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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2016

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

Electronic Design | High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

Electronic Design


11 Myths About SMARC 2.0

Dan Demers

How to Achieve High-Quality Data/Video Transfer with USB Type-C

Paul Pickering

11 Myths About XYZ Color Sensing

Tom Griffiths

Generating Negative Resistance

Bob Zollo

An Amateur's View on the P2 (Part 1)

Justin Spencer Mamaradlo

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Protocol Triggering

Colin Mattson

11 Myths About PCB Layout

Mathew Stevenson


What's the Difference Between Jitter and Noise?

Patrick Mannion

Energy Efficiency of Computing: What's Next?

Jonathan Koomey and Sam Naffziger

Flip-Flop Design Provides Frame Sync for Received Satellite Telemetry

Nithin Kumar K, Chirag R , and V. Sambasiva Rao

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Advanced Trigger Modes, Part 2

Colin Mattson

How to Pick the Right Oscilloscope Probe

Daniel Bogdanoff

Overcome the Challenges of In-line Phase Motor Current Measurement

Dan Harmon


Highly Parallel Wafer-Level-Reliability Systems with Modular SMUs

Jake Harnack

Generate Qualifiable and Tunable Code Using Model-Based Tools

William Wong

Diode's Analytical Model Bridges Solid-State Reality and Physics Theory

Gregory Mirsky

Easing Design of Heterogeneous Clusters

William Wong

Oscilloscope Triggering Advanced Course: Advanced Trigger Modes, Part 1

Colin Mattson

Wireless Charging Wades into the Industrial Environment

Paul Pickering

Cranking Up Serial Memory Speeds for In-Place Execution

William Wong

The Wireless Spectrum Conundrum

Lou Frenzel

Can Class-D Amplifier Audio Performance Get Any Better?

Maria Guerra

Hybrid-Beamforming Design for 5G Wireless Communications

Giorgia Zucchelli, Rick Gentile and Honglei Chen

Clock Generators Bring Stability to Timing-Circuit Designs

Electronic Design Freelance Staff

What's All This Tube Silicon-Germanium V-F Stuff, Anyhow?

Paul Rako

The Digital Side of DC Power

Bob Zollo

11 Myths About Analog Noise Analysis

Scott Hunt

Designing Ultra-Low-Power Sensor Nodes for IoT Applications

Paul Pickering

Period-to-RPM Converter Measures Very Low Frequencies

Ricardo Jiménez, Fernando D. Pacheco, and Blanca L. Rodríguez


Connecting with Industrial HMIs

Atul Patel

11 Myths About Noise Cancellation

John Yoon

Safety of Critical Connected Devices is Impossible Without Security

Jay Thomas

E-Meters Offer Multiple Ways to Combat Electricity Theft and Tampering

Paul Pickering

What's the Difference Between Consumer and Industrial IoT?

William Wong

Instruments and the Cloud: 5 Tips to Automate Your Lab

Nick Edwards

Attaining Phase Coherency for Multiple Data-Converter Systems

Richard F. Zarr

What is the Piezoelectric Effect?

Carmen Emily Yang

5 Different Ways to Use LED Drivers

Maria Guerra

Magnetic Angle Position Sensors Elicit Efficient, Energy-Saving Motor Control

Mark Donovan

Welcome to the Oscilloscope Dojo: Become a Trigger-Fu Master

Daniel Bogdanoff

"Cap-Drop" Approach Implements Offline Power Supply for Light Loads

Akshay Mehta

What's All This Varactor-Input Amplifier Stuff, Anyway?

Paul Rako

Added ADC Improves Analog Square-Root Extraction Accuracy

Yakov Velikson

Simple Change Enhances Safety, Integrity of Isolated Shunt-Regulator DC-DC Converter

Ron Michallik

GaN Devices Bring Benefits to POL DC-DC Converter Designs

Paul Pickering

Overcome Protocol Challenges in Industrial IoT Environments

Wenyuan Niu

Enhanced Stepper-Motor Control Brings BLDC-Like Performance

Koji Yamada


BLE v4.2: Creating Faster, More Secure, Power-Efficient Designs—Part 1

Sachin Gupta and Rohit Kumar

What's the Difference Between a DSO and DPO?

