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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2014

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

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High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF
Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World
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High Frequency Electronics

Land Mobile/Public Safety Radio PA Revolution (p.22)
Raymond A. Baker, Walter H. Nagy, David W. Runton, and Robert A. Sadler
Coaxial Transformer Power Amplifier SPICE Simulation (p.36)
Andre Adrian

Behavioral Modeling of a Broadband Microwave Receiver
Jiang Liu, Hugo Morales, and Larry Dunleavy

Keeping a Gauge on PCB Thermal Effects
Jim Coonrod

Recognize, Capture, and Profit From Intellectual Property (p.22)
David Rardin

Partialized Continuous-Variable Pin Diode Attenuator (p.30)
Giovanni Bianchi and Marco Garbati

Resolving Safety-Critical EMI Problems Between AM Transmitters and Cranes using a 3D Field Solver
Marcelo Bender Perotoni and Roberto Menna Barreto

Enhancing Second Harmonic Suppression in an Ultra-Broadband RF Push-Pull Amplifier
Gavin T. Watkins
Microwave Journal

Modern High Efficiency Amplifier Design: Envelope Tracking, Doherty and Outphasing Techniques
Ray Pengelly, Zhancang Wang, Damon Holmes, Mustafa Acar, Robin Wesson and Mark P. van der Heijden

Synthesizers: Looking Beyond the Basics
Alexander Chenakin, Phase Matrix/National Instruments

OCXO Solutions Based on IHR Technology
Igor Abramzon and Vadim Tapkov

A Tunable Dual-Band 6 Bit Digital Phase Shifter Using DGS and Stubs
Zheng Liang Lv, Shuxi Gong, Shiwei Zhao and Xiang Zhang

Cost Effective 3D Glass Microfabrication for Advanced RF Packages
J.H. Flemming, R. Cook, S. Sibbet, C.F. Schmidt, K. Dunn and J. Gouker

Analyst V11 Offers User-Customizable Library
AWR, A National Instruments Company

Tips for Transitioning Designs to Manufacturing
Bill Reid

GaN Devices and AMO Technology Enable High Efficiency and Wide Bandwidth
Raymond Pengelly, Ryan Baker, Mattias Astrom, and Joel L. Dawson

Quasi-Optical Techniques for Measuring Material Properties in the THz Region
Jon Martens, Jeffrey Hesler, and Alex Arsenovic

The Impact of Power Amplifier Turn-On Characteristics in Cognitive Radio Networks
Gavin Watkins and Stephen Wang

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Dual-Mode, Dual-Band Filter
Xiaowu Zhan, Zongxi Tang, Yunqiu Wu and Biao Zhang

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper Synthesizers
Phase Matrix Inc.

The Future of mm-wave Packaging
Liam Devlin

The Impact of Electrical and Thermal Interactions on Microwave PCB Performance
John Coonrod

Through-Silicon Vias and 3D Inductors for RF Applications
Thorbjörn Ebefors and Joachim Oberhammer

CPW-Fed Folded Antenna with Forward-Directed Radiation Patterns for Handheld Dual-Band RFID Reader Applications
Ahmed Toaha Mobashsher, and Rabah W. Aldhaheri

A Miniaturized Impedance Transformer on PES for Flexible RFICs
Young Yun, Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Hong-Seung Kim and Nak-Won Jang

Third-Order Fully Canonical Microstrip Bandpass Transversal Filter with Source-Load Coupling
Z.J. Zhu, C.L. Wei and B.F. Jia

Next Generation Affordable Smart Antennas
J.R. Guerci, Guerci, T. Driscoll, R. Hannigan, S. Ebadi, C. Tegreene, and D.E. Smith

Generating Radar Signals with an Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Chris Loberg

W-Band Radiometer Front End Module for Real-Time Imaging
Linli Xie, Yong Hong Zhang and Yong Fan

Prototyping Massive MIMO
James Kimery and Ian Wong

A Method to Design an Aperture-Tuned Antenna Using a MEMS Digital Variable Capacitor
Paul Tornatta

A Very-Near-Field Measurement Technique to Test Large Antennas in the Lab
Ruska Patton
Test & Measurement World

