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Homepage Archive - November 2017 (page 3)

These archive pages are provided in order to make it easier for you to find items that you remember seeing on the RF Cafe homepage. Of course probably the easiest way to find anything on the website is to use the "Search RF Cafe" box at the top of every page. About RF Cafe.

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Thursday 30

Ofcom Releases UK Amateur Radio License Stats

Ofcom Releases UK Amateur Radio License Stats - RF Cafe"Statistics released by UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom indicate that the Amateur Radio population in the UK has grown by approximately 10% over the past 5 years. As of the end of August 2017, there were 52,195 Full licensees, 9,739 Intermediate licensees, and 22,649 Foundation licensees. Figures recently released in response to a Freedom of Information request from Peter Bowyer, G4MJS, covered the period from June 2010 and August 2017. The statistics also show 803 Reciprocal licensees in June 2016. Overseas visitors do not need ..."

Who Was Sir John Ambrose Fleming? All About the Father of Electronics

Who Was Sir John Ambrose Fleming? All About the Father of Electronics - RF Cafe"Sir John Ambrose Fleming is one of the world's most famous and beloved electrical engineers of all time. Fleming made many great contributions to mankind and some groundbreaking innovations in electrical engineering. His two-electrode vacuum-tube rectifier, or diode, would be used for several decades before being replaced with modern transistors. But you might still find one in your home today, perhaps in your microwave! Heard of the "right-hand-rule"? Then this ..."

Bandwidth Compression for Efficient Digital Communications

Bandwidth Compression for Efficient Digital Communications, March 1969 Electronics World - RF CafeBandwidth compression is a major strategy in today's seriously overcrowded communications spectrum. Compression has occurred both through m−ary digital modulation and through downsampling of voice - the latter of which is partially responsible for the crappy quality of cellphones versus old fashioned copper landline telephones. The mathematics of sampling theory are complex to say the least, and its ability to accommodate reliable communications in the midst of incredibly dense interference is amazing. This article was written in 1969 near the beginning of digital communications; however, the earliest form of bandwidth ...

MATLAB Mastery Bundle for Just $27

MATLAB Mastery Bundle for Just $27 - RF Cafe"MATLAB allows you to handle linear algebra and run powerful analyses with relative ease. This bundle helps you master these skills and more through engaging video lessons. Used by engineers and students of science, MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is one powerful platform. Once you master the language, you can analyze and visualize data in unique ways. The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle helps you write your own data apps from scratch through five video courses. You can grab the lot now for $27 at Popular Science Shop ..."

Microwaves in Metamaterial Perform Quantum Search

Microwaves in Metamaterial Perform Quantum Search - RF Cafe"Microwaves propagating back and forth through a metamaterial have been used to implement a quantum algorithm. The efficiency of the technique was shown to match that of Grover's search algorithm, with each round-trip of the wavefront corresponding to one iteration of the calculation. The last place you look Grover's search algorithm is an approach to interrogating a database for an output that matches a certain input value. Using classical computation, searching a database of size N ..."

Wednesday 29

What Do the Chappaquiddick Incident and Apollo 11 Have in Common?

Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick Drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne - Airplanes and RocketsWith all the reports of powerful men being outed for abuses against helpless women, this recently discovered article seems timely. Last summer I spotted the Sunday, July 21, 1969 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper at a yard sale. The front page gushed with coverage of the Apollo 11 moon mission where on the previous day Armstrong and Aldrin landed at Tranquility Base. Page 2, however, is consumed with a report on Sen. Ted Kennedy's incident at Chappaquiddick where he drove his car off that tragically famed bridge. While our brave astronauts were flying to the moon, Kennedy was killing Mary Jo Kopechne ...

International Microwave and RF Conference 2017

International Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC 2017) - RF Cafe

December 11 to 13. The genesis of the IMaRC series of conferences can be traced back to the India Initiative adopted by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) in 2005, under the guidance of the President of the Society in 2005, Late Professor K. C. Gupta. This led to several MTT-S delegations visiting India in 2006, 2008, and 2009, including discussion with MTT-S membership in India, and participation in local conferences. These visits resulted in a number of accomplishments during 2008-2012, including the establishment ...

