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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2010

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

High Frequency Electronics


The Design and Test of a 600-Watt RF Laser Driver Using LDMOS Transistors

Richard W. Brounley

Appendix: VSWR Testing of RF Power Amplifiers to be Used in Driving Lasers (p.24)

Generalized Resistive Power Divider Design

Greg Adams

Inside the Microwave Connector: Materials and Construction

Gary Breed

Notes on Shannon's Theorem


Performing EM/Circuit Co-Simulation with Modified Standard Models

Luis M. Ledezma and Thomas M. Weller

High Frequency Circuit Materials with Increased Thermal Conductivity

John Coonrod and Allen F. Horn III

Fundamentals of Pulsed and Time-Gated Measurements

Gary Breed


A Multi-Channel Depth-Sounding Radar with an Improved Power Amplifier

Kevin Player, Lei Shi, Dr. Chris Allen, Dr. Carl Leuschen, Jon Ledford, Fernando Rodriguez-Morales, William Blake, Ben Panzer, and Dr. Sarah Seguin

Very Large System Design: Introduction and Report

Understanding EDGE Evolution and its Measurements

Ying Jiao

Comments on the Use of EM Solvers for Waveguide Feed Analysis

Ian Wood


10 to 50 Watt GaN Amplifiers for Military and Commercial Applications

Dan Cheadle, Sr.

Notes on the Selection Criteria for Coaxial Cable

Gary Breed

Design and Technology Tradeoffs in Passive RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits

Leo G. Maloratsky

Experiments in Pulse Communication with Filtered Sidebands

H. R. Walker

Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient and lS11l


Bluetooth Class-1 Modules with Low Power Consumption

Oleksandr Gorbachov

Simulations and Measurements of a Circular Waveguide Septum Feed

Jeffrey Pawlan and Rastislav Galuščák

Design Issues for Tower-Top Electronics and Remote Base Stations

Gary Breed

Transmission Line Notes from a Classic Text


Advances in Short-Range RF Transceivers Drive Link Robustness

Sebastien Lebreton

Simulations and Measurements of a Circular Waveguide Septum Feed

Jeffrey Pawlan and Rastislav Galuščák

Design Method for the Fastest Settling Type 2 Phase Lock Loop: Part 2

Akmarul Ariffin Bin Salleh

Signal Integrity Basics: Digital Signals on Transmission Lines

Gary Breed


An Analytic and Graphical Method for LNA Design with Feedback

Alan Victor and Jayesh Nath

Design Method for the Fastest Settling Type 2 Phase Lock Loop: Part 1

Akmarul Ariffin Bin Salleh

Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals: More Notes from the Pages of History

Andre Grebennikov

Getting Started with EDA Tools for EM Simulation and Analysis

Gary Breed

WAMICON "Best Paper" Renews Interest in Parametric Power Amplifiers (p.74)


Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals: More Notes from the Pages of History

Andrei Grebennikov

Design of a C-Band Image Reject Mixer as a GaAs MMIC

John E. Penn

Aircraft Structures Take Advantage of Energy Harvesting Implementations

Tony Armstrong

Electrically Tunable Switched-Line Diode Phase Shifters Part 2: Multi-Section Circuits

Leo G. Maloratsky

A Review of RF/Microwave Switching Technologies

Gary Breed


Electrically Tunable Switched Line Diode Phase Shifters Part 1: Design Procedure

Leo G. Maloratsky

LNA With a Bypass Mode Improves Overload Resistance for Mobile TV

Chin Leong Lim

RF System Design and Analysis Software Enhances RF Architectural Planning

Dale D. Henkes, Applied Computational Sciences (ACS)

