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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2012

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

RF Technology International (RFTI)


System Simulation Assists Advanced Radar Design

Audio Rectification from TDMA/GSM EMI

Arturo Mediano

Nested and Multi-Nested Supply Modulator for an Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier

Zhancang Wang


Material Choices and Tradeoffs for Printed Circuit Board Antennas

John Coonrod

A Review of Smart Grid, Smart Metering Technology and its Uses

David Tomanek and Jamal Alrawi

Finding VHF Radiated EMI from a Buck Converte

Arturo Mediano

RF Fundamentals – Low Noise Design Technique

Gary Breed


Low-EMI Printed Circuit Board Design for High Frequency Waveforms

Earl McCune and David Wyskiel

Antenna Current Distribution: the Basis for Modeling and Simulation

Gary Breed

The Mirror Technique for Reducing Radiated EMI

Arturo Mediano


An Introduction to RF Measurements with a Vector Network Analyzer

The Conjugate Match: Applications Where it is Not the Desired Method

Gary Breed

Find Resonances with a Near Field Probe and VSWR Bridge

Arturo Mediano


Digital Baseband and RF Domain Integration Challenges in Radar Systems

Brad Frieden

Reducing Data Transmission Errors by Breaking Ground Loops

Nikolas Ledoux

Essential Resources for PLL Design and Analysis

Gary Breed

Unusual Saturation Degrades Passive EMI Filters

Arturo Mediano


High Temperature Material Characterization for Wireless Microwave Sensors

Siamak Ebadi, Xinhua Ren, Yaohan Chen, Linan An, and Xun Gong

Basics of Digital Signals and Their Measurement

Gary Breed

Differential Versus Common Mode Currents

Arturo Mediano


Combining Simulation and Measurements in the Design Flow

David A. Hall, National Instruments, Sherry Hess, AWR

Harmonic Comb Generators for EMC Testing

Kenneth Wyatt

Analyzing the Performance of a Switching Mixer

Gary Breed

EMI from Clocks: Think Current, not Voltage

Arturo Mediano


Using Volume Conduction to Operate Passive RFID Tags on Metallic Implants

Xiaoyu Liu, Ravi Yalamanchili, Ajay Ogirala and Marlin Mickle

The Conjugate Match and Basic Matching Techniques

Gary Breed


High-Efficiency Advanced Multistage Doherty GaN HEMT Power Amplifiers

Andrei Grebennikov

Energy Efficient Transmitters Easier with Strong Nonlinearity

Earl McCune

The Characteristics and Causes of Phase Noise

Gary Breed


A New Generation of Aviation HF Receivers

Bob Lombardi

Closing the Loop on Reference Design Simulations

David Wright and Larry Dunleavy

Understanding the Magic Tee / 0° Hybrid Combiner / Divider

Gary Breed


High Frequency Electronics


Retrofitting Existing C4ISR Components with Modular Wiring Harnesses (p.22)

Robert Grzib

Illumination and Spillover Efficiency Calculations for Rectangular Reflectarray Antennas (p.28)

Michal Zebrowski


Wireless Sensors without Batteries

Ali Abedi

Benefits of Mixed Dielectrics When Used for High-Frequency PCB Applications

John Coonrod

The Potential of RF Energy for the Ignition of Microplasmas

Klaus Werner, Prof. H. Heuerman, and Dr. A Sadeghfam


Linear Power Amplifiers for Point-to-Point Radio Applications

Sushil Kumar, Kent Story, Ron Kielmeyer, Tari Lodhi, and Ian Hardcastle, mmW Solutions Team, RFMD

Successful Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Using Discrete Components (p.22)

Sonoko Akamatsu, Scott Muir, and Larry Dunleavy


Wideband Spectral Measurement Using Time-Gated Acquisition Implemented on a User-Programmable FPGA

Raajit Lall, Abhishek Rao, Sandeep Hari, and Vinay Kumar

RF Component Integration-Saving Space in High Performance Applications

Ashraf Elghamrawl and Eamon Nash


High Frequency PCB Probing with Fixture Removal for Multi-Port Devices

Heidi Barnes, Jose Moreira, Mike Resso, and Robert Schaefer

Satellite Data Transmitting Systems and In-Orbit Performance

D.V. Ramana and Jolie R.


