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Engineering, Scientific, & Hobby Software
Manufacturers & Services

This page contains a wide variation of software with engineering, scientific, and even accounting software. If you are seeking products with specific applications in high frequency design, please click the corresponding link(s) below.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, try the Calculators page.

Here is a mixture of Payware, Shareware and Freeware for science and engineering.
Antenna, EM & Transmission Line Simulators | Circuit Simulators | System Simulators

Schematic Capture, Layout, Block Diagram | Photonics Simulators | Everything Else

3D Smith Chart | +3471173741 | Valencia, Spain

The 3D Smith chart tool is a (completely reconfigurable), very easy to install software operating in Windows and programmed in Java for high frequency engineering. The tool contains two modes: analysis mode (S parameters touchstone files based) and design mode - both including a 2D and 3D Smith charts in Z/Y (impedance/ admittance versions). Any s1p and s2p files can be imported (touchstone format). Parameters are plot on both 2D & 3D Smith charts in Z/Y reconfigurable format.

AccelWare | 800-224-3019

Unit Conversion Tool - powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use utility for quick and accurate conversion between almost every possible unit of measure, from one system to another. The latest version includes more than 2200 units in 78 categories. The categories include: length, area, speed, mass, numbers, volume, time, density, force, pressure, energy, power, flow, temperature, angle, light, fractions, data transfer, and many more.

Agilent Technologies (now Keysight)

Alibre | 877-525-4273 | Richardson, TX

Alibre Design - 3D mechanical CAD softwareludes parametric solid modeling, associative 2D drafting & detailing, & real-time Team Design.

Andrew A CommScope Company | 708-349-5661 | Orland Park, IL

Base station, broadband, earth station, DCS/PCS, GSM, TV broadcast, land mobile, accessories, free planning software, coax, waveguide, Antenna System Planner, IQ Master.

APLAC Corporation (now NI/AWR)

Applied Wave Research (now NI/AWR)


The Application Engineering staff of the Microwave Semiconductor Division of Hewlett-Packard Co. (now Keysight Technologies) created AppCAD as a design help for RF & Microwave ("wireless") designers. AppCAD was then, and still is, distributed free of charge as a service to the wireless engineering community. AppCAD is useful for the design and analysis of many circuits, signals, and systems using products from discrete transistors and diodes to Silicon and GaAs integrated circuits. As of this posting, the latest version is 4.0.

Applied Radio Labs | +61 2 4252 8959 | Australia

SimPLL is the easy way to design, optimise and simulate PLL frequency synthesizers. SimPLL accurately predicts the phase noise, reference spurs, lock time, modulation response and more.

ARK RF Systems | arkrfsystems.com | +44(0)1983 400340 | UK

SPsim: Analogue, RF and Microwave simulator designed to be intuitive. A slick user interface which has no legacy code and operates using standard windows controls and keystrokes allowing circuits and simulations to be entered and set up in seconds. Compatible with Sonnet for EM simulation.

SPview2: Visual S-Parameter extraction and analysis w/support for VNAs, spectrum and scalar analysers.

AutolabNF: NF measurement via many supported spectrum analysers. Features a real time measurement mode. Autolab: Automated Laboratory Measurements. Includes NF, P1dB, IMD, ACPR, harmonic distortion. Tests 2 and 3 port devices. Drivers for most spectrum & scalar analysers, signal generators & power meters.

AVX | 843-946-0414 | Myrtle Beach, SC

Capacitors, thin film directional couplers, Z-chip combo R&C impedance matching surface mount chip, ESD/surge protection, EMI/RFI feedthrough filters, AVX SPIMIC capacitor calculation, connectors - PCB, rack-and-panel, DIN, coaxial/RF, filters, resistors.

Basta Computing | Kirkland, WA

Reglo on-screen ruler lets you make measurements of anything on your screen. Reglo is a versatile on-screen ruler that is perfect for designers, artists, webmasters, and anyone else who needs to handle graphics. In addition to supporting many different units of measurement, orientations, and ruler scales, Reglo has a wealth of handy features to make your job a lot easier.

Boin GmbH | +49 7348 928233 | Germany

WAFERMAP - software package used to collect, edit, analyze and visualize measured physical parameters on semiconductor wafers.

CEATI International Inc. | 514-904-5546 | Canada

EMTP-RV is specialized software for the simulation and analysis of transients in power systems.

Chemistry-Software.com | Like the name says, here's a nice collection of chemistry (and physics)-related software.