Notable Quote Oft Used by a Frequent RF Cafe Visitor

Notable Quote Oft Used by a Frequent RF Cafe Visitor"Buy the best and cry only once" (BTBCOO) means that a customer cries once at the high price, but doesn't cry again (because the higher price meant greater quality). It is not clear what retailer originated or popularized the saying. "Buy quality and cry once— buy cheap and cry forever" has been cited in print since 1922. - Anon, from The Big Apple.

How 5G Disruption Will Deliver a Better, Smarter Society

How 5G Disruption Will Deliver a Better, Smarter Society - RF Cafe"5G mobile technology was again among the hottest topics at this year's Mobile World Congress with much of the attention devoted to what the improved coverage and capacity the technology offers will be used for. Significant attention at the event was devoted to virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) apps and services, most likely because these show a clear need for the speed and low latency that 5G networks will provide because of their need for uninterrupted ..."

Tech Comics, May 1972 and July 1972 Popular Electronics

Comics with an Electronics Theme, May 1972 and July 1972 Popular Electronics - RF CafeHere are a couple more tech-themed comics from vintage Popular Electronics magazines. Only one comic appeared in each of the May 1972 and July 1972 issues, so I combined them onto a single page. What's that guy in the May comic in the background doing? Anyone remember those pieces of furniture that were once a staple of engineering offices? The July comic reminds me of a scenario that might have appeared in one of the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strips that graced our newspapers up through the end of 1995. Calvin's father, in case you didn't know, was a patent attorney ...

Nanoscale Magnetic Circuits Expand Into 3−D

Nanoscale Magnetic Circuits Expand Into 3−D - RF Cafe"This illustration shows the steps to fabricate a new 3D magnetic circuit. In steps 1 and 2, an electron microscope and gas injector print a scaffold onto a silicon substrate. In step 3, the scaffold is covered with a magnetic material. In step 4, a laser reads the magnetic information contained within the structure. Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK have broken the paradigm of two-dimensional circuits used to store and transmit data and created a nanoscale magnetic circuit that can send along bits of information ..."

Radiocrafts RC1885 Dual-Mode Radio Module for IoT Applications

Radiocrafts RC1885 Dual-Mode Radio Module for IoT Applications - RF CafeRadiocrafts AS, a leading provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions, announced today a new dual mode radio module platform for Smart Metering, Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks applications. The module has a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver is addition to the sub-Giga Hertz transceiver that is available on the RC18x0 module that was announced by Radiocrafts in September. The RC1885 radio module platform is a surface-mounted ultra-low power RF module based on the CC1350 system ...

Tuesday 28

Year-Long NASA On The Air Event Kicks off on December 11

Year-Long NASA On The Air Event Kicks off on December 11 - RF Cafe"The Amateur Radio clubs at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) centers around the US have invited the Amateur Radio community to join the NASA On The Air (NOTA) special event. NOTA gets under way in December 2017 and continues through December 2018. In addition to being the agency's 60th anniversary, 2018 will mark 50 years since NASA orbited the first human around the moon, and 20 years since the first elements of the International Space Station (ISS) were launched into low-Earth orbit. Starting on Monday, December 11, 2017 (UTC), Amateur Radio ..."

4NEC2 Antenna Simulation Software - Free!

4NEC2 Antenna Simulation Software - RF CafeProvided byArie Voors, "4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and / or compare near / far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler. When running frequency sweeps, linear or logarithmic style SWR, Gain, F/B-ratio and impedance line-charts are produced. With the included Optimizer and Sweeper one is able to optimize antenna - and / or other environment-variables for Gain, resonance, SWR, efficiency and / or F/B, F/R-ratio. ..."

