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PCB Directory (Manufacturers)

Transistors, Diodes, Analog & Digital ICs, SCRs, Triacs, Diacs
Manufacturers & Services

Semiconductors is another very large category, like hardware. Although you can find companies in this list that offer integrated circuits and chipsets, the primary purpose for this semiconductors page is to collect sources for discrete transistors, diodes, low circuit density analog & digital ICs, SCRs, triacs, diacs, FETs, MOSFETs, and other types of semiconductors that perform a single, simple function.

Advanced Microdevices (AMD) | 800-538-8450 | Sunnyvale, CA

Microprocessors, flash memory, microcontrollers, wired Ethernet devices.

Advanced Semiconductor | 800-423-2354 | North Hollywood, CA

Bipolar, enhancement mode FET & LDMOS FET devices covering the 1.0 MHz to 4.2 GHz frequency spectrum with output power up to 300 Watts, transistors available in a variety of hermetic and non-hermetic packages including balanced configurations.

Aeroflex Metelics (now Cobham) | 408-737-8181 | Sunnyvale, CA

InGaP HBT amplifiers, Schottky PIN tunnel, varactor, step recovery diodes (SRD), sampling phase detectors, surface mount products, MIS capacitors.

Altera | 408-544-6409 | San Jose, CA

FPGAs, ASICs, embedded processor solutions, CPLDs.

AMI Semiconductor (AMIS) (now ON Semiconductor) | 800-639-7264 | Pocatello, ID

Integrated mixed-signal, structured digital, sensor interface, wireless, transceivers, motion controllers, timers and clocks.

Analog Devices | 800-262-5643 | Norwood, MA

Op amps, switches, A/D, D/A, S&H, AD8347 direct conversion RFIC (800 MHz to 2.7 GHz), ADIsimPLL synthesizer circuit simulation software.

APEX Microtechnology (now Cirrus Logic) | 520-690-8600 | Tucson, AZ

Linear amplifiers, power boosters, motion controllers, PWM amplifiers.

Atmel Corp | 800-365-3375 | San Jose, CA

ASICs, memory, microcontrollers, network storage, programmable logic, communications ICs, automotive & industrial products, media & imaging.

Broadcom Corp | 949-926-5000 | Irvine, CA

Manufacturer of semiconductors for wired and wireless communications including Bluetooth, cable, cellular, consumer electronics, data/telecom networks, DSL, enterprise networking, mobile multimedia, satellite, voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless LAN.

Burr-Brown (now Texas Instruments) | 800-548-6132 | Tucson, AZ

IC solutions - Op amps, switches, A/D, D/A, S&H.

California Micro Devices (CAMD) (now ON Semiconductor) | 800-325-4966 | Milpitas, CA

ESD protection devices, EMI filters, EMI+ESD protection devices, interface devices, switches, voltage regulators.

Chipcon (now Texas Instruments) | +47 22 95 85 44 | Norway

Single-chip 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant and ZigBeetm ready RF transceivers, multichannel FSK/ASK CMOS RF transceivers, RF transmitters.

Conexant (now Skyworks) | 888-855-4562 | Red Bank, NJ

Broadband modems, DSL solutions, home network processors, embedded communications software, voice over IP (VoIP), silicon tuners, satellite communications channel demodulators, MPEG audio & video decoders & dial-up modems, MPEG encoders/codecs, video encoders/decoders, LAN Technologies, (PHYs) LAN networking solutions, WLAN 802.11 solutions, DSS cordless telephony, PC, embedded dial-up modems.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp |800-858-1810 | San Jose, CA

Microcontroller, logic, timing devices, USB, PROMs, MEMS & data communications.

Dallas Semiconductor (now Maxim Integrated Products) | 972-371-4000 | Dallas, TX

Amplifiers & comparators, analog switches & multiplexers, audio & video, digital potentiometers, analog filters, high-frequency ASICs, hot-swap & power switching, volatile & NV memories, RAM controllers, microcontrollers, microprocessor supervisors & NV  power supplies, sensors, sensor conditioners, battery management, RTCs, thermal management,  clocks, oscillators, delays, counters, RF ICs for wireless, RF & cable applications.

Diodes | 805-446-4800 | Westlake Village, CA

All manners of diodes and transistors. Bipolar, FET, MOSFET transistors. SCR, thyristor, triacs, diacs. Schottky, tunnel, detector, switching, rectifier diodes. Analog & digital ICs.

Elantec (now Intersil) | 888-468-3774 | Milpitas, CA

Design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors.

Excelics Semiconductor | 408-737-1711 | Sunnyvale, CA

Low noise & high power Gallium Arsenide GaAs FETs, PHEMTs, IMFETs & MMICs for use at frequencies from 1 GHz to 60 GHz.

Fairchild Semiconductor | 800-341-0392 | South Portland, ME

Analog and mixed signal processing, conversion and management, MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes and rectifiers, high-drive, high-speed, low noise I/Os, microcontrollers, LEDs, optocouplers, displays, solid state relays and infrared, RF components, analog, audio, bus, LAN and video switches.

