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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2015

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


High Power RF And Microwave Passive Considerations and Constraints

Mark Blackwood




Noise Figure Measurement Uncertainty: A Statistical Approach

Brian Avenell

High Power Active Microwave Devices Face Many Hazards

Tim Galla


Evaluating and Demonstrating Odd Mode Amplifier Stability

John E. Penn

The Three Pain Points of the Mil/Aero Test Engineer

Reggie Rector


High-Efficiency Doherty Amplifiers Using Class-F and Inverse Class-F Load Networks with a Quarterwave Transmission Line

Andrei Grebennikov

Using Power Sensors in Unattended Applications

Orwill Hawkins

Myriad Trends Drive Micro Connector Growth(p.58)

Mike Higashikawa and Darren Schauer


Impact of Antenna Design, Tune and Match on Wireless Range

Matthew Meiller

Power Amplifier Testing For 802.11ac

Christopher Ziomek


Direct S-Band Phase Modulator for Space Applications

D.V. Ramana, Sourabh Basu and Jolie. R

Analysis of Small Voltage Variations Under Large Signal Conditions

Matthias Beer, Renate Mittermair, Dr. Markus Herdin


Controlling EMI in the Microwave/RF Industry

Ed Nakauchi

Things You Should Know About EMC Test Equipment

Lisa Clark


Pondering on Power Measurements

Joseph Cahak

Eliminate High-Speed ADC Flicker Noise with Chopper Upgrade

Tommy Neu

MMIC Broadband Feedback Amplifiers

John E. Penn


Considerations in Remote Power Sensing Applications

Orwill Hawkins

Maximizing Your Symposium Experience

Tom Perkins


Best Practices for Designing Flexible Test Stations

Charles Jobbers

Analysis and Loss Mechanism of a Spiral Inductor Via the Green's Function Model

Pasquale Dottorato


A Retrospective and a Forecast for the RF Semiconductor Industry

Eric Higham

RF Circuit Design References

Peter Delos


Changing the Operating Frequency of an RF Power Amplifier Circuit

Donna Vigneri

Achieving First Pass Success in PCB-Based Filter and Matching Circuit Designs

Scott Muir, Larry Dunleavy, and Tom Weller

Microwave Journal


RF Energy Systems: Realizing New Applications

Klaus Werner

New Laminates Enable 79 GHz Technology Advancements

Rogers Corp.

Ensuring the "Omnipresence" of the Future Car Through Mobile Networks

Victor Fernandez

An Introduction to Passive I/Q, Single Sideband and Image Reject Mixers

Marki Microwave


Radar and Phased Array Breakthroughs

Eli Brookner

PA Design Using Harmonic Balance Simulation With Only S-parameters

Ivan Boshnakov

W-Band Active 3D Imaging System for Personal Security Inspection

Zheng Haitao, Zhao Guoqiang, Cheng Hang, Yu Liechen, Li Zhangfenga and Li Shiyong

Design of Wide Stopband Microstrip Bandpass Filter Using Bandstop Centrally Embedded Resonators

Guoan Wu, Chao Guo, Qinfen Xu and Wenguang Li


RF SOI: Revolutionizing RF System Design

Peter A. Rabbeni, Alvin Joseph, Theodore Letavic and Anirban Bandyopadhyay

Engineered Substrates: The Foundation to Meet Current and Future RF Requirements

Eric Desbonnets and Christophe Didier

A Current-Reused GPS LNA in 0.2 µm RF SOI Technology

Ruofan DaiI, Yunlong Zheng, Shichang Zou, and Weiran Kong

Simple Synthesized Harmonic Matching Strategy in Broadband PA Design

Yinjin Sun, Xiaowei Zhu and Fan Meng

Temperature Compensation of Microwave Resonators and Filters for Space Applications

