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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2013

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

RF Technology International (RFTI)

RFTI appears to be pretty much defunct. RIP


High Frequency Electronics


Logging of RF Power Measurements

Orwill Hawkins

Leveraging the Use of a Radio Frequency Planning (RFP) Design Tool for Modern System Design

Malcolm Edwards


Power MOSFET "Squegging": Cause and Cure (p.22)

Andre Adrian

Exploring Decimation Filters (p.32)

Arash Loloee


Addressing the Challenges of Radar and EW System Design and Test using a Model-Based Platform

Dingquing Lu

Design of a Planar Inverted F Compact Dual Frequency Antenna for Mobile, Wireless and Automotive Applications

Pasquale Dottorato


An Electrical-Thermal Coupled Solution for SiGe Designs (p.22)

Mike Heimlich

A FPGA-Based Replacement for a Network Analyzer in an Instrumentation-Based 200 GHz Radar (p.30)

John Mower and Yasuo Kuga


EU Power Limitations on ZigBee-Type Waveforms

Boris Aleiner

A Power MOSFET SPICE Model with Built-In Model Generator

Andre Adrian


Choosing Circuit Materials for Millimeter Wave Applications (p.22)

John Coonrod

EMC Simulation of Consumer Electronic Devices (p.32)

Andreas Barchanski


RF Transistor Large Signal Load Stability (LSLS) Analysis Using EDA Tools

John Pritiskutch

A Simple Configuration for Replacing Signal Harnesses Satellites

Hermanth Kumar S, Murali Bharadwaj N, and Sambasiva Rao V


Input Third Order Intercept Point for Crystal Filters

Dennis Layne

LDMOS Power Modules for Two Way Mobile Radios

Alfio Scuto


Measuring Peak and Pulse Power with USB Power Sensors

Orwill Hawkins

Microwave Engineering Education

Tom Perkins


Small Cell Amplifier and System Design Considerations

Jean-Christophe Nanan and Barry Stern

Feasibility of Microstrip Wilkinson Power Dividers on FR4 Substrates for L-Band (1-2 GHz) Applications

Christos Kalialakis


MMIC Frequency Doublers

John E. Penn

RF MEMS Switches: High-Frequency Performance and Hot-Switching Reliability

Tai Wen Jau


The Future of Instrumentation: The Software Revolution

Matthew Friedman

Design, Construction and Characterization of an IF Processor for the FFT Spectrometer of the Yebes 40 Meter Radio Telescope

José Antonio López-Pérez and David Cuadrado-Calle

Using Analyst™ to Quickly and Accurately Optimize a Chip-Module-Board Transition

Dr. John Dunn


Microwave Journal

December 2013

Tapping into a New RF Energy Source Found in Digital Processing Circuits

Michael Hopkins, CurrentRF

Hybrid Linac-MR: Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Delivered in Real-Time

Alexandra Foley

RF Technology in Semiconductor Wafer Processing

Abdullah Eroglu


802.11ac Design Considerations for Mobile Devices

Eid Alsabbagh, Haoyang Yu and Kevin Gallagher

RF Characteristics of Coplanar Waveguide Fabricated on Flexible PES

Young Yun, Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Hong-Seung Kim and Nak-Won Jang

Screen Printed RFID-Enabled Temperature Sensor Fabricated on Flexible Substrates

Kamil Janeczek, Malgorzata Jakubowska, Grazyna Koziol and Wojciech Steplewski


MIMO Radar: Demystified

Eli Brookner

AULOS, a Passive Covert Radar System

B. Eged, R. Fiengo, F. Persia, S. Thompson, R. Fulcoli, M. Sedehi, E. Tilli and L. Timmoneri

Spiral Antenna Design Considerations

Tom Lam, Rich Bidwell and Scott Blee

Full Transmitter Linearization Using a Wideband DPD Measurement Platform

Jinbiao Xu

A Miniaturized Impedance Transformer Employing PGS on GaAs

Young Yun and Jang-Hyeon Jeong

Conformal Antenna Array Design on a Missile Platform

Kyle Labowski, Christopher Penney and James F. Stack, Jr.