Johnnie Hancock

Advanced Building-Automation Sensors Save Energy, Enhance Safety

Lou Frenzel

Engineering Essentials on Embedded SSDs

Steve Larrivee

Why You Should Care About Oscilloscope Trigger System Basics

Colin Mattson

Comparing Power-Supply Architectures for a 12-bit ADC

Chris Glaser

4 Layers of Automotive Security

Andy Birnie and Timo Van Roermund

Synthesis of Design Rules and Patterns

Michael White

Ethernet Evolution Drives Parallel Changes in Test and Measurement

David Rodgers

Hybrid Switching/Linear Method Yields LED-Current Controller with Wide Dimming Ratio

Thomas Mosteller

11 Myths About Power Supplies

Roger Gabriel

Simplifying Device R&D and Basic System Test

Patrick Mannion

Achieving Bit-Perfect USB Audio

Sree Harsha Angara

High Voltage and GaN: Gateways to Better Power-Supply Efficiency

Lou Frenzel

Perform Thermal Simulation Early in the Layout Stage

Günther Schindler


High-Speed ADCs Propel Wider-Bandwidth Applications

Lou Frenzel

Bit-Error-Rate Testers Face Ethernet Speed Challenges

Maria Guerra

Bring the Benefits of MEMS Accelerometers to Condition Monitoring

Ed Spence

What's the Difference Between Containers and Virtual Machines?

William Wong

Simple Yet Effective ESD Testing Methods for Higher Reliability

Justin Spencer Mamaradlo

11 Myths about OpenCL

William Wong

A Deeper Look at Deep-Learning Frameworks

William Wong

Prevent Oscillations in Supercapacitor Power Supplies

Rick Bosma

What's the Difference Between Software and Hardware for Embedded Device Security?

Michael Armentrout


Extract the Best AC Performance from Your Precision DAC

Paul Pickering

5 Methods For Improving Data Center Efficiency

Maria Guerra

12 Wireless Options for IoT/M2M: Diversity or Dilemma?

Lou Frenzel

11 Myths About Oscilloscope Probes

Kenny Johnson

Inductive Switch Improves Reliability of Proximity Sensing

Lou Frenzel

Peeling Back the Onion on Point-of-Load Modules

Aaron Yarnell

Boost Reverse-Battery Protection for Automotive Electronic Control Units

Siva Uppuluri

Op Amps Make Precision Clipper, Protect ADC

Thomas Mosteller and Aaron Schultz

Getting Your Priorities Straight: Managing Overshoots

Bob Zollo

Wireless Battery Charging Not Just for Smartphones

Lou Frenzel

Inductive Switch Improves Reliability of Proximity Sensing

Lou Frenzel

Capacitive Touch Broadens Switching Options for Equipment Apps

Steve Sheard

Molecular Cars Drive Under Microscopes and Over Obstacles

James Morra

Simple, Novel Switch Exploits Triboelectric Effect

Dev Gualtieri

Interconnecting Multi-Camera Systems in Mobile and Mobile-Influenced Designs

Richard Sproul and Haran Thanigasalam

11 Myths About Antenna Design

Dustin Morris and Kyle Sporre


Traditional Instruments: The Antique Collector's Dream

David Hall

New Age Solutions for In-Building Security Systems

Michael Long

FPGA Kit Detects USB Type-C Configuration Channel Signals

Rajaram Regupathy

The Principles of FPGAs

Maria Guerra

Solar "Day Lamp" Also Powers FM Receiver

Poonam Deshpande

5 Questions About Oscilloscope Zone Triggering

Joel Woodward

IoT—the Industrial Way

William Wong

Smaller PLL Synthesizers Become Design-Friendlier

Lou Frenzel

Applying MOSFETs to Today's Power-Switching Designs

Automated Tools Augment Programmer Efficiency

William Wong

Eliminate Those Automotive Load-Dump Circuit-Protection Headaches

Ian Doyle

Test Technique Quantifies Jitter of Discrete-Comparator Design

Tim Davis

Jitter Simplified

Daniel Bogdanoff

Simplify Automotive Powertrain Design with Distributed Power Supply

Roy Tan and Mei Zhen Choo

Securing SSDs with AES Disk Encryption

C.C. Wu

What's the Difference Between SAR and Delta-Sigma ADCs?