Dr. ing. Marco Lisi

Frequency Agile Diplexer

Marjan Grman

Dual-Channel X-Band Receiver for MIMO Systems

Weichen Huang, Liang Ma, Zhiqiang Yu and Jianyi Zhou


S-Band Omnidirectional Antenna System for Nano/Micro Student Satellites

V. Sambasiva Rao, M.C. Basava Raj and L. Nicholas

GaAs MMIC Diode Technology Enables High Linearity and Low Power

Christopher F. Marki, Tim Bagwell, Wing Yau, Yuefei Yang, Chung-Hsu Chen and David Wang

Challenges Making Millimeter Wave IMD Measurements

Jon Martens and Steve Reyes

A Wideband Chaotic Colpitts Oscillator With Negative Resistance Enhancement for UWB Applications

W. L. Chen, X. Z. Liu, H.D. Wu, G. J. Wang, and G. P. Li

A Computer Centric Pulse Creation and Measurement Method for Characterizing High Power RF Devices

Yong Liu

A New Method for Testing Satellite TV Tuners and LNBs

Ed Petruzzelli and Peter Lampel


Multi-Sensor Approach for Non-Segregated Airspace Insertion of RPAS

Patrick Garrec

Reflectionless Filters Improve Linearity and Dynamic Range


E-Band Front-End Module for Multi-Gbps Radio Links

Jagjit Singh Bal

Meeting 5G Test and Measurement Challenges

Martin Schmaehling

Comparing Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer Methodologies

Steve Dudkiewicz, Gary Simpson, Giampiero Esposito, Mauro Marchetti, and Marc Vanden Bossche


RF/Microwave EDA Supporting IoT Design

ANSYS, CST, FEKO (Altair Development), Keysight EEsof EDA, NI (formerly AWR Corp.)

V12 Release Enhances Productivity for RF/µWave Designs

NI (formerly AWR Corp.)

3D Electromagnetic Simulation vs. Planar MoM

Robert O'Rourke

A Synthesis-Based Approach to Quickly and Easily Design a Class E Amplifier

Matt Ozalas

Is Your Handset PA Ready for LTE Device-to-Device Proximity Services?

Andreas Roessler

Managing Circuit Materials at mmWave Frequencies

John Coonrod


Heterogeneous Integration for Revolutionary Microwave Circuits at DARPA

Daniel S. Green, Carl L. Dohrman, Jeffrey Demmin, Yan Zheng, and Tsu-Hsi Chang

40 GHz SOI Switch Beats GaAs Solutions

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

On the Road to 5G, GaN Targets 3.5 GHz

Jeff Gengler and James Nelson

Cross-Coupled Tri-Band SIW Bandpass Filter Using Frequency Transformation

Jianzhong Chen, An-Xue Zhang, Kun Deng, Shuai Yang

A High Efficiency Class J RF Power Amplifier

Mouqun Dong


State of the Art in Microwave VCOs

A.P.S. Khanna

Low Noise GaN Amplifiers with Inherent Overdrive Protection

Charles J. Trantanella and Paul Blount

Design Optimization in the Development of Precision Ovenized Quartz Oscillators

Y. Vorokhovsky, A. Nikonov, A. Kotyukov and A. Kamochkin

Characterizing FR-4 Dielectric Constant Using Antenna Resonant Frequency

Pankaj R. Katiyar, M. M. Shafiei and Wan Nor Liza Binti Wan Mahadi

Phase Noise, Amplitude and TOI Measurement Errors

Bob Stern


The Quest for More Good Units per Hour

David Park

Understanding the Relevance of Harmonic Impedance Matching in Amplifier Design

Steve Dudkiewicz, Marc Schulze Tenberge, Giampiero Esposito, and Travis Barbieri

Antenna Characterization and Channel Measurements in the mmWave and Sub-mmWave Region

Mohammed Salhi, Thomas Kleine-Ostmann and Thorsten Schrader

Low-Profile Direction Finding System in Ku-Band Using SIW Horn Antennas

Carissa Sipp

Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter With Ultra-Wide Stopband Using a Modified Circular Resonator

