Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for December 2017

Engineering Career and Job Hunting Advice for December 2017 - RF Cafe

Each month I try to make the rounds of job search / career advice columns to see if there is anything worth recommending. A lot of what's out there seems to be written by people whose only job has been telling other people how to get a job, so I try for filter them out. This first article is short but interesting (a lot of source reference hyperlinks) and the conclusion is not surprising. It does not, however, addresses all the worthless <fill in the blank> Studies (insert any social warrior cause) degrees that are being paid for by taxpayer dollars. Unless you luck into a high-paying government job - with full benefits - for applying what you learned on your way to a degree in "Species-Confused Fainting Goat Studies," chances are you'll be flipping burgers to pay off your $40k in student loans while those of us with real degrees or marketable trade skills pay for your health care and free cellphones.

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Posted December 7, 2017