Lou Frenzel

Hardware Design Guide to Smartphone Ambient-Light Sensing

Steven Li


7 Engineering Essentials for Printed Circuit Board Design Success

Nolan Johnson

Add Up-Front PCB Design Intelligence to Avoid Last-Minute Mistakes

Michael Greisbach

Capacitive Sensors: An Attractive Option for Contactless Sensing

Paul Pickering

Current Limiter Offers Circuit Protection with Low Voltage Drop

Sajjad Hajdar

Balancing Processing Power and Reliability in Micro-Mini Mission Computers

Mike Southworth

These Current-Monitoring Methods Help Shrink TCO, Boost Uptime

Paul Pickering

Find and Fix Power-Supply Noise Issues When Charging Cells

Bob Zollo

7 Tips for Better Oscilloscope Probe Selection and Usage

Jae-yong Chang

Optimize High-Voltage Measurements with Self-Adjusting Attenuator

Steven Galecki

High-Voltage SMPSs with Special Device Drivers Improve Efficiency

Lou Frenzel


Graphene Sheets, Wrinkled and Crumpled, Make Better Batteries

James Morra

Is the Electrical Grid Keeping Up with Smart Solar Inverters?

Maria Guerra

Calculating Accuracy in High-Side Current-Sense Amplifiers

Don Corey

Wireless 101: Basic Physics of Radio

Lou Frenzel

The Charge-Pump Option to LDO and Inductor-Based Regulators

Lou Frenzel

"Bolt-On" Circuit, Transistors Create Zero-Drift Current Source

Tim Davis

Beyond Speed: Design Tradeoffs with Fiber-Optic Cable

John Long

MRAM Optimizes System Energy Consumption

Duncan Bennett and Andrew Pockson

Why You Should Care About Oscilloscope Acquisition Modes

Daniel Bogdanoff

Taking Advantage of Zone Triggering

William Wong

Boost Analog Design Model Accuracy

Rinkesh Patel, Nagina Bhandary and Vijay Akkaraju

Computer Sound Card Provides Simple Internet-Based Appliance Remote Control

José M. Miguel

11 Myths About Low Power

Keith Odland

Isolated Circuit Digitally Indicates 120-/220-V Line Voltage

Edward K. Miguel

Thoughtful Board Design Unlocks the Promise of GaN

Electronic Design Freelance Staff

Taking an In-Depth Look at MicroTCA Power Modules

Maria Guerra


Improve Data-Logging Techniques with the Latest IoT Products

Lou Frenzel

Power-Saving Tips When Rapid Prototyping ARM Cortex-M MCUs

Steven Cooreman

Understanding and Measuring Power-Supply Transient Recovery Time

Bob Zollo

Carrier Aggregation: Implications for Mobile-Device RF Front-Ends

Dennis Mahoney and David Schnaufer

Reduce MCU Power in IoT Apps with These Techniques

William Wong


Signal Conditioning with Force-Sensing Resistors

Steven P. Hendrix

Implement Next-Gen Wi-Fi IP for 802.11ac Wave 3 SoCs, ASSPs

Lisa Meilhac

Guarded Limiters Improve High-Impedance Sensor Dynamic Range

Mark Reisiger

Make Great Oscilloscope Measurements

Daniel Bogdanoff

An Inside Look at High-Speed ADC Accuracy, Part 3

Rob Reeder

Simple Circuit Drives, Manages Laser Diode's Output

Alan Stummer

What's the Difference Between M.2 Modules?

William Wong

Extend Low-Voltage Digipot Resolution to Control an Adjustable Regulator

Robert Swartz

Standardizing Trust for Embedded Systems

Stefan Thom, Steve Hanna, and Stacy Cannady

Fiber Optics Transmit Data and Power Over Same Cable

James Morra

High Frequency Electronics


Horn and Reflector Antenna Design Projects in Words and Pictures

Christophe Granet


PCB Material Considerations for High Power Amplifiers in Solid-State Microwave Ovens

What RF Engineers Need to Know about the Smart Home

Cees Links


Advances in System-Level Modeling to Support Emerging 5G Technologies

Gent Paparisto

Isolation Addresses Common Sources of Measurement System Error

Tom Neville


VSWR-Tolerant Push-Pull Class DEodd/CMCD RF PA

David Pacholok, Paul Reich, and Jim Spangler

Advantages of Platinum as a “Barrier” Metal on Thin Film Hybrid Microelectronics Substrates