News Highlights, March 1973 Popular Electronics

News Highlights, March 1973 Popular Electronics - RF CafeThe 1970s was a time of major transition in the electronics world. The transition from vacuum tubes to transistors, from point-to-point wiring to printed circuit boards, and the beginnings of personal computing were topics of all the technical publications. This 1973 issue of Popular Electronics included in its news roundup a couple interesting items whose effects are still dominant today - like the Supreme Court ruling that prevents patents on computer programs and electro-optical devices reading price tags in stores. Computer user interfaces have been patented, but the software itself is mostly ...

Group Delay and Phase Measurement on Frequency Converters

Group Delay and Phase Measurement on Frequency Converters  - RF CafeRhode & Schwarz announces an app note titled "Group Delay and Phase Measurement on Frequency Converters" - available as a free download. You don't need to register if you use the hyperlinks provided here. "This application note provides basic information about the concept of a group delay measurement with spectrum analyzers and signal generators, and how this method simplifies the test setup and improve s the measurement speed. Measurement examples show the limiting factors of this approach and help the user to understand ..."

WebAssembly Runs High-Performance Applications in Browser

WebAssembly Will Finally Let You Run High-Performance Applications in Your Browser - RF Cafe"What if you could share a computer-aided design (CAD) model and even allow a colleague to manipulate it from afar? 'Click on this link, check out my design, and feel free to add more holes or fill some in,' you might say. You wouldn't have to instruct your distant coworker to install special software or worry about whether her operating system could run it. Imagine that all your programs and data were stored in the cloud and that even computationally intensive applications like multimedia ..."

Saelig Announces Extended PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscope Range

Saelig Announces Extended PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscope Range - RF CafeSaelig Company has introduced four new members of Pico Technology's PicoScope 9300 family of sampling oscilloscopes. With up to 25 GHz bandwidth, the PicoScope 9300 series addresses digital and telecommunications applications of 10 Gb/s and higher, microwave applications up to 25 GHz, and timing applications with a resolution down to 64 fs. The new 15 GHz models replace the preceding 9200 Series 12 GHz models, with significantly upgraded specifications at lower prices. The 9301-15 gives the ...

Monday 27

Webinar: The Fastest Way to Locate Interference in Mobile Networks

December 7, 11:00 am. "Interference in the radio access network is ubiquitous and becoming more critical as the deployment of the latest cellular standards increases sensitivity to interference and subsequent degradation of network performance. This webinar will compare and contrast different techniques to geolocate sources of interference in mobile networks, with a focus on POA vs. AOA. A real interference geolocation use case will be shared and a definitive procedure for the fastest interference location will be ..."

Solder & Soldering

Solder & Soldering, March 1973 Popular Electronics - RF CafeRoHS, Pb−Free, and other green programs were not a significant concern in the electronics industry when this article was published in the early 1970s. Instead, research and development efforts concentrated on understanding and improving the chemical and mechanical aspects of soldered electrical connections. Having "grown up" in the electronics industry during that era, most of solder and soldering knowledge and practices still tend toward Sn−Pb (tin−lead) alloys for most applications, whether for soldering electronic components to a PCB or terminal post, soldering copper water pipes, or soldering music wire landing gear assemblies for model ...

Many Thanks to KR Electronics for Helping Deliver RF Cafe!

KR ElectronicsKR Electronics designs and manufactures high quality filters for both the commercial and military markets. KR Electronics KR Electronics filter types - RF Cafemanufactures all filter types and individually synthesizes filters for special applications. State of the art computer synthesis, analysis and test methods are used to meet the most challenging specifications. Please visit their website today to see how they might be of assistance ...

How FCC Plans to Reverse Title II Action in December

How FCC Plans to Reverse Title II Action in December - RF Cafe"The FCC's plans regarding net neutrality, set to be revealed in detail on Nov. 22, aren't going to end net neutrality. What the FCC is planning to do is reverse the 2014 decision that placed the internet under Title II of the Communications Act. Despite dire warnings from some corners of the media, the FCC's planned action isn't the end of net neutrality, and in fact it may foster growth on the internet. Before we get started, let's all take a deep breath. That's it. Breathe all the way in then hold ..."