MIMO Receivers Demand High-Performance Dual Passive Mixers

Bill Beckwith, Xudong Wang, and Tom Schlitz

JESD204B PHY Layer Compliance Test

Maury Wood, Scott Ferguson, and Joe Evangelista


DDS Devices Generate High-Purity Waveforms Simply, Efficiently, and Flexibly

Brendan Cronin

Web-Based Video Radar Systems Courses to be Offered by IEEE New Hampshire Section and IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society

Dr. Robert O'Donnell and Tom Perkins


Design and Digital Linearization of a High Efficiency Variable Conduction Angle Doherty Amplifier

Sami Bousnina

Basic Electromagnetics Trued and Cleared for All to See

W. Scott Bennett


A High Bit Rate Miniaturized QPSK Modulator for Satellite Data Transmission

D.V. Ramana and Jolie R.

iSCISM: Interference Sensing and Coexistence in the ISM Band

Joe Baylon, Ethan Elenberg, Samantha Massengill


Software Finds, Identifies, and Analyzes Signals in Long-Term "Spectral Haystack"

Ray Swanson

Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging for Security

Dr. Tom Williams


New Components Call for a Hardware Comparison of Receiver Architectures

Todd Nelson

Non-Resonant Slotted Waveguide Antenna Design Method: Inclusive Internal and External Electromagnetic Mutual Coupling Between Slots

Michael Grabowski


PSK Modulators for Data Transmission from Space to Ground (p.24)

Jolie R. and D.V. Ramana

Comprehensible Electromagnetics for Comprehensive Engineering

W. Scott Bennett, Ph.D.


Microwave Journal


A Four-Element "Clover" Transceiver Array for 3 Tesla Cardiac MRI

Shumin Wang, Hai Lu, and C.J. Reddy

Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers Improve Cell Coverage and Reduce Costs

Paul Mattheijssen

A 5G Wireless Communications Vision

Gerhard P. Fettweis


Taming the Smartphone Power Consumption Vicious Cycle

Mathew Hubbard, RFMD

Recovery Time of the Schottky-PIN Limiter

Chin Leong Lim

Carrier Aggregation: A Key Enabler for LTE-Advanced

Andreas Roessler and Sandra Merkel

E/D GaAs PHEMT Core Chips for Electronically Steerable Antennas

F. Robert, R. Leblanc, J. Moron, A. Gasmi, N. Santos and M. Rocchi

Design of Miniature RF Transceivers for Broadband MIMO Systems in Ku-Band

Zhe Chen, Wei Hong, Jianyi Zhou, Jixin Chen and Chen Yu

A Cascaded Triplet SIW Bandpass Filter

Guang Yang, Wei Liu, Falin Liu, and Sheng Zhang


Maximizing Receiver Dynamic Range for Spectrum Monitoring

Brian Avenell

New Tile Structure for Microwave Modules Using Solderless Vertical Interconnections

Ju-Young Moon, Sang-Won Yun, Chang-Soo Ahn, and Seon-Joo Kim

Design of a Passive, Broadband Equalizer for a SLED

Chris Brinton, Matthew Wharton and Allen Katz

A Low-Power Multi-Channel UWB Single Chip Transceiver with Pulse Detectors

Caixia Chen, Manh Anh Do, Kiat Seng Yeo, Chirn Chye Boon and Wei Meng Lim

Design of a Compact Bandpass Filter with Capacity Loaded Ridged Waveguide

Xianrong Zhang, Qingyuan Wang, Jinhua Cao and Anj Peng

LTE Downlink Transmitter Simulation Using MATLAB

Jacek Pierzchlewski and Torben Larsen


Simplified Power Handling Analysis of Microwave Filters

Morten Hagensen, Guided Wave Technology ApS and Anders Edquist

Harmonic Suppression of Edge Coupled Filters Using Composite Substrates

John Coonrod

An Input Matching Network Without Gain Trade-Off for a CMOS LNA

Thi Thu Nga Tran, Chirn Chye Boon, Manh Anh Do and Kiat Seng Yeo

Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Modeling of W-Band Schottky Diodes