L-Network Design Procedure


Minimizing Electromagnetic Interference When Powering Wireless Systems

Afshin Odabaee

Resources for Military, Space and Other High-Reliability Standards

Gary Breed

Design of a Microstrip Broadband LDMOS Class-E Power Amplifier

Yingjie Xu, Jingqui Wang, and Xiaowei Zhu

Notes on Shop-Made Test Accessories


Make Accurate Sub-1 dB Noise Figure Measurements Part 2: The Measurements

Eric Marsan, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Driving High-Speed ADCs in Wideband Applications

Marjorie Plisch

Selecting High Linearity MMIC Amplifiers for use with Complex Digital Waveforms

Ted Heil and Steve Crain

An Overview of Common Techniques for Power Amplifier Linearization

Gary Breed

Wall Penetration in Shielded Rooms

Leland Hemming


Make Accurate Sub-1 dB Noise Figure Measurements Part 1: Noise Concepts

Eric Marsan, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Overcoming the High Frequency Design Challenges of USB 3.0

Joseph Spisak

Link Distance Enhancement and Battery Current Savings in Wireless Systems

Oleksandr Gorbachov and Floyd Ashbaugh

Magnetic Materials in Transmission Line Transformers

Jerry Sevick


Microwave Journal


AFM-VNA Technique Enables Compound, Calibrated Electrical and Spatial Measurements at Nanoscale

Craig Wall

RF Driven Plasma Lighting: The Next Revolution in Light Sources

K. Werner and S. Theeuwen

A Miniaturized Multi-Section Transformer on Si RFIC for Low Impedance Transformation in UWB

Young Yun


A 470 to 960 MHz Resonant Antenna: Covering UHF Mobile TV, CDMA and GSM Without Tuning Circuits

Mohamed Sanad and Noha Hassan

Flatness Improvement for a Shunt-Peaked Ultra-wideband Low Noise Amplifier

H. García-Vázquez, Sunil L. Khemchandani, J. Arias-Pérez and J. del Pino

A Compact, Balanced Low Noise Amplifier for WiMAX Base Station Applications

J.S. Mandeep, H. Abdullah, and Nitesh Ram

Diamond Rf™ Resistives: The Answer to High Power and Low Capacitance

Mark Bailly


Effects of Single-Tone Spurious Responses on Signals in ESM Receivers

S.J. Caprio

Side Lobe Suppression of Printed Antenna Arrays for Integration with Microwave Circuits

A. Nešić, I. Radnovicć, Z. Mićić and S. Jovanović

Direct Plated Copper Metallized Substrate and Its Application on Microwave Circuits

Chien-Cheng Wei, Chin-Ta Fan, Ta-Hsiang Chiang, Ming-Kuen Chiu and Shao-Pin Ru

Analysis and Modeling of the Pads for RF CMOS Based on EM Simulation

J. Cheng, S. Li, B. Han and J. Gao, and X. Yao

Miniaturized Semi-Lumped UWB Bandpass Filter with Improved Out-of-Band Performances

D. Kaddour, J.D. Arnould and P. Ferrari

A 1.7 to 2.7 GHz Transmission Line GaN HEMT Power Amplifier for Wireless Applications

Andrei Grebennikov


Mixed-Signal Active Load Pull: The Fast Track to 3G and 4G Amplifiers

Mauro Marchetti

Active Mode-Couplings Enable High Frequency Fundamental VCXOs

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar

Planar Rhombic Arm Dipole Antenna with Parasitic Elements for Wireless Applications

Wen-Shan Chen and Yen-Hao Yu

Improved Linearity Performance of a PHEMT Driver Amplifier Using Tunable Field-Plate Voltage Technology