Sunday 26

Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines for November 26

RF Cafe Engineering Crossword Puzzle w/Weekly Headlines November 26, 2017For the sake of avid cruciverbalists amongst us, each week I create a new technology-themed crossword puzzle using only words related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. At least 10 clues in this puzzle with an asterisk (*) are pulled from this past week's (11/20 - 11/24) "Tech Industry Headlines" column on the RF Cafe homepage (see the Headline Archives page for help). Enjoy! ...

Friday 24

Mac's Service Shop: Leakage Current Testing and Using Square Waves

Mac's Service Shop: Leakage Current Testing and Using Square Waves, April 1973 Popular Electronics - RF CafeLong before any one was overly concerned with relatively paltry electrostatic discharge (ESD) current causing damage to semiconductor components, there was a need to model the human body's resistance to current flow due to electric shock concerns. Even with a huge number of people being severely shocked and/or killed due to exposure to potentially lethal voltage levels, it was not until the late 1960s that OSHA and the National Electric Code began requiring exposed metal components (chassis, switches, etc.) to have a safety ground connection. Popular Electronics ran an article titled "Shocking But True" in August ...

ARRL Black Friday Sale

ARRL Black Friday Sale - RF CafeThe ARRL Store is having a Black Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) sale. Enter the coupon code of SAVETEN at checkout to save $10 on orders over $70. There are also buy-one-get-one-free deals and members-only pricing on some items. The 2018 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications is supposed to be really nice with lots of new material. I haven't bought a new edition since 2012 - sure would make a nice present ;-) ...

Deciding at What Age to Give a Kid a Smartphone

Deciding at What Age to Give a Kid a Smartphone - RF Cafe"It's the time of year when kids are thinking about their holiday wish lists. So what's a parent to do when a child, possibly a very young child, asks for a smartphone? We hear that smartphones can be addictive, that screen time can hurt learning, but can't these minicomputers also teach kids about responsibility and put educational apps at their tiny fingertips? To learn more, let's look at two families: one where smartphones are allowed for elementary to middle school-aged ..."

Thursday 23

NI AWR Webinar Highlights Design of IoT MIMO Antenna Using AntSyn

NI AWR Webinar Highlights Design of IoT MIMO Antenna Using AntSyn - RF CafeA Microwave Journal technical education webinar will highlight the use of NI AWR software products specifically Microwave Office circuit design and AntSyn™ antenna synthesis and optimization software, for designing a compact internet of things (IoT) dual-band Wi-Fi multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO) array antenna. Presented by Dr. Derek S. Linden, director of technology for AntSyn at AWR Group, NI, the webinar will describe how to determine the initial specifications, explore the design space, and obtain optimized antennas from the ...

Germanium Better Than Silicon for Electronics?

Germanium Better Than Silicon for Electronics? - RF Cafe"Germanium, an elemental semiconductor, was the material of choice in the early history of electronic devices, before it was largely replaced by silicon. But due to its high charge carrier mobility - higher than silicon by threefold - the semiconductor is making a comeback. Germanium (Ge) is generally grown on expensive single-crystal substrates, adding another challenge to making it sustainably viable for most applications. To address this aspect, researchers at RPI demonstrate ..."

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

"As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly"

WKRP in Cincinnati: "As God As My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly" - RF CafeAnyone who watched the WKRP in Cincinnati sitcom back in the 1970s has to remember what was one of the funniest episodes ever. Here is the 5 minutes that made Prime Time history. In this Thanksgiving episode, station owner Arthur Carlson decided he would do a surprise good deed - that doubled as a promotional stunt - and drop live turkeys from a helicopter for lucky shoppers at the local shopping mall. Watch the disaster unfold as Les Nessman reports live, and then hear Carlson's final comment that is still used or alluded to in many ...

