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Lafayette Radio Electronics Advertisement
January 1965 Popular Electronics

January 1965 Popular Electronics

January 1965 Popular Electronics Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Electronics, published October 1954 - April 1985. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

A lot of nostalgia gets waxed here on RF Cafe, to which frequent visitors can readily attest. Old timers (if you're not one now, you some day will be) often like to see remembrances of days of yore, the halcyon days of past hobbies, family, long naps, school (yuk), vacations, and other pleasurable times. Hopefully, you already have or will soon have a few of your own. This 3-page Lafayette Radio Electronics spread from a 1965 issue of Popular Electronics magazine is typical of what what avid electronics hobbyists would have read and drooled over with so many great items in the offering. If you were like me, the cost of most of the things I wanted were well outside my budgetary reach (it's still like that, unfortunately). Prices for electronics gizmos were quite high as compared to today for equivalent (and often much greater) functionality and quality. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator, that Lafayette 23-channel, crystal-controlled, dual conversion, 5-watt CB transceiver on page 92 which cost $169.50 in January of 1965 would drain your bank account by a whopping $1,361.14 in today's money!

Nuvistor, National Valve Museum - RF CafeA nuvistor was used in the front end of the HP3400A True RMS Voltmeter (thanks to Michael M. for that). Also, thanks to Bob Davis for pointing out that the Lafayette HB-400 CB radio sported a Nuvistor in the receiver front end. Here is a Nuvistor info resource. See the "Nuvistors and Micro-Modules," "The Tube Family Tree," "Lafayette Radio Electronics," "Hitachi Nuvistor Ad," "Using the Nuvistor on V.H.F. Bands," and the "The NASA 136" articles, too.

Lafayette Radio Electronics Ad

Lafayette Radio Electronics Ad (p90), January 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeLafayette Radio Electronics (p91), January 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeLafayette Radio Electronics (p92), January 1965 Popular Electronics - RF Cafe

Lafayette Radio Electronics

Free! 1965 Catalog No. 650

Buy On time -

Use Lafayette's famous Easy-Pay Credit plan ... up to 24 Months to Pay

Over 500 Pages!

Featuring Everything In Electronics for

Home - Industry - Laboratory

from the "World's Hi-Fi & Electronics Center"

• Stereo Hi-Fi-AII Famous Brands Plus Lafayette's Own Top-Rated Components

• Citizens Band - Transceivers, Walkie-Talkies and Accessories

• Tape Recorders

• Ham Gear

• Test Equipment

• Radios, TV's, and Accessories

• P.A. Equipment; Intercoms

• Cameras; Optical Goods

• Marine Equipment; Auto Accessories

• Musical Instruments; Tools; Books and Much More

See the Largest Selection in Our 44 Year History


New LR-800 70-Watt Complete AM-FM Stereo Multiplex Receiver features a tuned nuvistor "front-end" and an FM "Stereo-Search" multiplex indicator. Excellent sensitivity, frequency response, and low distortion specs. Imported, 99-0005WX.


New LT-325 AM/FM Multiplex Tuner combines simplicity, flexibility. and superb styling. 20-Tube performance provides a great variety of features, including a new audible tone "Stereo Search System." Imported, 99-0001WX.


Model RK-142 Deluxe Portable Tape Recorder perfect for the home, school, or office. Records and plays 1/2 track monaural at two speeds. With dynamic microphone, connecting cables and empty 7" reel. Imported. 99-1512WX.

Headquarters for the Hi-Fi Enthusiast

Acclaimed Lafayette RK-137A Tape Recorder

Featuring 4-Track Stereo Playback*

4-Track Monaural Record Playback

Takes Reels up to 7"


Dynamic Microphone

* adaptable to stero playback


With Electronic Track Selector Switch, VU Recording Level Meter and Pause Switch For Instant Editing

Includes lightweight carrying case, dynamic microphone, output cable, 7 inch empty tape reel.

