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Antenna Measurement
Manufacturers & Services
Test Equipment & Calibration (new & used)

Some things you simply cannot do yourself. Surgery, dental work, and test equipment calibration fit into that category. Unless you have the financial means to keep traceable standards for electrical and mechanical calibration, you will need the services of companies presented here.

Test equipment & calibration services (both new & used) for antenna performance measurement are available by the companies listed here. Names in bold are actual manufacturers, while plain text listings are resellers and/or distributors.

As always, I request that contact my advertisers first when possible.

Antenna Testers
Data Acquisition
Frequency Counters
Impedance / LCR
Intermod Testers
Network Analyzers
Noise Figure / Generators
Power Meters & Sensors
Spectrum Analyzers
Signal Analyzers
Signal Generators
Tuners / VSWR
Waveform Generators
--  Everything Else  --
Companies listed in the top section are manufacturers while those in the bottom section are distributor and/or renter.  Calibration
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
San Diego, CA
888-404-ATEC (2832)
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals provides the latest models of test and measurement equipment from top name manufacturers like Agilent, Fluke, Anritsu, R&S, Tektronix, and Yokogawa. Our primary focus is providing a complete rental solution of test and measurement equipment to industries such as Aerospace, Defense, EMC, and Communications.
Contact ATER Today for Your T&M Requirements
 ● RF Amplifiers
 ● Spectrum Analyzers
 ● ESD/EOS Testers
 ● Power Meters & Sensors
 ● Network Analyzers (VNA)
Antennas & Testers
Signal Analyzers
Frequency Counters
 ● Intermodulation Testers (PIM)
 ● Data Acquisition & Loggers
 ● Impedance Analyzers (LCR)
 ● Noise Sources & Noise Figure Testers
 ● Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR)
 ● Tuners & VSWR Meters
 ● AC & DC Power Supplies & Loads
 ● Signal Generators & Synthesizers
 ● Waveform & Function Generators
Calibration Certificates accompany all equipment.
Copper Mountain TechnologiesCopper Mountain Technologies
Indianapolis, IN
CMT makes affordable, lab-quality vector network analyzers that provide high accuracy, wide dynamic range, a familiar UI and a broad variety of standard features. Operating with an external PC via USB, these VNAs increase productivity and lower costs for test, control, and design applications.
- PLANAR R140 is a Vector Reflectometer for
  S11 measurement. High accuracy measurements
  for magnitude and phase from 85 MHz to 14 GHz.
- PLANAR 804/1 is a 2-port VNA for S12, S11, S21,
  S22 magnitude and phase measurement w/145 dB
  dynamic range for 100 kHz to 8.0 GHz.
- PLANAR 808/1 is a 4-port Vector Network
  Analyzer for S11 through S44 magnitude and phase
  measurement w/150 dB dynamic range for
  100 kHz to 8.0 GHz . Compact size.
- C50NMNM.1 Test Cable for DC- 18 GHz, 60 cm long.
- Impedance Matching Pad for 50 Ω-to-75 Ω, DC
  to 3.2 GHz, N-M to N-F connectors.
- N1.1 SOLT Calibration Kit for VNAs up to 1.5 GHz.
- ACM8000T USB Automatic Calibration Module
  for 300 kHz - 8.0 GHz.
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