Chia-Shih Cheng, Hsien-Chin Chiu, Shao-Wei Lin and Jeffrey S. Fu

A UWB BPF Based on a Capacitively Coupled Cross Resonator

Thai Hoa Duong and Ihn S. Kim


Creating a Complex Multipath Environment Simulation in an Anechoic Chamber

Michael D. Foegelle

Embracing Complexity: MIMO Over-the-Air Testing with the Reverberation Chamber

Derek Skouse

Dynamic Correlation in Virtual Drive Testing

Madhu Gurumurth

Internal PIFA Performance Evaluations for a Satellite-Terrestrial Handset

Xiongwen Zhao


A Thin, Low-Profile Antenna Using a Novel High Impedance Ground Plane

Gopinath Gampala, Rohit Sammeta and C.J. Reddy

Design of Solid-State, Wideband, High-Power Microwave Amplifiers for Radiated Immunity Testing

N.D. du Toit, R. Thomas, J.H. Smith, F.N. Schirk and J.A. Mogel


New NanoSecond Switch Technology

Timothy Boles and Andrew Freeston

A Comparison Study of High-frequency Characteristics for Ball and Ribbon Bonding

Chien-Cheng Wei, Chin-Ta Fan, Ta-Hsiang Chiang, Ming-Kuen Chiu and Shao-Pin

Design of a Microstrip Open Loop Resonator BPF with Wide Stopband for WLAN

Xiao Qun Chen, Ling Xia Wang, Chang Yun Cui and Xiao Wei Shi

An Overlooked Class of N-Way Power Dividers Combining Resistive and Reactive Dividers

Harry Chapell


A Highly Linear Low Noise Amplifier

N. Logan, J.M. Noras and J.G. Gardiner

Multiport Power Amplifiers for Flexible Satellite Antennas and Payloads

Piero Angeletti and Marco Lisi

Bandwidth Improvement of a Single-Stage Distributed Amplifier

F. Amrani, M. Trabelsi and R. Aksas, and A. Azrar

A Dual-Band CPW-Fed Monopole Antenna for IMT-2000/WLAN

Wen-Chung Liu and Jiun-Kai Chen

Phase Locked Loop Systems Design for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

Jun Lee, Skyworks Solutions Inc.


Comparison of Two GaN Transistor Technologies in Broadband Power Amplifiers

S. Azam, C. Svenssonand, Q. Wahab, and R. Jonsson

Two-Arm Archimedean Spiral Helical Antenna with Wraparound Absorber

Sandeep Palreddy and Rudolf Cheung

Notch Implemented Dual Behavior Resonator Filter and Diplexer at Ku-band

K. Singh, K. Ngachenchaiah, D. Bhatnagar, and S. Pal

Narrowband Microwave Bandpass Filter Design by Coupling Matrix Synthesis

M. Hagensen, Guided Wave Technology ApS


Choosing the Optimal High Frequency Coaxial Cable

Bob Thiele and Stan Hardin

Comparison of VNA and TDR Measurement Uncertainty Using Coaxial Cables

Paul Pino

Coaxial Cable Power Handling

Raymond Schwartz and Peter Waltz

Ultra-Fast, Simpler and More Accurate Noise Parameter Measurements

Gary Simpson

Analysis and Design of the Doherty Amplifier Based on Class F and Inverse Class F Amplifiers

Xi Yao, S.C. Jung, M.S. Kim, J.H. Van, H. Cho, S.W. Kwon, J.H. Jeong, K.H. Lim, C.S. Park and Y. Yang, H.C. Park

A Small Printed Ultra-wideband Polygon-Like Wide-Slot Antenna with a Fork-Like Stub

Majid Razavi-Rad, Changiz Ghobadi, Javad Nourinia and Reza Zaker

Add Realism to Your Test Signals with RF Channel Simulators

Mark Lombardi


The Distances Chart: A New Approach to Spurs Calculation

José Luis Flores

Direction Matters: Including Substrate Anisotropy in Planar Circuit Design Flow

James Rautio, John Reynolds, and Allen F. Horn

Power Amplifier Module for Polar Modulation

Boris Aleiner

Setting Strategies for Planar Dividers/Combiners

Leo G. Maloratsky


Performance Improvement of Power Amplifiers Using an Asymmetrical Spurline Structure