Jiang Liu, Hugo Morales, Thomas Weller, Larry Dunleavy, and Gerhard Schoenthal

Compact UWB Antennas with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics

Bing Li and Jing-Song Hong


Wireless Sensor Network Challenges and Solutions

Lance Doherty, Jonathan Simon and Thomas Watteyne

Antennas, the mmWave Advantage

Christer Stoij

Tackling Satellite Interference

Martin Coleman


Comparing Microstrip and CPW Performance

John Coonrod and Brian Rautio

The 3D Smith Chart and Its Practical Applications

Andrei Müller, Dan C. Dascalu, Pablo Soto, and Vicente E. Boria

Testing Radar and EW Systems for the Real-World

Dingqing LU

Expert Tips, Tricks and Techniques


GaN Powers High Speed Wireline Networks

Kellie Chong, RFMD

A Center-Tapped CRLH ZOR UWB Bandpass Filter with Improved Stopband

Sungtek Kahng and Dongjin Lim

Practical Integrated Passive Device Technology on GaAs

Cong Wang, Won-Sang Lee and Nam-Young Kim

Techniques for Time Sidelobe Measurements with Pulse Compression Radar

John Hansen

Cold Cathode Magnetrons: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

M.N. Zybin


Techniques for Improving Noise and Spurious in PLLs

Eric Drucker

Improved Linearity Doherty Amplifier Using Tunable Offset Line

Shiwei Zhao, Zongxi Tang and Ping Su

Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Their Applications

Rachid El Assir

Non-Uniform Defected Microstrip Structure Lowpass Filter

Jian-Kang Xiao, and Wen-Jun Zhu

Cost Effective High Power E- and W-Band Amplifier MMICs

Jim Mayock

Compact UHF Fifth Order Bandpass Filter Using Cascaded Triplet CRLH-ZORs

Boram Lee and Sungtek Kahng

Quarter Substrate Integrated Waveguide Resonator Applied to Fractal-Shaped BPFs

Sheng Zhang, Tian-Jian Bian, Yao Zhai, Wei Liu, Guang Yang and Fa-Lin Liu


Being 75 Still Young: The Doherty Power Amplifier

R. Giofre, L. Piazzon, P. Colantonio and F. Giannini

Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Wide Stopband and High Attenuation

Mohsen Hayati, Sohrab Majidifar and Omid Sadeghi Fathabadi

Integrated SAW Broadband Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX

I-Tseng Tang


Tackling MIMO Design and Test Challenges for 802.11ac WLAN

Greg Jue, Agilent Technologies Inc.

Compact Antenna for MIMO LTE Mobile Phone Applications

Gopinath Gampala, C.J. Reddy, Oliver Stabler and Thomas Hager

A Miniaturized Multiple Coupled Line Power Divider Employing an R-C-R Isolation Circuit

Young Yun

Compact Lowpass Filter with Wide Stopband Using a Tapered Microstrip Resonator Cell

Yasin Yousefzadeh and Mohsen Hayati

Compact Transistor Models: The Roadmap to First Pass Amplifier Design Success

Tony Gasseling

Optimization of a Waveguide-Backed Slot Antenna Array

Vladimir Veremey and John Dunn, AWR Corp., and Alexander Sulima


RF Characteristics of a Short Wavelength Comb-Type Capacitive Transmission Line on MMICs

Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Young Yun, Hong-Seung Kim, Nat-Won Jang, and Yunju Baek

Proper Stack-Up in a Multilayer PCB to Reduce Noise Coupling and Improve EMI

Antonio Ciccomancini Scogna and Jianmin Zhang

MIMO Beamforming and Its Impact on Testing TD-LTE

Kang Chen

Square Coaxial Lines and Materials Measurements

Nickander J. Damaskos, Benuel J. Kelsall and James E. Powell, Jr.