Joe Krasucki


Effectively Tune the Performance of Your RF Board Design

Jack Sifri

Saving Power, Money, and Improving Cyber Security Using High Frequency Digital Noise

Michael Hopkins


How to Right-Size Your Wireless Testing

JFW Industries

More Hz for More Bits: Solving the Wireless Throughput Challenge with More Bandwidth

Shivansh Chaudhary


Design Guidelines for Metallic Enclosures for RF Circuits

Bill Garner, Steve Rosasco, and Larry Burgess

Harmonic Balance Simulation Algorithm: The Basics

Ain Rehman


Small Cell Multicoupler

Wayne Barbely

What's in a Name? Clarifying Misused RF/Microwave Terminology

Tom Perkins


Virtual Thru-Reflect-Line (TRL)

John E. Penn

First Pass Success with ASICS

Ain Rehman


The Mystery Behind MSL 1, 2, 3

Kelvin Kiew

A Simulation-Based Design Flow for Broadband GaN Power Amplifier Design

Ivan Boshnakov, Malcolm Edwards, Larry Dunleavy, Isabella Delgado


Fitting a Simple Transformer Model to HFSS Simulation Results

Philip Macphail

Innovative Teaching Methods Help Undergraduates Master Complex RF and Microwave Concepts

Dr. Francesco Fornetti


Statistical Pulse Measurements Using USB Power Sensors

Orwill Hawkins

Phase Locked Loop Noise Transfer Functions

Peter Delos

Integrated Design of Wideband MCM-Type LNA at C Band

Jayeeta Sinha and R. Ramasubramanian

Microwave Journal


Automotive Radar Sensors Must Address Interference Issues

Dr. Steffen Heuel

Variable Gain Amplifiers for Wireless Infrastructure

Integrated Device Technology Inc.

Advances in RF Energy for Medical Applications

Franck Nicholls and Jose Fernandez Villasenor, M.D.


Designing Next-Generation AESA Radar

Gent Paparisto and David Vye

Metamaterial Advances for Radar and Communications

Eli Brookner

Characterization and Modeling of High Q Dielectric Resonators

Edward C. Liang


3D Printed Material Characterization for Complex Phased Arrays and Metamaterials

M. Wajih Elsallal, Jamie Hood, Ian McMichael, and Travis Busbee

802.11ax – High Efficiency Wireless

Alejandro Buritica

Changing Design with Characteristic Mode Analysis

Peter Futter

Measuring Phase Noise with Baluns

Gary Giust and Doug Jorgesen

The Methods and Problems of Capacitor ESR Measurement

Knowles Capacitors


The 5G mmWave Radio Revolution

Amitava Ghosh

LDS Molded Interconnect Devices Fit For mmWave

Aline Friedrich and Bernd Geck, and Malte Fengler

Design of Waveguide Windows for mmWave Components

Yong Fang, Baoqing Zeng, Xiaoyun Zhao, Jun Dong, and Hai Zhang

Achieving Metrology-Level Accuracy When Making THz Measurements

Andrej Rumiantsev, Toe Naing Swe, and Andreas Henkel


Compact SAW-less Transmitter for 3G, 4G and Beyond

Pedro Emiliano Paro Filho, Mark Ingels, Piet Wambacq, and Jan Craninckx

Smart Antennas for 5G

David Freeborough

Using a Passive Vector Modulator to Realize a Super Linearity High Power Feedforward Amplifier

Lamin Zhan, Kun Li and Guoan Wu

A Hyperbolic Compact Generalized Smith Chart

Andrei A. Muller and Esther Sanabria-Codesal

RF Waveguide Tips and Facts You Can't Learn in School



E Pluribus Unum: An Integrated Design Flow for Phased Arrays

Daren McClearnon

Simplifying Antenna Design Without Compromise

National Instruments, AWR Group (NI)

Möbius Metamaterial Strips: Opportunity, Trends, Challenges and Future

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

High Linearity RF Switches for DOCSIS 3.1 Applications

Peter Bacon and Kinana Hussain

Using Model-Based Design for Software-Defined Radio

Mike Donovan, Andrei Cozma, and Di Pu


Get Your GaN Here: RF GaN Foundry Survey

Pat Hindle, Gary Lerude and Richard Mumford

New Radio Ecosystem for a Changing Wireless World

Analog Devices Inc.