Test & Measurement World


Detecting ESD Events

Kenneth Wyatt

Glass Weave Skew Problems May be Solved

Eric Bogatin

Phase Noise and the Y-Factor Noise Figure

Pete Hanish

The Bloch Wave Effect

Eric Bogatin

Get ADC Data Beyond the Datasheet

Maithil Pachchigar & Richard Liggiero

An Important Secret About Transmission Lines

Eric Bogatin

Measurement Sensors: For a Calculator?

Chris Grachanen

Lab Equipment: To Build or Not to Build...

Steve Hageman

Six Tips for Better TDR Measurements

Steve Sandler

Find the Resistance of a Long Ladder

Marian Stofka


A Practical Take on FFTs

Michael Dunn

Jitter Separation: Where Science Meets Art

Brig Asay

So You Think You Understand Transmission Lines

Eric Bogatin

Jitter: Measurement References Matter

Daniel Chow

Analog Fundamentals: Instrumentation for Impedance Measurement

Rob Reeder

Contactless Testing

Ron Press


Measure Vector and Area With an Oscilloscope X-Y Display

Arthur Pini

Thermocouples: Simple But Misunderstood

Martin Rowe

Wireless Oscilloscope Sends Data to a Tablet

Martin Rowe

Get Ready for M-PCIe Testing

Chris Loberg

How to Think in dB

Eric Bogatin

The Many Faces of Jitter

Daniel Chow

Precision Capacitance Meter

Francesc Casanellas

Modern Thermocouples and a High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADC Enable High-Precision Temperature Measurement: A Reference Design for a Precision DAS

Joseph Shtargot and Mohammad Qazi

The Basics of Digital Signal Spectra

Daniel Chow

Apply Memory BIST to External DRAMs

Etienne Racine


The Serial Port: It Just Keeps Going

Martin Rowe

How to Perform Histogram Analysis on Your Oscilloscope

Arthur Pini

Sensor basics: Types, Functions and Applications

Martin Rowe

How to Perform HDMI Measurements

Klaus Schiffner, Rohde & Schwarz

Test & Characterize RF filters in IC Production: A New Approach

Pete Sarson & Andreas Wild

Not All Common Currents Are Bad

Eric Bogatin


SSD Performance Measurement: Best Practices

Doug Rollins

Oscilloscope Probes: Understand and Optimize

Stephen Mueller

Measurements for the New WLAN Standard: IEEE 802.11ac

Martin Schmaehling & Markus Loerner

Always a Good Policy to Question Authority

Eric Bogatin

Ensure Magnetic Components Meet Specs

Jeffrey Dierker

How to Measure MOSFET Drain Voltage and Current

Chris Lee

Solve MOSFET Characteristic Variation and Reliability Degradation Issues

Takuro Nishimura

Improve Wireless Testing of Sensitive Devices

Per Nielsen

Test Equipment Gets Boost From the Cloud

Olga Shapiro

Open-Source Electrical Engineering Design Tools (continued)

Casey Hare


Analyze High-Speed Interconnects

Anil Pandey

Navigating Successful USB 3.0 Compliance

Tom Rossi and Fred Rastgar

Decoding the Brain Using MRI and YouTube

Ransom Stephens

Test Safety-Critical Automotive Parts

Stephen Pateras


What Does Test Equipment Have to Do with Carrier Aggregation?

Olga Shapiro & Sashank Reddy

Measuring the Thickness of Coated Shields

Kenneth Wyatt

Improve Test Automation

Jim Holmes

UNH Releases EXS 1.3.0

Patrick MacArthur

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Impacts Test & Measurement Market

Olga Shapiro


When is a Multichannel Power Supply More Convenient Than a Single-Channel Power Supply?