A Dual-band 3 dB Coupled Line Tandem Hybrid Coupler

Alex D. Lapidus

Ultra-Compact On-Chip RF Divider Circuit Employs a PAGS Structure

Jeong-Gab Ju, Young Yun, Young-Bae Park and Suk-Youb Kang

Advances in Radar Simulation Design

Lawrence Williams, Matthew Commens and Steve Rousselle

The Importance of Peak Power Measurements for Radar Systems

Bob Muro, Wireless Telecom Group

Double Notched Bandpass Filter Achieves UWB Performance


Microwaves & RF


SIW Filter Screens Narrow Bandwidth

Ali Frotanpour, Ali Foudazi, and Leila Mohammadi

UWB Antenna Adds Two Notches

Rezaul Azim, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, J.S. Mandeep, Norbahiah Misran, and Ahmed Toaha Mobashsher

Design Distributed MMIC Amplifiers

John E. Penn

Understand Uncertainty for Better Test Accuracy

Antonio Castro


Move from Microstrip to Wide Slotline

Peng Fei, Yong-Changjiao, Yang Ding, Fu-Shun Zhang

CMOS LNA Serves Flat Gain to 5 GHz

Wang Wei and Zhao Ying Gong

Phased Array Antenna Receives 4G Networks

Ioannis Petropoulos, Nikos Athanasopoulos, Konstantinos Voudouris, Raed A. Abd-Alhameed, and Steve M.R. Jones


Optimize OFDM Via Phase-Noise Injection

Ben Zarlingo

Antenna Aims at Dual Bands

Feng-Chao Ren, Fu-Sgun Zhang, Jian-Hui Bao, Qiu-Yan Zhou, and Yong-Chang Jiao

Tracking Trends in Wireless Infrastructure

Jack Browne

X-Band Antenna Arrays Enrich RHCP

Couplers Channel High Power to 4 GHz

Measuring Power on RF/Microwave Signals

Jack Browne

Preparing RF/MW Parts for Space

Jack Browne

Demystify Integrated-Phase-Deviation Results in Phase-Noise Measurements

Bob Nelson


Design a Double-Layer Shield

Run Xiong, Bin Chen, Bihua Zhou, and Yunfei Mao

Building More Efficient Amps

Jack Browne

CRLH, DCRLH Cells Create Novel Prototype

Tong Xu, KeLu, Bin-Feng Zong, and Bao-Jun Song

Materials Pave Way to Military Advances

Jack Browne

Appraising Different Load-Pull Approaches

Focus Microwaves


AsAssessing Different Ultranarrowband Formats

Shikai Zhang

Become Familiar with the Basics of Fading

Aiming for Higher Amplifier Efficiency

Jack Browne

Optimize Signal/Spectrum Analyzer Throughput for High-Volume Manufacturing Test

Bob Nelson

CMOS Models Transistor Distortion

Ali Abuelma'atti, Iain Thayne, and Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti

Fractal Antenna Aims at 2.9 to 14.6 GHz

I. Srikanth and Raj Kumar

Dual-Band Coupler Links with CRLH Lines

Kang Wei, Wang Hui, Yang Guo, Miao Chen, and Wu Wen

Ceramic Substrate Shrinks Patch Antenna

M. Habib Ullah, M.T. Islam, and J.S. Mandeep

Modulator Manages High-Speed Data

Sdr. D. Venkata Ramana and Jolie R.


Get a Solid Grasp of IEEE 802.11ad

60-GHz Helical Array Relies on LTCC

Waveguide-Based Mixer Excels in Terahertz Range

Quadrature LO Spans 5 to 10 GHz

Is an Oscillator Upgrade on the Horizon?