Gaps in Return Planes - Yes or No?
Kenneth Wyatt

New Ampere Won't Affect Your Measurements
Martin Rowe

See the Crosstalk in 100GbE
Ransom Stephens

Part Average Testing Finds and Rejects Outlier ICs
Paolo Scalisi

Electromechanical Measurements with an Oscilloscope
Arthur Pini

Cranking Simulator Made Easy
Matthias Ulmann

Simplify DC-DC Converter Characterization
Mary Anne Tupta

PCB Characteristics Affect PDN Performance
Steve Sandler

Oscilloscope Diseases
Michael Dunn

Automate Comparator Hysteresis Tests Neeraj Jain, Love Gupta & Pankaj Kumar

IDDQ Failure Diagnosis is Here
Ron Press

Open FPGAs Add Flexibility to Test
Ben James

Simple Capacitance Meter Bins Parts
Raju Baddi

Change Test Strategy From Serial to Parallel
Paolo Scalisi

Tools and Techniques for electrical Characterization of Biosensors
Jonathan Tucker

Improve Test Quality and Reduce DFT Costs
Martin Keim

Bouncing Short Beats Clean One for Power System Testing
Glen Chenier

The Next Generation's Modulation: PAM-4, NRZ, or ENRZ?
Martin Rowe

Beware of the Square Root
Steve Hageman

Linearize Thermistors with New Formula
Mark Biegert

The Blurring Line Between Oscilloscopes and On-Die Instrumentation
Eric Bogatin

Understanding Sigma Delta ADCs : A Non-Mathematical Approach
Mohit Khajuria, Prashant Goyal, and L Gupta

Hall-Effect Sensors Measure Fields and Detect Position
Jeffrey Dierker

Cars Drive New DFT Technologies
Ron Press

Cross-Corner Testing Finds Faults
Pallavi Raj, Archana Tripathi, and Amresh Kumar

Measure Q-Factor with a VNA
Chris Grachanen

AMOLEDs Need Clear-Color Testing
Paolo Scalisi

Harmonic Analyzer Tool
Kenneth Wyatt

Digital Oscilloscopes 101
Nicole Faubert

How to Select a Modular Waveform Digitizer
Arthur Pini, Greg Tate & Oliver Rovini

How to Improve Measurements of Via Properties
Hugues Tournier

Measure Small Impedances with Rogowski Current Probes
Steve Sandler

Increasing the Speed of Traditional Box Instruments
Larry Desjardin

DSOs and Noise
Steve Hageman

Exercise Those Storage Devices
John Wiedemeier

The Telegrapher’s Galvanometer
Chris Grachanen

Choose Your PLL Lock-Time Measurement
Sharad Kabra & Bharat Kumar Kumbhkar

Measure a 75Ω Cable with a 50Ω VNA
Eric Bogatin

PCIe and Storage Devices Get Connected
Josh Beaudet

Embedded Scanning: The Next Step in ESD Detection
Jeffrey Dunnihoo

Feedthrough in Negative-Feedback Circuits
Sergio Franco

Two-Wire remote Sensor Preamp
Vladimir Rentyuk

Gross Causes of PCB Failures
Michelle Woolley

Practice Safe Simulation
Eric Bogatin

Are You The 1%?
Geir Eide

Read Sensors with an Oscilloscope
Arthur Pini
Microwaves & RF

QAM is Rising: 1024QAM and Beyond
Dr. Habeeb Ur Rahman Mohammed

Correlate Handheld and Benchtop Measurements
Tom Hoppin

Differential Drive Optimizes Active Mixers
Qui Luu and Benjamin Sam

Wireless Power Transfer Resonates to Extend Reach
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

MIMO Antenna Covers Four Modern Bands
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

60-GHz IPIC-QVCO Reduces Phase Noise and Error
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Metamaterials Enable Magnetic Superlens for WPT
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Five Trends Shaping 802.11 WLANs
Amal Ekbal

NFC Prepares for Wide Adoption
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

DASs Bring Capacity Indoors, Outdoors, and Wherever You Need It
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

System-Level Modelers Race the Design Cycle
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Millimeter-Wave Technology Prepares for a Wealth of Applications
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Low-Cost Front End Receives 9 GHz
Lina Cao, Jianyi Zhou, Dahai Ni, and Shun Zhao

