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RF Modules, Transceiver Assemblies, Subsystems & Chipsets
Manufacturers & Services

These companies can supply your needs for RF transceiver assemblies, modules, subsystems & chipsets. The level of component integration achieved in the last decade has been phenomenal, and in many cases, you can find a single IC or chipset that performs the entire wireless data link that takes your raw (or processed) analog or digital data on the transmit end and spits out the data on the receive end.

Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF CafeExodus Advanced Communications (RF Amplifiers Modules) - RF CafeEmpower RF System - RF Cafe

AnaPico | +4144 440 00 51 | Zürich, Switzerland

Compact, low noise, and fast switching CW signal generators; portable, battery operated RF signal sources; microwave samplers and sampling subsystems.

Atheros | 408-773-5200 | Sunnyvale, CA

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g modules & cards & development kits.

Blueline Engineering Corp | 203-838-8296 | Norwalk, CT

RF/Microwave Components, 100MHz-40GHz including amplifiers, equalizers, DLVA's, SDLVA's, Log IF, integrated subassemblies, switched filters, switched multipliers, upconverters, and downconverters.

Chipcon (now Texas Instruments) | +47 22 95 85 44 | Norway

Single-chip 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant and ZigBeetm ready RF transceivers, multichannel FSK/ASK CMOS RF transceivers, RF transmitters.

Comotech Corp | +82-52-288-7550 | South Korea

From Millimeter wave components to gigabit wireless link systems, MMW amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, antennas, filters, MMW up/down converters, sub-assemblies, 77 GHz car radar front-end module, gigabit wireless solutions.

CommsAudit | +44 (0)124 225 3131 | Cheltenham, England

RF and digital equipment and subsystems for Defence, Telecommunications, Military, and broadcast communications applications. Frequency range 10 kHz to 60 GHz including digital control and digital signal processing (DSP). COTS, quadrature I/Q Receivers, multi-channel receiver systems, RF switching matrix, RF multicouplers, antenna matrices & multicoupler distribution units, masthead amplifiers, RF filters.

CTS Corporation | 574-293-7511 | Elkhart, IN

Bluetooth, ceramic duplexers, filters, terminators, DIP switches, modules (synthesizer, frequency translator, jitter attenuation, timing, clock generators, VCOs, high frequency VCXOs, VCSOs, IF filters), oscillators.

Delaire USA | 732-528-4520 | Manasquan, NJ

Custom cable assemblies, RF cables, fiber cables, RF sub systems, TFOCA11, M28876, attenuators, amplifiers, terminations RF components, ISO certified.

Digital Microwave Communications | 619-684-4012 | Chula Vista, USA

A professional radio design facility providing RF microwave product development and consulting including custom transmitter, receiver and transceiver designs from prototype to manufacturing.

Elisra Microwave Division | 972-3-6175273 | Israel

Microwave and millimeter-wave components DC-40 GHz: amplifiers, control devices, DLVA's, log amplifiers, multi-function modules, super-components, frequency sources and more.

Ericsson | 972-583-0000 | Plano, TX

Bluetooth modules, GSM/EDGE/WCDMA products.

Erzia Technologies S.L. | 1-202-899-9709 | Washington, DC | 0034 942 29 13 45 | Santander, Spain

Wireless communications and RF equipment supplier for space and satellite communications, specializing in developing and manufacturing custom equipments for specific requirements, systems design & integration.

Exodus Advanced Communications | 702-534-6564 | Las Vegas, NV

Exodus is a continually innovating manufacturer offers RF & Microwave power amplifiers (and LNA's) ranging from 10 kHz to 51 GHz. Low, medium and high power modules and systems are available for CW & pulse broadband applications as well as multi-octave and narrow-band. Extremely rugged MIL-Custom designs for small and large volume programs. A full range of EMC/EMI amplifiers as well as extensive experience in military jamming, communications,5G specific products, radar and various outdoor/commercial projects. They offer compact designs and form-fit-function replacements for program specific requirements.

everything RF | 312-436-0084

Find RF & microwave components, equipment and services - 216,401 products from over 1143 manufacturers listed in 275 categories. Download hundreds of vendor white papers. Test equipment amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, bias-Ts, & terminations, RF connectors & adapters, RF filters, power combiners, couplers, & dividers, RF switches, waveguide, Bluetooth & RFID.