Mohsen Hayati and Parisa Karami Moghadam

Low-Profile Direction Finding System in Ku-Band Using SIW Horn Antennas

Marc Esquius-Morote, Jean-François Zürcher, Juan R. Mosig, and Benjamin Fuchs

Harmonic Analysis for Low Conversion Loss Quadrupler at W-Band

Yong Fang, Baoqing Zeng, Ye Yuan, Peng Gao and Xubo Wei, Tiguo Gan, and Hai Zhang


Platforms Drive Innovation in RF and Microwave System Design

James Truchard

Modular Solutions: Test With Confidence and Achieve Shorter Time-To-First Measurement

Mario Narduzzi

Optimizing Wi-Fi Device Adaptability to High-Interference Environments

Dorine Gurney and Fanny Mlinarsky

Automating Microwave Measurements with Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation

Alexis Allegra, Michael Spinali, and David Carey


New Thermoset PCB Material Emerging for mmWave Applications

Tarun Amla

An Overview of High Q TE Mode Dielectric Resonators and Applications

Edward C. Liang

EM Filter Design Success: The Fast Way

James C. Rautio

Implementation of mmWave AlGaN/GaN HEMTs and Power Amplifier MMICs

Cui Yuxing, Fu Xingchang, Mo Jianghui, Hu Zhifu, He Dawei, Luo Xiaobin, Guo Dechun, Yu Weihua, and Lv Xin

Improving the Second Harmonic Rejection of Side-Coupled Filters

Victor Sharir, Benny Haddad, and Jaakko Juntunen

High Dynamic Range IF Receiver Simplifies Point-to-Point Design

Paul Hendriks


Wideband Omnidirectional Microwave Cloaking

Nathan Cohen

Real Time Radar Target Generation

Steffen Heuel and Darren McCarthy

Single-Chip Millimeter Wave Radar

G. Klaric Felic, R. J. Evans, Hoa Thai Duong, Hoang Viet Le, J. Li and E. Skafidas

Metamaterial Möbius Strip Resonators for Tunable Oscillators

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

Test & Measurement World


Platform Interference

Kenneth Wyatt

Visualizing Distortion & Sound Waves

Michael Dunn

Audio Evaluation & Measurement: A Sense of Perspective

Ramkumar Ramaswamy

Calibrate Power Supplies and Improve Signal Quality

Chris Grachanen

Measure Phase Difference Using Correlation

Shayan Ushani

Measure Frequency Response on an Oscilloscope

Arthur Pini

Whither Logic Analyzers?

Michael Dunn

PAM4: A New Measurement Science

Martin Rowe


Plateauing Clock Speeds Impact Test and Measurement

Adam Foster and Shahram Mehraban

Oscilloscopes Detect ECU Disturbances from EMI

Loren Dunn, Mark Maciejka, Mike Hertz, and Dan Steinken


USB 3.1 Testing Part 3: Power Delivery

Randy White

Optimize Equalization for FFE, CTLE, DFE, and Crosstalk

Ransom Stephens

Burn-In Oven Mastery Leads to Consistent & Accurate Results

Curtis Uhll

5 Tips for HMI Design

Richard Quinnell

Mobile Vision Gets Performance Boost with Customizable Core

Richard Quinnell

5 Tips for Driver Design

Jacob Beningo

AVR Takes Under 1µs to Process Quadrature Encoder

Ioan Ciascai

Strike Up the Bandwidth!

Scott McMorrow


What You Need to Know About IBIS 6.1

Mike LaBonte

Digital Predistortion Improves Data-Acquisition Performance

Srudeep Patil and Carmelo Morello

C# and IronPython Speed Test Development

Daniel Galaba


Find IGBT Degradation Through Power Cycling

Andras Vass-Varnai

IEEE 802.11ah: Wi-Fi Below 1 GHz

Kevin Qian and Mingyan Wang

LVDS Display Bridges and Automated Measurements, part 2

Sudhansu Mishra and Gautam Nain

History of Jitter Part 5: PLLs and Jitter Analysis

David Maliniak

Real Spectrum Analysis with Octave and MATLAB

Steve Hageman

Fast, Low-Noise JFET Amp is Stable Over Temperature

Shyam Sunder Tiwari


IEEE Working Group to Cover High-Speed PCB Measurements

Chris Grachanen

Troubleshoot Errors in Low-Voltage Measurements

Glenn Weinreb

History of Jitter Part 4: Time-Interval Error (TIE)