Haiwen Liu and Fu Tong

A Compact, Omni-directional, Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna

Jian An, Guang-ming Wang, Chen-xin Zhang and Hui-yong Zeng

A Small Size, High Gain Antenna for Wireless Base Station Applications

Debatosh Guha, Yahia M.M. Antar, P. Béland and M. Roper

A Compact Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Operation

Jinwoo Jung and Yeongseog Lim, and Hyeonjin Lee

Automating Radar Measurement Tasks Throughout the Lifecycle of a Radar System

Darren McCarthy


Microwaves & RF


Tiny Antenna Arms UWB Applications

Jie Jin and Fei Yu

Design a Stable 14-to-20-GHz Source

H. Ameri, A. Attaran and M. Moghavvemi

Design a SPDT Switch for WiMAX

C.C. Lim and Dr. J.S. Mandeep

Micromachined Microstrip Forms Bandstop Filters

Nasreddine Ben Ahmed, Nadia Benabdallah, Fethi Tarik Bendimerad, and Dr. Boumediene Benyoucef

Model PAs with Wideband Signals

Noureddine Boulejfen, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi, Ali Gharsallah, and Chunhua Chokri Jebali



Broadband Amp Slashes 1/f Noise

Mark Scott Logue

Model Surface Effects on Power Dissipation

Na Li, Changwu Xiong, and Fei Zheng

Synthesizers Meld Several Approaches

Steve Greendale

LNA Quiets 3.1 to 10.6 GHz

Shengqiang Guo, Jie Jin, and Chunhua Wang

Receivers, Caps Harvest RF Energy

Harry Ostaffe and Bharat Rawal


Evaluate Antenna Measurement Methods

John Hansen, and Vince Rodriguez

Folded Microstrip and DGS Shrink BPF

ChangJia Gao, Bei Liu, Xiao Wei Shi, Feng Wei, Hai Wei Zhang

Study Reliability of Radiated RFID Tags

K. A. Hilary, and Dr. J.S. Mandeep

Tracking the Growth of RFID Technology

Jack Browne

Design a B3G Receiver Front End

Yuannian Qin, Echun Tian, Yiyu-Zhan, Feng Zhao, and Wuzhong Zhou


Multi-Paction Tests Run at High Power

Howard Salvesen

Analyze IMD-Causing Frequency Components

Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti, Ali Abuelmaatti, and Iain Thayne

