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Antenna, electromagnetics and transmission line simulators are a special breed of software because of the sophisticated 3-dimensional electromagnetic equations that must be applied. Designing antennas for first-pass success requires a very high level of sophistication by the software. It must contain component models (including substrates and enclosures) that accurately compute values that take into account the many parasitic effects of lead inductance, interwinding capacitance, resistance of the component, etc. Generally, price correlates directly to the capability of the software.

Here is a mixture of Payware, Shareware and Freeware for science and engineering.
Antenna, EM & Transmission Line Simulators | Circuit Simulators | System Simulators
Schematic Capture, Layout, Block Diagram | Photonics Simulators | Everything Else

4nec2 Antenna Simulator | | The Netherlands
4nec2 is a completely free Nec2, Nec4 and windows based tool for creating, viewing, optimizing and checking 2D and 3D style antenna geometry structures and generate, display and/or compare near/far-field radiation patterns for both the starting and experienced antenna modeler.
When running frequency sweeps, linear or logarithmic style SWR, Gain, F/B-ratio and impedance line-charts are produced. With the included Optimizer and Sweeper one is able to optimize antenna- and/or other environment-variables for Gain, resonance, SWR, efficiency and/or F/B, F/R-ratio.

Agilent Technologies | | 800-452-4844 | Santa Clara, CA
Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, EEsof EDA products.

Ansoft | | 412-261-3200 | Pittsburgh, PA
Ansoft Designer™ is the seamless solution for physics-based RF, high-speed, & communication design. By linking physical attributes to electrical performance, Ansoft Designer makes it possible to get it right the first time. With Ansoft’s Solver on Demand™ technology & seamless integration, the software eliminates design risk & uncertainty by providing engineers with the information necessary to make correct decisions during all stages of the design process.

Antenna Design Associates | | 413-548-9919 | Leverett, MA
PC and workstation software for the analysis and design of antennas and phased arrays. founded in 1990 by Dr. David M. Pozar, a well-known researcher and author in the areas of antennas and wireless communications. Smith Chart for Windows, PCAAD Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design, Specialized Microstrip Antenna Analysis Software Packages.

APLAC Corporation (now AWR) | | +358 9 540 450 00 | Espoo, Finland
APLAC Solutions was acquired by Applied Wave Research. AWR-APLAC is the developer of APLAC analog and RFIC circuit simulator. APLAC simulator is now integrated into AWR's Analog and Microwave office design tools.

Applied Wave Research (AWR) | | 310-726-3000 | El Segundo, CA
High-frequency EDA products for the design of wireless telecom equipment, semiconductors, high-speed computers, networking systems, automotive mobility systems, & a variety of other products. Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator, APLAC, Axiem.

Aurora Software and Testing | | +34963543263 | Valencia, Spain
FEST3D is a very efficient software tool for the analysis and design of passive RF and microwave components using advanced modal techniques based on waveguide technology, and is the first commercial software capable to integrate high power effects in the design process.

Bay Technology | | 831-688-8919 | Aptos, CA
TraceSim transmission line simulator, and LinkCAD file format translator.

Comsol | | 781-273-3322 | Burlington, MA
Provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling.

Concerto EM Solver |
Concerto is an advanced analysis package for RF and Microwave design. It includes a 3D Geometric Modeler that allows easy data import from CAD systems, as well as the facility to create and parameterize new models.

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) | | 508-665-4400 | Framingham , MA
Microwave Studio is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. Microstripes is a powerful 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, used extensively for solving challenging radiation problems including complex antenna structures, installed performance, EMC/EMI/E3 issues. Design Studio is a versatile tool that facilitates 3D EM/circuit co-simulation and synthesis. Antenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind - has a huge database of antennas that can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to Microwave Studio.

Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory |
The Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory (CVEL) collaborates with industrial sponsors to provide research and education services involving all aspects of automotive and aerospace vehicle electronics including electronic components, circuits, sensors, communications, power distribution and mechatronics with an emphasis on systems integration, electromagnetic compatibility and modeling.

CST Computer Simulation Technology |
CST STUDIO SUITE™ - comprises CST’s full 3D electromagnetic simulation as well as other tools, dedicated to specific problems such as cable harness or EM/circuit co-simulation. Antenna Magus – the first antenna design tool of its kind – has a huge database of antennas that can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®. MicroStripes is the most powerful electromagnetic simulation software for microwave, antenna design and installed antenna performance. Its 64-bit parallel-executing TLM technology enables you to solve complex electromagnetic problems beyond the scope of other EM analysis tools.