Wednesday 22

Farewell and Adieu, H. Ward Silver

Farewell and Adieu, H. Ward Silver - RF CafeAnother era, sadly, has come to an end. H. Ward Silver (aka Ward Silver, NØAX) has announced the end of his monthly column, "Hands-On Radio," in QST magazine. The title of each column was enumerated as "Experiment #nnn," followed by the subject. To wit, "Experiment #179 Maxwell's Equations - The Wave Emerges" is Mr. Silver's final column, appearing in the December 2017 QST. "Hands-On Radio" topics ranged in intensity from relatively simple discussion on calculating power dissipation in resistors, capacitors, and inductors to more heady treatises on subjects like electromagnetic fields within coaxial cable and waveguide to Maxwell's equations. Mathematics, too ...

Please Visit Triad RF Systems to Thank Them for Their Support

Triad RF SystemsTriad RF Systems designs and manufactures RF power amplifiers and systems. Triad RF Systems comprises three partners (hence 'Triad') with over 40 years of accumulated knowledge of what is required to design, manufacture, market, sell and service RF/Microwave amplifiers and amplifier systems. "We view Triad more as a technology partner than a vendor for our line-of-sight communications product line." Please check to see how we can help your project ...

Solid-State LSA Microwave Diodes

Solid-State LSA Microwave Diodes, February 1969 Electronics World - RF CafePrior to the advent of high frequency solid state devices like Gunn diodes, working at or above a couple GHz - even at low power -required the use of cavity oscillators such as klystrons and magnetrons. They were bulky, espensize and electrically very inefficient. This article outlines the theory of bulk oscillators as developed by Dr. John A. Copeland, of Bell Labs, and points out the peculiarities of the LSA (limited space-charge accumulation) mode that makes it possible to obtain 20 milliwatts of power at 88 GHz. Use of gallium arsenide (GaAs) enabled designers to construct receiver circuits into the mm-wave region without the need for klystrons, thereby reducing cost ...

ConductRF D38999 Standard & Custom RF Solutions to 65 GHz

ConductRF D38999 Standard & Custom RF Solutions - RF CafeConductRF is offering standard D38999 RF coaxial cable assembly configurations with RF Contacts including; BMA to 20 GHz SMPM to 60 GHz Size #8 to 18 GHz Size #12 Mil-Spec. Size #16 Mil-Spec. Cable choice include Low Loss Flexible and standard RG styles. Custom marking and also ruggedization coverings including Nomex weave available ...

'Twisted' Light Could Illuminate New Path for Wireless Communications

'Twisted' Light Could Illuminate New Path for Wireless Communications - RF Cafe"Scientists have taken an important step towards using 'twisted' light as a form of wireless, high-capacity data transmission which could make fiber optics obsolete. Scientists can 'twist' photons - individual particles of light - by passing them through a special type of hologram, similar to that on a credit card, giving the photons a twist known as optical angular momentum. While conventional digital communications use photons as ones and zeroes to carry information, the number of intertwined twists in the photons ..."

Tuesday 21

Qualcomm, ZTE, China Mobile Demo End-to-End 5G NR Interoperability Test

Qualcomm, ZTE, China Mobile Demo End-to-End 5G NR Interoperability Test"Qualcomm, China Mobile and ZTE combined their 5G expertise and demonstrated what's being described as the world's first end-to-end 5G New Radio (NR) Interoperability Data Testing (IoD) system with a data connection based on 3GPP Release 15. Conducted at China Mobile's 5G Joint Innovation Center, the demo used ZTE's 5G NR) system with a data connection based on 3GPP Release 15. Conducted at China Mobile's 5G Joint Innovation Center, the demo used ZTE's 5G NR) system with a data connection based on 3GPP Release 15. Conducted at China Mobile's 5G Joint Innovation ..."

Free Engineering Magazines for Qualified Engineers & Technicians

Engineering White Papers & Books, November 2017 - RF CafeWhitepapers, pamphlets, books, magazines, and chapter examples listed here are a small sample of a lot of new items that are offered for FREE to qualified users through TradePub. Whitepaper topics include careers, manufacturing, and engineering, while magazine titles include Microwave Engineering Europe, Electronic Design, and Microwave Product Digest. Note: I earn a few pennies (literally) when you download one of these or the many other pubs available, so please help yourself ...

