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Physical Constants

The list presented below contains physical constants not specifically related to electricity or magnetism.

* : Reduced Planck constant,  - RF Cafe = h/2π

Visit NIST for all constants, units, and uncertainties.

This is their Extensive Listing of constants

Here is a table of physical units.

Name Symbol Value
Alpha Particle Mass mα 6.644 656 5 x 10-27  kg
Alpha Particle Molar Mass Mα 4.001 506 179 149 x10-3  kg/mol
Atomic Mass Unit mu 1.492 417 90 x 10-10  J

1.660 538 86 x 10-27  kg

7.513 006 608 x 1014  1/m

2.252 342 718 x 1023  Hz

1.080 952 7 x 1013  K

Avogadro N0 6.022 0 x 1023  molecules/mol
Bohr Radius a0 0.529 177 2108 x 10-10  m
Boltzmann k 1.380 7 x 10-23  J/K
Deuteron Mass md 3.343 583 35 x 10-27  kg
Deuteron Molar Mass Md 2.013 553 212 70 x 10-3  kg/mol
Electron Rest Mass me 9.109 382 6 x 10-31  kg
Fine Structure α e2/4·π·ε0· - RF Cafe·c

7.297 352 568 x 10-3

Gravitational G 6.672 0 x 10-11  N·m2/kg2

3.449 0 x 10-8  lb·ft2/slug2

Fermi Coupling GF/ - RF Cafe·c 1.166 39 x 10-5  1/GeV2
Mass-Energy Ratio c2 8.987 6 x 1016  J/kg
Muon Magnetic Moment   -4.490 447 99 x 10-26  J/T
Muon Mass mμ 1.883 531 40 x x10-28  kg
Muon Molar Mass Mμ 0.113 428 9264 x 10-3  kg/mol
Planck* h 6.626 2 x 10-34  J·s
Planck Length lP 1.616 24 x 10-35  m
Planck Mass mP 2.176 45x 10-8  kg
Planck Temperature TP 1.416 79 x 1032  K
Planck Time tP 5.391 21 x 10-44  s
Proton Rest Mass mp 1.672 621 71 x 10-27  kg
Rydberg R 10 973 731.568 525  1/m

3.289 841 960 360 x 1015  Hz

2.179 872 09 x 10-15  J

13.605 6923  eV

Speed of Light (in vacuum) c 2.997 9 x 108  m/s
Stefan Boltzmann s 5.670 3 x 10-8  W/(m2·K4)
Tau Mass mτ 3.167 77 x 10-27  kg
Tau Molar Mass Mτ 1.907 68 x 10-3  kg/mol
Thomson Cross Section σe 0.665 245 873 x 10-28  m2
Unified Atomic Mass   1.660 538 86 x 10-27  kg
Universal Gas R 8.314 4  J/(mol·K)
Volume of Ideal Gas (@STP) V 2.241 4 x 10-2  m3/mol
Weak Mixing Angle θW 0.222 15  rad
Wien Displacement Law   2.897 7685 x 10-3  m·K

Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)

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Copyright  1996 - 2026

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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