Efield AB | | +46 8 410 03 510 | Stockholm, Sweden
Provides an integrated environment for computational electromagnetics containing a complete set of solution techniques in both time and frequency domain. Geometry import from all common CAD systems and a productive graphical user interface makes it feasible to compute and visualise accurate solutions to real world problems for example in antenna design and EMC problems.

Electric Field | | 976-11301769 | Mongolia
Very cool program where you place charges on the grid and it draws equipotential electric and magnetic field lines. Other features, too.

emGine Environment | | +49-176-24030711 | München, Germany
The emGine Environment is a full-wave time-domain 3D electromagnetic simulation environment. It is used for the modeling, characterization and optimization of microwave circuits (planar, 3D), antennas, resonators, hollow waveguides, etc. The emGine Environment includes an open source graphical user interface - the emGine GUI - and a free EM simulator (for non-commercial purposes) in binary format - the tlmGine simulator - and is highly portable, running on Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X.

EM Software & Systems | | 27 21 880 1880 | South Africa
FEKO is a full wave, method of moments (MoM) based, computer code for the analysis of electromagnetic problems such as: EMC, shielding, coupling, antenna design, antenna placement analysis, microstrip antennas, & circuits, striplines, dielectric media, scattering analysis etc.

EMWonder | | Norcross, GA
EMtoSPICE™ S-parameter to SPICE model coverter, generates SPICE macromodels (or subcircuits) using S-parameter data, allowing SPICE simluation of S-parameters in time & frequency domain, unprecedented accuracy over broadband frequencies.

Antenna software by W7EL.

Fast Field Solvers | | 514-849-8752
Lots of FREE EM field solver software, like FastHenry and FastCap.

Dr. Fritz Dellsperger | | Berne Institute of Technology | Switzerland
Smith 2.03 - advanced Smith Chart software, interactive user input builds schematic by clicking in chart area, constant gain, noise, stability & Q circles.
Line V1.0- Planar Line Calculator for Stripline, Microstrip, CWG, Coax, Twisted Wire, Coupled Stripline, Coupled Microstrip. IM V1.0 - Intermodulation Calculator.

FEKO | | 757-224-0548 | Hampton, VA
FEKO is a software suite for the analysis of a wide range of electromagnetic problems. Application include EMC analysis, antenna design, microstrip antennas and circuits, dielectric media, scattering analysis, etc.

GNECView | | 814-867-3992 | State College, PA
OpenGL based, very fast, the application reads E/H fields & displays them, along with calculation of the Poynting vector when the E/H's are aligned, FREE from Bradley Flubacher.

Guided Wave Technology | | Denmark
Waveguide EM Filter Analysis and Design - microwave online waveguide filter design using exact EM software tools, Filter Coupling Matrix Calculator.

Infolytica | | 514-849-8752 | Canada
Full Wave - generates full-wave solutions of arbitrary-shaped 3D high frequency structures, including animations of 3D electromagnetic fields, includes resonant modes, scattering parameters, & port solutions.

Integrated Engineering Software | | 204-632-5636 | Canada
Huge collection of EM simulators. SINGULA 3D electromagnetic analysis software.

Interactive Products Corp | | 919-932-3033 | Cary, NC
IPC focuses on the development of Electromagnetic and Signal Integrity Computer Aided Engineering tools that offer accurate and quick solutions. Our tools solve the field equations by use of the boundary element method. Our user interface is designed for speed allowing you to choose from Stack Up Templates, Pseudo Arbitrary Design, and Completely Arbitrary Design using your CAD tool DXF exports.

Kovac Software | | +44 (0)1889 508094 | England
AutoTRAX schematic capture, simulation, layout, autorouting.

LC - Cray |
LC is a Unix-based simulation tool for the analysis of the EM properties of electrical interconnects. The full 3-D circuit is modeled, so all interactions are automatically included in the solution. Circuit parameters such as inductance, capacitance, and impedance can be derived from the transient response, and frequency-domain results such as S-parameters can also be calculated. Far field radiation patterns can be obtained. Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FD-TD) technique used.

linSmith | | Argentina, So. America
A Smith Chart program for Linux!!! linSmith is a Smith Charting program, mainly designed for educational use. As such, there is an emphasis on capabilities that improve the 'showing the effect of'-style of operation. Lots of other resources, too. By John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ.