Möbius Metamaterial Inspired Signal Sources and Sensors

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

In-Device Coexistence Interference

Abinash Sinha and Fernando Schmitt

Solving Mobile Radar Measurement Challenges

Dingqing Lu


Going Green: High Efficiency GaN Amplifiers

Patrick Hindle

Pushing Board-to-Board Interconnect Performance Boundaries

Southwest Microwave Inc.

Möbius Metamaterial Inspired Next Generation Circuits and Systems

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

Ensuring Peak Oscillator Performance in Real World Systems

Y. Vorokhovsky, A. Nikonov, A. Kotyukov, V. Lyaskovsky, A. Kamochkin and Y. Kolpakov


Printed 3D Stacked Chipless RFID Tag with Spectral and Polarization Encoding

Stevan Preradovic

Flexible Capacitively Loaded Antenna with Parylene Conformal Coating

Yijie Qiu, Yei Hwan Jung, Subin Lee, Juhwan Lee, Ting-Yen Shih, Yuehang Xu, Ruimin Xu, Weigan Lin, Justin C. Williams, Nader Behdad, and Zhenqiang Ma

Broadband CPW-Fed Wearable Antenna for WLAN and WiMAX Applications

Qingshuang Liu, Yilong Lu, and Jie Jin

A Compact Balanced-to-Unbalanced Diplexer Using Interdigital Line Resonators

Jianzhong Chen, Jie Shen, Ni Gao and Anxue Zhang

Design of a Compact Four MIMO Handset Antenna Structure

Hyunsoo Kim and Sungtek Kahng

Computing Thermal Resistance of PCB-Mounted MMIC Devices


Adaptive Gate Bias Module Ensures Amplifier Performance

Donna Vigneri

IC RF Power Detectors Simplify Wireless System Design

Eamon Nash


Integrated, Turnkey Modeling and Measurement Systems

Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto, David Vye, Marc Vanden Bossche, Steve Dudkiewicz, and Vince Mallette

Common Digitizer Setup Problems to Avoid

Arthur Pini, Greg Tate, and Oliver Rovini

Implementing I/Q, Single Sideband and Image Reject Mixers

Marki Microwave Inc.


3D Integration and Packaging of mmWave Circuits and Antennas: Opportunities and Challenges

Ossama El Bouayadi, Yann Lamy, Laurent Dussopt and Gilles Simon

Basic Rules for Anechoic Chamber Design, Part Two: Compact Ranges and Near Field Measurements

Vince Rodriguez

High Efficiency Continuous Inverse Class F Power Amplifier with Harmonic Impedance Control

Liang Ma, Jianyi Zhou and Weichen Huang

Simplified Feed Prime Focus Reflector Antenna

Li-Jian Zhang, Seong-Gon Choi, Bireng-Chearl Ahn, Jae-Hoon Bang, Dong-Hyun Kim, and Young-Tae Choi


Optimizing Radar Matched Filters

David Brown

Basic Rules for Anechoic Chamber Design, Part One: RF Absorber Approximations

Vince Rodriguez

A Hybrid Hexaband Cellular Antenna

Mark W. Ingalls, Michael D. Glover, and Ed Liang

Full Wave Matching Circuit Optimization Shortens Design Iterations

Jeff Barney and Scott Langdon

Pulse Compression Radar System Analysis

Herbert Schmitt

Solid-State Transmitters for IFF and SSR Systems

John Walker and James Custer

Test & Measurement World


Near-Field Scanning: Useful or Misleading?