David Maliniak

Site Enables Detailed Component Comparisons

Sagar Savant

Test Points are Trending

Ron Press

The Art of Waves: Images on an Oscilloscope

Arash Ushani

Perform Power Measurements with Modular Digitizers

Arthur Pini , Greg Tate, and Oliver Rovini

GaN Technology and the Potential for EMI

Kenneth Wyatt

PCIe Update: Power, IoT, Storage, OCuLink, Simulation, and Equalization

Ransom Stephens


Silicon Photonics: Will the Hare Finally Catch the Tortoise?

Ransom Stephens

JTAG Boundary Scan: Four Test Cases

Maksim Komkov

AC Power Measurement Uses PWM & PAM

Adolfo Mondragon

MIMO Over-the-Air Testing Ready to Roll

James Goodwin

The Technology of Measuring Distance and Speed

Martin Rowe

LVDS Display Bridges and Automated Measurements, Part 1

Sudhansu Mishra and Gautam Nain

Measuring Dark Matter: The Ultimate Signal-to-Noise Problem

Ransom Stephens

Product How-to: Measure Heat Usage in a Radiator and Gather Consumption Data for Modern “Green” Analysis

Ben Smith


Correlation: An Overlooked Oscilloscope Measurement

Arthur Pini

Moore's Law Creates New Test Product Categories

Larry Desjardin

Calibration Means Different Things in Different Professions

Chris Grachanen

Product Development Takes Teamwork, Math, and Smaller Boxes

Chris Loberg

History of Jitter, Part 3: BER as a Function of Jitter

David Maliniak

History of Jitter Part 2: Histograms

David Maliniak 

Football and the Ideal Gas Law

Glenn Weinreb

Why FEC plays nice with DFE

Ransom Stephens

History of jitter, Part 1: The Early Years

David Maliniak

Increase Range in 2-Port Impedance Measurements

Steve Sandler

Simplified Kurtosis Computation Detects Signal Interference

Kaushal Buch


Increase Range in 2-Port Impedance Measurements

Steve Sandler

How to Extend Calibration Cycles

Steven Jorgensen

Designing Your First PXI Test System? Start Inside Out

Larry Desjardin

A Single Misplaced Atom Can Cause a System Failure

Winfield Scott

Validating MEMS and Other Sensors

Arun Mishra

Limit the Range of a Waveform Measurement

Arthur Pini

New Test Points Slash ATPG Test Pattern Count

Ron Press

7 Data-Acquisition Systems Attach Directly to Sensors

Glenn Weinreb

De-Embed Transmission Lines with FIR Filters

Mohit Kumar


Instrumentation Amp Makes an Accurate Transimpedance Amp Too

Stefano Salvatori

The Mysterious Disappearance of Duo-Binary Signaling

David Banas

Real-Time Power GaN Waveform Monitoring

Grant Smith

USB 3.1 Testing Part 2: Type-C Cable Assemblies

Randy White

How Cops Are Finding "Grow Ops" with AM Radios

Kenneth Wyatt

Characterize Interconnects with S-Parameters, Part 2

David Maliniak

Test Memories at-Speed with a Slow Clock

Martin Keim

Data-Acquisition: The Key to a Smart Electrical Grid

Gordon Lee


A Data-Acquisition System on a Chip

Martin Rowe

Measure of Neutrinos, Nature's Most Elusive Particles

Ransom Stephens

BER Test Method Uses Real Data

Joshua Beaudet

Cable Tips for Your Next Measurement

Steve Sandler

Software Tool Fixes Some Causality Violations

Eric Bogatin

Characterize Interconnects with S-Parameters

David Maliniak

Wi-Fi network Interference, Analysis, and Optimization

Kenneth Wyatt

Annotate Oscilloscope Displays for Better Documentation

Arthur Pini

Achieve Low PLL Jitter Via Improved Power Integrity

Chang Fei Yee

The Inductive Nature of Voltage-Control Loops

Steve Sandler

Transient Load Gives Power Systems a Workout

Mike Rose


EMC Questions Answered (part 6)