Strategies for Planar Directional Couplers, Part 2

Leo G. Maloratsky

RF Switches Guide Signals in Smart Phones

Kevin Walsh

Triangular Patch Resonates BPF

H.F. Huangn and J.K. Xiao


Measuring MIMO in LTE Tx and Rx Tests

Janine Whitacre

High-Speed DACs Ease Transmitter Designs

Ajay Kuckreja and Geir Ostrem

Mach-Zehnder Modulators Serve Radio Over Fiber

Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti

Strategies for Planar Directional Couplers, Part 1

Leo G. Maloratsky

Hilbert Fractal Curves Form Compact Diplexer

UWB Antenna Stops Two Bands

Tan Chiy How, T.C. Ling, and Dr. J.S. Mandeep


X-Parameters Aid MMIC Design

Jack Sifri

Reviewing Avionics Antenna Modules, Part 2

Leo G. Maloratsky

Modeling PA Behavior and Memory Effects, Part 2

Ghalid Idir Abib, Eric Bergeault, Ali Gharsallah, and Chunhua Chokri Jebali

Wideband Limiter Fits SOT-323 Pack

Chin-Leong Lim

Form Microstrip Couplers with Shielded Membranes

Nasreddine Ben Ahmed , Nadia Benabdallah, and Fethi Tarik Bendimerad

Front End Fits SDR Picocells

Wei Hong, Shilei Jin, Yanwei Wang, Teng Zhao, and Jian Yi Zhou


Check Chirp Effects on FMCW GPRs

Roslee Mardeni and M.M. Shafiei

Reviewing Avionics Antenna Modules, Part 1

Leo G. Maloratsky

Modeling PA Behavior and Memory Effects, Part 1

Ghalid Idir Abib, Eric Bergeault, Ali Gharsallah, and Chunhua Chokri Jebali

Microstrip Approach Benefits Quad Splitter

Chen-Xin, Zhang Yong Hu, Guang-Ming Wang, and He-Xiu Xu

Design an X-Band Frequency Synthesizer

H. Ameri, A. Attaran, and M. Moghavvemi


Taming Temperature in High-Power PIN Switches

Michael Hebert

Antenna Assists MW Power Transmission

Dr. A. Kumar

Low-Power TIA Tunes Gain at 2.4 GHz

Jie Jin, Chunhua Wang, and Fei Yu

Design Diversity RFID Systems

Ronald A. Marino

Tiny Ring Hybrid Suppresses Harmonics

Dr. Hee-Yong Hwang, and Hong-Seop Lee


PIN Switch Protects LNA from Overloads

Chin-Leong Lim

Design MMICs on a Budget

John E. Penn

Forecast Rain Effects on Microwave Links, Part 2

Dr. John Howard

Wilkinson Divider Powers TV Transmitters

Antonio T. De Carvalho, Jose De Souza Lima, Vanessa B. S. Lima, Daniel D. Silveira, and Mauricio Silveira

Patch Array Antenna Serves Satcom Needs

H. Abdullah, Tan Chiy How, Dr. J.S. Mandeep, and N. Misran

Active Inductors Tune Low-Noise VCOs

Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay Kumar Poddar


Tune Out Spurious in Dual-Mode BPFs

Wei Hong, Wei Kang, Lei Zhang, and Jian Yi Zhou

Analyze Phase Noise in a Sampled PLL (Part 3)

Peter Beeson

Image-Reject Mixer Arms Direct-Conversion Receivers

J.G. Gardiner, Nandi Logan, J.M. Noras

Forecast Rain Effects on Microwave Links

Dr. John Howard

Semiconductors Simplify Direct-Conversion Design

Cecile Masse


Low-Power LNA Drops Noise at 2.4 GHz

Baimei Liu, Chunhua Wang

Analyze Phase Noise in a Sampled PLL (Part 2)

Peter Beeson

Match the Ports of Differential Devices

Stephane Wloczysiak

Optimize Class E Power Amplifiers

Gayle Collins, Sarmud Musa, and John Wood


System Performs FM Radio Drive Testing

David Brace, Dominique Fortin, and Hans Troemel

Analyze Phase Noise in a Sampled PLL, Part 1

Peter Beeson

Match Loop Antennas Via Mutual Inductance

Alan Bensky

Dissect PA Distortion from OFDM Signals

Jose De Souza Lima, Daniel D. Silveira, and Mauricio Silveira


Microwave Product Digest


Cavity Filters and 4G: Something Old for Something New

Sam Benzacar, President, Anatech Electronics

View From the Top - RFIC Solutions

Sanjay Moghe CE

View From the Top - Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

David J. Aldrich President/CEO


Aeroflex CS9000 Broadband Signal System Brings True Modularity to Advanced Testing

Mark Prichard

Back to the Future with Advanced Signal Analyzer Displays

Ben Zarlingo

Signal Coverage Mapping Capability in Handheld Instruments Brings Greater Measurement Confidence to the Field