Robert Green

Identifying Emission Sources and Propagating Structures

Kenneth Wyatt

Measuring the Transition to Disaster

Ransom Stephens

Identifying Emission Sources and Propagating Structures

Kenneth Wyatt

Validate and Analyze Complex Serial-Bus-Link Models

Sarah Boen

Thermal Electric Coolers Offer Advantages for Thermal Testing

Larry Sharp

How to Generate Test Patterns to Detect FinFET Defects

Stephen Pateras


Boost DFT Efficiency for Large SoCs

Rick Fisette

How to Perform Multiple-Domain Measurements

Dave Rishavy & Tomas Berghall

Open-Source Goes RF

Casey Hare

Resolving to Map the Brain: Resolution, Resolution, Resolution

Ransom Stephens


How to Verify and Debug Next-Generation Memory

Chris Loberg

What's so Scary About Test Automation?

Alex Henthorn-Iwane

Product Safety Testing Limits Risk of Shock, Fire, and Injury, Part 2

Dave Lohbeck

RF System Design: Automating the Custom Model Process with Instrumentation and System Simulation Software

Joel Kirshman & Takao Inoue

Aren't More Bits Better?

Chris Loberg

IEC61010 3rd Edition: New International Safety Requirements for Lab Equipment

Steven Brown

Measuring Gravitational Radiation

Ransom Stephens

Product Safety Testing Limits Risk of Shock, Fire, and Injury, Part 1

Dave Lohbeck


Identify the Best Power Supply for a Test Application

James Niemann, Robert Green & Qing Starks

In Search of Gravity Waves

Ransom Stephens 

How to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership for PXI Instruments

Mark Catelani

Open-Source Electrical Engineering Design Tools

Casey Hare

Use a Smarter DFT Tool Environment for Better Design Customization

Ron Press


Test MIPI DSI Protocol Conformance

Steve Tatarczuk

Characterizing a High-Density, Controlled Impedance Test Interface

Eric Bogatin & Gordon Vinther

Make Sense of a Linear Power Supply's Data Sheet

Robert Green

Are You Buying More DMM Digits Than You Really Need?