Bruce Archambeault

Use LT SPICE to Analyze Input Filters

Kenneth Wyatt

My NO/NC Misassumption Reminder

Bill Schweber

Detect and Analyze EFT Events

Mike Hertz , Loren Dunn , Mark Maciejka, and Dan Steinken

Move ICs from Defects Per Million to Defects Per Billion

David Park

Scoping a Filter Response – With Math

Michael Dunn


Oscilloscope Rise Time and Noise Explained

Arthur Pini


Testing Bulk Cable is Not So Easy

Martin Rowe

Digital Oscilloscopes: When Things Go Wrong

Arthur Pini

Why Do Users Buy Test Gear? – Part 1

Larry Desjardin

Low-Voltage Tests Uncover Low-Temperature IC Problems

Pete Sarson and Andreas Wild

The Speed of Thought

Ransom Stephens


Thermocouples: Basic Principles and Design Essentials

Gordon Lee

USB Power Delivery: Compliance is Essential

Mike Micheletti


Check the Lab for False Radiated Emissions

Arturo Mediano

Measurement Basics in LED Thermal Management

John Cafferkey


Near-Field Scanners Let You See EMI

Arturo Mediano

Moving Averager Rejects Noisy Outlier Values

David Vincenzoni

Modular AWGs: How They Work and How to Use Them

Arthur Pini , Greg Tate & Oliver Rovini

IBIS-AMI for Rocket Scientists

Rajan Bedi

In-Circuit PROM Tester

Barry Davies

Fix Poor Capacitor, Inductor, and DC/DC Impedance Measurements

Steve Sandler

Workshop Shows off Test and Measurement Equipment

Martin Rowe

The Virtual Reality of 5G – Part 2 (Measurements)

Larry Desjardin


Proper Oscilloscope Setup Yields Correct ESD Measurements

Mike Hertz, Loren Dunn, Mark Maciejka, and Dan Steinken

Test Wireless Devices and Emulate Their Networks

Martin Rowe

Hardware Registers Control Modular Instruments

Kok Kuan Chang

Free Yourself From IBIS-AMI Models with PyBERT

David Banas

Three Predictions on the State of Signal Integrity

Eric Bogatin

Signal Processing Boosts Digitizer Performance

Arthur Pini, Greg Tate and Oliver Rovini


How to Interpret Proficiency Test Results

Chris Grachanen

FFT: Equations and History

Shayan Ushani

Oscilloscope Tricks 21 to 30

Arthur Pini


Take Scan Test Out of the Critical Path

Ron Press

Other Ways to Measure L&C

Michael Dunn

Measure Small LCs With a Scope

Glen Chenier

Can we Avoid COMmitting the Same Mistakes we Made with Jitter?

Ransom Stephens

A bluffers guide to evaluating scientific Results, Part 3: Why Some Results are Irreproducible

Ransom Stephens

Resolve Picoseconds Using FPGA Techniques

Wang Wei, Li Jie, Li Jie, and Dong Yongmeng

Create a Stimulus-Response System with an AWG and Digitizer

Arthur Pini, Greg Tate, and Oliver Rovini

Bandwidth Demand Drives Connector Design

Brian Vicich


Active Load Handles High Voltages

Gheorghe Plasoianu

A Bluffers Guide to Evaluating Scientific Results, Part 2: Rules of Thumb

Ransom Stephens

Memory Testing: A Quick Look

Michael Dunn

Webinar: Optimize SerDes Equalization Settings

Martin Rowe

Can We Standardize Functional Testers?

Larry Desjardin

A Bluffers Guide to Evaluating Scientific Results, Part 1: Systematic Bias

Ransom Stephens

Bandwidth 101

Shayn Ushani

Easily Measure Diode Capacitance and Reverse Recovery

Glen Chenier

Minimize Measurement Errors in RTD Circuits

Gordon Lee


Find the Settings and Open the Eyes

Martin Rowe

Circuit Remotely Adjusts PSU Voltage

Chee Hua How

Measure a Video ADC's Differential Gain and Phase

Sambhav Jain and Abhijan Chakravarty

PAM4 Test Setups Vary with Applications

David Maliniak

The Fundamentals of PAM4

Randy White

Analyzing Closed Eyes: CRJ and CDJ

Ransom Stephens

Chasing Wild Ghosts

Glen Chenier

Microwaves & RF


Free Software Shows Radar Coverage

Jack Browne

Take Temperature While Testing

Jack Browne


Beamforming Technology Embarks on the Next Generation

Chris DeMartino

Our 5G Future: In the Fast Lane with Numerical Simulation

Jiyoun Munn


EM Simulation Technologies Support RFIC Development

David Vye, Dr. John Dunn, and Dr. Jim Carroll

What's the Difference between MIMO and MMICs?

