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Axiom Test Equipment Crossword Puzzle
June 25, 2017

This week's engineering crossword puzzle features a theme based on the products and services offered by one of RF Cafe's supporting advertisers. Clues for words pertaining to the featured company are marked with an asterisk (*). As is the case every week, the puzzle contains only words pertaining to engineering, amateur radio, science, physics, mechanics, mathematics, etc. Contact me if you would like a custom crossword puzzle for your company.

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.
acr. = acronym, abbr. = abbreviation, pl. = plural, wds. = words

Axiom Test Equipment Crossword Puzzle for June 25, 2017 - RF Cafe

1. Network, digital, spectrum, etc. (pl.) offered by this week's featured company *
8. Between-series connectors
16. Equalizer (abbr.)
17. International phonetic alphabet letter "L"
20. _____ + 65 Across + 146 Down, this puzzle's theme company *
21. Chemical symbol for manganese
23. _____ delay, which describes the time taken for information to pass through a circuit element
24. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform (abbr.)
25. Passing of a planet in front of the sun
28. Radio Direction Finding (abbr.)
29. Stock symbol for Boeing
31. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)
33. Half of a DIP
34. Filter type that blocks upper frequencies (abbr.)
35. Fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body
37. Time delay (abbr.)
38. Heatsink feature
39. One system's phonetic letter "z"
41. Chemical symbol for europium
42. Electrical overstress (abbr.)
44. Short for potentiometer
46. Big Dipper, Little Dipper, etc.
49. Home state of Los Alamos lab (abbr.)
50. Smart filter
53. Chemical symbol for arsenic
55. Part of a male connector
56. Finite-Element Model
57. Type of current
59. Temporary Engineering Change document (abbr.)
60. Circuit path with very high or infinite impedance
61. Electronic enclosure
62. Display type
65. 20 Across + ___ + 146 Down, this week's featured company *
67. Time Division Multiplexing
69. Digital encoding of the transmission mode in the vertical sync portion of an SSTV image (abbr.)
71. Chemical symbol for thallium
72. Physically connected groups of components
75. Chemical symbol for radium
76. Type Mylar airframe structure covering (2 words)
77. Chemical symbol for praseodymium
78. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
79. 1/000 of an amp (abbr.)
80. Circuit element connecting PCB layers
81. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)
83. Negative temperature coefficient (abbr.)
85. Feedback system used to maintain constant level (abbr.)
86. Gun safety and education organization (abbr.)
87. Unix, Linux or Windows (abbr.)
88. Programmable _____, offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
91. Device for converting electrical signals into sound (pl.)
94. 12 inches
96. Silicon transistor type
99. Local Oscillator (abbr.)
100. Official Space Shuttle designation (abbr.)
101. Switch position
102. Chemical symbol for molybdenum
103. Service offered by this week's featured company *
105. Anatech Electronics Inc., (abbr.)
106. Chemical symbol for berkelium
108. The Microwave Office software company (abbr.)
109. Chemical symbol for platinum
111. Dummy _____, offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
113. Wavelength division multiplexing (abbr.)
115. 1/000 of an amp (abbr.)
116. ARRL's magazine
118. One component of a complex number (abbr.)
119. Related to FM by a differential
121. Network department (abbr.)
122. Surface Mount Technology
123. 24 hours
125. This calculus operation yields current through an inductor
127. BlackBerry or Palm for example (abbr.)
129. High-speed logic family
131. Official engineering change document (abbr., pl.)
133. IC killer (abbr.)
134. Amateur Radio Association (abbr.)
136. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors
137. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)
138. Unit of time (abbr.)
139. Finite-Element Model
140. Unit of length (abbr.)
141. Discipline for aircraft navigation in low visibility environments (abbr.)
142. The "D" in CD (pl.)
147. Coefficient of temperature (abbr.)
149. Powers pneumatic devices
150. Chemical symbol for cadmium
152. Common plastic insulation type (abbr.)