Kenneth Wyatt

USB 3.1 Testing: Start to Finish, Part 1

Randy White

Deliver the Power

Lee Ritchey

EMC Questions Answered (part 6)

Kenneth Wyatt

USB 3.1 Testing: Start to Finish, Part 1

Randy White

Deliver the Power

Lee Ritchey

Chipset Measures 3-phase AC Power

Graham Prophet

High-Powered Radiated Immunity Pre-Compliance Testing on Your Workbench

Kenneth Wyatt

Guidelines Improve Test Quality in Advanced CMOS Nodes

Parth Rao, Chintan Panchal, Harsh Parikh, and Ankit Shah

Impedance Measurements Make a Difference at DesignCon

Steve Sandler

Model Package Parasitics with IBIS

Rajan Bedi

Microwaves & RF


Solve IEEE 802.11ac Test Challenges

Chris DeMartino

Receive a Clear Picture of Antennas

Jack Browne

Is Terahertz Li-Fi in Your Future?

Lou Frenzel

Reduce Size of Multi-Band Antennas

Chris DeMartino

Untangle the Mysteries of Transmission Lines

Jack Browne

High-Speed DACs Drive Antenna Diversity

Clarence Mayott


Count on Diodes to Drive Performance

Chris DeMartino

Math Software Models WLANs

Jack Browne

Antenna Assemblies Bridge Major Wireless Charging Standards

James Morra

VSA Helps Simplify Harmonic Measurements

Vimal M. Fernandez

Materials Form Foundations for RF/Microwave Circuits

Jack Browne

Assessing Options for RF Circuit-Level Design

Jack Browne


MRI Probe Offers High-Q Analysis

Fatima Seghira, Nadia Benabdallah, and Nasreddine Benahmed

What's the Difference Between Modular and Rack-Mount Instruments?

Jack Browne

Integration Aids 802.11ac Mobile Wi-Fi Front Ends

Kevin Gallagher

Corralling Couplers in RF/Microwave Systems

Jack Browne

3 Useful Wireless Technologies You Should Know About

Lou Frenzel

Backhaul Alternatives for HetNet Small Cells, Part 2

Damian Anzaldo

Optical Rectenna Converts Light Waves into Direct Current

James Morra

Novel Microstrip Antenna Aims at UWB Applications

Ahmed Boutejdar, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, and Edmund P. Burte

Control Crosstalk in RF/Microwave Systems

Jack Browne

Adjusting Amplitude Through Attenuation

Jack Browne

What's the State of GaN Power Amplification?