Anatech Electronics November Product Update

Anatech Electronics Product Update November 14, 2017 - RF CafeAnatech Electronics offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. Anatech has introduced a two new filters and a gas tube surge arrestor for your convenience: a surface mount 32.0 MHz SAW filter, a leaded 1.25 MHz crystal filter, and a cool-looking DC-3 GHz gas tube surge arrester with SMA connectors ...

SIA 'Encouraged' by FCC Order on Bands Above 24 GHz

SIA 'Encouraged' by FCC Order on Bands Above 24 GHz - RF Cafe"So far, the FCC appears to have struck a balance between the goals of terrestrial wireless and satellite interests, at least based on early reads of the millimeter wave spectrum item it passed at its open meeting Thursday. The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) announced that it is initially encouraged by the FCC order regarding the future deployment of wireless services in spectrum bands above 24 GHz. In a news release, the FCC stated it will adopt rules regarding the use of spectrum ..."

Monday 20

UK Government Launches Year of Engineering

UK Government Launches Year of Engineering to Inspire - RF Cafe"UK government launches Year of Engineering campaign to inspire next generation of engineers. The UK government has pledged to work with hundreds of industry partners throughout 2018 to encourage young people and their parents to take a closer look at engineering. Launched in response to an estimated shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates a year, and growing reports from industry that the skills shortage is having a significant impact on productivity and growth the so-called 'Year of Engineering' hopes to galvanis ..."

Thanks Once Again to Electro-Photonics for Continued Support!

Electro-PhotonicsElectro-Photonics LLC is a global supplier of RF & Microwave components. Our products include SMT hybrid and directional couplers, wire bondable passive components, filters, and very useful test boards for evaluating components (spiral Electro-Photonics components - RF Cafeinductors, single-layer capacitors). The Electro-Photonics team can support your small R&D design requirements with RF & Microwave test fixtures and save you valuable design and characterization time. Please take a moment to visit their website and see how your project might benefit ...

Reflections on the News, February 1969 Electronics World

Reflections on the News, February 1969 Electronics World - RF CafeReading through the news items in the vintage electronics magazines provides a mixture of important historical facts and figures along with some predictions on the future of the industry. Some of the predictions turn out to be amazingly accurate, even though in retrospect they might seem obvious. Take, for example, Sylvania VP Dr. Robert Castor's foresight about how, "the future growth of the semiconductor industry lies in a major switch from the production of individual components to solid-state subsystems that can be used as building blocks in electronic designs." "Well of course," you might be temped to say; however, at the time there were still significant hurdles to overcome related to material purity, wafer size, photolithography ...

Innovations in Jammer Technologies

Empower RF Systems Seminar: Pulse Shaping in High Power Solid State Jamming Amplifiers - RF CafeWebinar Title:  Pulse Shaping in High Power Solid State Jamming Amplifiers When: Thursday, November 30, 12 pm to 1:30 pm Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel Marquis Ballroom. Pulse shaping, as it is done today, is an effort to fix fidelity issues caused by the transmitting amplifier and is accomplished by a combination of imperfect methods, most external to the amplifier. In this technical session, Paulo Correa will describe a new high power amplifier architecture with built in real time feedback that is capable of matching the input signal shape, minimizing droop, overshoot, ringing, rise ...

IBM Offers 20-Qubit Quantum Computer to Clients

IBM Offers 20-Qubit Quantum Computer to Clients - RF Cafe"IBM quantum computers with 20 superconducting qubits will soon be available for online use by the firm's clients – according to the US-based company. The quantum systems will be running by the end of 2017 and IBM also says that it has built and tested a prototype quantum computer with 50 qubits. Part of the IBM Q family of quantum computers, the new systems are based on transmon qubits. These store quantum information in terms ...

Rigol DSG5000 Microwave Generator - RF Cafe
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