ChipEstimate.com | 408-943-1234 | San Jose, CA

InCyte's fast and accurate chip estimation technology provides results that typically correlate to within 5-10% of final silicon. Users enter a high-level design specification including gate counts, clock speeds, IO, and memory configurations. InCyte then provides users with an extensive IP catalog to explore adding various third party soft and hard IP cores to a design.

efg's Computer Lab | C.I.E. Color Chromaticity Diagram Chart software.


Brian Beezley's (K6STI) handy inductor calculator is done in a Windows console format that looks and acts like a vintage DOS application. Coil calculates resistance, capacitance, inductance, Q, and self-resonant frequency based on a selectable list of core and wire materials. It can be downloaded for free from the Ham-Radio.com website. Nagivate the fields using the Home-End (coil form), PageUp-PageDown (wire), and Up-Down Arrow keys (frequency, wire gauge, etc.). A ReadMe.txt file contains all the necessary tips for operation.

Computer Simulation Technology (CST)

508-665-4400 | Framingham , MA

Microwave Studio is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. Microstripes is a powerful 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, used extensively for solving challenging radiation problems including complex antenna structures, installed performance, EMC/EMI/E3 issues. Design Studio is a versatile tool that facilitates 3D EM/circuit co-simulation and synthesis. Antenna Magus is the first antenna design tool of its kind - has a huge database of antennas that can be explored to find, design and export models of designed antennas to Microwave Studio.

ComTekk Software | 830-832-3010 | Ridgeland, MS

Software-based test, simulation and code synthesis using computer sound card. Generate and decode AF signals used in radio communications systems. Measure SINAD, SNR, THD. 2-Tone Decoder: fire dispatch pager tone frequencies, SINAD: software DSP tool for test, alignment and performance verification of radio communications receivers, Dispatcher: turn any PC into a Dispatch Console, Tone Generator for 2-way Radio Signaling: PC-based test software for paging, ANI, DTMF, SELCAL, tone remote control and more.

ComputaMaps | 27-21-7940799 | South Africa

3D geographical databases for wireless network planners, offers free 500m resolution global data for download, some of the world's largest wireless telecoms operators, equipment suppliers & consultants with the best quality heights, clutter, vectors, raster maps and orthoimagery.

Computational Chemistry

02890 320736 | Northern Ireland

Spartan is powerful chemistry software with an elegantly designed graphical interface that makes it easy to learn and use. It is effective for learning (and teaching) the subtleties of organic and physical chemistry. For professional chemists and researchers Spartan accelerates research in both academic and commercial environments. The new Odyssey program provides an electronic learning environment with rich interactive 3D molecular simulations and structured chemistry content ideally suited to first year undergraduate chemistry and pharmaceutical science courses.

DataNet Quality Systems | 1-866-4WINSPC | Southfield, MI

WINSPC statistical quality control software for manufacturing process improvements. Use real-time SPC software to detect and correct nonconformances and continuously improve your products and processes.

Data Translation | 800-525-8528 | Marlboro, MA

Data Translation is a world leader in high performance USB data acquisition modules and open, powerful test & measurement software. Measure Foundry is is a rapid application development package that provides a system solution for all types of measurement instruments. It is similar to LabView and Vee.

DBA Software | 800-995-1959 | Atascadero, CA

A market leader in manufacturing software for small business. Our latest product, DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation, sets a new standard in all-purpose, common sense manufacturing software.

DesignSoft | 866-571-6402 | Annapolis, MD (based in Hungary)

TINA Design Suite - A powerful yet affordable circuit simulation and PCB design software package for analyzing, designing, and real time testing of analog, digital, VHDL, MCU, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts. change Edison - create, test, and repair circuits safely and easily with photorealistic 3D components, and get the schematics simultaneously; explore the laws of electricity and electronics via multimedia screen with virtual measurements, sound and animation.

Dielectric Laboratories | 315-655-8710 | Cazenovia, NY

Surface mount, high frequency, DC blocking, CapCAD capacitor calculation, thin film products.

Dr. Fritz Dellsperger | Berne Institute of Technology | Switzerland

Smith 2.00 - advanced Smith Chart software, interactive user input builds schematic by clicking in chart area, constant gain, noise, stability & Q circles.

Dr. Philippe Marquis | Metz, France

Graph Paper Printer - cartesian, polar, triangular, hexagonal, axonometric & dot diagrams, linear scales (metric, imperial, time, equal divisions, customizable), non-linear scales (logarithmic, quadratic, gaussian, square root,Weibull, logit), music manuscripts & tablatures, mercator grids, pattern papers (lines, bricks, losanges, ellipses, hexagons)  - FREE.