Jack Browne

Dual-Band Divider Has Rejection Band at 5 GHz

Ahmed F. Daw, Mahmoud A. Abdalla, and Hadia M. Elhennawy

MEMS Oscillators Offer Precision Timing

Jack Browne

LDMOS RFICs Gain Ground in Small Cells

Margaret Szymanowski and Suhail Agwani


UWB Bandpass Filter Includes Notched Band

Xia Xinlin, Yu Liu, and Yang Tao

Differentiating BAW and SAW Technologies

Jack Browne


Material Knowledge Shapes Advanced Antennas

Jack Browne

The Evolving Wireless World Requires a New Test Approach

David A. Hall

Develop a BPF from a Compact DGS LPF

Ahmed Boutejdar

Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) in RF Circuit Designs

Tommy Reed

Smaller Synthesizers Strive for Greater Stability

Jack Browne

What's the Difference Between Microstrip and Stripline?

Jack Browne

A Primer on Circulators and Isolators

Louis E. Frenzel

Laminates Lay Foundation for 5G Antenna Circuits

Jack Browne


Flexible PIFA Antenna Serves Multiple Wireless Bands

Nassima Belgacem, Mehadji Abri, Hadjira Abri, and Wahiba Belgacem


Making Optimal Coaxial Connections

Jack Browne

Radar Technology Encroaches Upon New Territories

Chris DeMartino

InP IC Technology Powers Instruments Past 100 GHz

Robb Shimon, Mathias Bonse, Mario Righi, and Don D'Avanzo

Log-Periodic Monopole Array Spans 1.5 to 6.8 GHz

Jack Browne


Power Demands Put the Pressure on Packaging

Jack Browne

Passive Components Punch Through Wall

Chris DeMartino

Radio IC Paves Way for Emerging Wireless Designs

Jack Browne

Clocks Attenuate Jitter in 100G/400G Coherent Optical Systems

Jack Browne

What are the Differences Between Coaxial Connectors?, Part 2

Chris DeMartino

High-Power Switched Filter Banks Raise the Temperature of Design Challenges

Jon Scoglio

Preventing PIM in Microwave Systems

Jack Browne

LAA: LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence or Convergence?

James Kimery, Erik Luther, and Dr. Achim Nahler

What are the Differences Between Coaxial Connectors?, Part 1

Chris DeMartino

Wireless Technologies Flood the IoT Landscape

Chris DeMartino


Process Wide Bandwidths in Aerospace/Defense Systems

Ian Beavers

Graphene Filters Could Unlock Ultra-Fast Wireless Speeds

James Morra

Stripline Combline Filter Tunes 900 to 1,300 MHz

Hossein Nikaein, Farzad Zangeneh-Nejad, and Reza Safian

Symposium Focuses on Present and Future of Microwaves

James Morra

Multi-Tone Testing Multiplies Test Solutions

Chris DeMartino

Load-Pull Analysis with Software Enables Wave of Designs

Chris DeMartino

Investigate Wideband Frequency Converters

Gerald Cornwell and Chandra Gupta

Managing Multichannel Signal-Acquisition Data

Jean-Luc Lehmann

Researchers Develop Interference-Resisting Antenna

James Morra


Load-Pull Methods Yield Improved Base-Station PAs

Chris Bean

The Differences Between Receiver Types, Part 2

Chris DeMartino

Antenna Performance Soars into the Stratosphere

Chris DeMartino

UWB Comms Salvage Crowded Spectrum

Jack Browne

Carrier Aggregation Helps Unclog Wireless Traffic Jam

Chris DeMartino

Single Stub-Loaded SIR Yields Quad-Band BPF

Lei Chen, Feng Wei, and Chen Ding

Evaluate Coexistence of LTE and S-Band Radar

Dr. Steffen Heuel and Darren McCarthy


The Differences Between Receiver Types, Part 1

Chris DeMartino

Integrated Front End Serves Satcom Receivers

Avjit Roy Choudhury, Deepankar Roy, Alapati Venkata Sucharita, Yateendra Mehta, and R. Ramsubramanian


Technology Breakthroughs Prepare to Change the World

Chris DeMartino

Your Guide to 5G Physical Layer Modeling

Keysight Technologies

Microwave Product Digest


Flexible Signal Generation and Analysis for 5G

Andreas Roessler

Demonstration Kit Provides Hands-On Radar Experience

Pasternack Enterprises

What is the Real Value of IoT?: How the IoT Will Make Our Lives Better

Cees Links

Using VNA Calibration Capabilities to Achieve Extremely Accurate Built-in Spectrum Measurements