153. Mathematics of angles
155. Type of matrix barcode used with laser scanning(abbr.)
157. Type of current flow (abbr.)
158. Family of ICs with a certain component density level (abbr.)
161. Chemical symbol for calcium
163. Cooling device
165. Universal Asynchronous Transmit/Receive (abbr.)
167. Capacity for carrying current
170. Opposite of output
174. Chemical symbol for silicon
175. International Microwave Symposium (abbr.)
176. Unit of weight
179. Type of data conversion device (abbr.)
180. Ratio of circumference to diameter
181. Variable Frequency Oscillator
184. Chemical symbol for cobalt
185. Balun with both ports unbalanced
186. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform (abbr.)
187. Optical storage media
188. 1.602E-19 Joules
189. Instrument for measuring I, V, R, offered by this week's featured company *
193. Unit of time (abbr.)
195. Deutsche Industrie Normenausschuss
196. "Texting" (abbr.)
197. 10 decibels (pl.)
198. Semiconductor lamp
199. Mathematical function used to divide a given function or continuous-time signal into different frequency components
202. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (abbr.)
206. U.S. military organization (abbr.)
207. Network department (abbr.)
209. Antenna gain unit (abbr.)
211. Type of logic gate
212. One component of a complex number (abbr.)
213. Which uncharged subatomic particle has zero rest mass
215. Greek letter (micro)
216. Separate light into colors by refraction
218. Stock symbol for National Semiconductor
219. Circuit for maintaining constant voltage (abbr.)
220. Chemical symbol for lead
221. Add two or more inputs
222. Computer communication scheme (abbr.)
224. Chemical symbol for neodymium
225. The unit of electrical current
227. Unit of inductance (abbr.)
228. Popular computer device interface (abbr.)
230. Unit of inductance (abbr.)
231. Type of modulation (abbr.)
232. Internet address (abbr.)
234. Service offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
236. Equalizer (abbr.)
238. Mr. Ohm's first name
240. Amateur radio operator who is qualified to administer Amateur Radio licensing examinations (abbr.)
241. Create a power supply output w/o a ground reference
244. Ham radio organization (abbr.)
246. Chemical symbol for lithium
247. Radiating devices offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
248. Device that allows repeater users to make telephone calls through a repeater
2. Rubber type
3. Prefix meaning "water"
4. Ham-ese for Young Lady
5. Compress a computer file
6. Nuclear explosion byproduct harmful to electronic (abbr., pl.)
7. Chemical symbol for radium
9. 10E1 numerical prefix
10. Wheel attachment point
11. Ratio of circumference to diameter
12. An array of 12 or 16 numbered keys that generate the standard telephone dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) dialing signals (2 wds.)
13. Electromagnetic (abbr.)
14. Electronic component package type (abbr.)
15. Chemical symbol for silver
18. Chemical symbol for chromium
19. Bluetooth network
22. A measure of receiver quality (abbr.)
25. Test point (abbr.)
26. Arithmetic Logic Unit (abbr.)
27. Chemical symbol for neptunium
28. Doing like a vector with a changing angle
29. Chemical symbol for bismuth
30. Automatic network analyzer (abbr.)
32. Flip-flop control input (pl.)
36. U.S. military organization (abbr.)
37. Causes a circuit breaker to open
38. What do we call any numerical quantity that is not a whole number
39. IC socket type for easy insertion & removal (abbr.)
40. Type of electrical measurement instrument offered by this puzzle's featured company (abbr.) *
41. Triboelectric phenomenon survivability tester type offered by this week's featured company (abbr.) *
43. Miniature RF connector
45. Signal _________, a common piece of test equipment offered by this week's featured company *
47. Experienced a sudden and temporary increase in voltage, current, or power
48. Chemical element abbreviated Sn
51. Part of a FOR loop
52. Amateur radio operator who is qualified to administer Amateur Radio licensing examinations (abbr.)
54. A service offered by this week's theme company *
58. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
59. Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (abbr.)
62. Like a surface mount component
63. Centimeter (abbr.)
64. Logarithmic unit of voltage (abbr.)
66. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors
67. L-C resonating circuits
68. Frequency band of instruments offered by this week's featured company *
69. Voice of America
70. System On Chip
72. Online service
73. Miniature threaded RF connector
74. Chemical symbol for lithium
77. Type of data storage IC (abbr.)
82. World's largest yearly convention of gadget and device manufacturers (abbr.)
84. Test equipment (abbr.)
86. Chemical symbol for nobelium
89. Type of logic gate
90. Semiconductor On Insulator (abbr.)
91. Half of DSB
92. PC follower
93. Signal-to-noise ratio (abbr.)
94. Network file transfer protocol (abbr.)
95. Electromagnetic surveillance thwarting technology
96. Permeability-tuned oscillator (abbr.)
97. 1e-6 mA
98. Oscillator type that is referenced to an external source (abbr.)
104. Small DIP package (abbr.)
105. Analog-to-Digital (abbr.)
107. Send Morse Code
108. Stock symbol for Advanced Micro Devices
110. Curve _______, a type of instrument offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
112. Mass of an element
113. Weight (abbr.)
114. Lowest power level capable of being demodulated (abbr.)
116. Unit of liquid measure (abbr.)
117. Test point (abbr.)
120. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)
124. Ticker symbol for Analog Devices
126. 10E1 numerical prefix
128. Decimeter (abbr.)
130. 30 kHz to 300 kHz
131. Electromagnetic (abbr.)
132. Specialized mobile radio (abbr.)
133. A keyboard key
134. Chemical symbol for argon
135. The "A" in DARPA
143. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr.)
144. Below ELF
145. Base of the decimal number system
146. 20 Across + 65 Across + _________, this week's featured company *
148. Type of computer display (abbr.)
149. A common battery cell size
151. 24 hours
152. Peripheral Component Interface (abbr.)
154. Chemical symbol for gallium
156. Increase voltage linearly
158. Ties a bundle of wires together
159. Chemical symbol for scandium
160. Input intercept point (abbr.)
162. Upper frequency (abbr.)
164. E=CM 2 guy
166. Type of flip-flop
168. Chemical symbol for palladium
169. Determined temporal distance between events
171. Short for potentiometer
172. Telex-Over-Radio (abbr.)
173. Load pull _____, instrument type offered by this week's featured company (pl.) *
174. _____ conductor
176. Time division duplex (abbr.)
177. First edition of a book, white paper, app note, etc.
178. Negation prefix
181. Family of ICs with a certain component density level (abbr.)
182. Unit of length (abbr.)
183. Lubricant
190. Electrical safety organization (abbr.)
191. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.
192. Its chemical symbol is Er
194. Fifth series in the spectrum of hydrogen
197. City in Colorado
200. Antenna test chamber
201. Aircraft navigation system (abbr.)
203. Morse Code for "from"
204. PC follower
205. Turn source into an executable file
206. Direct Memory Access (abbr.)
208. Miniature RF connector
209. Direct Digital Synthesis (abbr.)
210. FCC Part 15 rules apply in this band (abbr.)
214. Stock symbol for National Semiconductor
217. 30 Hz to 300 Hz
220. Greek letter often used to represent an angle
223. Modulation type (abbr.)
226. RF computer network
227. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)
228. Unit of time (abbr.)
229. Instrument for measuring digital communications efficiency, offered by this week's featured company (abbr.) *
230. Transition from solid to liquid phase
232. PCB mask exposing ray (abbr.)
233. Government program to bring electricity to farms (abbr.)
235. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
237. Ham's code for "Shall I increase power?"
239. Chemical symbol for gadolinium
241. Unit of length (abbr.)
242. Switch position
243. Chemical symbol for tantalum
244. Chemical symbol for gold
245. Filter type that blocks upper frequencies (abbr.)

See solution below


2017 Crosswords Archive

Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a well-deserved break and try your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

All of these crossword puzzles were created using the fabulous Crossword Express (now called "Magnum Opus") software.

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Axiom Test Equipment Crossword Solution for June 25, 2017 - RF Cafe

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