Jerry Janesch


Microwaves & RF


Active Antenna Systems Enjoy Growth

Iliza Sokol


Metamaterial Extends Microstrip Antenna

Jianpeng Liu, Yongzhi Cheng, Yan Nie, and Rongzhou Gong

Ferrite Transformers Fuel Broadband Power Dividers

Dr. Karen Kocharyan

Check for Co-Existence Between LTE and Radar

Greg Jue

UWB Arrays Employ TCAs

Zhihui Hu, Yonghua Jiang, and Xiang Ling

Full-Duplex WiFi Radio Utilizes Hybrid Analog-Digital Cancellation

Iliza Sokol

MEMS Switch Manages Millimeter-Wave Signals

Yan-Qing Zhu, Lei Han, and Jie-Ying Tang


Teams Investigate Antenna Modeling/Control and Protocols for 60-GHz Range

Iliza Sokol

Laser Beams Replace RF for Lunar Communications

Iliza Sokol

Understanding Measurement Uncertainties in Spectrum Analysis

Bob Nelson

Evaluate EDA Software for a Wireless World

Dr. Stephen Maas

Beyond CMOS Vs. GaAs: Picking the Right Technology

Matthew Ozalas

Benefit From High-Dk Microwave Circuit Materials

John Coonrod

Power Amplifier Technology Targets Efficiency

Chris DeMartino

Spectrum Inversion Ensures Compliance With 3GPP2

Steve Lee

Passive Standards Aid Noise System Verification

Hoang V. Nguyen, Neven Misljenovic, Bryan Hosein, and Christos Tsironis

Variable-Gain LNA Reaches 26 GHz

Fei Yu and Weizheng Wang


LPF Builds On Quasi-Yagi DGS

Ahmed Boutejdar, Abbas Omar, and Edmund Burte

Balanced UHF LNA Simplifies Cell Towers

Chin-Leong Lim


Radar Systems Scan The Skies

Jack Browne

High-Speed DACs Fuel Multiband Transmitters

Yi Zhang and Assaf Toledano

GaN-Based C-Band Radar Provides Real-Time Data

Iliza Sokol


Temperature Sensing Stabilizes MCXO

Liang Chen, Yangbo Huang, Yonghu Zhang, and Gang Ou

Speeding Multiport VNA Calibrations

Roy Zohrabian

Digital Predistortion Linearizes RF PAs

Ling Tian, Lei Zhang, Jianfeng Zhai, Jin Xia, and Xiaowei Zhu


Choosing Optimal Cables & Connectors

Jack Browne

Designing MRI Coils with Aid of Simulation

Andreas Bitz, Jorg Felder, and Tilmann Wittig

Unused RF Spectrum May Ease Wi-Fi Traffic Jams

Iliza Sokol

Manage Growing EM Radiation Levels

Jack Browne

Glass DRA Serves as Light Cover

Nancy Friedrich

Analyze the RCS of a Plasma Antenna

Bo Yin, F. Yang, H.G. Hao, and B. Wang


RF MEMS Switches Are Primed for Mass-Market Application

Roger Allan

Oscillators Cover Multiple Bands

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay Kumar Poddar

Filtering EMI and RFI Noise

Brett Robinson


What's The Difference Between IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11ad?

Liz Ruetsch

Revealed: Source of Low-Frequency 1/f Noise

Nancy Friedrich

Amplifiers Draw Upon Variety of Technologies

Jack Browne 

Measure Noise Without a Calibrated Source

Roy Monzello


Optimize Time Gating in Spectrum Analysis

Bob Nelson

Keeping Power Levels in Check

Jack Browne

Balanced Amplifier Aims For Low Noise

Chin-Leong Lim

Single Filter Has Many Responses

Jun Xu and Chunhua Wang


White-Space Communications Will Kickstart The “Internet of Things”

Paul Whytock

Low-Power Receiver Serves Multiple Wireless Standards

Kui Fu, Xiaorong Guo, Chunhua Wang, Yuxiang Tu, Chishi Liu, and Joe P. McGeehan

Metamaterials Form Miniature Bandstop Filters

N. Benmostefa, M. Meliani, H. Ouslimani, and M. Feham


Microwave Product Digest


Automating RF Power Sensor Self Re-Certification Using Microsoft Excel

LadyBug Technologies

Flexible Approaches to Multi-Device Testing of Mobile Terminals

Robin Irwin

Leveraging and Extending Signal-Analyzer Technology to Match and Anticipate Evolving Wireless Applications

Richard Overdorf

New VNA Addresses Radar Measurement Challenges to Give Engineers Greater Confidence in Designs

Walt Strickler

Revolutionary Next Generation RF Ceramic Filters for the Wireless World

Ronen Cohen

Digital-Over-Fiber RF Router System Spans 40 km

Peter Walters


Analyzing the Role of Local Oscillator Phase Noise in Reciprocal Mixing

Dale D. Henkes, ACS

100W High Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switches

Rick Puente, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Microlithic Manufacturing for Successful Custom Mixer Designs


MPMs Meet EW Challenges with Advances in High Power Design

Jose Gonzales

Techniques for Including Memory Effects in the Digital Pre-Distortion Process

Murthy Upmaka

Next Generation Wireless: Riding On the Back of Millimeter Waves



World's Smallest Stripline Junction Isolator

Dave Cruickshank and Brian Hartnett, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Designing Superior Weighing Systems to Improve Safety and Control Costs

Del Williams

Radar and Radio Range Simulation Using Fiber Optic Delay Lines

Jerry Lomurno and Joe Mazzochette

Enabling Active Antennas for RADAR and Satellite Communication Applications

Peter Bacon

Selecting Microwave Laminates for Antenna and Radar Applications

John Coonrod


How to Calculate Peak Power Measurement Uncertainties

Sook Hua Wong

Considerations When Conducting Noise Figure Measurements

Sean Flavin

EMC Test Equipment and Services Market – Another Opportunity in China

Prathima Bommakanti

USB Brings Portability and Flexibility to MW Test Bench – Wherever it May Be

David Strand

Building Low PIM Coax Assemblies with Consistent Dynamic Performance

Times Microwave


Measurement System Tests AESA Radar T/R Modules at High Speed

Darren McCarthy, Rohde & Schwarz

Triple Beat IMD Measurement Over 4G-LTE Bands: Can You Really Avoid the Cavity Filters?