Fuji Semiconductor | 972-733-1700 | Carrollton, TX

Power management, sensor ICs, driver ICs (CMOS) MOSFET, Smart MOSFET IGBT (Modules and Discretes) IPM.

Fujitsu | 800-380-0059 | Sunnyvale, CA

Resistive touch screen panels, high power miniature PCB mount relays, telecommunications products.

Impulse Semiconductor | 408-355-5018 | San Jose, CA

TSMC ESD diodes, transmission line pulse networks and integrated transmission line pulse test systems, range and accuracy specifications, ESD device and ESD application engineering services.

Infineon Technologies | +49 (89) 234-0 | Germany

Bluetooth & FCC Part 15 modules, DRAM, flash memory, power semiconductors, security + chip card ICs, sensors.

International Rectifier | 800-981-8699 | El Segundo, CA

iPOWIR products, digital control ICs, integrated power module, HEXFET power MOSFETs, IGBT, diodes, bridges, thyristors, relays.

Intersil | 888-352-6832 | Milpitas, CA

Amplifiers, data converters, display products, DSL line drivers, interface ICs, optical storage, switching regulation, power MOSFET drivers, hot swap/hot plug, battery management, linear regulation, switches, DSP function ICs.

Ixys Corp | 408-982-0700 | Santa Clara, CA

MOSFET discretes & modules, IGBT discretes & modules, discrete, GaAs, rectifier, & Schottky diodes, power semiconductor Dice & DCB substrates, high voltage current regulators, silicon chip resistors.

Lansdale Semiconductor | 602-438-0123 | Tempe, AZ

Electronic component aftermarket manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of dependable, high quality IC's that have been discontinued by the original component manufacturer. including commercial, military, aerospace, wireless, and telecommunication electronic integrated circuits; also includes IC's from Motorola | Freescale for the wireless and RF communications markets.

Lattice Semiconductor | 503-268-8000 | Hillsboro, OR

FPGA, FPSC, CPLD, SPLD, digital interconnects, programmable analog ICs, automotive temperature devices, military devices, programmable logic development tools, advanced packaging.

Linear Technology | 800-454-6327 | Milpitas, CA

A/D, D/A converters, comparators, filters, RF power detectors, FilterCAD Active filter designer, op-amps.

M/A-COM (now Cobham) | 800-366-2266 | Lowell, MA

Developer and high-volume manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies including diodes, semiconductors, transistors, passives, blocks, substrates.

Maxim Integrated Products | 800-998-9872 | Sunnyvale, CA

Amplifiers, comparators, analog switches, multiplexers, analog filters, linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits, power supplies, battery management, RTCs, clocks, oscillators, delays, counters, fiber optic ICs.

Melexis | 603-223-2362 | Concord, NH

Hall effect sensor, RF, infrared and opto sensor, pressure sensor, sensor interface, bus, telecommunications, driver actuator ICs, RFID, microcontrollers, AC line timers and shut-offs.

Micrel | 800-401-9572 | San Jose, CA

Ultra low-voltage supervisor IC's, high speed logic, Ethernet, linear, power supplies, switches, FCC Part 15 RF modules.

Microchip | 800-437-2767 | Chandler, AZ

Microcontrollers, temperature sensors, brushless DC fan controllers & fan fault detectors, DC-to-DC converters, linear regulators, switching regulators,  voltage detectors, MOSFET drivers, memory products, battery management, hot swap, controller op amps, programmable gain amplifiers, info comparators, integrated devices, D/A converters, digital potentiometers, digital signal controllers.

MicroMetrics (now Aeroflex Metelics, now Cobham)

888-641-7364 | Londonderry, NH

Tuning varactors, Schottky mixer and detector, PIN, point contact, step recovery diodes, thin film resistors, chip capacitors, thin film circuits.

MicroSemi | 800-713-4113 | Irvine, CA

Backlight inverters, EMI filters, PIN antenna switches 100 MHz to 6 GHz, data line surge protectors, optoelectronics, TVS diodes, voltage regulators.

Motorola | 847-576-5000 | Schaumburg, IL

Wireless, broadband & automotive communications technologies and embedded electronic products.

National Semiconductor | 800-272-9959 | Santa Clara, CA

A/D converters, amplifiers, CRT, flat panel displays, IC solutions, DC/DC converters, regulators.

ON Semiconductor | 602-244-6600 | Phoenix, AZ

Bipolar power transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, tvs, integrated passive and active ESD protection devices.


Speakers, digital tuners, capacitors, switchplexers.

Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors) | 800-447-1500 | Sunnyvale, CA

Data converters, DC motor drivers, lighting control, signal amplification, voltage regulators, audio products, bus devices, discretes, display drivers, integrated power, logic, microcontrollers, peripherals.

PMC-Sierra | 408-239-8000 | Santa Clara, CA

Provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access, fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers, and fiber access gateway equipment.

Polyfet RF Devices | 805-484-4210 | Camarillo, CA

Manufacturer of power RF Mosfet Transistors.

