waveform, abbr.
12 Direct Memory Access
13 Part of a "For" loop
14 30 Hz to 300 Hz
15 Current-voltage phase mnemonic
16 1/000 of an A
18 Specialty connector manufacturer
20 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
22 Infrared, abbr.
23 Maker of quality spectrum analyzers in Wichita, Kansas
24 Data safeguard
26 ELI the ICE ___
27 Super glue, abbr.
28 Compliment of an exponential, abbr.
29 Government lawyer, abbr.
30 Chemical symbol for beryllium
31 Digital Subscriber Line
32 Integrated Circuit
34 RF switching diode type, abbr.
35 1e-6 mA
37 Network department, abbr.
38 Switch position
39 Internet Protocol
41 Time Delay
42 Direct Memory Access
43 Opposite of DA converter
44 Image file format
45 Electron spin direction
47 Type of current flow, abbr.
48 Thread cutting tool
49 Type of current, abbr.
50 Antenna gain unit, abbr.
52 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz
56 Greek letter
57 Semiconductor and calculator company
59 Signal-to-Noise Ratio
61 American space agency, abbr.
63 Type of model airplane control system, abbr.
64 Original Equipment Manufacturer
65 Type of distribution, squared
67 Home state of Los Alamos lab, abbr.
68 Low Noise Amplifier
70 One component of a complex number, abbr.
71 Converts light energy into electrical energy
1 Silicon, or gallium arsenide, or germanium, etc.
2 Opposite of O.D.
3 Nordic Mobile Telephone
4 Professor's student instructor, abbr.
5 Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic
6 ____-up table
7 Test equipment, abbr.
8 Precision landing system, abbr.
9 Offset Frequency Shift Keying
10 Peripheral Component Interface
11 Orthogonal
17 Colorado Springs military school, abbr.
18 Be behind in phase
19 Greek letter
21 Amateur radio enthusiast
24 Threaded fasteners
25 Personal Digital Cellular
28 Family of TTL logic
30 A "1" or a "0"
32 One port of an amplifier
33 Type of coaxial cable
36 Unit of current
38 Opposite of I.D.
40 Type of chart
43 Abbreviation for acknowledge (also a common word for Bill the Cat)
46 Logarithmic ratio, pl.
48 Motorola's "Digital ___"
49 Data conversion device, abbr.
51 Unit of length
53 Army-Navy spec., abbr.
54 Range of frequencies
55 Mechanical engineering group, abbr.
58 Institute of Electrical Engineers (U.K)
60 Greek letter
62 Type of RF connector
66 Information Technology
68 Front edge of a wing, abbr.
69 PC follower

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