Rafi Hershtig

Struggling with Amplifier Bias Sequencing? Try a Positive Approach

Dr. Charles Trantanella

GaN Technology Enables Gain Blocks With Muscle

Ray Baker


Multisim/Ultiboard for Low-Frequency Simulation and Layout

AWR Corporation

Optical Modulator Driver Solutions 28 Gbps EML and 32 Gbps MZ Drivers

Hittite Microwave

Filtering Modules for AWGN / IMD Test Setups for 4G LTE Bands

K&L Microwave

Remote-Controlled Handheld Analyzers: Opening Up A World

Agilent Technologies

AR's 6 – 18 GHz Solid State Amplifiers

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

LDMOS RF Power Transistors Serve Defense Applications

Freescale Semiconductor

Simple Circuit Resolves Very Small Temperature Differences

Analog Devices

Why Operators Are Considering E-Band Backhaul to Solve Data Capacity Issues

Richardson RFPD


Design Solution for Achieving the Lowest Possible Receiver Noise Figure

Alan Ake and Jody Skeen, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Using Network Analyzer Time-Domain Analysis to Verify and Troubleshoot Complex Components

Afsi Moaveni

Battle Electronics for the “Universal Soldier”

Paul Klonowski

A Topsy-Turvy World

Bob Pinato

Aerospace & Defense and Test & Measurement

Jessy Cavazos

GaN HEMT & GaAs pHEMT MMICs for Advanced mmW Systems

Leo Fong and James Schellenberg

Crystal Oscillators – Low Phase Noise Under Vibration

Liz Ronchetti

Compact Multi-channel RF Spectrum Capture and Playback System

Jim Taber


Bi-Directional Amplifier Extends Range of Data, Video, and Communications Links

Triad RF Systems, Inc.

Frequency Multiplication Techniques

Crystek Corporation

A Low Cost Pulse Doppler Radar Sensor for Short Range Commercial and Industrial Applications

E X H Consulting Services

Optimizing Clock Trees to Meet Performance and System Cost Targets

Silicon Laboratories


RF Beamforming Techniques Improve TD-LTE Cell-Edge Performance

Craig Grimley

Detecting PIM Problems in Antenna Systems and Discovering the Latest Remedies

David Strand

Aluminum Diamond Heat Spreader Demonstrates 25% Reduction in GaN Die Temperature

Kevin Loutfy

Making the Matrix

Kevin Loutfy


BlackBox Models for Discrete and Integrated Low Noise Amplifiers

Eric Marsan, Stephen Moreschi, Ambarish Roy, and Vivian Tzanakos, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Understanding JESD204 and JESD204B: A Primer

Jonathan Harris

Trends and Revenue Aspect of Semiconductors in Communications

Aravind Seshagirl

Reducing RF Board Space and System Prime Power with TriQuint's New GaN HEMTs, Amplifiers and Switches

Dean White and Grant Wilcox


Manufacturing Friendly Circulator with Low Insertion Loss

Brian Hartnett, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The Battle for Spectrum

Major Christopher S. Tsirlis, U.S. Marine Corps

The Knowledge

Jan Whitacre

Radar and Radio Range Simulation Using Fiber Optic Delay Lines

Jerry Lomurno and Joe Mazzochette

Is Your Smart Device's Internet Running Slow? Maybe it's Time to Question Your Service Provider's Wi-Fi Testing Solution

Olga Yashkova-Shapiro

Controllers: The Unsung Heroes of High-Power TWTAs and Microwave Power Modules

Mario Razo

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe
TotalTemp Technologies (Thermal Platforms) - RF Cafe

Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe

LadyBug RF Power Sensors