DXF File Viewer

Free file viewer for DXF, DWG, and most other common CAD file formats, from SolidWorks.

DXtreme Software

Powerful and easy-to-use logging applications for radio enthusiasts such as amateur radio operators, shortwave DXers and listeners, broadcast band, VLF, VHF, UHF, and TV DXers. DXtreme Station Log & DXtreme Reception Log.

EFG (Earl F. Glenn) | 262-373-1185 | Butler, WI

Chromaticity diagram plotter. Engineering Tools

Engineering Tools Suite applications run on the Windows 9x/NT/2000 Desktop, Palm PDA and WindowsCE PocketPC (coming soon - versions for Mac and Linux) . You can download evaluation versions.

Engineering Tools Suite, Mechanical Engineering Tools, Hydraulic Engineering Tools, Machine Design Tools, Electrical Engineering Tools, Fluid Mechanics Tools Heat & Mass Transfer Tools, Mathematical Tools, Thermodynamics Tools, Pulp & Paper Tools, HVAC Tools, Heat Exchanger Tools, Structural Engineering Tools, Pipe Flow Tools, Engineering Utility Tools, Pneumatic

Electronic Calculator

Multiple pages of calculators for capacitance, resistance, inductance, attenuation, microstrip, resonance, etc. Many astronomical calculators.

EZGPIB | +49 (0) 421/2208420 | Germany

EZGPIB is Freeware, provided by Ulrich Bangert. This software runs on a PC and can be used to control test equipment with a GPIB (IEEE488) interface. It does at least some of what LabView does.

EnviMeter (Deutsch - English)

FasTrak SoftWorks | 262-238-8088 | Milwaukee, WI

Provider of software designed to enhance factory operations including software for maintenance management, file change management, PLC programming & simulation, data control and acquisition.

FEKO (Altair Engineering) | EU: +49 7031 6208 22 | USA: 1 866 419 FEKO

Comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool for the electromagnetic field analysis of 3D structures. It offers multiple state-of-the-art numerical methods for the solution of Maxwell's equations, enabling its users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems encountered in various industries.

Filter Solutions | 602-206-7781 | Phoenix, AZ

Filter Solutions, Filter Light, & Filter Free are comprehensive PC windows based filter synthesis & analysis software packages for passive, transmission line, active, switched capacitor, & digital filters.

Front Panel Express | 206-768-0602 | Seattle, WA

Front Panel Designer is a powerful and fast tool to design and to order front panels. Totally specify material type, thickness, countersinks, radii, etc, and it will generate a cost estimate.

Giraffe Production Systems | (03) 9609 6066 | Melbourne, Australia

Production Scheduling and Production Planning Software - to automate manufacturing resource planning and production planning through plant simulation and process modelling. Optimised resource planning, process control and machine scheduling and fully automated re-scheduling to reflect contingencies in production from real-time data from sensors and controls.

Guided Wave Technology | +45 20 88 58 30 | Denmark

Filter and Coupling Matrix Synthesis Software. Get an overview of main filter parameters in seconds, without complex circuit models and modeling. Our Coupling Matrix Synthesis™ software facilitates synthesis of N+2 coupling matrices for Chebyshev bandpass filtering functions, with arbitrary finite-position transmission zeroes. The software also facilitates coupling matrix synthesis through topology matrix definition. It gives a fast and accurate overview of insertion loss, isolation, group delay and coupling coefficients versus filter order, return loss and transmission zero positions. The software allows placement of complex transmission zeroes, which opens up for group delay shaping and analysis.

HarrisData | 800-225-0585 | Brookfield, WI

Offers quality enterprise software that runs on the IBM iSeries platform.

iBwave Solutions | 514-397-0606 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

RF-vu Software: In-building wireless design solutions for wireless carriers, equipment suppliers and infrastructure integrators. One tool to manage the complete project lifecycle from design plan to “as built”ludes support for simultaneous design of multiples technologies such as 3G, 2G, Wifi, WIMAX and multiples frequency bands VHF/UHF, Tetra, Public safety700, GSM, UMTS, AWS & more. Automatic calculation, hardware validation, coordination of all documentations, consistence in design & flexibility, RF-vu the ultimate planning tool.