Hiroyuki Maehara


Multi-Chip Module Design, Verification and Yield Optimization

Shane Coffman

Automated Circuit Synthesis and Simulation in RF Design Software

Dale D. Henkes

High-Power RF Pulse Generation and Measurement

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based Multi-Chip-Modules Using an Integrated Design Flow

Keefe Bohannan


Selecting PCB Materials for Automotive Radar Applications

John Coonrod

Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements

Rohde & Schwarz

The Changing Landscape of Frequency Mixing Components

Abhishek Kapoor and Assaf Toledano

A Platform-Based Approach for Radar Test

Abhay Samant


LDMOS Transistors, Development Module Serve RF Cooking

Dan Viza

How to Right-Size Your Wireless Testing

JFW Industries

Keeping Ahead of the Interference Challenges

Robin Jackman

5G Designs Require New Waveform Signal Analysis

Anritsu Company

Simulating Electrical Disturbances in the Electrical Systems of Road Vehicles

Dimitri Malsam


GaN HEMT RF Devices Deliver Wide Bandwidth Power Amplifier Performance

Ryan Baker and Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick

Compensating Frequency-Dependent Cable Loss in CATV Systems with Mini-Circuits' Voltage-Variable Equalizers

Ben Kahtan

Design and Evaluation of a 125W L-Band GaN Power Amplifier

Andy Dearn and Robert Smith

A Simulation-Based Flow for Broadband GaN Power Amplifier Design

National Instruments


A Different Approach to Control of a Rubidium–Based GNS Disciplined Frequency Standard

Precise Time and Frequency, Inc.

LNAs and Limiters Deliver High Performance In Commercial and Military Systems

Fairview Microwave

Micro-Satellite Constellations on the Horizon

Thomas Galluccio

No Ceiling on Rapacious SATCOM Bandwidth

Ian Beavers

High Performance High Density Interconnects Using Liquid Crystal Polymer-Substrates, Circuits Driven by Mobile Applications

James Rathburn


No Vacuum Regarding Opinions for RF Power Amplification

Scott Behan

Solving Flight Testing Limitations with SystemVue and STK

Daren McClernon

ESR Losses In Ceramic Capacitors

Richard Fiore

Solder Joint Reliability Assessment for a High Performance RF Ceramic Package

Paul Charbonneau, Hans Ohman, and Marc Fortin


Tech Advances Propel Power Sensor Performance to New Heights

Orwill Hawkins – LadyBug Technologies

Two Techniques to Improve Spurious Levels in Pulsed RF Amplifiers

Robert Richardson

A New Benchmark in LDMOS RF Power Transistor Performance

NXP Semiconductors

LDMOS Transistors Power L-band Radar and IFF Systems

NXP Semiconductors

Wideband High Dynamic Range Limiting Amplifier

Adam Winter, Engineer, and Jerry Cornwell

Circuit Designer's Notebook: Effective Capacitance vs Frequency

Richard Fiore


Solving Electronics Design Challenges of an Aerospace System with EDA Tools

Anil Kumar Pandey

Advances in Dielectric Processing Enhance RF Coax Cable Performance

Norm Brodeur

Modeling Grounding and Substrate Effects in Broad-Band Miniature Surface Mount Attenuators

Modelithics, Inc. 


Design of a 10 GHz LNA for Amateur Radio Operation

Tom Apel

Overcoming Wireless Infrastructure Capacity Challenges with GaN

Sumit Tomar

7 Steps to a Successful Analog ASIC

Bob Frostholm

Heat Sink Design Enhancement Improves Power Handling in Surface-Mount Components


Op Amp Input Over-Voltage Protection: Clamping vs. Integrated

Daniel Burton


Low Cost USB RF Signal Generators – A Hybrid Solution Why They Should Be in Your Next Project

David Goins, CTO, Windfreak Technologies

Powering GSPS or RF Sampling ADCs: Switcher vs. LDO

Umesh Jayamohan

Meeting Stringent Specs with Defense Contract Manufacturing

Steve Walley

Advantages of Cascading Reflectionless Filters


Spectro-X Signal Analysis Tool Gains Important Features

Jim Taber

DC-70 GHz RF Cables - RF Cafe
Temwell Filters

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