Walt DeMore


Generating Frequency-Tunable Continuous-Wave THz Signals

Jack Browne

6 Types of Resonators Used Across the RF/Microwave Universe

Chris DeMartino

Solidify Design Efforts Using EM Simulators

Jack Browne

Design 4-W MMIC PAs for Ka-Band Applications

Thomas Young

Solidify Design Efforts Using EM Simulators

Jack Browne


60- to 80-GHz LNA Boosts E-Band Radios

Yasir Sabir and Shabbir Majeed Chaudry

Compact Bandpass Filter Serves Dual-Band Needs

Lin Peng, Ji-Yang Xie, Si-Min Li, and Xing Jiang

Making Links with Cables and Connectors

Jack Browne

Metamaterials Provide Technology for the Future

Chris DeMartino

Delivering Mixed-Technology Systems Using an Agile Methodology

Rohit Mittal and Owen Pine

Programming the Right Simulator for the Task

Jack Browne

EM Analysis Guides WLAN PA Design

Zheng Ruiqing, Zhang Guohao, and Zhang Zhihao

Recruiting the Computer for Measurement Assistance

Jack Browne

PXI Offers Complete Test Solutions

Chris DeMartino

Differential Diplexer Drives Sampling ADCs

Derek Redmayne

Simulators Predict System-Level Behavior

Jack Browne

EMI: Electronic Misery in Design

Lou Frenzel


5 Things You Should Know About 5G Cellular

Lou Frenzel

Probing Solutions Enhance Productivity

Chris DeMartino

Understanding Mixers and Their Parameters

Chris DeMartino

Power Monitor Keeps Tabs on LMR System Performance

William Bates

Making the Most of Ultranarrowband Modulation

Harold R. Walker

How to Optimize Linear Distortion Measurements with a Signal Analyzer

Bob Nelson

Energy-Harvesting Antenna Aids Wireless Sensors

M.S. Jawad, Nurzaimah Binti Zainol, and Z. Zakaria


Marking Mixers for the Next Application

Jack Browne

Waveguide Slot Array Antenna Snares 120 GHz

Jack Browne

6 Trends Driving Transceiver Design and Development

Paul Pickering

IoT Wireless Convergence Sparks Testing Challenges

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Sorting Through Computer Engineering Software

Jack Browne

Top Methods for Measuring 5 Common Signal-Corrupting Distortions

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Metamaterials Forge High-Directivity Antenna

Xiangjin Quan, Shiquan Zhang, and Hui Li

Gauging IMD/PIM in Microwave Components

Jack Browne

Keeping Time Is Part of Measuring It

Jack Browne 


Metamaterial Extends Patch Antenna Bandwidth

Xue-Shi Li, Kai-Da Xu, Dong-Yue Zhou, Fei Du, and Zhi-Min Liu

Comparing Commercial and Military Components

Jack Browne

Make the Most of Microwave Mixers

Jack Browne


What's the Difference Between IEEE 802.11af and 802.11ah?

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Know When to Add Attenuation

Jack Browne

Why TRL Is the Recommended VNA Calibration for Load Pull

Gary Simpson

Single Microstrip Layer Holds UWB Log-Periodic Antenna

Yanfeng Geng, Runbo Ma, Baoming Chen, and Wenmei Zhang

Four-Channel MMIC Powers 28-GHz Systems

Jack Browne

Novel Transmission Line Impacts Antenna Design

Tian-Peng Li, Guang-Ming Wang, Chen-Xin Zhang, and Bin-Feng Zong

The Evolution of Microwave and MM-Wave CMOS ICs

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

PLL Synthesizer Provides Fast Locking

Tang Qing-Hua, Cui Jun, Zhu Pu-Qing, and Zhan la-Min

Triband Filter Employs SIW-Loaded Resonators

Jian-zhong Chen, Jie Shen, Jie Shen, and An-xue Zhang

5 New Things to Do with a Single-Chip Radar

Lou Frenzel

Whatever Happened to WiMAX?

Lou Frenzel


Measuring Modern Pulsed Radar Signals

Robin Jackman

DGS Resonators Form Compact Filters

Dr. Ahmed Boutejdar and Ahmed A. Ibrahim

SIW Bandpass Filter Screens S-Band Signals

Boualem Mansouri, Mehadji Abri, Hadjira Abri, Mohamed Amine Rabah, Junwa Tao, and Tan-Hoa Vuong

Why More RF Engineers Are Choosing Fiber Connectors

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Low Cost-Per-Bit Backhaul Solutions Define Millimeter-Wave Small Cells

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

The Top 6 Challenges for Signal Generators Handling LTE, Wi-Fi, and 5G

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Small Cells Challenge Measurement Capabilities