Investintech.com | 416-920-5884 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Developer and publisher of powerful PDF creation and extraction software products including Able2Extract and the Sonic PDF Creator.

iPhone Apps for Science Geeks | 22 web and native applications for the fancy phone-toting science lover.

ITEM Software | 714-935-2900 | Anaheim, CA

Reliability and risk assessment software.

Jim Tonne (WB6BLD) | Oak Ridge, TN

Software, App Notes. A technically-oriented site for engineers, technicians and radio amateurs.

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) | 800-829-4444 | Santa Clara, CA

Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, EEsof EDA products.

Kyushu University (IGSES) | Japan

Urban and Architectural Environment Laboratory, Japan

ET_AEE (Educational Tools for Architectural Environment Engineering).

Linear Technology | www.800-454-6327 | Milpitas, CA

A/D, D/A converters, comparators, filters, RF power detectors, FilterCAD active filter designer, op-amps.

Manfred Kanther | Matching Network Designer for Excel

This very fine Excel spreadsheet available for download by RF Cafe visitors. It is written in the Excel 2000 environment, so any version from 2000 up through Excel 2007 will support it. Click the screen image to the right to download the ZIP file. If you did not know better, you would believe that this is actually a stand-alone application, and not a spreadsheet. All of the coding appears to be implemented in the VBA code.

Maplesoft | 800-267-6583 | Canada

Maple 13 mathematics productivity tool, MapleNet web-based learning in math, science, & engineering.

Martindale's - Reference Desk | Sydney, Australia

Thousands of Calculators, File Download Time Calculator, World Daily Reports (Weather, Time, Ships, Ports, Museums, Orchestras etc.), and more.

Matheonics Technology | 519-578 2092 | Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

FAZA software tool for the analog filters design - free demo. Also a very extensive filter design tutorial.

Micrometals | 800-356-5977 | Anaheim, CA

Toroids, iron powder cores for power conversion & line filter applications & radio frequency applications, magnetic alloy core materials for high temperature applications, inductor design software (free).

National Instruments / AWR | 310-726-3000 | El Segundo, CA

NI AWR Design Environment is a portfolio of software products that RF/microwave designers can use to design, develop, and realize microwave/RF components, circuits, and systems including monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), RF printed circuit boards (PCBs), microwave modules, RF integrated circuits (RFICs), communication systems, radar systems, and antennas. It consists of high-frequency design environments inclusive of System simulation (Visual System Simulator™), Circuit simulation (Microwave Office and Analog Office), Electromagnetic analysis (AXIEM and Analyst™) and also AWR Connected™ modules which expands functionality through 3rd party tool collaboration.

National Instruments | ni.com | 800-433-3488 | Austin, TX

LabView Measurement & automation software, modular instruments, switches, motion controllers & motor drivers, sound & vibration measurement & analysis.

Nat Radio Co | Point Pleasant, NJ

Software for amateur radio and engineering.

N0HR.com | N0HR.com is the home of MobileLog and PPCMorse - ham radio software utilities for PocketPC PDAs, by Pat Rundall.

Octave | University of Wisconsin

Octave mathematics package - similar to Matlab, but FREE.

Omicron Lab | 800-OMICRON/ Houston, TX

Quickfil passive filter design.

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator | orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk

Orbiter is a spacecraft simulation tool, an in-depth simulation based on complex physics. Orbiter models space travel (in a variety of craft), planetary motion and atmospheric effects. It requires a basic knowledge of the principles of space flight and lots of practice. Written and maintained by Martin Schweiger.

PedaSoft | 800-910-7919 | Anaheim, CA

Pack-IT™ A customized software tool for RF system simulation of packaged chips. Pack-IT models traces, substrate, active, and passive components simultaneously in a self-consistent way, which enables first-pass success for RF system design. Semi-IT™ A customized software tool for active component design such as a power amplifier (PA). Pack-IT models the PA, substrate, and matching circuits simultaneously in a self-consistent way, which enables first-pass success for RF component design. Please email us at support@pedasoft.com with your project request, and one of our technical team will contact you.

PnaCapture© | This program is a test automation tool for the Agilent PNA model Vector Network Analyzer. Connects GPIB and controls the testing, specification and report generation using excel worksheets for the ultimate in data accessibility. Also saves the data in ASCII delimited, S2P, SQL Server, SQL Server Express or Access data basing for the ultimate in flexibility. Uses the National Instrument GPIB Instrument Interface Buss Adapter.