Mark Heimbach

Filters for High Frequency Systems

Ron Demcko

Meeting the Dramatically Higher Computational Demands of 3G/4G/LTE Base Stations

Alan Taylor


Defining a New Methodology for Radar System Design

Daren McClearnon

High-Performance, High-Voltage Phase-Locked Loops

Austin Harney, Analog Devices

Microwave Transmitters Rise to Radar Systems' High-Power Challenge

Meppalli Shandas

Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers for 3.3 Volt Operation

Darrin Walraven, RFMD

Miniaturize Microwave Power Amplifiers by Means of PCB Materials Selection

John Coonrod

RF Application Trends in the Next Decade

Gregory L. Waters, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

A New Concept in Frequency Synthesis

Vitaly Koslov


Ceramic Chip Antennas vs. PCB Trace Antennas: A Comparison

Jouni Lifländer

A Comparison of Measurement Uncertainty in Vector Network Analyzers and Time Domain Reflectometers

Paul Pino


USB 3.0: Shaking Up the Status Quo

Jim Choate

Improving Test Efficiency on the Production Line

Hiroshi Goto

Millimeter Wave Near-Field Antenna Testing

Daniël Janse van Rensburg

New Phase Noise Measurement Techniques and Ultra-Low Noise SAW Oscillators

Guillaume De Giovanni and Michel CHOMIKI

New SMP-MAX Connector Eases Board-to-Board Mating

Vincent Bonnassieux

Lightning Protection Guidelines for Equipment Connected to an Antenna Feeder Cable or Waveguide

Ken R. Rand


Precision Laser Trimmable Resistors

Kevin D. Christian

Switched Filter Banks Provide Unique Filtering Solution for Defense Applications

Narda Microwave-East

Managing the Supply Chain: Options for Safe Sourcing of End-of-Life Semiconductors

George Karalias

Synchronous Ethernet Timing Solutions. With Narrow Loop Bandwidth and Ultra Low Output Jitter

Param Nampoothiri


ISM Band Transceivers: Enabling the Wireless Link for a Diverse Range of Applications

Analog Devices

Comparing Spectral Purity in Microwave Signal Generators

Leonard Dickstein

Isolator & Circulator Basics

MECA Electronics, Inc.


The Latest Spectrum Analyzer Family from Aeroflex Sets New Standards in Performance, Features, and Cost

David Asquith

Radar Pulse Stability Measurement Using a Multichannel Oscilloscope

John Barfuss

Understanding Filter Types and Their Characteristics

Sam Benzacar, Anatech Electronics

Trends in Military Communication Systems

Chris Heavens

Low Inductance Capacitors Used in Mil – ASIC Decoupling

Ron Demcko and Andy Ritter

Understanding New Methods for Nonlinear Device Characterization

Malcolm Edwards, AWR Corporation

RFMD's RF2051 Offers Higher Levels of Integration for Diversity Radios

Mark Moffat and Thomas Eichhorst, RFMD®

Countering the Counterfeiting of End-of-Life Semiconductors

George Karalias

Increasing the Maximum Transmit Power Rating of a Power Amplifier Using a Power Combining Technique

Tom Valencia and Stephane Wloczysiak, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Compact RF Power Amplifiers Exploit Full Potential of GaN

BC Systems

Moore's Law and the Path to LTE

Jan Whitacre

Integrating Measurement Data into the Communications System Design Process

Joel Kirshman, AWR Corporation

LDMOS Amplifiers Exceed 50% Efficiency in W-CDMA Doherty Applications

Leonard Pelletier

Heralds of the New Backhaul Technologies

John McNicol


Advances in Plastic Surface Mount Silicon and GaAs Schottky Diodes for High Frequency Detectors and Mixers

James L. Godbout and Rockford C. Curby

A Brief History of QMAs

David Zhou and Gregg Pollack

EMI and RFI Susceptibility: Breaking Down EMI/RFI Filters

Scott Harris

LDMOS FETs Take On BJTs in Pulsed Applications Through L-band

Tiefeng Shi, Chia-Ling Hsu, David Burdeaux, and Pascal Gola

Avoiding Costly Pitfalls When Specifying Filter Performance

Jeff Sloane

New Wideband Attenuator Simplifies Testing

Brian Walker, JFW Industries, Inc.