Paul Dillien

Selecting Microwave Amps for Measurements

Theng ThengQuek

AESAs Boost Multi-Role Capabilities for Warfighters, UAVs, and Wi-Fi

Jean-Jacques DeLisle


Pinpoint the High-Frequency Resistance of Toroidal Windings

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

These 11 Specifications Define PIN-Diode Switches

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Compare HetNet Cost and Capacity from 0.7 to 28 GHz

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Researchers Demonstrate SDR-Based Wireless Tomography

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

CCCDTAs Form Flexible Biquad Filter

Shaojiang Lin and Qinian Shi

Variable Attenuator Blends Dynamic Range, Linearity

Chin Leong Lim

Low-Power UWB CMOS LNA Gains 4 to 5 GHz

Chunhua Wang and Wen Wang

What's The Difference Between Noise Terms and Noise Generators?

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Software Reveals Cosite Challenges

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Bandpass Filter Passes 2.4- and 5.2-GHz Bands

Wu Guo-An, Zhang Bi-Xia, Xu Qin-Fen, and Li Wen-Guang

To Balun or Not to Balun?

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

5 Antenna Topologies Squeeze into IoT Modules

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

4 Major M2M and IoT Challenges You Need to Know

Jean-Jacques DeLisle


Ambient RF Energy Supports Wireless Sensors

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Organic Substrates Aid Ultra-Miniaturization of WLAN Receiver

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Printing Wireless IoT Sensors

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

LTE Device Testing: from Theory to Measurement

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Enhance Active Load-Pull and Doherty PAs

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

How to EM Simulate Large and Complex Objects

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Antenna Tackles Wi-Fi and WiMAX

Mohammad Mahdi Shafiei, Mahmoud Moghavvemi, and Dr. Wan Nor Liza Mahadi

Filters Build Upon MCSRRs

Huai Yang, Chunhua Wang, Xiaorong Guo, Jie Jin, and Zanming Xia

Analyze Quasi-TEM Rectangular Coax Couplers

Yamina Bekri, Dr. Nadia Benabdallah, Dr. Djamal Lachachi, and Nasreddine Benahmed

Man and Machine: Bonded Together with RF Glue

Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Sorting through Balun Confusion

Doug Jorgesen

Microwave Product Digest


New High Performance Solution for Testing E-band Wireless Backhaul Equipment and Automotive Collision Avoidance Radars

Anritsu Company

PXC021 Cellular/GPS Combiner

Brian L. Wixon

LDMOS RF Power Devices Drive Next Gen Avionics Systems

Freescale Semiconductor

New Wideband Signal Analysis: 5G Sets the Pace for Signal Analysis Growth

Mariano Kimbara

Five Techniques for Improving Analyzer Measurement Sensitivity and Accuracy in Noise

Cherisa Kmetovicz

Eliminating Bias-Tees from Push-Pull Amplifier Outputs Using TCM3-452X+ 3:1 Unbalanced-to-Balanced Transformer


Understanding LTE Device Coexistence

Detlev Liebl


Bandwidth Demands Place New Strains on Satellite Communications Design

Wyatt Taylor and Duncan Bosworth

RF Cable Assemblies Offer High Performance and Low Cost

Anatech Electronics

LINC2 RF and Microwave Circuit Simulator Includes Design and Synthesis Tools

Dale Henkes - Applied Computational Sciences

User Focus: Enhancing Productivity for RF/Microwave Design

Sherry Hess - AWR Group, NI

What Do Smart Home and IoT Device Developers Need to Know About ZigBee 3.0?

Cees Links

Using Automatic Synthesis of RF, Microwave and Analog Circuits to Increase Design Productivity by 10x

How-Siang Yap

Choice of High-Frequency Circuit Laminate Can Strongly Influence Doherty Power Amp Performance

John Coonrod


High Performance Integrated 24 GHz FMCW Radar Transceiver Chipset for Auto and Industrial Sensor Applications

John Morrissey and Patrick Walsh

An Integrated Framework for Complex Radar System Design


Public Safety Communications: The Value of Building a Network From the Outside In

Tom Kuklo and Tim O'Brien

Evolving Radar and Radio Test System Performance

Joe Mazzochette

Switched Filter Banks Deliver High Performance to 18 GHz

Networks International Corp.