Precipitation Radar Employs Variable Pulse Repetition
Iliza Sokol

Low-Cost Front End Receives 9 GHz
Lina Cao, Jianyi Zhou, Dahai Ni, and Shun Zhao

RF MEMS Switches Deliver High Power in a Compact Package
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Time-Slot Division Strategy Enables Efficient Simulation
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

4D Antennas Secure Wireless Communications
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

New Modulation Schemes Raise PIM
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

LTE, WiFi, and WiGig Push Filter Capabilities
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Test High-Power RF/Microwave From Tower To Tabletop
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Microstrip Antenna Maintains Low Profile
Zhifeng Yao, Mintong Li, Chen Lin, and Dong Wang

Novel LC Tank Steers Low-Power VCO
Jianqun Ding, Chunhua Wang, Xiaorong Guo, and Wen Wang

Understanding Adjacent Channel Power Measurements In Spectrum Analysis
Bob Nelson

Low-Cost Substrate Supports Multiband Patch Antenna
M. Habib Ullah, M.T. Islam, J.S. Mandeep, and N. Misran

A4WP and PMA Join Forces to Standardize Wireless Charging
Iliza Sokol

GaN Enables RF Where LDMOS and GaAs Can't
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Manage Quartz Crystals Under High Vibration
Steve Fry

Semiconductor Technology Offers Exciting Possibilities
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

SoCs Bring High-End RF Devices From Lab To Sofa
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Transceiver Supports 8 × 8 MIMO Systems
Weichen Huang, Jianyi Zhou, Zhiqiang Yu, Lina Cao, Liang Ma, and Fei Huang

Current Reuse Gains UWB LNA
Dr. Wang Wei, Liang Yao, Mao Xiaoying, Gong Zhaoying, and Zhao Chen

Could Visible Light Replace RF Usage in Communications?
Iliza Sokol

White-Space Spectrum Shows Potential for Long-Range Communications
Iliza Sokol

High-Voltage GaN-on-Si Devices Deliver High Power
Raymond A. Baker, Walter H. Nagy, David W. Runton, and Robert A. Sadler

Compact LNA Drives 2.5-GHz Base Stations
Chin-Leong Lim

The Future of Connectivity: Mobile & Automobiles
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Communications Continues to Inspire Technology Advances
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

Adapters and Couplers Ride the Millimeter Wave
Jean-Jacques DeLisle

SIW Fashions CP X-Band Antenna
Fangfang Fan, Wei Wang, and Zehong Yan

RF “Black Art” Gets Behind the World’s Largest Radio Telescope
Iliza Sokol

Searching For Low-Phase-Noise Synthesizers
Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay Kumar Poddar and Dorin Calbaza
Microwave Product Digest

Managing Output Level Transients in RF Signal Generators
Pablo Perez-Lara

Future of Flexible Electronics
Frost & Sullivan

Millimeter Wave Sub-Assemblies Enable Next Generation R&D Projects
Renaissance Electronics & Communications

Phase Track® Cable - TF4™ Dielectric: The Knee Replacement
Michael Brewster

New MEIA™ Series Establishes Next Generation RF High Power Interconnect Capabilities
Norm Brodeur

Low Noise Amplifier Design Methodology Summary
Ambarish Roy, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Just Under the Radar: A More Connected Future Drives Need for More Microwave Technology and Spectrum
Bob Pinato

Mobile Measurement Vehicle (MMV) Brings Signal Capture and Analysis on the Road
Marty Mosier

Simplifying LTE Complexity: The First Reconfigurable RF Front End
Dylan Kelly

LDMOS RF Driver Transistors Deliver High Performance from 700 to 2700 MHz
Eric Westberg

Highly Integrated, High Performance Microwave Radio IC Chipsets Cover 6 - 42 GHz Bands
Hittite Microwave

Why Plug-and-Play, GaN in Plastic Power Modules will Revolutionize Next Generation Radar Systems
MACOM Technology Solutions

Using MMICs to Reduce Size and Power in Phased-Array Radar Systems
Custom MMIC

TWTs, MPMs Meet Broadband, High Frequency Defense Applications Requirements
dB Control

Fully-Loaded GaAs Front-End Modules: Proven Winners for LTE and 3G Smartphones

Overcoming the Challenges of Designing and Testing Phased-Array Radar Systems
Agilent Technologies
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