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Transformers & Baluns
Manufacturers & Services

Here are some of the most prominent manufacturers of transformers and baluns for both RF applications and AC power transformation.

Innovative Power Products (IPP) - RF Cafe

Abracon | 949-546-8000 | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Ceramic, SAW, dielectric filters, VCXO, TCXO, clock oscillators, crystal resonators, magnetics, transformers, chokes, inductors.

Advanced Components Industries | 800-841-0994 | Torrance, CA

Space-limiting and height-limiting encapsulated transformers including hte Miniature Series, the Space Limiting SPK Series and the Height Limiting SPF Series.

API Delevan | 716-652-3600 | East Aurora, NY

RF, power, military & aerospace inductors, EMI/RFI suppressors, transformers, common mode power chokes.

Bicron Electronics Co | 800-624-2766 | Canaan, CT

DC Tubular, open frame, linear and rotary solenoids, toroidal power and isolation transformers up to 10,000VA, high performance transformers and components, current sensors and monitors.

C&D Technologies | 800-543-8630 | Blue Bell, PA

Batteries, chargers, DC-DC converters, inductors, power supplies, power board panels, transformers.

Central Technologies | 800-684-5322 | Irvine, CA

Manufacturer of passive and discrete semiconductor components such as inductors, transformers, DC/DC converters, toroids, beads, resistors, varistors, antennas, etc. Offering over 350 products, free samples, engineering services, design kits, and customs capabilities. ISO9001:2000 certified.

Coilcraft | 800-322-2645 | Cary, IL

RF, power inductors, EMI/RFI filter products, xDSL magnetics, transformers.

Datatronic Distribution Inc. | 888-889-5391 | Romoland, CA

Switch mode power supply transformers & inductors, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, gate drive, current sense, pulse, wideband RF, telecommunications transformers, LAN filters.

Electro-Technik | 727-536-7861 | Largo, FL

Resistors, transformers and custom magnetic devices, microwave terminators and attenuators, and more.

Espey Mfg & Electronics Corp | 518-245-4400 | Saratoga Springs, NY

Custom magnetic design, mW to MegaW, all forms including pulse, impedance matching, SMPS, power, rectifier, inductor, reactor, mag-amp, CT, PT, high voltage to 300 kV.

EXA E&C Inc. | +0082-2-3289-5164 | Seoul, Korea

TV circuit kits, high voltage transformers, back light inverters.

Flex-Core | 614-889-6152 | Columbus, OH

Current transformers, transducers, signal converters & conditioners, meters and monitors, selector switches, analog, digital meters, shunts and shunt-isolators.

Frontier USA | 805-522-9998 | Simi Valley, CA

RF inductors, power chokes, common mode filters, multilayer chip inductors, SM ferrite beads.

Hammond Manufacturing | 716-651-0086 | Cheektowaga, NY

Electrical enclosures, racks, small enclosures, electronic transformers, outlet strips.

Innovative Power Products (IPP) | 631-563-0088 | Holbrook, New York

RF & microwave high power, broadband couplers, combiners, baluns, resistors, terminations and attenuators. Product integration, custom configurations, custom resistor assemblies, contract manufacturing, engineering design.

Marcus Transformer | 514-935-3543 | Montreal, Quebec

Lighting and distribution transformers that significantly reduce power consumption. Our patented WATT+PLUSTM technology, which incorporates only pure electrolytic copper coil windings, is recognized as the new standard of power for the electrical industry.

Mitchell Electronics | 914-699-3800 | Mt. Vernon, NY

Transformers, inductors, current sensors.

Pico Electronics | 800-431-1064 | Pelham, NY

Transformers, inductors, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, power factor corrected modules.

PowerVolt | 888-797-8658 | Addison, IL

Power transformers, linear regulated international, switch mode universal, StepperPower, unregulated open frame, unregulated enclosed case, AC/AC, AC/DC wall plug-in power supplies.

Prem Magnetics | 815-385-2700 | McHenry, IL

Power & telephony transformers, inductors, and CRT magnetics.

Pulse Engineering | 858-674-8100 | San Diego, CA

Power transformers, low profile plug-in, channel frame mount, surface mount inductors, filters, directional couplers, RF splitters/combiners.

Radius Power | 714-289-0055 | Orange, CA

EMI/EMC filters, power supplies, transformers, inductors.

Renco Electronics | 321-637-1000 | Rockledge, FL

Bobbins, transformers, toroids, power chokes, inductors, surface mount.

RF Power Systems | 623-376-7720 | Peoria, AZ

Impedance matching transformers, splitters and combiners for RF amplifiers. We fill orders of all sizes using the finest materials and workmanship. We can also fill special orders to customer specifications.

Signal Transformer (Bel Fuse) | 866-239-5777 | Jersey City, NJ

Standard and custom power transformers for worldwide applications.

Sprague Goodman | 516-334-8700 | Westbury, NY

Trimmer capacitors, metalized, SMT Chip, leaded inductors, transformers, microwave tuning elements, varactor diodes, tuning tools.

Standex Electronics | 513-871-3777 | Cincinnati, OH

Cable, PCB, terminal blocks connectors, transformers, coils, antennas, current sense coils, hermetic & magnetic reed switches.

Superior Electric | 800-787-3532 | Bristol, CT

Motion & voltage control products, adjustable speed drives.

Tamura Corp | 800-472-6624 | Temecula, CA

DC-AC backlight inverters, DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters and coils, inductors, power supplies, wall plug-ins, telecom/datacom transformers.

Toroid Corporation of Maryland | 888-286-7643 | Salisbury, MD

ISOBOX transformers/medical isolation, toroidal isolation, rectifier, balanced, current sensing, standard lamp, industrial control transformers, DC filter chokes.

TTE | 800-776-7614 | Los Angeles, CA

Bandpass, lowpass, highpass filters, diplexers, multiplexers, cases, balun, isolation & matching transformers.

West Coast Magnetics | 800-628-1123 | Stockton, CA

Switch mode, 60 Hz, isolation, base drive, current sense transformers, RF, power inductors, common mode chokes.

XFMRS | 317-834-1066 | Camby, IN

Transformers, inductors, inverters, EMI suppressors, wideband RF transformers up to 1 GHz.

withwave microwave devices - RF Cafe
TotalTemp Technologies (Thermal Platforms) - RF Cafe

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

Temwell Filters