IMD Measurement Enhancements to VNA Help Lower Test Costs in Amplifier Design, Production

Anritsu Company

Meeting Modern Demand for High Production Throughput in All Aspects

Joseph Haas and Kevin P. McCormack

Electronics Instrumentation Industry: New Trends Provide Second Chance

Jessy Cavazos

Using a PXI Multiport Vector Network Analyzer for Fast, Accurate Multiport Network Analysis

Takuya Hirato

Noise Power Ratio Testing on a Budget

Signal Hound


The End of the Limiter as We Know It?

Dr. Charles J. Trantanella and Paul Blount

The Design of Microwave GaN PA ICs

Liam Devlin, Stuart Glynn, and Andy Dearn

Moving to GaN for Commercial Markets

Tom Kole

GaN: Surviving Harsh Environments and Living to Transmit About It

Dr. Doug Reep

Real-Time Record and Playback System Has 1 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth

Jim Taber


The Changing (and Greening) of the Teleport or New High Power Amplifier Technology Dramatically Reduces Power Consumption in Satellite Communication Uplinks

Heidi Thelander

GaN RF Power Transistors Serve Cellular and Defense Applications

David Lewicki and Suhail Agwani

Benchtop and USB-Powered Amplifiers Serve Measurement Applications

Tim Galla

Precision Phase Difference Measurement

Precision Time and Frequency, Inc.

Skyworks' Broadband Isolator For Interstage Applications

Brian Hartnett


Driving High Current and High-Frequency Coil Using Resonant Technique

Accel Instruments

Multi-Function: A Dilemma or Reality?

Duncan Bosworth

BME Capacitors Now Approved for Space Applications

John Marshall

Peak Power Meters for Crest Factor and Scalar Measurements Using Broadband OFDM Signals

Vitali Penso

Harmonic Injection Doubles Ultra–Wideband TWT RF Output

Dave Pfaff

Creating Multi-Emitter Scenarios with a Highly Integrated Agile Signal Generator

Walter Schulte

Using Power Sensors in Test Sets

Orwill Hawkins

Addressing the 4G and 5G Backhaul Capacity Challenge with Air Division Duplexing

Buks Fouche


Nonlinear Circuit Analysis in Time and Frequency Domain Example: The Forced Van-der-Pol Oscillator

José Luis Flores

A Fractional-N PLL Synthesizer Without Delta-Sigma Modulation as a New Concept in Frequency Synthesis

Dr. Vitaly Koslov

Communications Systems—A Design Primer

Tony Richards and Liam Devlin


A Simple Approach to Signal Via Stubs for Coaxial PCB Connector Launches

Brian O'Malley

Second-Generation RF Recording and Playback System Adds New Capabilities

Jim Taber

Power Supply Frequency Response Measurements Using an Oscilloscope

Johnnie Hancock

Making the Switch from Fiber Optics in Favor of Faster, High-Capacity Wireless

Dave Rizzo


How to Maximize Your Software–Defined Radio's Dynamic Range

Bob Clarke and Kevin Kreitzer

Bluetooth and ZigBee: A New Standards War Brewing?

Cees Links

Simple Analog ASIC Solves Difficult Thermal Analysis Problems

Bob Frostholm

Peregrine's Breakthrough Technology Enables First Integrated RF Switch to Operate at True DC

Peter Bacon and Kinana Hussain


Security Threats in LTE: Devices, Access, Core Elements and Services

Robin Kent

Wirelessly Linking the Aerospace and Defense World

Duncan Bosworth

Compact Instrument Detects, Identifies, and Locates Transmission Line Faults

Bird Technologies

Phased-Array Radar Systems: Out With the Old, in With the MMICs

Dr. Charles Trantanella

Cost-Efficient and Extensible RF Spectrum Management

Bruce Devine and Justin Crooks

Dielectric Resonators for Oscillators and Filters

John Deriso

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