Exodus Advanced Communications | 702-534-6564 | Las Vegas, NV

Manufacturer of RF power amplifiers ranging from 500 kHz to 51 GHz with various output power levels and noise figure ranges. Custom designs and manufacturing requirements for both small and large volume levels. Experience in military jamming, communications, radar, EMI/EMC and various commercial projects with all designing and manufacturing of our HPA, MPA, and LNA products in-house.

FlexiPanel | +44 (0) 20 7524 7774 | London, U.K.

Bluetooth & ZigBee remote control modules for turnkey systems.

GreenPeak Technologies | +31 30 262 1157 | The Netherlands | +1 512 464 1188 | USA

A fabless semiconductor, module and software company offering green ultra low power wireless communication technology for sense and control applications. GreenPeak's mesh networks are enabled by the use of energy harvesting devices while not compromising in performance like range, data rate or reliability. GreenPeak driven networks powered by energy harvesting bring true maintenance-free operation.

G.T. Microwave | 973-361-5700 | Randolph, NJ

Attenuators, switches, phase shifters, vector, pulse, BPSK, QPSK modulators, power dividers\combiners, directional couplers & detectors, negative\positive gain equalizers, low, high & bandpass filters, 90° & 180° quadrature hybrids, engineering consulting services, frequency discriminators, oscillators, RF subsystems.

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH | +49 2402-9749764 | Stolberg Germany

A spin-off of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Planning, development, manufacture and services for systems, facilities and equipment relating to information, communication, plasma and microwave technology. Develops and builds special-purpose and individual products tailored to clients' specific requirements.

Honeywell | 800-323-8295 | Plymouth, MN

FCC Part 15 modules for high data rate transmission, up to 2000 foot range. WLAN modules.

HXI | 978-772-7774 | Harvard, MA

A subsidiary of Renaissance Electronics, is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave products including LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers, detectors, oscillators, switches, transmitters, receivers and transceivers for radars, communications systems and sensors. Digital radios, mm-wave, E-band, and isolators. Standard components and custom-engineered products at the sub system level in the 18 to 110 GHz range. Also manufacture complete 60 GHz, E-band products, digital radios and mm-wave products for enterprise and back-haul applications.

Infineon Technologies | +49 (89) 234-0 | Germany

Bluetooth & FCC Part 15 modules, DRAM, flash memory, power semiconductors, security + chip card ICs, sensors.

Laird Technologies | M2M wireless modules and telematics solutions.

Linwave Technology Ltd | +44 1522 681811 | Lincoln, UK

RF and microwave design & manufacturing company with specialist knowledge in module and sub-system design. Our experience encompasses the consumer, industrial, automotive and defense market sectors. SATCOM BUC, SSPA, Military microwave sub modules.

Locus Microwave | 814-861-3200 | State College, PA

Amplifiers, SSPAs, LNAs, feed-forward, ultra low Noise amplifiers, high dynamic range amplifiers, design & manufacture, serving commercial and military markets.

Lucix | 805-987-6645 | Camarillo, CA

Dielectric resonator oscillators, up/down converters.

M/A-COM (now Cobham) | 800-366-2266 | Lowell, MA

Developer and high-volume manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies including diodes, semiconductors, transistors, passives, blocks, substrates.

Melexis | 603-223-2362 | Concord, NH

Hall effect sensor, RF, infrared and opto sensor, pressure sensor, sensor interface, bus, telecommunications, driver actuator ICs, RFID, microcontrollers, AC line timers and shut-offs.

Mentorport | 44 (0)2380 868582 | Southampton, Hampshire, UK

An electronic design consultancy specialising in low cost, fast turnaround RF, wireless and microwave product design.

Micrel | 800-401-9572 | San Jose, CA

Ultra low-voltage supervisor IC's, high speed logic, Ethernet, linear, power supplies, switches, FCC Part 15 RF modules.

MicroAxiom | 888-407-9626 | Poway, CA

Leading the way in filter innovation. Manufacture of high power, cavity, combline, interdigital, lumped element, LTCC modules, switches, amplifiers, switch filter banks, and GPS modules.

Microwavefilters | +39(0)292162703 | Pioltello, Milano, Italy

Manufacture of RF components including waveguide band and channel filters, duplexers, couplers, tapers, adapters, flanges, housings and cold plates for RF bridges, and also offers offering also electric testing, project consulting and problem solving.