GPS Challenges

Hans Wiedemann


Optimum Technology Matching® – More Relevant Than Ever

Ben Thomas, RFMD

Ultra-Miniature High Linearity SPDT Switch for WLAN Applications

Jay Yang and Rick Cory, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Instantaneous Phase Measurements of Wideband Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA)

Bill Accola

Difference Amplifier Forms Heart of Precision Current Source

Neil Zhao, Reem Malik, and Wenshuai Liao, Analog Devices

Distributed RF Systems for Antenna Measurements

Dave Fooshe and Bert Schluper

Design Smart - Design Safe - Design Fast State-of-the-art GPS and Telematics Solutions

Hans Wiedemann


Test & Measurement World


SOC DFT Verification with Static Analysis

Marco Brambilla, Jean Philippe Loison, and Kiran Vittal

Optical Transceiver Tests Verify Compliance

Greg Le Cheminant

Zero Re-Arm Time Measurements

Timothy Lyons and Ed Seng

Measure DSL Power Spectral Density

Dan Joffe


De-Embedding Improves Measurement Accuracy

Randy White

Test Ideas: Microcontroller Runs Relay Endurance Test

Alvin Agustin

Control Design: Pervasive and Perplexing

Kevin C. Craig

Ethernet Standard to Cut Energy Use

Martin Rowe


Inductance and Capacitance

Martin Rowe

Test Ideas: Protect USB Measurement Circuits

Lawrence Raymond

Get a Handle on Low-Voltage Measurements

Martin Rowe

Fast-Sequenced Nonsignaling Cellular Test

Robin Irwin


LED Test

Bryan Bolt

Synchronize Sensors and Cameras

Shih-Jie Chou, Rui-Cian Weng, and Tai-Shan Liao

AXIe Stakes Claim as PXI's "Big Brother"

Richard A. Quinnell


Graphene Shows Promise

Martin Rowe

System Motion Fundamentals

Kevin C. Craig

Use of Sensors in Test Instruments Increasing

Rajender Thusu


Transistor Laser Could Change Communications

Martin Rowe

RF Fading Simulation

Roland Minihold

Test Ideas: Find Vibrations in Defective Rotating Parts

Jim Axelson


Calibration is Changing

Martin Rowe

The Stressed Eye's Crest Factor

Martin Rowe

Reduce Time-Base Errors in Sampling Oscilloscopes

Martin Rowe

Boost Current for High-Power Tests

David Wyban

Test Ideas: Helmet Tester Verifies Compliance


Desktops Make Inspection More Accessible

Ann R. Thryft

Solving Accessibility Issues

Sujan Sami


Transparent Clock Improves Network Timing

Martin Rowe

Test Ideas: Comprehensive Automated Subassembly Testing

Doug Parrish

Friction Fundamentals and Accelerating Cars

Kevin C. Craig and Robert C. Greenheck

The EMC Continuum

Martin Rowe


Complex Modulation Comes to Optical Fiber

Martin Rowe

Test Ideas: Linearize Measurements From Bridge Circuits

Camilo Quintáns-Graña and Jorge Marcos-Acevedo

Synchronize Your PC's Clock

Martin Rowe


Complex Modulation Comes to Optical Fiber

Martin Rowe

Test Ideas: Linearize Measurements From Bridge Circuits

Camilo Quintáns-Graña and Jorge Marcos-Acevedo

Why Integrators Choose PXI

Jonathan Murray

PXI Keeps Pushing Envelope

Richard A. Quinnell


Connected Instruments

Rick Nelson

Test Ideas: Sort Thyristors With a Test Circuit

Chee Hua How

High-Performance Computing Speeds Image Data Processing

Ann R. Thryft

Time, Frequency, and Modal Domains Offer Complementary Views, Insight

Kevin C. Craig

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe
Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

TotalTemp Technologies (Thermal Platforms) - RF Cafe

Rigol DHO1000 Oscilloscope - RF Cafe