Conquer Phase Noise and Jitter in Frequency Standards


SISIR Cells Support UWB Lowpass Filter

Milad Mirzaee

CRLH-TLs Help Miniaturize PCBs

Reflector Connects 18.7-GHz Backhauls

Novel LNA Cuts Noise, Not Gain

SS Method Employs Novel Encryption


Match Mixers to BTS LTE Receivers

Dan Terlep

Navigating Multilayer Microwave PCB Tradeoffs

John Coonrod

Predict PLL Reference Spurs

Wireless System Assists Libraries

Low-Power Mixer Hits High Intercept

SIW And CDGS Combine For BPF

Optimizing PLL Performance Levels Part 2

SCRLH Resonators Power UWB Divider


Optimizing PLL Performance Levels

Sorting Through EM Simulators

Dave Morris

Two-Horn Antenna Aims at UWB Use

Design a CDBA in 0.18-µm CMOS

Resonators Support UHF MRI Systems


UWB Lowpass Filter Features Wide Stopband

Milad Mirzaee

Fabricating HF Opamp Filters

Tim Daughters

Tackling Multi-Bit Attenuator Designs

Compare Compact UHF Antennas

LTE Front End Scans Three Bands

Synthesizer Serves MB-OFDM UWB

CPW Antenna Aims At UWB Applications


Compensating for DGS Filter Loss

Dr. Eng. Ahmed

Current Reuse Enhances UWB LNA

CMOS Yields UHF RFID Transmitter

Assemble a Compact UWB Printed Monopole

Tiny UWB Antenna Notches Two Bands

Filter's Multiple TZs Afford Flexible Tuning

C-Shaped Slot Serves UWB Antenna


Broadside Coupler Channels 1 to 10 GHz

Bandpass Filters Feature Dual Bands

PredPredict Mixer Noise Behavior

Roy Monzello

Microwave Product Digest


Shifting Signal Analysis into High Gear with Multiple Simultaneous Measurements

Abhishek Shukla

Emerging RF Technologies for Smartphones and Connected Devices

Ben Thomas, RFMD

Why Test Instrument Frequency Range Matters When Conducting Signal Integrity Measurements

Bob Buxton

Freescale Unleashes New RF Power Transistors for a Wide Array of Applications

Freescale Semiconductor

Just Under the Radar: Where Does It Go From Here?

Bob Pinato, MPD Editorial Advisor

Spectrum Analyzers Continue to Advance

Frost & Sullivan


Hittite Introduces New 3.3V Wideband PLL with Integrated VCO

Hittite Microwave Corporation

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas Develops New Multi-Beam Hub Base Station Antenna for Ultra Fast MIMO

Cobham Antenna Systems

User Defined Functions Enhance the Power and Flexibility of Design and Simulation Software


Enabling Fast Characterization of PA Performance with Modulated Signals

Agilent Technologies

Freescale Unleashes New RF Power Transistors for a Wide Array of Applications

Freescale Semiconductor

Why Wireless Millimeter Wave Radios Will Fuel the Coming Microcell Boom

Renaissance Electronics


Highly Integrated Transceiver Chipset Solution Enables Low-Cost 60 GHz Radio Applications

Hittite Microwave

Noise Immunity – A Mandatory Design Aspect for Integrated Circuits and Systems

Wireless Telecom Group

Optical Extenders Replace Coax in VNA Tests Over Distances Up to 1 Km

Steve McCoy

JuJust Under the Radar: The Human Factor

Bob Pinato

Power Amplifier Gain Compression Measurements

Giga-tronics Incorporated

GaN: The Technology of Choice for Next Generation Advanced Radar Systems

Integra Technologies, Inc.

High Temperature, High Power RF Life Testing of GaN on SiC RF Power Transistors

M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Power Products Group


Integrated Low Noise Multi-Chip Amplifier Modules

Stephen Moreschi and Ambarish Roy, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Wide Bandwidth Measurement Techniques for 802.11ac WLAN Devices

David Asquith

Best Practices for Making the Most Accurate Wireless and Radar Pulse Measurements

Sook Hua Wong and Sean Lee

VNA System Brings Noise Figure Measurement Capability to 125 GHz

Steve Reyes

Minimizing PIM Generation from RF Cables and Connectors

Fred Hull


Can't RF and Mixed Signal Components Just Get Along? Overcoming the Challenge of RF Level Planning that Incorporates Mixed Signal Components

Eamon Nash, Analog Devices, Inc.

The Forgotten, Unsexy Enabling Technology — Passives

Bob Pinato

Compact, High Isolation, Low Loss VHF Diplexer

R&D Microwaves, LLC

The Advantages of Outsourcing Your RF/Microwave Assembly to an Onshore Contractor - Understanding the Subtle—and Not So Subtle—Costs of Going Overseas


Spectro-X RF Signal Analysis Software Speeds Identification of Interferers

X-COM Systems


AWR's Visual System Simulator Co-Simulates with NI's LabVIEW for Enhanced Signal Processing Capabilities

Gent Paparisto, Ph.D., AWR Corporation

Powerful Optical Modulator Driver Family for Metro and Long Haul 40G/100G Applications

Hittite Microwave

Is There a Comparable Consumer Demand and Market to USA?