PowerEsim | Hong Kong Science Park

Online design tools for switching power supplies, battery chargers, AC adapters, AC/DC converters, DC/DC power converters, high frequency lamp ballasts, integrate circuit (IC), DC/AC inverters, power converters for LEDs, automotive power converters, etc. Provided by PowerELab.

Print Free Graph Paper

Save yourself money and a trip to the store! Print graph paper free from your computer. This site is perfect for science and math homework, craft projects and other graph paper needs. All graph paper files are optimized PDF documents requiring Adobe Reader for viewing.

Quick Energy Profiler

Free online software tool to help U.S. industrial plant managers improve energy management at industrial facilities.


This is a very popular Smith Chart program by Nathan Iyer. It is now implemented as a Web app that works on desktops of mobile devices. Features include ladder network, elements loaded using drag drop method, file open and save functions, impedance matching, frequency & component sweep, load impedance interpolation & extrapolation for frequency dependent loads, Q factors, amplifier design & analysis using gain &noise circles, transmission line parameter, constant conductance, VSWR and Q circles, import and export of data files.

Radio Engineering Services | +39-0118194575 | Torino, Italy

HERALD Professional - A PC program for Windows to assist the radio engineer in the design of point-to-point microwave links and networks. Site/hop configuration; customized antenna & radio equipment libraries; link ludget; profile analysis (clearance, reflections); multipath outage; rain unavailability; ITU | Bell Labs | ITM propagation modeling; Interference analysis, Passive repeaters; ITU-R & North America performance objectives; One-click access to background theory. Path profiles imported from NASA | SRTM digital terrain maps (free download, worldwide coverage). Output documents in English, Spanish, or Italian.

RadCon Immunity Software | RadCon 1.1 Conducted Immunity for compliance testing to GR1089, IEC 1000-4-6, SAE J1113 automotive and MIL-STD test specifications. RI-140 Magnetic Field Immunity for magnetic field immunity tests to the Ford RI-140 spec, which is virtually identical to a MIL-STD RS101 spec.

R.A. Wood Associates | 315-735-4217 | Utica, NY

Engineering consulting services, computer automated test design & development, engineering prototypes & low rate manufacturing, RF/Microwave system design & analysis, subcontract specifications, wireless system design, custom software program development, LabVIEW software development, lectures & training classes, computer consulting services. Software: SpurFinder, TunerHelper, RFSpecTest, PathLossSolver, Painless Extraction.

Red Binary | 620-665-4085 | Hutchinson, KS

Electrist 1.1 For Palm OS. The top-rated Electrical and Electronic Engineering Calculator for Palm OS. Over 90 formulas & variations.

RF Cafe | Greensboro, NC

RF Cascade Workbook 2018 Extensive Excel spreadsheet, RF Workbench block diagram level RF system simulator, Up/Downconverter, Spurious Analysis, Budget - best value out there, RF Component Stencils for Visio, Smith Chart for Visio, Excel Smith Chart, RF Cafe Online Calculators.

RF Calculator | RF and RF Test calculations for design and analysis.

RTS Scientific | 905-882-2599 | Toronto, Canada

EMPIRE XCcel™ for microwave engineers, features a new GUI, designed from the ground up for ease of operation and is very intuitive. The XCcel replaces previous software tools available from IMST and now offers an even faster speed which has been accelerated even more by a highly advanced exploitation of modern processor architecture, full package includes a parametric OPTIMIZER. The new XCcel is for microwave engineers involved in the design of antennas, waveguides, filters, resonators, interconnects etc., as well as dosimetric investigations of mobile phones, EMC of implants and other body modeling work.

SeaSolve Software | 1-866-WiLANTA | San Jose, CA | +44 (0) 20 8538 0158 | Europe

+91-80 40105200 | Bangalore, India

A leading supplier of real-time test and measurement solutions for testing and analyzing the performance of IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee (WPAN), IEEE 802.11a/b/g (WLAN), IEEE 802.16-2004 (WiMAX) and IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) transmitters and receivers. Customizable manufacturing test automation support for major ZigBee Chipsets & applications such as ZigBee Smart Energy (AMR) and ZigBee Home Automation.

ShapeSource | 425-369-6000 | Issaquah, WA

ShapeSource.com is the best resource for Microsoft Visio shapes and add-on products. This site contains shapes for free download and for sale that are useful for many business and technical diagrams.