QORVO | 833-641-3810 | Greensboro, NC

RFICs and packaged modules used in cellular networks and mobile phones, for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth, cable modems and cable TV infrastructure, applications including military radar. GaAs- and GaN-based power amplifiers, filters, switches, and FEMs used in smartphones, WiFi wireless infrastructure equipment.

Rabbit Semiconductor | 530-757-8400 | Davis, CA

High-performance, low-EMI microprocessors, Ethernet & TCP/IP connectivity products, microprocessor core modules, embedded design system kits, integrated development software, peripherals and accessories.

RFHIC Corporation USA | 919-342-7099 | Cary, NC

CATV hybrid line amplifiers, broadcasting amplifiers, FTTH amplifiers, digital TV application, MMIC (GaN, GaAs), high power transistors (GaN), low noise, wideband, & radar pallet amplifiers, PLLs, mixers, directional couplers.

RFMD (now QORVO) | 833-641-3810 | Greensboro, NC

RFICs and packaged modules used in cellular networks and mobile phones, for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth, cable modems and cable TV infrastructure, applications including military radar. GaAs- and GaN-based power amplifiers, filters, switches, and FEMs used in smartphones, WiFi wireless infrastructure equipment.

Rohm | 800-883-5226 | San Diego, CA

AC/DC converters, ultra high-speed diodes, multimedia image processors for cell phones, 64-tone harmony ICs.

Samsung Semiconductor | 408-544-4000 | San Jose, CA

Memory, TFT LCD modules, System on a Chip, System in Package technology, microcontrollers.

SGS Thomson (now STMicroelectronics)

Semiconductor products including analog & mixed signal ICs, memory products, microcontrollers, power management ICs, transistors.

Silicon Devices (UK) Limited | +64 7 574 2894 | UK

Voltage controlled oscillator modules, ZigBee RF front-ends, ISM, UHF band transceivers, DAB radio receivers, RFID transponders, SRD modules, RFIC die, RF Power Amplifier modules, integer-n and fractional-n Phase locked loops, sigma delta PLL, obsolete RFICs and analog devices.

Silicon Investigations | 920-968-0268 | Appleton, WI

Reverse engineering of integrated circuits and the recovery of program code from secured devices.

Silicon Storage Technology (SST) | 408-735-9110 | Sunnyvale, CA

Flash memory, ROM/RAM combo products, embedded flash microcontroller products.

Skyworks Solutions | 781-376-3000 | Woburn, MA

RF amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, demodulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, FEMs, RF subsystems, isolators, mixers, modulators, optoisolators, phase shifters, PLLs-synthesizers-VCOs, & more.

STMicroelectronics | +41 22 929 29 29 | Geneva, Switzerland

Semiconductor products including analog & mixed signal ICs, memory products, microcontrollers, power management ICs, transistors.

Summit Semiconductor | 310-980-3039 | Fullerton, CA

Provides design services and licenses IP for SiGe and GaAs integrated circuits for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications, and also provides IC backend processes management and design such as packaging, assembly, qualification, failure analysis and test.

Texas Instruments | 800-477-8924 | Dallas, TX

IC amplifiers, DSP's.

Toko America | 847-297-0070 | Mt. Prospect, IL

Filters, baluns, inductors, antennas, semiconductors, amplifiers, A/D converters.

Torex Semiconductor | 949-261-2022 | Irvine, CA

Voltage detectors, power MOSFETs, voltage regulators, opamps, DC | DC Converters, CMOS logics, charge pump, inverter ICs, oscillators, temperature sensors, PIN diodes.

Triquint Semiconductor | 503-615-9000 | Hillsboro, OR

Wireless, telecom and millimeter amplifiers, GaAs integrated circuits and transistors & switches, FETs. SAW filters.

United Technologies (now Aeroflex, now Cobham)

800-645-8862 | Colorado Springs, CO

RadHard ASICs, databuses, LVDS, logic, memories, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and transceivers.

US Microwaves | 408-970-9680 | Santa Clara, CA

Products include attenuators, diodes, inductors, substrates, capacitors, dividers, resistors, terminations, couplers, filters, MMICs, LDOs.

WIN Semiconductors Corp | 310-530-8485 | Torrance, CA

Full spectrum HBT/phEMT/mHEMT technologies, 6" GaAs MMIC wafers.

WJ Communications - Watkins-Johnson (now TriQuint Semiconductor) | 800-951-4401 | San Jose, CA

Amplifiers, mixers, RF integrated circuits (RFICs), RFID reader modules, chipsets, and multi-chip (MCM) modules.

Xilinx | 800-888-FPGA | San Jose, CA

Silicon products & solutions for the digital programmable logic device (PLD) market including FPGA and CPLD products, and design services.

Zarlink Semiconductor | 613-592 0200 | Canada

Analog switches, laser diode drivers (LDD), amplifiers, demodulators, DTV processors w/terrestrial demodulators, tuners, algorithm Specific DSPs, telephony, TDM/TSI switches, optoelectronics, packet processing & switching, timing & synchronization (DS1/E1, SONET/SDH), ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), voice processing, frequency synthesis, wireless data, cellular telephony.

PCB Directory (Manufacturers)
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