Bob Pinato

LDMOS Devices Set New Standards for Performance for Public Safety Radios

David Lester

Integrated Low-Noise Amplifiers Set New Noise Figure Benchmarks

TriQuint Semiconductor

IF Matrix Switch for the Yebes 40 Meter Radio Telescope Receiver Room

David Cuadrado-Calle and  José Antonio López-Pérez


New Low Insertion Loss Circulator

Dave Cruickshank and Brian Hartnett, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

AWR 2011 Design Suite Delivers More Than 300 New Features


Characterizing Radar Interference Immunity

Bob Muro, Wireless Telecom Group

Laboratory Design Validation Testing (DVT) of Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) Systems Using Stimulus-Response Techniques

Mike McKinley

New Techniques Simplify Military Frequency-Converter Characterization

David Ballo

Next Generation Passives for Defense Electronics

Chris Reynolds

TWTAs, MPMs Continue Upward Performance Climb

Fred Ortiz

Connectors Offer Durability, Superior Functionality and Practical Application for the Modern Military

David Impett


Microwave Transmission Line Considerations for Vehicle Applications

Times Microwave

RF/Microwave Connectors for Military Telecommunications

Ted Worroll

Gigabit Wireless LAN? Why We Need 802.11ac and What It Means for Design and Test

Mirin Lew

48-V LDMOS FET is First High-Voltage RF Power Transistor for GSM Base Stations Housed in Over-Molded Plastic Industry-Standard Package

Enver Krvavac, Agni Mitra, David Burdeaux, and Antoine Rabany

Application and Theory of Dielectric Materials in RF/Microwave Systemsbr>Paul Dixon

Miniature Surface Mount Ferrite Devices for High Reliability Applications

Freescale Adds New MMIC, FET


Microwave Transmission Line Considerations for Vehicle Applications

Times Microwave

RF/Microwave Connectors for Military Telecommunications

Ted Worroll, ITT Interconnect Solutions

Gigabit Wireless LAN? Why We Need 802.11ac and What It Means for Design and Test

Mirin Lew, Agilent Technologies

Freescale Adds New MMIC, FET

Freescale Semiconductor

Application and Theory of Dielectric Materials in RF/Microwave Systems

Paul Dixon, Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products

Miniature Surface Mount Ferrite Devices for High Reliability Applications

Anuj Srivastava and Edul Batliwala, Renaissance Electronics Corporation

48-V LDMOS FET is First High-Voltage RF Power Transistor for GSM Base Stations Housed in Over-Molded Plastic Industry-Standard Package

Enver Krvavac, Agni Mitra, David Burdeaux, and Antoine Rabany, Freescale Semiconductor


Hittite's Broadband Time Delays Deliver High Performance Clock & Data Alignment Solutions

Hittite Microwave Corporation

High Performance Front End Modules for Zigbee Applications

Jervais Seegars, Senior Applications Engineer, RFMD®

50 W High Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switch

Rick Puente, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Assemblies Minimize Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Fred Hull


MoModern Signals Require a Modern Approach to Spectrum Monitoring and Emitter Location

I.C. Tillman and Raymond Shen

GaAs and GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers Support Military and Test Applications to 48 GHz

Hittite Microwave

Joint Tactical Radio System: A New Standard in Voice and Data Communication Capabilities for Defense & Aerospace

Mark Vitellaro

Four-Channel Vector Signal Generator Speeds MIMO Testing

Ray Swanson


Test & Measurement World


Plug-n-Play Access and Control of Embedded IP

Ron Press

How to Debug Embedded Systems

Ilias Alexopoulos


How to Automate Testing of Military Avionics Devices

William Wargo

Modular Instruments – Do They Have Any Limitations?