Murata Electronics | 800-241-6574 | Smyrna, GA

Chip multi-layer (1.0 2.5 GHz), chip dielectric (2450 GHz, Bluetooth), surface mount capacitors, thermistors, resistors, coil (inductors)/delay lines, noise suppression products/EMI filters, resonators, piezoelectric sound components, coaxial connectors, antenna/duplexers, isolators/circulators, PLL modules, VCOs, TCXO, RF diode switches, DC-DC converters, sensors.

Nanowave Technologies | 416-252-5602 | Canada

Thin film substrates, RF and electro-optic components (capacitors, resistors, attenuator pads) and subsystems (amplifiers, transceivers, transmitters).

Nova Microwave | .408-778-2746 | Clearwater, FL

RF ferrite circulators and isolators that connect, protect and control critical commercial and military wireless telecomm systems. Standard and custom design quality circulators and isolators from 380 MHz to 26.5 GHz.

Norden Millimeter Inc. | 530-642-9123 | Placerville, CA

Microwave & millimeter wave components, amplifiers, frequency multipliers, up/down converters, filters, oscillators, integrated assemblies.

Phase IV Systems | 256-535-2100 | Huntsville, AL

Specializing in cost-effective solutions for radar, communications, signal processing and other high-frequency military and commercial applications.

Planar Monolithics Industries | 301-662-5019 | Frederick, MD

PMI designs, develops, manufactures, tests, and markets hybrid RF/microwave and monolithic integrated circuits (MIC/MMIC) and components hybrid MIC/MMIC supercomponents and subsystems.

Polyfet RF Devices | 805-484-4210 | Camarillo, CA

Manufacturer of power RF MOSFET Transistors.

Pulse-LINK | 760 607-0844 | Carlsbad, CA

Pulse-LINK is a fabless semiconductor company whose CWave UWB chipset enables networking of HD and Multimedia content over wired and wireless media.

QORVO | 833-641-3810 | Greensboro, NC

RFICs and packaged modules used in cellular networks and mobile phones, for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth, cable modems and cable TV infrastructure, applications including military radar. GaAs- and GaN-based power amplifiers, filters, switches, and FEMs used in smartphones, WiFi wireless infrastructure equipment.

Qualcomm | 858-587-1121 | San Diego, CA

CDMA wireless technology, CDMA2000 (1X and 1x EV-DO) and WCDMA (UMTS) products.

Radiocrafts AS | +47 970 86 676 | Norway

Offers standard RF modules for operation in the license-free ISM bands at 315 | 433 | 429 | 868 | 915 | 2450 MHz including ZigBee, provides compact modules that are easy to integrate and easy to use, for shortest possible time-to-market, for applications such as building and industrial automation, telemetry, automated meter reading, home automation, wireless sensor networks, asset tracking.

Radiometrix | +44 (0) 20 8909 9595 | Middlesex, England

Specialists in design and manufacture of VHF & UHF FM low power radio modules for high integrity, wireless data links. Custom solutions and off-the-shelf OEM RF modules for licence-exempt and licensed applications. FCC & ETSI compliant.

Radio Modules Limited | +44 (0)1761 234 327 | UK

Provides a range of high quality radio modules, telemetry modems, wireless video products and antennas, which are suitable for a wide variety of projects and applications.

Radiotronix | 405-794-7730 | Oklahoma City, OK

A premier manufacturer of high performance wireless embedded radio modules and network solutions design platforms for applications in industrial, medical, commercial, automatic meter reading (AMR) and wire replacement markets.

Renaissance Electronics | 978-772-7774 | Harvard, MA

Manufacturer of RF & microwave sub-systems  and components including isolators & circulators, dividers & combiners, waveguide components, coaxial RF switches, switch matrices, base station equipment.

RFHIC Corporation USA | 919-342-7099 | Cary, NC

CATV hybrid line amplifiers, broadcasting amplifiers, FTTH amplifiers, digital TV application, MMIC (GaN, GaAs), high power transistors (GaN), low noise, wideband, & radar pallet amplifiers, PLLs, mixers, directional couplers.

RFIC Solutions | 408-499-0846 | Milpitas, CA

Provides solutions for complex highly integrated RF SoC solutions, custom RFIC/MMICs based on GaAs, SiGe, CMOS and BiCMOS process for applications ranging from DC to 60GHz, and RF Modules and systems design services for WLAN, WiMax and cellular systems.