• Two Speeds-3 3/4 & 7 1/2 ips. • Pause lever Provides Instant Stop or Editing • Record-Erase Safety Switch • Fast, Rugged Shift ever Control. • Extension Speaker Jack. • High Impedance Monitoring Jack • VU Meter Recording Level Indicator. • Electronic Track Selector Switch. • Specially Designed Heavy-Duty 6x4" PM Speaker • Separate Erase and Record Heads. Imported.

Mail The Coupon Today For Your Free Lafayette 1965 Catalog

Lafayette is Headquarters

For CB and Amateur Equipment


Deluxe Model HA-63 Shortwave Receiver is an excellent choice for the beginning shortwave listener or novice amateur. Covers 550 KC to 30mc in 4 bands and features electrical band-spread on all frequencies. 7 Tube circuitry gives outstanding selectivity arid sensitivity. Imported. 99-2534WX


4-band short wave receiver kit - an ideal way of introducing yourself or your children to the fascinating world of electronics and shortwave listening. Detailed step-by-step instruction book makes this kit a pleasure to build. 19-0905. Cabinet available for 2.85. 19-0906


Three New Deluxe Lafayette Receivers for monitoring police, fire department, aircraft, civil defense, or commercial communications. 10-Tube performance features high sensitivity. variable squelch, and fully tuned RF stage. Imported. Model HA-50 30-50Mc 99-2525WX

Model HA-55 108-136Mc 99-2527WX

Model HA-52 152-174Mc 99-2526WX

25. 95

The New Model HA-115 audio compressor amplifier instantly and automatically increases the "talking power" of your citizens band transceiver by increasing the average modulation of the transmitter section. Works with all popular CB units. 42-0117.


2 for 49.95

HE-29C 9-Tran-sistor Walkie-Talkie provides two-way communications up to 1.5 miles. Powered by six penlight batteries with life expectancy of 55 hours. An AC power supply is also available. Specify channel. Imported, 89-3020CL.


2 for 38.75

Model HA-85 6-Transistor "Walkie-Talkie" transmits and receives up to 1 mile. Ideal for sports boating, construction and recreation. Complete with leather case, earphone, batteries, and crystals for the channel of your choice. Imported, 99-3013CL.


2 for 18.88

The HA-70A - a wired pocket-size 3-transistor walkie-talkie with countless exciting short range applications. Complete with crystal, carrying case, and 9-volt battery. Imported 99-3011L.


Lafayette Stainless Steel CB Mobile Antenna - an outstanding buy with outstanding features. Chrome plated swivel ball mount base permits mounting on any surface. Lug terminals for easy hook-up to coaxial cable. Imported, 99-3034WX.

Exclusive Lafayette Wired Test Equipment


New! 20,000 Ohms-Per-Volt Multitester at Lafayette's low, low price. Has every needed range for testing appliances, radio, etc. 40 microampere meter movement and 1% precision resistor for accurate readings. Imported, 99-5008. Pigskin carrying case available for 1.75, 99-5009.


Lafayette VTVM with all the ranges and accuracy you need for audio, radio and TV applications. Giant 6 1/2" full-view meter accurately measures AC peak-to-peak, AC RMS, DC voltage, and resistance. Leather case and accessory RF probe available. 38-0101


Lafayette Tube Checker packed with features at a price you can afford. Accurately checks over 1600 tubes including new compactrons and nuvistors. Handy, easy to read slide out tube chart. Imported, 99-5011.

Send Today for Your Free 1965 Catalog

Lafayette Radio Electronics

Mail Order and L.I. Sales Center

111 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, L. I., New York

New York, N. Y.

100 Sixth Ave.

Brooklyn, N. Y. .

2265 Bedford Ave.

Scarsdale, N. Y.

691 Central

(Park) Ave.

Paramus, N. J.

182 Route 17

Jamaica, N. Y.

165-08 Liberty Ave.

Bronx, N. Y.

542 E. Fordham Rd.

Newark, N. J.