Larry Desjardin

Playing with Antennas - Part 2

Kenneth Wyatt

Finding Fault with Traditional Test Pattern Types

Ron Press

Selecting a Handheld RF Analyzer for Tough Conditions

Wilkie Yu

How Optical Sensing Solves the Toughest Sensing Challenges

Kellis Garret

Use a PXIe Vector Signal Generator to Increase Throughput in Amplifier Testing

Mike Millhaem


Need for Wi-Fi Test Equipment on the Rise

Olga Yashkova

DIY Low-Cost ESD Detector

Kenneth Wyatt

Improve Metrology for Sapphire Substrates Used in LED Production

Matt Novak, Bruker Nano

What's Up with USB in Test Systems?

Larry Desjardin

Product How To: Integrate and Debug RFID

Alan Wolke

Reduce Power Consumption in Portable Test Instruments

ClClarence Mayott & Todd Nelson

ESD-Caused Fires

Kenneth Wyatt

Test Highway to the Danger Zone

Larry Desjardin


How to Test High-Speed Memory with Non-Intrusive Embedded Instruments, Part 1

Alfred Crouch

Hardware Elements of Integrating a PXI System

Larry Desjardin


Electrical Testing to Detect Counterfeit Components

Joseph Federico

Sharpen Rising and Falling Edges

Steve Sandler

Troubleshoot Low-Voltage Measurement Problems

Dale Cigoy

Get USB Instrument Data Without Programming

Andy Purcell

How to Measure Electrical Power

Bill Gatheridge

Test Method Improves PWB Reliability

Paul Reid

A T&M View of the Higgs Boson Discovery: Pt 3, What They Actually Measure

Ransom Stephens



Debugging Automotive Serial Buses: CAN, LIN and FlexRay Exposed

Gregory Davis

Design Enclosures to Meet EMC Requirements

Donald L. Sweeney

Arduino, the Microcontroller Opens Up

Casey Hare

Harnessing Test Emissions

Janine Love

Getting 1000x Test Compression During Wafer Test

Ron Press

Testing E911: What You Need to Know Now

Brock Butler and Susan Ahimovic

Single-Unit Switch/Transducer Monitors High AC Loads

Martin Rowe

How to Measure High-Frequency Signals Over Multiple Channels

Yves Maumary and Jean Manuel Dassonville


Low Distortion Oscillator Tests Measurement Circuits

Vojtěch Janásek

Build a Circuit to Test ADCs

Understand Key ADC Specs

Martin Rowe

On-Chip Frequency Measurements Reduce Test Time

Surbhi Bansal and Sameer Saran

Introduction to IEEE 802.11ac Manufacturing Test Requirements

Robin Irwin


Testing Aircraft AFDX Systems

William D. Wargo and Joachim Schuler

Avoid a Common S-Parameter Problem

Eric Bogatin and Alan Blankman

Improve Production Test of High-Speed RF Components

Peter Sarson

Oscilloscope Memory Depth: When Bigger is not Always Better

Richard Markley

Article Series Explains Op-Amp Measurements

Martin Rowe

High-Temperature Effects on Wafer Probing

Darren James, Marcel Bleyl, and Jan Martens


String 'Em Up!

Brad Thompson

Find Out Why LCDs Fail

Mark Woolley and Jae Choi

Design Test Software for Platform Independence

Rob Marquardt

Bridge Software and Hardware to Accelerate SoC Validation

Brad Quinton

Optimize Digital Patterns for Worst-Case Testing

Martin Rowe


Weighing-Scale Design: Measure Signals Accurately

Kannan Sadasivam and Sachin Gupta

Test MIMO Wi-Fi and LTE Radios Over the Air

Fanny Mlinarsky

Get the Basics of ADCs

Martin Rowe

Wireless Temperature Monitor has Datalogging Capabilities

Tom Au-Yeung and Wilson Tang

A New Face

Martin Rowe


Circuit Measures Optocoupler's Response Time

Peter Demchenko

Standards Define Test Impulses, Mostly

Jeff Lind

Microcontroller Circuit Calibrates Current Loops

Abdulkadir Çakır, Fırat Yücel, and Hakan Çalış

Tips for Testing MIMO, LTE, and 802.11ac Devices

Martin Rowe

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

LadyBug RF Power Sensors

RF Cascade Workbook 2018 by RF Cafe