SoftJin | 408-773-1714 | Santa Clara, CA

Re-usable EDA building blocks that help accelerate EDA tool development. Depending upon the customer's requirements, a combination of EDA building blocks and EDA software development services are to provide a complete solution. SoftJin's EDA building blocks are also available for licensing independently.


Allows you to view your 2-port s-parameter (.s2p) files in graphical format. Contents of multiple files can be displayed on the same charts for comparison. S-parameter de-embedding is in the verification process.

Spry Software | 321-729-9976 | Palm Bay, FL

The QuickLoad data analysis tool allows instant access to STDF and other semiconductor ATE data formats in MS Excel and R analysis tools. The QuickEdit viewer/editor allows in-depth viewing and editing of STDF files to properly configure product characterization and other analyses. The QuickChange library allows perl, C, Java access to complete STDF contents. 30-day free trials.

Stellar Information Systems | (011) 3263 6069 | India Product

These hard drive data recovery software downloadable demo versions will scan, analyze and show you the data from your crashed/inaccessible hard drive.

Sunshine Design Engineering Services | www.Ramona, CA

Design Specialties - hardware, CAD and software engineering. Test Engineering Services - 20 years experience RF/Microwave and Semiconductor Parametric Test. Electronic Calculator - Multiple pages of calculators for capacitance, resistance, inductance, attenuation, microstrip, resonance, etc. Many astronomical calculators. RF Calculator: RF and RF Test calculations for design and analysis.

Survey Technologies | 503-848-8500 | Portland, OR

Manufactures field test equipment and software for verification of wireless communications system coverage. The STI systems automate field measurements of mobile radio and other RF signals during drive tests to create contour plots of coverage.

Taylor Scheduling Software | 780-414-6718 | Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Advanced planning and production scheduling software. In addition, we provide ongoing consulting and support services including process modeling, new application development, custom reports and integration with a variety of other systems (ERP, CRM, MRP, etc.).

Technology Systems | 860-482-2359 | Torrington CT

Free electronic design software.

The Engineers Club | 408-445-2902 | San Jose, CA

MxrSpur graphical mixer spurious analysis.

The Math Works | 508-647-7000 | Natick, MA

MatLab high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numerical computation. RF Blockset to design and simulate the behavior of RF systems and components in a wireless system. RF Toolbox to design and analyze networks of RF components.

Toprudder EMC | North Carolina

RadCon is conducted/radiated emissions software used for compliance testing to GR1089, IEC 1000-4-6, SAE automotive and MIL-STD test specifications. It can perform substitution type testing, where pre-calibrated signal generator levels are replayed during tests. It can also perform substitution testing to forward-power or net-power levels recorded during calibrations. In addition, it can monitor the induced current during the test and optionally limit over-testing based on the induced level. Free download.

Trilogy Design | 800-280-5176 | Grass Valley, CA

Parts&Vendors personal parts list manager and vendor database that helps keep track of all the components that go into a new product design.

VisiCalc DOS Spreadsheet | This is the original spreadsheet program for DOS, provided by its original developers, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston. Includes the complete history.

Visimation | 425-369-6000 | Issaquah, WA

A huge collection of Visio shapes and custom SmartShapes development services.

VNA Help | 707-695-1262 | Santa Rosa, CA

Cal Kit Manager network analyzer utility, SWR Calculator.

VisSim | EU: +49 7031 6208 22 | USA: 1 866 419 FEKO

Graphical language for simulation and model-based embedded development. The core product, is used for general modeling, simulation and control system design applications. Quickly develop virtual prototypes of any dynamic system. Models are built by simply sliding blocks into the work area and wiring them together with the mouse.

WaveCon | 760-747-6922 | Escondido, CA

Parfil filter design software handles 20 types of coupled line and transmission line RF/microwave filters including microstrip, stripline, coupled rods. Built-in optimizers. Demo available.


WiseCalc is the complete mathematical text engine calculator for your computer.

- it's FREE!

- it has a multi-line text-editor type of interface

- it has 450+ unit conversions built-in

- it has hundreds of functions built-in

- it can save and open calculation pages

- it can evaluate built-in and user definable functions, units, constants, and matrices

Wolfram Research | 800-965-3726 | Champaign, IL

Control System Professional - object-oriented environment for solving common problems in control & systems areas within Mathematica.

Zeligsoft | 800-935-4479 | Arlington, VA

Develops and markets tools that enable the design, deployment and configuration of component-based embedded software systems.

LadyBug LB5954L Power Sensor with LAN Option - RF Cafe
Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe

Rigol DHO1000 Oscilloscope - RF Cafe