Lorentz Solutions | | 408-922-0765 | Milpitas, CA
Lorentz Solution is an EDA company delivering the industry's first IC-focused EM Design & Verification solution. The company’s product suite, PeakView™, provides a fully automatic 3D EM Synthesis and flexible EM Design Verification for users of the Cadence™ custom IC design and circuit simulation environments.

Where in the world is Max Froding?

MEM Research | | +39 347 8279009 | Italy
EM3DS (Electromagnetic 3D Simulator) is a novel, full-featured, frequency-domain full-wave simulation tool tailored to efficiently accomplish the analysis of quasi-planar structures. EM3DS (ElectroMagnetic 3D Solver), a novel, full-featured, frequency-domain full-wave simulation tool tailored to efficiently accomplish the analysis of quasi-planar structures – specifically planar structures over complex substrates, where the finite conductors' thickness and the dielectric discontinuities are accounted for with no compromise – thus, rendering EM3DS a full 3D tool., Download a completely free version, having some functional limitations, MEM Research also offers services in terms of design of Microwave devices (especially filters & mux) & consumer electronics.

MiCIAN | | +49 (421) 168 993 51 | Germany
EM CAD µWave Wizard, waveguide network simulator.

MiG Microwave Innovation Group | | +49 421 220 8299 | Germany
WASP-NET (WAveguide Synthesis Program) hybrid EM CAD solver, MoM/FE/FD, OpenGL visualization, DXF output.

NewFASANT | | +34 91 88 56 701 |Guadalajara, Spain
Focused on the development of modern and efficient EM simulation software tools. In our products we have multiple tools designed to solve a wide range of problems, including RCS and antenna analysis, antenna and circuits design, radio propagation, etc.

PowerSmith |
RF circuit simulator for impedance analysis, matching, S-parameters, noise, & stability circles, DOS compatible, old, but works, Intuitive & no mouse needed, VA3DIW, OK1RR.

QuickSmith |
This is a very popular Smith Chart program by Nathan Iyer, of RF Micro Devices, Windows-based, FREE. Other programs also available like Cascade, PLLSim, and CoilSim.

Remcom | | 814-861-1299 | State College, PA
XFDTD - 3D full wave electromagnetic solver based on Finite Difference Time Domain, Wireless InSite - propagation prediction tool using ray-tracing models.

RTS Scientific | | 905-882-2599 | Toronto, Canada
EMPIRE XCcel™ for microwave engineers, features a new GUI, designed from the ground up for ease of operation and is very intuitive. The XCcel replaces previous software tools available from IMST and now offers an even faster speed which has been accelerated even more by a highly advanced exploitation of modern processor architecture, full package includes a parametric OPTIMIZER. The new XCcel is for microwave engineers involved in the design of antennas, waveguides, filters, resonators, interconnects etc., as well as dosimetric investigations of mobile phones, EMC of implants and other body modeling work.

Sonnet Software | | 315-453-3096 | Liverpool, NY
Sonnet Suites - 3D planar high-frequency electromagnetic software, CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - 3D high frequency EM simulator, Sonnet Lite - free EM software.

SWAN-Soft | | +39 075 585 3658 | Perugia, Italy
SWAN (Slotted Waveguide ANtennas) is a powerful CAD tool for the design and analysis of very large slotted waveguide arrays having a wide range of capabilities: fixed or scanning beam, very low side lobe patterns, shaped beams such as cosecant or flat top patterns, customizable waveguide dimensions, dielectric filling of the waveguides, many different feeding configurations, etc.

Tera Analysis Ltd | | 877-215-8688 | Denmark
QuickField electromagnetic simulator with plug-in modules for magnetics, heat transfer & stress analysis, Student Version FREE.

Zeland Software, Inc | | 510-623-7162 | Fremont, CA
IE3D - MoM-based EM simulator, FIDELITY -  FDTD-based EM simulator, MDSPICE - mixed-domain SPICE simulator, COCAFIL - waveguide filter design suite, FilterSyn - planar/coaxial filter synthesis module for IE3DLibrary, LineGauge - transmission line design tool.

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