24 Central Ave.

Plainfield, N. J.

139 W. 2 St.

Boston, Mass.

584 Commonwealth Ave.

NEW Mideown New York

71 West 45 St.

Natick, Mass.

1400 Worcester St.

Lafayette Radio Electronics

Dept. 1A-5, P.O. Box 10

Syosset, L.I., N.Y. 11791

__ Send me the FREE 1965 Lafayette Catalog 650

__ $ .................... enclosed; send me ........................................

(Prices do not include shipping charges).

Name ...............................................................

Address ............................................................

City ........................................ State .................... Zip ....................

Lafayette ... Headquarters For Citizens Band Equipment

New! 23-Channel Crystal-Controlled Dual Conversion 5-Watt CB Transceiver with Advanced "Range-Boost" Circuit

• 13 Tubes, 8 Diodes

• Low Noise Nuvistor RF & Mixer

• 5 Double-tuned IF Transformers

Model HB-400 Only 169.50

• Frequency Synthesis For 23 Channel Crystal Controlled Transmit & Receive • No Extra Crystals Needed • Dual Conversion Receiver with 3/10 uv Sensitivity • Delta Tuning • Variable Squelch, Variable Noise Limiter • Illuminated "S" and RF Output Meter • Push-to-Talk Ceramic Mike • "Range-Boost" provides high average Modulation - increases Effective Range • Built-In Dual Power Supply, 117VAC, 12VDC • "Vari-Tilt" Mobile Bracket For Easy Installation • Plug-in Facilities for Lafayette Selective Call Unit • Compact, 12''Wx10''Dx5''H

New! Lafayette All-Transistor Dual Conversion 5-Watt CB Transceiver Featuring Authentic Mechanical Filter

• 100% Solid-State ... Full 5-Watt Performance!

• 11 Rugged Silicon Mesa Transistors Used in Critical Areas

• Small, Compact-Only 3" High!

• Low Battery Drain - Less Than 350 ma on Receive, 850 ma on Transmit!

Model HB-500 Only 139.50

• 12 Crystal-Controlled Transmit & Receive Positions

• 23 Channel Tunable Receiver with Spotting Switch

• 15 Transistors, 5 diodes with Printed Circuit Construction • Dual Conversion Receiver with 5/10 μV Sensitivity • Mechanical Filter For Razor-Sharp Selectivity • Variable Squelch, Automatic Noise Limiter, "S" meter • Dependable Sealed Relay Switching • Fits Anywhere-Only 11 7/16"Wx6 11/16"Dx3"H • For 12VDC (optional 117VAC Transistorized power Supply available) • Supplied With Crystals for Channel 12, special Mobile bracket, Push-to-Talk Dynamic Mike and Mobile power cable.

New! Lafayette Deluxe 8-Channel Dual Conversion 5-Watt CB Transceiver Successor to the Famous Lafayette HE-20C

Model HB-200 Only 109.50

• 9 Tubes plus 3 Silicon Diodes plus 2 Crystal Diodes for 17-Tube Performance • Super Sensitivity - 1 Microvolt or Less • 8 Crystal Receive Positions plus 8 Crystal Transmit Positions plus 23-Channel Tunable Receive • Push-to-Talk Microphone • Dependable Relay Switching • Illuminated Meter with 3-Position Switch • Adjustable Squelch and Automatic Noise Limiter • Spotting Switch. • Built-in 117 Volt AC Power Supply with 12 Volt DC. Mobile Transistorized Power Supply • Plug-in facilities for Lafayette Selective Call Unit • With Bracket Handle, Push-to-Talk Ceramic Mike, Pair of Transmit and Receive Crystals for Channel 15 plus Crystal for Dual Conversion.

Free!  Lafayette 516-Pg. 1965 Catalog No. 650. Write:

Lafayette Radio Electronics Corp., Dept. 1A-5, P.O. Box 10, Syosset, L.I., N. Y. 11791



Posted May 23, 2018

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