RFMD (now QORVO) | 833-641-3810 | Greensboro, NC

RFICs and packaged modules used in cellular networks and mobile phones, for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth, cable modems and cable TV infrastructure, applications including military radar. GaAs- and GaN-based power amplifiers, filters, switches, and FEMs used in smartphones, WiFi wireless infrastructure equipment.

RF Solutions | +44 (0)1273 898000 | UK

Manufacturer and distributor of RF products including remote control systems, radio modules, Smart Radio modules, Bluetooth & ZigBee, PIC tools, radio modems, GSM products, GPS receivers, antennas.

Salisbury Engineering (now Spectrum Microwave, now API Technologies) | 888-553-7531 | Delmar, DE

Custom integrated microwave assemblies, tuners, synthesizers, filters, reference oscillators, harmonic generators. Call to discuss with an engineer your microwave component or supercomponent needs.

Sagrad | 800-779-7139 | West Melbourne, FL

Wireless audio, 802.11, IC design, WiFi modules, prototype builds, engineering services. Sagrad is actively seeking contracts with the U.S. government and employs only US citizens.

Silicon Devices (UK) Limited | +64 7 574 2894 | UK

Voltage controlled oscillator modules, ZigBee RF front-ends, ISM, UHF band transceivers, DAB radio receivers, RFID transponders, SRD modules, RFIC die, RF Power Amplifier modules, integer-n and fractional-n Phase locked loops, sigma delta PLL, obsolete RFICs and analog devices.

Silicon Laboratories | 877-444-3032 | Austin, TX

RF synthesizers, Satellite radio tuner chipsets.

Skyworks Solutions | 781-376-3000 | Woburn, MA

RF amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, demodulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, FEMs, RF subsystems, isolators, mixers, modulators, optoisolators, phase shifters, PLLs-synthesizers-VCOs, & more.

Spacek Labs | 805-564-4404 | Santa Barbara, CA

Amplifiers, filters, mixers, multipliers, oscillators, block downconverters.

Spectrum Microwave (now API Technologies) | 321-727-1838

Design and manufacture of control products and systems including microwave filters, amplifiers, ceramic resonators, mixers, synthesizers, VCOs.

Tampa Microwave | 813-855-2251 | Tampa, FL

Block Up and Down converters, transmitters, loop test translators, various custom rack mount subassemblies and many custom designed products.

TLC Precision Wafer Technology | 612-341-2795 | Minneapolis, MN

20 to 100 GHz MMICs!!! TLC is an established leader in advanced commercial and military MMW MMIC R&D and production products. MMW products include MMIC oscillators (VCO, DRO, ILO), multipliers, multi-function MMICs, mixers, phase shifters/modulators, and amplifier MMICs. TLC also has new transceiver MMICs from 25 to 100 GHz. Packaging and modules available upon request.

Triad RF Systems | 732-310-9918 | East Brunswick, NJ

Your source for RF front ends, transceivers and amplifier systems that just plain work! Solutions for integrating high performance HPAs into sophisticated RF subsystems and systems without sacrificing efficiency and linearity.

TRM Microwave | 603-627-6000 | Bedford, NH

Power dividers, combiners, directional couplers, hybrids, beamforming networks, subsystems, and custom solutions for passive RF and microwave control components, DC - 26.5 GHz.

Tugicom | + 972 - 98615533 | Netanya, Israel

FM transmitters (up to 300 W), receivers, power amplifiers, RF modules, stereo encoders, filters.

Wavecom | 858-362-0101 | San Diego, CA

Drop-in GSM/GPRS modules.

Wavesat (now Cavium Networks) | 888-802-1616 | Canada

Intelligent, multimode 4G architecture and cost effective platforms that combine software and reference designs with superior technical support to provide highly integrated, power efficient broadband solutions. Mobile device manufacturers can maximize investment, reduce development time and risk and accelerate time-to-market.

Zebryk Engineering | 508-764-3855 | Southbridge, MA

Specializing in PIC microcontrollers and RF, we design and build wireless systems. With over 20 years of experience, we can substantially reduce your developmental risks and your time to market.

Remote controls, irrigation controls, security systems, RFID, data acquisition, process controls, home automation, RF Telemetry, GPS & AVL, wireless sensors.

Copper Mountain Technologies (VNA) - RF Cafe
LadyBug RF Power Sensors

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)